In the month of December I made a trip to Alaska at the invitation of a pastor to spend some time in prayer and fasting. While locked away in solitude seeking the Lord He gave me a dream.

Sheep Without A Shepherd

In the dream I had just finished making a brochure and was busy handing it out. The brochure told about a new commission that Messiah had given me. It shared four points of contact that I was to make with unbelieving Jews. I was to begin a new non-profit organization that would make financial help available to Jews only. This availability would cover such things, as emergency needs as in groceries, rent or mortgage payments, electric or water bills and so on. Further, funds were available for emergency medical expenses. Funds would be made accessible for poor Jews from around the world to make Aliya.  Finally, we would help Jews that wanted to return to Israel find employment or to help set up small businesses when possible so that they could make use of their gifts and talents in a land where there is very little opportunity.  We are also intending to put the book, They Thought for Themselves  written by my dear friend, Sid Roth, in the hands of every Jew we can.  He has agreed to work with us on this project. This book is full of testimonies from Jews who have found life through Messiah, and is a very powerful evangelism tool. In the dream, the finances to back this lofty project came primarily from the body of Messiah and secondarily from Jews.

Why is the first priority the unbelieving Jew?  Because Yahveh planned on putting such an anointing on this project that we would have great favor to awaken many to Messiah through the financial assistance we were giving. That was the basis for all that we were doing. We want to show them Messiah’s love through the body of believers. It has never been more necessary, as it has been the Church throughout the millenniums that has caused the pain in the heart of the Jew in respect to Yeshua. They have been persecuted and even killed in nearly every generation in the name of "Jesus." Since our ancestors have helped to create the indifference to Messiah, it will take a miracle outpouring of Messiah’s love through His Church to heal the wound that keeps my people blind to Yeshua, who is a Jew and the Messiah of the Jews.

The local Church is usually set up to deal with charity cases of Gentiles or Christians both Jew and Gentile. This new outreach would be designed to touch the unbelieving Jew in a most practical way which is something that is not much happening today.  Although there are indeed others who are offering help for Aliya, I don’t know if anyone else is attempting to reach into other areas of offering practical help as we are going to be doing.

When I awoke, I was stunned. I said is that dream from You Lord?  Immediately,  I was given a vision. The sky was crisp and clear and it was dark. Suddenly,  I saw a massive cloud formation in the sky. As I watched this cloud form, filling nearly my entire view, I asked the Lord what was happening. I continued watching until I realized that it wasn’t clouds I was seeing, but hundreds of thousands of sheep in the sky. Again, I questioned Messiah, "What are You trying to tell me Lord?" He then spoke from heaven in an audible voice saying, "My Jewish people are like so many sheep without a Shepherd. Will you reach out to them?" Then I became filled with His heart, His love for my people and I was overwhelmed and began to weep. I told Him, that I would like more confirmations, as this was a very big project. I would indeed take it on if I truly knew that it was from Him.

Blue Night

Some time later, I had another vision. In this vision I was handing out brochures to Jews. I handed every one I met in the course of my day or business a brochure. The brochure read:  Could Krystalnacht Happen Again? (Krystalnacht [Crystal Night] was written both in German and in English.) The inside of the brochure read, "Of course it can, and it is going to in our day." I felt desperation to get every Jew saved that I possibly could before it was too late, and they were killed in an international holocaust. Those that I could not bring to Messiah at the present moment through the ministry I mentioned above, I encouraged to move to Israel before it was too late.

Once again I had another vision. I saw angels going out throughout America whispering in the ears of Jews to make Aliya because Hitler was coming. Further, I myself was encouraging every Jew I could find to make Aliya while there was still time. I sensed in my heart that Hitler could come as early as seven years away. Then suddenly He came, and we could get sickeningly few back to Israel and safety.

