“The Light” Part 5

With Nita Johnson

August 5, 2019


Christ is our Light and we are called to be warriors of Light. My goal is to finish this series on “The Light” this evening. Usually, when I bring something new to the table, I like to use as many scriptures from the Old and New Testament as I can so that your faith does not rest in me but rather in the Word of God, which is one of the reasons it’s taken so many weeks to bring this forth. We have used many scriptures thus far and I encourage you to go back through the previous messages and study those passages.

Tonight, I feel like we can move forward and bring closure. I am so glad you are with us. I am so glad you are here to learn and to expand. It always amazes me when I see or hear Christians that really do not have an interest in learning for the sake of promoting their Christian purity and growth. It is just amazing to me and while I don’t understand it, I think that in the days ahead, people who really do want to learn are going to increase, and increase greatly within the Body. God is going to put a hunger in the hearts of many to learn what we need to learn and to walk where He wants us to walk in the days ahead, so praise God.

Last week, we closed at John 8:23. In short, we read that He is from above, we (that is, our old man) are from below. However, in Him, we too are from above. I am going to show you tonight why this is so critical, so utterly critical. What I am going to share with you is going to help you understand why Israel could not do it, they could not have done it if they had had to. Even if it was a matter of life or death of the entire nation, they could not have done it! Jesus is the only One who could have made Israel a nation of Light, and now He is working through the Church. The last will be Israel once again, only this time they will be given the tools to be what they need to be as children of God, just as we are doing.

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” Now, onto what that teaches us.

I remember when I was living in Omaha, and the Lord came to me and wanted to share some things with me that were both for me personally, as well as for the Church. As He was relaying this truth to me, there was a dark, transparent, blanket-type matter that would rise out of me, float through the air and land on Him. Then, this beautiful translucent transparent white blanket would rise up from Him and fall upon me. This happened every two to three minutes all the time that we were talking. Finally, it was becoming a distraction from the instruction He was giving me so I asked Him what was happening. He said, “When this transparent black blanket rises up out of you, floats through the air and comes upon Me, that is indicative of your sins.”

            Now think about this. This was happening every two to three minutes while I was engaged in a conversation with the Son of God. My sin was being imputed to him every two to three minutes. Then, the second transfer was His righteousness, which would rise in the air, translucent, transparent, very beautiful, and come upon me. He told me that that was His righteousness being imputed to me. First, He removes the sin that is being imputed and then He adds His righteousness. He said, “This is what happens in the life of every one of Mine until the day comes that they have matured enough that I can finally impart my righteousness to them.” One of the things that is indicative of that is Union, union with Christ. When that happens, righteousness is imparted, forever imparted to us, so that the transition that I just described ceases.

            Again, 2 Corinthians 5:17 reads: “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” What this scripture is trying to teach us about this “new being” that we have been discussing now for several weeks, is exactly what He showed me years ago. The word in Greek that was used for “in”, literally means, “a place of rest.” This is not something that comes and goes, a “He takes it, He gives it back” kind of thing. He brings you into a place that you can find your eternal place of rest in God. The word “new” means “new essence.” It is not some new form of the old, it is a new essence, and that new essence is life in Christ.

Next, it says, “are passed,” which denotes “a past action with ongoing and increasing results.” I want to talk to you about that tonight because it is very important. The phrase “are becoming new” is given to us in the perfect tense, resulting in “an ever increasing and continuous action.” So we are becoming new, ongoing, and ever increasing—it is not something that happens once and that is it. It happens throughout the Christian life.

I believe it was last week that I began to talk to you about the walks that I took in the park in Fresno, California. We really do have a beautiful park there and it is a great park to walk in because it has a path that’s about a two-hour walk, so you can get a lot of exercise. As I was walking along, to my left and ahead of me, Jesus appeared. He appeared sitting on a throne as “Light.” He looked like Himself, but instead of seeing Him as a three-dimensional body of flesh, He was Light; it was very obvious that He was completely Light. The next day I was walking in the same place and again He appeared. This time, He was sitting on the throne as “Life,” “Christ, our Life” and of course, because He always looks beautiful, He looked very beautiful, very desirable, high, noble, holy, and so on. However, this time, He was most definitely emanating His life, not human life. So, I talked to Him for a few minutes and then He left. The next day I was walking in the same place and there He was, sitting on a throne as “Jesus is Truth.” This was the third or fourth time He has come to me as Truth, and I can promise you it does not look like one might think, especially if we are looking at truth through the lens of our own experience.

