Occasionally, the Lord in His divine wisdom and foresight, releases His presence into the earth for the purpose of changing and transforming not only the Church but also world governments. This touch upon humanity is out of His mercy and designed to prepare the world for the next stage of His purposes and plans. Let me share a few examples of such interventions as are recorded from the past.

The first Reformation began in the days of Noah. The Father had come to an end of His longsuffering with humanity. In His infinite knowledge He knew that if He were to wait another ten thousand years to discipline the peoples of the earth — still man’s propensity toward evil would not diminish but only increase. Hence, He determined that it was time to act, so He did. He raised up a just and righteous man, who had incidentally come from a long line of righteous men, through whom He would begin a Reformation in the world. Through this man’s obedience He would save the world from complete destruction. Further, when the floodwaters would retreat Noah would be the one who would establish a new righteous government in the earth and would raise up a new generation of people who would seek to live pleasing to the Lord. By this means the Father did away with the old and gave birth to the new, albeit through much suffering in His own tender heart.  

Once again the world fell into corruption. So, after Noah, God raised up another man through whom He would establish a righteous Nation in the midst of all the evil. This man He called Abraham. He would come to be called the father of our faith. Incidentally, Jewish Sages look at just Abraham as a type of Melchizedek to this very day. Like father like son you might say, as Shem who was the actual Melchizedek, was a spiritual father to Abraham in the latter’s younger years. So it stands to reason that Melchizedek who was the King/Priest of an entire city of righteous citizens would influence Abraham to be the father of another righteous Nation. However, this new Reformation through Abraham, although it began small, would become the cornerstone of all the works of the Lord in future generations.  Abraham lived a nomadic life but through His testimony and righteous government within his own clan, he effected world governments and generations to come because unbeknownst to him, his was more than just a testimony, he carried in his bosom the Spirit of Reformation.

We do not see the next intervention of Reformation until the establishment of the Nation of Israel at mount Sinai about 430 after Abraham. The man that God used was Moses.  The event was the giving of the law which solidified Israel as a Nation under God’s righteous government. The Law spoke into every aspect of human existence. Therefore, by it man came to understand how to live under God and with each other. Think of this for a moment. Although God has always had His voice in the earth, the predominate voice was that of the worst paganism and the worship of multiple gods. Through men like Abraham, Melchizedek and Moses, man was confronted with a strange doctrine of the worship of a Supreme Being and challenged to live a life of worship through holiness. By the time that God impacted the world with the Reformation atop Mount Sinai the fear of God came upon all man as the Law, like a streak of lightening breaking through the atmosphere and shattering earth’s molecules, broke the darkness of paganism bringing with it accountability. Paul alludes to the power of the Father’s invasion in planet earth and its international effect when he wrote in Romans that there were those who lived righteously although they did not have the law. How many far and wide lived before the Lord in holiness as a result of God’s dealings with the Hebrews and Egypt through the noble hand of Moses. The Spirit of the Lord affects willing hearts far and wide when He visits the earth.

Time continued to march forward, and some 480 years elapsed until King David who brought Israel into a new era of international recognition as a formidable power in the earth and national prosperity established his son Solomon on His throne. Solomon spearheaded the next Reformation. The government he would establish was actually written by the prophet Samuel, and nurtured and cultivated by his father David. Israel as a Nation was monotheistic, running its government and national culture around the God of their fathers. The instrument the Lord used in Solomon’s hand to bring forth reformation was the building of His Temple wherein the God of Israel would dwell among men. However, Israel was not the only nation affected by this fantastic outpouring of God’s self-revelation. All the Nations of the earth were touched to various degrees sending humanity spiraling upward in awareness of the God of Abraham and His righteousness. The Queen of Sheba personally took the revival of Israel ‘s God to her own people. Egypt, Lebanon and other Arab nations were genuinely affected by the outpouring of the revelation of the God of all creation. The Lord not only gained a people for His glory in Israel but also from the international seedbed of the world populace.