The sad thing today is that the persecution is already beginning. In Russia, synagogues have been burnt down. Vulgar and vicious writing against the Jews are appearing on public walls, fences, and magazines. President Valdimir Putin is replacing top government agents with former KGB  men.  Neo-Nazis and other anti-Semitic groups are provoking anti-Semitic feelings and behavior from the people by accusing the Jews of being the cause of the country’s woes.

Sid Roth once told me that while he was ministering in, I believe it was the Ukraine, he met a man that had recently had an extremely bad experience as a Jew. This man’s neighbor came up to him one day and told him that arrangements had already been made around the country to eliminate the Jewish population. He told him that when the word was given, every man would find himself one Jew to kill. In no time at all, the holocaust would be complete.  Then his neighbor of 20 or 30 years looked at him and said, "You my friend, are my Jew."

Here in our own country, we have experienced anti-Semitic outbursts.  Synagogues have been set afire, Jewish children have been subject to open fire by gunmen, and crowds at Jewish gatherings have been targets of assassins. If we are experiencing this now, what will it be like in the time of Hitler’s army?  It is critical that we get the Jewish population back to Israel as soon as possible from America and around the world.  Further, it has never been more important for the Jewish population to know that they have a friend in the Church. And there is no better way to show our friendship than to do it in a practical way by meeting needs of the Jew who is in trouble.

Ezekiel’s Army

Again, I was given another vision. This vision was in conjunction with a vision I had seen a couple of years ago regarding Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones.  When I was given Ezekiel’s vision, I saw it exactly as he did. I was both amazed and awestruck by the whole experience. In the earlier experience, I was given the same instruction Ezekiel was given, and I spoke accordingly. As I did, I saw the bones come back to life and the army arise.  It was one of the most powerful prophetic experiences I had ever had.

I was weeping over my people, the Jews, when I was given the most recent vision.  I saw the world, which was laying in a dusky darkness. Suddenly I saw graves of Jewish people opening and releasing their captive souls all over the world.  My dear friends, it was like seeing the rapture. Yet, I knew that these souls were Jews, and the people were still alive.  I had forgotten prior to this that Ezekiel had seen the same thing. He recorded it in chapter 37 verses twelve through fourteen.

"Therefore prophesy and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, O my People, I will open your graves, and Cause you to come up out of your graves, And bring you into the land of Israel.
And ye shall know that I am the Lord, When I have opened your graves, O my People, and brought you up out of your graves. And shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live, and I shall place you
in your own land: then shall ye know that I the Lord have spoken it, and performed it, saith the Lord."   Ezekiel 37:12-14

The graves represent the various hindrances and bondages that hold the Jews captive keeping them from returning to Israel. The location of the graves is indicative of the country in which they currently reside.  I saw the graves open, and they were released to make Aliya. Thus, they were en route, you might say, back to Israel.  Joy filled my heart, as I knew these Jews were answering
the call of the Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit of the Holy One). The seemingly least likely place in the entire world for a Jew to find Messiah, became the birthplace of their faith and reconciliation to the Elohim (God) of Abraham, through Messiah. Had they not responded to the Spirit’s call to return to Israel they would never have found Messiah.   This is the hour for this vision to come to complete fulfillment!

Appearance of the Reigning Messiah

April 30th 2000, while in Israel, during a time of prayer, the Messiah appeared to me. I saw Him sitting upon a golden throne high and lifted over the nation. He was wearing a pure white gown with a golden sash. Hanging from His neck was a necklace. The golden chain was long. The gem that hung from this chain was a blue sapphire in the shape of a teardrop. The blue sapphire stands for two things. First, it represents the tribe of Dan which means judging.  Secondly, the color depicts the Spirit of Revelation.  Upon His head was a golden crown with the gems of the twelve tribes of Israel attached thereto.  His eyes became flames of fire as He spoke the following word to me.

"Thus saith the high and holy One, whose eyes are flames of fire. I will bring My people from afar, and I will call them out of their graves, and will make them to settle in their own land and I will cause them to become one people. They will see Me whom they pierced, and they will cry out for the salvation that is theirs.