Christ is Truth because nothing can contest or contend with Him. I say this often when I am trying to teach because I really want people to understand just how serious this truth is. If Jesus had truth, but He was not Truth, nowhere in the Universe except the Father’s Heaven would we see life. He called Earth into being and because He is Truth, He could do that. If He were not Truth He could not do that and He could not retain it; He could not hold it, suspended in air, so to speak, if He were not Truth.

This is also true if He and the Father were not holy. These parts of His nature and character are academic to His ability to create. So you can go out into your backyard and look at your beautiful tree in the backyard and say to the Lord, “Because You are true, this tree can live. Thank You,” and you would be speaking the truth. It would be good for you to do that, because it would remind you every day just how powerful truth is.

I can remember back to a time years and years ago, well almost forty years ago. I have been in the ministry for forty years and this was just after I went into the ministry, when the Lord told me to go sit down at the desk and to type a message that was pure scripture and He said, “Pure scripture and I want it to be about truth.” Well that seemed overwhelming, I mean, I was pretty young in the Lord but I was excited about it so I did it. I ended up with a three-page message with every word being scripture. It was all about truth overcoming the lie. It was incredible. When I was done, He said to me, “I asked you to do that because you are going to be attacked a great deal in your ministry as being someone who is not truthful, that you do not love truth, that you do not speak truth and that you do not live for truth. I wanted you to see, through your own writing, that darkness and light can never outrun, outdo or destroy truth. Ultimately, truth will overcome and you will be vindicated, so do not worry about such things.” I kept that message for a long time, years, until someone accidentally disposed of it, but I have never forgotten the lesson He wanted me to learn, and that is what He wanted me to live for—truth.

About seven or eight years ago, He shared additional insight. Now this might be hard for some of you, but I want you to know that you can have this! I was standing in my home when suddenly He said to me, “Nita, become truth.” I dropped my hands and I said, “Lord, I cannot do that!” Well, of course I could or He would not have told me to do that, but I did not know that! He said, “You can, and you will,” and that is exactly what happens when you enter into Union with Christ, you become truth by the impartation of His nature and character.

The truth is a very important issue if you are given to lying, and some people are. They just, well, in all honesty, they like to lie; they would rather say something that is untrue than to say the truth. Even if it would be better to say the truth, they just like to lie for whatever reason, and then there are those that feel as though they have to lie to protect themselves. So, you have all kinds in the Body of Christ, but the Lord is saying, “As My children, become truth,” and as we do, we are changed, we are changed into His image (you might want to remember that).

The next day I went for another walk and right in the same place as the three times before, I saw Christ sitting on His throne, but this time, “He is Love.” I just stood there thinking about the three days before, and how each day He was magnifying one of His virtues, one of His characteristics and it was so beautiful, it was just so incredibly beautiful. Now, He is exemplifying and magnifying love, and just as the other three are so outstandingly beautiful, so is love, and we all know that Christ is looking for His children to walk in Divine love.

So, if we walk in the light, we are going to walk in the life. If we walk in the light, we are going to walk in the truth. If we walk in the light, we are going to walk in Divine love. Did not John tell us to, “Walk in the light, even as He is in the Light?” Now, do we really think that he would tell us to do something if it was impossible for us to do? Not on your life! It was a very high calling, but there is not one person on this line that cannot fulfill that calling if you will press into the Lord and let Him take you there.

I have to admit that with all the Heavenly visits I have had, (and it is really much more pronounced when you find yourself in Heaven than it is on Earth, but if He wants to make it pronounced on this earth He certainly can) but certainly every time He has taken me to Heaven, all you see and all you hear is light. I used to think about the sound of the music that I would hear all the time that I was there, or the angelic choirs or choirs of the perfected saints, and I will never forget one day what He said to me. I asked Him, “What is that music I hear in every place in Heaven, every time I go there?” He gave me one word: “Incandescence” and I said, “It is light? Oh my, it is light.” He replied, “That is correct.” So, light has a song and the song that it has is absolutely supreme—it is marvelous. I know not even what words to use; all I know is that it is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. When you look in the Book of Job, you find out that even the planets sing, so if they are singing, what does that tell us about the music of heaven? It has got to be light.

