I had a most wonderful dream. I found myself standing on the beach of what I initially thought to be an ocean. It was incredibly deep and wide. The waves were so great I couldn’t see the other side. The water was so blue that I marveled at the uniqueness and beauty of its color.

Suddenly, I realized that there was a man standing next to me. So, I asked him, "What is this?" as I pointed toward the beautiful water. He replied, "This is the River of Holiness flowing down from the throne of Yahveh."

I then noticed huge ships traveling down this vast river. I also observed many types of waterfowl such as ducks, herons and swans. As beautiful as they each were, they would immediately be transformed both in size and appearance, as they would sweep down and land upon the water. Suddenly, they would become much larger and even more beautiful. For instance, I think ducks are good looking birds. Many are even beautiful. But, when a duck would land upon the river, it would become the size of a swan, and eminently more beautiful. I was so amazed by what I was seeing, that without thought I asked the man who had appeared beside me, "Why are the birds being transformed as they touch the water?" The man answered: "Everything the river touches is both increased and beautified by its power." After a time of watching so many different kinds of birds touch the water and enter into this same metamorphosis, my new friend informed me that the many different birds speak of the many nations soon to be touched by this great river.

My attention was drawn back to the huge ships that were cruising down the river. I noticed numerous men and women on board, some standing, some walking and all conversing with one another. Strangely, they were dressed in evening attire. The men were dressed in tuxedos and the women were dressed in lovely evening gowns. Everyone we saw looked unusually happy.

Then the scene changed and I found myself on one of these ships. Standing next to me on the deck of the stern, was the same man who had miraculously joined me on the beach. By now I realized that he was an angel and had been sent to be my guide. Our ship was among many that were trekking down these beautiful blue waters. Our particular ship was hugging the shoreline as we crawled along.

I noticed many homes along the shore. The people who lived in these homes were for some reason standing in their yards. I watched as one by one they seemed, as if for the first time, to notice the river that was flowing outside their homes. Some were surrounded by a denser, brighter light, which varied in degree from person to person. Others had no light at all. The level of brightness seemed to indicate the spiritual condition of its bearer. My guide told me that those who bore a very faint light were currently in a back-slidden condition. Contrariwise, the purer the Christian, the brighter and denser their light would be. Although the brighter light would be more desirable, most were surrounded by a light that was medium to dim. Those who had no light were not even saved.

As they stood outside their homes watching the river, I noticed that each one was dressed in the garb depicting their profession. I saw housewives, gardeners, technicians, and doctors, blue-collar workers, CEOs, scientists and so on. There seemed to be people from every conceivable line of employment.

Some, upon noticing the river, would simply turn away and go about their business. Some of which had no light at all, while others who bore some dimension of light, responded in like manner and would then immediately begin to lose what little light they had.

Others, upon noticing the river, would run into their homes and pull extravagant evening wear out of their closets. The men would pull out handsome tuxedos and the women would take out beautiful evening gowns. The age of the apparel and the level of light that each person had were all very distinct from one another, yet the two did not seem to correspond.  I asked my guide why the evening wear seemed to vary in age. He answered, "The age of the apparel indicated when each person entered into the kingdom." The new garments were indicative of the fact that they were just recently born into the kingdom. As each person adorned himself or herself with the evening wear, I saw an immediate transformation begin to take place.

I had not noticed before that these people were overweight. Some were moderately overweight while others were grossly overweight. I took note of this when I saw the strange transformation begin. As each person would adorn himself or herself with this evening apparel, they would immediately begin to lose weight. At the end of this metamorphosis, the people would be slim and sleek and a new youthfulness would become apparent. For instance, one woman looked as though she was about 60 years old and was grossly overweight. However, after changing her garment she became very slender and took on the appearance of a woman of 40. Her countenance was radiant.

What I saw overwhelmed me, and I found it difficult to understand. Consequently, I asked my guide for help. He explained, "The evening wear is indicative of the holiness of the eleventh hour outpouring. The reason people were overweight prior to changing their garments is that each one at some point in time had eaten the Word of Yahveh then turned to the indulgences of the world. The degree that they had ingested the world was evidenced in the weight they gained. Now that they have put on the garments of holiness and through repentance, the world is falling away and the weight that came with it is disappearing. The Bible speaks of this in Numbers chapter 5." "Do you not remember also that the Bible says to worship Him in the beauty of holiness?"

Once the people went through this amazing transformation they would begin to board the ships that were waiting all along the shore. When the ships were full they would head into the flow of the great river.