Behold my eyes are searching the hearts of men and I will judge every man according to His own works. I will send the Spirit of burning and sifting among My people and upon My land, and I will judge the wickedness before Me. Nevertheless, I will have mercy upon Jacob, and I will gather My elect and I will heal them. The rose shall bloom in the desert and no weapon that is formed against them shall prosper. I will bring forth wells in the dry places and restore the inheritance of My people. I shall restore the ancient ruins and I will build My temple in their midst once again. I will make their hearts glad in My presence, and worship shall ring out in the coasts. They will know that I have spoken when I bring this to pass."  Then He left, and I sat in silence pondering what had just occurred.  Ezekiel 37 12-14;  Isaiah 4:4;  Zechariah 12:10; 13:6;  Isaiah 58

Twice, just recently, He has spoken to me about bringing the Jewish people up out of their graves to plant them in the land of Israel. How marvelous are His ways, my Friends.

Why The Jew?
(Does Yahveh have favorites?)

The Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit of the Holy One) has been busy trying to reach  every Gentile in the world and bring them into the Kingdom for the last 2000 years while the Jew has remained for all intents, blind. But, the time of the Gentile is wrapping up and we are coming to the close of Yahveh’s world outreach through the Gentile.  He is now turning His focus to the Jew and reopening the door of their hearts to enable them to embrace this final opportunity for salvation. Gentiles will still be saved. But, the Father will in the greatest measure be reaching for the Jew first then the Gentile.

In Romans chapter nine Paul wrote that this phase of Yahveh’s plan would bring forth such a glory that it would seem like life back from the dead. Further, he saves the best for last, and we will find that the greatest measure of His glory has been saved for the last day, a day in which He will be revealing the Fatherhood of Yahveh to and through the Jew. This plan is not as a result of a greater love for the Jew, it is simply another part of His plan for the earth. He began His project of saving souls through the Jew, and He is going to end it through the Jew. Further, the demonic strategies and powers are going to be at their crescent in the last hour, so the Jew as it will turn out, will have the toughest job at the most difficult time in history. Taking all things into consideration, one can understand why His greatest grace will lay on the born again Jew in the coming days. But, first they have got to come to know their Messiah.  We are now on the threshold of this spectacular event. The beginning of the "Day of the Jew" is at our door,  and we want to be a vital part of what Yeshua is going to do.  It will take lots of love and sacrifice for this mission to reap the harvest Yahveh has in mind.  

While we will be reaching out to North American Jews, we will also be  reaching out to Jews in countries all over the world through the ministry which we will call, Simchah Israel (A Jewish Relief Fund) which is the Hebrew for "Rejoicing in Israel." We must get every Jew back to Israel that we possibly can.

Some say to me: Why get Jews back to Israel when war is going to break out there? The answer is three-fold. First, it is the will of Yahveh. Second, while He is going to pour out a universal anointing for reaching Jews for Yeshua, Yahveh’s greatest anointing is going to be released upon the little country of Israel. From there a global release of a brand new facet of Yahveh will be seen worldwide. Third, it is a prophetic sign to the nations that the time of Yeshua’s return is at hand. The Jews must return to the land of promise, and we must help them. As for the coming war, Yeshua’s hand will be present to help and defend Israel in a most miraculous way.

The Lord spoke to me back in 1995 in a vision and asked me to take a vow of poverty. In the vision I saw that He was going to grace me with a special anointing.  However, He shared with me, He requires that anyone who has ever, or will ever hold that anointing to take a vow of poverty for He wants the finances that this anointing brings in to go to world missions not to building fancy houses and buying expensive cars. This outreach to the Jew is part of the world missions ministry that Yahveh is calling us to. Although the ministry, The World for Jesus  will remain in tact serving missions around the world, the new ministry, Simchah Israel, A Jewish Relief Fund, will be focused on unbelieving Jews throughout the world.