The other thing about Heaven is that everything has a fragrance. I do not know what the fragrance is and it is different from one place to another, but everything has fragrance. It is not just the flowers, it is the flowers and the rocks, it is the water and the grass—everything has a fragrance and it is beautiful! So we live differently there than we think we do here.

Ricci was telling me about a scientific study, complete with video that she’d discovered online, detailing what happens as conception takes place. What the picture had literally showed happening was that when the seed was fertilized by the sperm, a burst of light would spark between them. I thought at the time that this was one of the most incredible confirmations I have been given about the things that I am seeing at the hands of the Lord. I talked to a friend of mine who is a scientist and I asked, “If you had to make something that we could relate to, like the bottom foundational essence, what might you say that it would be? Is it possible that we would call it ‘light’?” He wrote back to me, as ecstatic as one could be and he quoted the Bible.

So God is taking us down to the foundation, you might say—everything is made of light! Now, its purpose and God’s plan for it is going to have some kind of determination as to how it is going to be made manifest on Earth, in Heaven, the planets and so on, but God works in light. What does the Bible tell us? In fact, I think that is the scripture that my friend quoted to me, “God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was.” We know that light travels. I think that we found that out in elementary school, light travels. Well, if the light that God created within us in is a light that travels, then we are going to be in trouble because that traveling light would take us all over the universe, so it must be something different than what we are made out of, or what is in us.

The thing that God deals with concerning us is from Heaven. It is a light that is not designed to travel, but to be. Just simply, to be. This light within us, when we are born again (I am saying this because I have seen it) is what would look like a cloud, a very transparent type of cloud. It’s not something bright and brilliant in appearance but one that looked more just like a white cloud. I would say that is what our soul looks like. But when God begins pouring His own light into us, it is seven times brighter than the sun. It is so brilliant that you could not look upon it any more than you could look upon the light that He is, because what He is doing is giving to you a part of Himself. He is doing this because He wants to bring you into a place where He can prepare you for your life in Heaven.

The Lord starts by putting a bit of light into you upon salvation. Remember, the Bible tells us that He puts a seal upon our forehead. Well, the Lord showed me that seal and He let me see what it looked like in great detail. It looks like a circle that is made of indigo light and every spirit-being, good or bad, can see that seal. When they see that seal, they know that you belong to God. I think that is incredible, but it is more than just an ownership seal, it is the seal that unlocks the mysteries of the Kingdom, for you.

The Lord is preparing this great, magnanimous gift that He calls salvation. He enlarges it in us until we are utterly filled with this light so that if someone could look upon it and see it in its full intensity, it would look like the light that is Christ because He has put it there. He has imparted it to you as one of His own. Let me just go through and answer the question, “Why is it important?” Why is it important that this light be put inside of us? Well, I have been asking the Lord that question and these are some of the reasons He listed for me: Light is used as a conduit of information, information from the Kingdom of God to us. Light is fellowship with Christ; you cannot have fellowship with Christ if you do not have the light in you. Light enables us to comprehend the Kingdom. The Bible clearly tells us that dark cannot understand, nor can it comprehend the light. The things that we need to know about the Kingdom we would never be able to comprehend if we did not have some degree of light inside of us. It is also a force of power, authority, covering and protection. You can do nothing regarding God without it.

I had an experience almost 30 years ago. I had been praying about something specific for months when, finally, the Lord Jesus Christ came and got me. He took me up into the heavens where I saw the Father and the Holy Spirit. He said to me, “Walk over here, stand right in the middle of the three of us. I want you to experience something.” So I did. When I did, all of my lower nature went down, down, down and out my feet, and then I began to be filled with the Godhead. Now Paul talks about this in Colossians so I think, probably, he must have had a similar experience. When I became filled with the Godhead, He was not trying to tell me that this will make one God. What He was saying was, “We (the Godhead) will work with your human person until we can make it a receptacle of the Godhead.” Paul said, “You shall be filled with the Godhead” and that is what the Lord was showing me.