The next time we see the Lord reveal Himself in Reformation is specifically 480 to 500 years after His last words to my people. This revelation began in the person of Jesus Christ and exploded upon the peoples of the earth in the outpouring of Pentecost. The writer of Hebrews referred to this vital outpouring of God’s self-revelation as a "Reformation" in Hebrews, chapter 9, verse 10.

After many generations of supreme darkness covering the earth, again in 1517 God raised up a man named Martin Luther through whom He would transform Europe. As in times past, this Reformation affected not only the Church, this time raising it up out of the slumber of Catholicism but also world governments. Kings and Queens came to the light of His shining and took the wealth of God’s love back to their kingdoms. The earth moved from a basic tyrannical type of government to various levels of socially aware, Imperialistic administrations. This outpouring of light did not touch all nations initially. Italy, for instance, was touched very little and only in the extreme north. However, nations that experienced this powerful awakening were changed and brought into substantial revolutions in many areas such as industry, international trade, music, art, and philosophical thinking. Since the outpouring of this Reformation the world has never been the same, no not in any area of human existence.

I was shown in a series of visions the impact that this particular Reformation had on the Church and the world. The Gutenberg printing press was created just in time for the promulgation of the Gospel through the Great Reformation. Such things as the waterways by which goods are shipped via barge across England were created as a means of getting food and other perishables across Europe to meet the needs of the European population. They were created by the (       ) And, my Dear Friend, nations such as America and Canada were a direct result of the Reformation the Lord sent to the earth through Luther. America was founded and its governmental principals established on godly ethics revealed in God’s Word because Christians looked for a place away from the persecutions of Europe where they could worship Him in freedom. The Reformation slowly brought with it light and understanding of God’s Word, His ways and plans, as well as fantastic inventers such as Benjamin Franklin. So, all nations have eventually been the beneficiaries of this impact of God. Again, the world benefiting from the light enabling it to come out of the dark ages of depravity, the Church benefited from the light that awakened it from its long slumber of traditions and false doctrines to behold the living Christ.

I was taken up into the Spirit and shown what occurred in the days of Noah. The Bible says that the fountains of the deep were broken up as the floods came upon the earth. As I watched this utterly amazing display of God’s power in the breaking up of these earthly fountains I was so awestruck at first I could not speak. I heard and saw the depths released, the plates of the earth broke apart and released their pent up waters from within the earth and sent them exploding upon the earth with such ferocity as to stagger the imagination. I felt like I was in some sort of sound chamber as all around me the sights and sounds of this cataclysmic event were exploding.  Even earth’s troubling geological eruptions will be as the days of Noah. Even as we continue to experience shocking natural disasters, the world will experience shocking realities in the temporal and in the realm of the spirit just in the Days of Noah. Earthly and spiritual foundations will be utterly shaken out of their place.

Reformation shakes the whole earth. When God visited the earth in the days of Noah, the whole earth shook. When He came down upon mount Sinai the mountain and the earth shook. When He visited on the day of our Lord’s crucifixion, and again on Pentecost, the rafters and the earth shook. He shook the earth in the days of Martin Luther. Kingdoms toppled and kingdoms were established.

In contradistinction, when the Lord sends revival the Church is blessed. If the revival is powerful enough cities and at times even countries are blessed. In 1905 when Pentecostal renewal came upon the world it experienced blessings under the spirit of revival.

But we did not see the caliber of epoch events that occur when the Lord sends Reformation.