While Kara and I were in Israel and involved in a prayer meeting with some of the local ministries, I saw a profound vision. I saw the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Israel, the twelve sons of Israel, and Moses and other prophets reaching out to me through thick darkness.  They were reaching out to me from their graves in a very dark time. I heard them cry out, "Restore our inheritance!  Who will restore the waste places?  Who will raise up the foundations of the lost generations?  Will you restore the paths to dwell in?  Will you restore the cities laid waste for many generations?"  They cried these things out to me through the darkness. As I heard the anguish and desperation in their cries, my heart broke and I wept.  As I spoke their words out in the prayer meeting, the Ruach HaKodesh fell upon us and we all fell into such travail as would beggar description.

That is what I have been commissioned to do, my dear friends. Through this new worldwide ministry, we are going to fulfill Isaiah 58:12.  We will restore the breach of many generations by first of all helping needy Jews in a most practical way, thus demonstrating the love of Messiah.  Will you help us?  We are already making contacts with men in other nations to help get Jews out of Europe, for there is precious little time.  Will you be a part of this new ministry? The Bible says in the Book of Proverbs, that those who tend the fig tree should receive of its fruit.  This is true of the nation represented by the fig tree. Those who tend to the needs of the Jews and subsequently win them to Messiah through their acts of mercy will receive the reward in heaven if not here on this earth. Will you be a friend to Israel?

Please keep in mind that this will be a separate corporation and a separate ministry.  Although we are not specifically asking for your money, The World for Jesus Ministries is still a non-profit ministry and depends on gifts from those who feel led to give. Through this ministry we send books and tapes all over the world absolutely free of charge. We support mission works throughout the world as well as orphanages.  Furthermore, we are looking toward a program for starting indigenous churches, schools and mission outreaches, as well as supporting existing works in third world countries that are pure but need our financial help if they are to fulfill Yahveh’s call on their lives. Therefore, we will continue to receive your faithful gifts to the parent ministry with

Our desire is to at least, in the beginning, support the administration cost of the new ministry Simchah Israel out of The World for Jesus budget to enable us to put as much of your dollars in the hands of needy Jews as we possibly can.

We are giving you an opportunity to give financially to this new outreach,  but we also need your prayers.  Whenever Yeshua enters into a new place of ministry there is much existing darkness that must be broken through.  Even so, this is true of the ministry to the Jew.  We need people to pray that Yahveh will give the Jews a heart to trust us, and to work with us.  Furthermore, we will need you to pray for the finances to fulfill the call.  Third, we need you to pray with us that Yeshua will enable us to find needy Jews around the world and bring them back to Israel and to the arms of their waiting Messiah. Finally, we are looking for people who feel called to specifically stand with us as intercessors we can count on for day to day emergency calls for both ministries.

Would you like to help us?  Will you open your hearts to Yeshua’s ancient people and be a part of bringing them back to their Messiah for whom they now wait?  We are not asking for the hearts of all, or the commitment of all that read this letter.  We are simply looking for those whose hearts have been touched by the Spirit of Yeshua on behalf of the unbelieving Jew.  If you feel that you are one the Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit of the Holy One) is choosing to be a part of this end-time plan, please let us know. You can send contributions as one way of being apart of His plan. We are also in desperate need of intercessors for this ministry. Therefore we would deeply appreciate your letters of commitment to be intercessors on behalf of Simchah Israel, as well as The World for Jesus Ministries.

If you desire to become financially involved, please make contributions for the World for Jesus Ministries payable in that name. Those who want to contribute to the ministry of Simchah Israel, please make your checks payable to the World for Jesus Ministries and in the memo write Simchah Israel or Israel. By the first of the year we hope to have the new non-profit corporation established so that we can give tax-deductible receipts from that corporation.  Until then your tax deductible receipts will come from the World for Jesus Ministries as always.  Thank-you, in advance for your loyalty to this ministry and the heart of our Father.

Your Friend,

Nita (LaFond) Johnson