1).  After being in several hours of stirring and intense intercession for our President, I believe something has occurred that will result in a solid stand behind Israel. We will see the result of this turn in the days ahead.

2).  I have heard the prayers of untold numbers of intercessors weeping before the throne of God. This has brought Him much pleasure and has acted as a sweet aroma before His throne on behalf of America.

3).  Later yesterday, I began to hear Arabian music and singing. It was as though the Arabian nations were rejoicing that this thing was over.

4).  At 3:30 AM this morning I had a vision that the jaw of the Bear has been broken. The intercession had secured peace. That isn’t to say that we should in any way decrease our intercession, quite the contrary is true. I feel strongly that what I saw was the end of the whole thing. The Lord was showing me that the result of the intercession and the temporal warfare will be the jaw of the Bear being crushed. Watch for the remedy to soon be revealed.

5).  Again, whether or not we will undergo any further immediate damage, I do not yet know. I wouldn’t be surprised if that does occur only because of visions I had during the Gathering. Prayer may be able to thwart further damage, or severely minimize it. However, our job of intercession is not yet finished if we hope to secure that protection. Regardless, the Lord has undertaken and this will soon be over, with terrorism at the hands of the Taliban under our feet.

6).  My major concern over this war was that in our undertaking against Osama Bin Laden that our interest was purely selfish. While our government needs to act to keep peace for America, we also needed to engage for the purpose of protecting Israel. To fight for America and not for Israel and further, in this case, the Afghanistanian people who were under Bin Laden’s tyrannical hand, as my people the Jews were under Hitler’s during World War ll, would have been wrong. But, I am now convinced that as Wanda Davis saw earlier this year that we have engaged in a war that will ultimately provide for the protection of Israel and Afghanistan.

My encouragement is that in your praying, pray that America will return the glory to the Lord and not get further lifted up in pride. Our motives for entering this war may have been wrong, but the Lord will work His will through it, I believe.  I do believe that this war will continue until the Lord has secured His will in American politics. Once this is accomplished the Lord will crush the enemy under His feet and a new fear of America will be on the hearts of all nations. Therefore, as a nation, we must humble ourselves and return the glory to the One who alone can give the victory.

Nita (Lafond) Johnson