In 2001 the Spirit of Reformation was re-released upon the earth. The new Melchizedek Reformation was attested by heaven itself through visitation and in a remarkable display of the supernatural. It was after this event that the Lord gave me visions and began to speak to me about the difference between Reformation and revival. This Reformation will open the new Apostolic Age upon the earth. It will open the life of the Spirit in the commonwealth of believers who desire it, and it will provoke the release of the Kingdom and government of God in living panorama in the earth. It will also bear in its bosom the spiritual birth of the Nation of Israel. Governments will be changed and nations will be awakened for His glory during this hour. Melchizedek will be the new government in the Church. Through the Spirit of Reformation God is preparing the nations for revival of mega proportion. I repeat, not only His international Church but also the secular world, will be strongly affected by this Reformation.  

When we take the GOE (Gathering of Eagles) into other countries as well as here in America we see government-shaking events occur. Not to the glory of any man do I say this, but to the glory of God. His Spirit of Reformation comes upon a Nation and things that the Church had begun to think were dyed in the wool and beyond change, begin to change with His Spirit. Even strong powers such as Islam must bow the knee to the sovereign power of the Almighty when He sends forth His word through the Spirit of Reformation. That is what He is doing today. Powers are bowing before His supremacy because He is beginning to reveal His Godhood to man in a new dimension. It is called His End-time Reformation!

Please allow me to give you some examples. In America an unprecedented document was composed and signed by Congress apologizing to the African Americans for the lynching years. We had nothing to do with this as a ministry. All we did was call a Gathering of spiritual Eagles together to repent and intercede over the atrocities against the African Americans, and the Lord moved on key people to do the rest. Laws have been changed, wrongful verdicts overturned and old Civil Rights cases reopened in conjunction with the intercessions of the saints and the Spirit of Reformation that now rests upon our Government. Greater things than these have occurred in Nigeria under the working of the Spirit of Reformation. Slavery was revealed and overturned in the Nation, in the African Nation just above Nigeria slavery was outlawed for the first time ever as Reformation continues to work. I cannot count on two hands all the things miraculous things that have occurred in Nigeria as a result of intercession under the Spirit of Reformation. In Italy, key members of government have gone to Israel to publicly apologize to the Kennesset for the Holocaust and Italy’s involvement in it.  Key things have been overturned in Catholicism as Reformation continues it move across the earth.  All these things and many more beside have taken place because the Church prayed under the Mantel of Reformation. Things that are so fantastic as would otherwise be counted as highly improbable have occurred. And, Reformation is still in its infancy and will continue to be until the fullness of the Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek is released.

The seeking Christian will find His place in God in dimensions such as Moses, Elijah, the beloved John, and Paul knew. The life of the Spirit will become the normal Christian experience instead of the abnormal. There will be those who will even enter into life in God as Jesus knew it. In fact a whole vast company of believers will experience various levels of this high and holy grace, walking as kings in the earth for God’s glory alone.

I was told perhaps 15 years ago that God would begin to remove the old regime of leaders in the Church to make way for this mighty reform at the dawn of this new era. While I was overseas I received word that two of our most powerful fathers in the Church have been taken home. This is a sign.

In 1517, the Reformation awakened the Church; in this Reformation the Church will open the very fountains of heaven upon the earth before it is over. Isaiah 61 will be a living reality in the heart and life of every willing believer. The Nations of the earth will be like so many torches in the earth revealing the light of His majestic glory. Israel itself will be enveloped with His flames. Pray for the fullness of Reformation to be released and prepare yourself for the glory of the Firstborn will be seen in this hour and you will know the stream of heaven itself upon your soul. The Church will no longer be a people standing afar off declaring we have seen His works. But we will be a mighty force in the earth that know and administer His ways. The world will see His signs and wonders and stand in awe, but the Church will know their God!

Isaiah 61:1-4
The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me;
because the Lord hath anointed me to
preach good tidings unto the meek;
He hath sent me to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives,
and theopening of  prison to them that are bound; to proclaim the acceptable
year of the Lord, and theday of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;
to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give them beauty for ashes,
the oil of joy for mourning, the garment f praise for the spirit of heaviness; that
they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He
might be glorified. They shall build the old waste, they shall raise up the former
desolations, of many generations.