You can be filled with the Godhead here. That will not make you God, it will just make you a mature son of God or daughter of God, but what it feels like to have the lower nature eradicated and to be filled with the Godhead is so beautiful, so wonderful, so other-worldly. You do not feel negative feelings, all you feel are positive feelings but they are not feelings from a human perspective, they are feelings from the Godhead.

I was so overwhelmed. I looked at Jesus and just did not think that I could stand another minute because it was so overwhelming. I said, “What is this?” He said, “This is what happens when you enter into Union.” My friends, it is a different kind of life, let me tell you. Well, that experience stayed with me for days before it finally lifted, and it needed to lift because I had not yet been totally prepared to walk in that light, but this is something that God is preparing for His Church. He said to me, “Any, who will, can have this place in Me.” Any who will and God is light, think about that. I think that it is an amazing thing that Jesus would discuss this with His disciples, the necessity of keeping your inner man or your eyes pure for the light of Christ. You want Him to totally own you, to totally fill you. You want no more ownership in yourself, you want Him to have it. He would be more demanding of you than your own will, but you would also walk in the grace to handle that and really, in all honesty, it would not feel more demanding.

Christ is calling His Church to arise and become light. All we have to do, and I know that it sounds funny, but really, all we have to do is walk in truth, but even that we cannot do ourselves. We have to learn how to let Him do it through us. He needs, as the legs of our grace, to walk in the light for us or before us, through His own grace, His own power, His own goodness and so on. The more you walk in the light, the more you will be filled with the light. I have seen the comparison. He has shown me so I could teach it to His Church. Obviously He would like me to come into the wholeness of this and I would like that very much, but He also wants me to be able to share it with you, to teach you about this holy call. No one can sit back and say, “Oh! I cannot do that!” Of course you cannot. If we could then we would not need Christ, but Christ can and will do it through us if we will let Him.

Well, I wish there was some way to know if you wanted more or if you feel this is enough for now. I think you need to be able to get this information into your heart and mind and then I can teach you about some other things pertaining to it in the weeks ahead. Pray this through, and I think that you will understand it better that way. Ask the Lord to help make this message, these past several messages, real to you. Thank you for coming on, thank you for your interest in growing in Christ and may the Lord bless you. We love you.

Closing prayer:

Father we thank You for Your trues. We stand in awe of Your trues, I mean, here we are, we are just little, itty-bitty Earthlings and You are mighty God, drawing in a place that is even greater than Heaven, because not even the heavens can contain You. But as great and mighty and awesome and wonderful as You are, You want to bring us back into what we lost through Adam and Eve and so much more. It is very difficult, Lord, if we ourselves have not been given to experience these things, but we can meditate on these things and ask You to bring us in where no man can go without Your grace and invitation. So help us to prepare, help us to see, help us to feel, help us to sense and understand the greatness of what You want to do. Help us Lord, and we will arise to the challenge of Your grace. Help us to love the Word so that we can receive these wonderful revelations in Your Word.

I pray that You will bless the families, Lord. I know that a lot of Christians are afraid at this time in history and yet there really is no reason to be afraid. We need to rise up in the truth that we know, even in the area of our children in school, our life as a Christian, even in the area of the financial realm, not only that we can engage and do what You might lead us to do Lord, but that we can prosper and not put our hands on money, but prosper so that we can give to the work of Your Kingdom and help support the great and mighty revival that is soon to be released. Help us Lord, to see those in the Church that are doing above what is necessarily seen or expected, but people who are walking in very high places and accomplishing things that could not be accomplished by anyone else, because they were not created for it. Raise up those in the Church that had the wisdom to see and that they can help support those who are out on the front lines, to help the Body of Christ and the nations of the earth and at this particular time, America.

The revival is coming, the reformation has already begun and we are going to have more than we can ever have thought or imagined because You love us and we love You. So I ask You to open these people up, Lord, help them see beyond today and into the prophetic reality of what is coming, by Your kindness, Your grace, Your power, Your justice. Help us to see, help us to understand and help us to walk in it, Lord Jesus. I bless these people, everyone that is on the line. Give them a greater discernment, give them a greater understanding, give them a greater comprehension so that they can comprehend the mysteries that you are even now beginning to send to the Body. We are bowing our knees to You, Lord, and thanking You through eternity for Your goodness, in Jesus Name.


In Him,

Nita Johnson