After traveling for a while on this beautiful, vast river, we came to a place where the water dumped into a pool, forming a mammoth lake. Extending from this lake were tributaries. These tributaries seemed to flow directly into huge buildings along the shore. Next to the tributaries one could see docks where these great ships would stop and unload their precious cargo. Once empty, they would head back out onto the river and gather waiting passengers in order to bring them to this same landing place.

At length we pulled into one of these docks and were able to get off the ship. My guide led me on an exciting tour of this area. When we approached one of the tributaries, I could see that there were words along this stream that read, "Healings and Miracles". I then followed him into a great building wherein incredible things were happening. He said to me, "All the buildings you will see, and many more, are healing rooms prepared for this great outpouring of holiness and evangelism. The anointing that is flowing down from the throne of the Lord into these buildings is called the "Great Jubilee Anointing" as mentioned in Isaiah 61."

As we entered into the actual sanctuary wherein all the wonders were taking place, I was amazed. My guide instructed, "This is the room where healings and miracles concerning the body take place." These rooms were large enough to accommodate perhaps 40 to 50 thousand people. As I looked toward the platform I noticed many ministers who were nameless and faceless ministering to the people. I could see healings and miracles of every conceivable kind occurring. Limbs were growing out or being restored. The maimed were being healed; the lame, the crippled and those who had spastic disorders were being healed. Diseases of all kinds were being healed. The blind eyes were being opened and the deaf ears could now hear. I was so excited for the recipients of Yeshua’s great mercy that I wept tears of joy. None who came into this place left without their healing. I then remembered that the Lord had spoken to me nearly 20 years ago and promised me that the day would come when there would be no feeble or sick among His people. Now I was seeing it with my own eyes.

After awhile we left that building and set out on our tour once again. Within a short distance we came across another tributary. The words that ran along side of this stream were "Healing of Emotions and Memories". Again the stream seemed to flow into a huge auditorium. As we walked through the entrance, I saw that people everywhere were being freed of inner wounds and bad memories. Many deliverances were also taking place. Longstanding strongholds were being uprooted in people all over this great room. People were praising the Lord for their newly found freedom.

Before long, my guide led me out and past another tributary. The words that ran along side of this tributary were "Healing of Relationships". We crossed over the stream and entered the auditorium. Inside this vast meeting room we saw marriages, families, friendships and all sorts of relationships, at every level, being healed and restored. Tears of joy and shouts of praise could be heard echoing throughout the building and would rise to a crescendo. Then more healing would occur, and the rejoicing would be repeated.

We watched for awhile, then departed. My guide once again led me past another tributary and into another great building. The words running along side the stream read "Healing of Finances". In this building, thousands of people were seeing the healing stream of Yahveh touch their finances. Many of which, received restoration of great sums of money and vast fortunes. In this room, I saw people giving as never before to the work of the Lord.

After we left this great auditorium we passed by another tributary. The words that ran along side of it were "Kingdom Apostles and Prophets". We didn’t enter this place. However, as we walked by it, my guide shared with me that in this room there was deep teaching going on in order to instruct the hearers about the Apostolic and Prophetic offices. As the speakers conclude their teachings, the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Spirit of the Holy One) would release New Kingdom mantels upon those for whom it is ordained for the sake of the commonwealth of the Great King.

We then came upon another tributary. The word along side this stream was, "Sonship". As my guide pointed at the great conference center at the head of the stream he said: "In this place those who have been prepared for this high honor are being granted "Sonship" by the Great King. This is the highest of all rooms of healing. For in it the greatest of all restorations are taking place. This is the restoration of The Father to those who have wholly abandoned the world and proven their worthiness to become "adult sons" in the Kingdom." My guide went on to explain, "Everyone who comes up the great river of holiness will enter into one or more of these great rooms. It will be according to their need." I saw many such rooms, all set aside for different purposes.

Suddenly, I noticed that people from every continent of the world would, upon leaving these great rooms, be sent out to various nations of the world to share the Gospel. Some, however, would return to their hometowns and their jobs carrying with them the glad tidings. While some would travel across their own nation, others went to foreign nations. All would carry the power of the good news wherever they traveled.

Then my guide looked over at me and said: "This is a picture of the great outpouring of glory reserved for the eleventh hour."

Ezk. 34:16 & chap. 41; Numbers 5:21-31; Ps. 110; Ps. 96:9; Rev. 22

The dream came to an end.