During our recent Gathering of the Eagles in Los Angeles California, we had asked First Nations Leaders to come forth and to pray for their people. While the platform was flanked with leaders, I saw an American Flag suddenly appear on the platform immediately behind them. I asked the Lord what it meant. He spoke to me immediately words that both surprised me, and that triggered many things in my heart. He said: As they go, (First Nations People) so will go America! As He spoke those words, He put in my heart to know that if we truly desire to see a national outpouring of God’s glory, we must insure that the First Nations People are prepared to see and experience His glory. If we simply leave them to destruction, then America will be destroyed. As the First Nations People go, so will go America!

I was informed by email through some friends that Billy Graham shared that same reality with the Church albeit in a little different wording in 1960. He said: America will not have another great revival until the First Nations People have revival. This is the same concept spoken 30 years ago. As the First Nations People go, so goes America. The import is a little more serious in 2002, for the Lord also mentioned the potential of destruction for our Nation.

To give you a better understanding of Messiah’s heart I would like to go back a little further and share some things. In walking with the Lord I keep discovering that He speaks line upon line. Therefore it may take quite awhile once He really begins to speak on a subject before we learn the full measure of what He is saying.

In Jacksonville Florida during our first Gathering of the Eagles, during an amazing prophetic experience, the Lord spoke very clearly to me. He said: The next great revival will be given to honor the blood of the martyrs. At the time He spoke those words I was actually feeling what he feels coming from the blood of His martyrs. I was feeling His love, His mercy, His devotion, His care concerning the blood of the American martyrs. It may seem supremely strange to you but prior to this experience, I had not given any thought to American martyrs as to whither or not they even existed beyond the Columbine kids who gave their lives for their testimony a few years ago. Now in a matter of a few days I am learning that not only do we have martyrs, and have had since the mid 1500s, but we have had many. As His Spirit was pouring over me in wave after wave, I was seeing martyrs blood spilled all over the American soil.  The blood was coming from many different sources, as it poured out over our land.

One source that I did not necessarily distinguish at that time was the blood of the First Nations People. The understanding of that actually came while I was studying our Nations history in a little more depth just before the last Gathering in Los Angles in September 2002. As I read, story after horror story about America’s crimes against this people group, I was becoming utterly overwhelmed with pain. I thought for a moment this sounds to much like what my people endured during the holocaust. I was having an extremely tough time. Yet, I continued to read. The pain level I was experiencing was going up in my soul so much I thought I would surely explode from pain. Suddenly there in my dining room as I was reading, I felt my inner man rise up and enter into the pain and suffering of the whole of the First Nations People. I asked the Lord what was happening to me. He quickly and tenderly responded to calm my fears, saying: You are investigating the blood of the martyrs.

My Friends, it was like my soul was becoming linked with theirs en-mass from the earliest days of American history. I was no longer feeling only the pain of those I was reading about, but I was feeling the pain, agony and immense suffering of a whole people group. I could hear and see their blood crying out from the ground. Then I was lifted up above America and I saw America as a huge map the size of our country. I saw First Nations People by the hundreds of thousands being pushed as with a road grater tractor from the coastal regions to the interior of America beyond their own will. They were being unmercifully plowed across the Nation. As they were being forced across the country, I saw thousands upon thousands fall and die, their blood spilling into the ground. As their blood spilled into the ground, it began to cry to the Father. I could hear and feel their tears of agony, and intense suffering. It rose right up from the dirt of America upon which it was cruelly spilled. Then I saw this same action begin again. This time this plow was forcing the First Nations People from the interior where they had been previously taken and moved to another location hundreds of miles away. Again thousands died, their blood again spilling upon the ground. My pain increased.  I saw in this blood a bitterness, hatred and unforgiveness toward those who had perpetrated these crimes against them. Then I saw what seemed like a vast cloud of all that was in the blood rise up from the four corners of America forming fingers as it rose from the ground. It rose until it formed a canopy over the Nation, the fingers locking in a sort of grid-lock over our Nation. Then I saw the Father’s own pain and unforgiveness over the injustice come down from heaven and enter into this cloud, making the whole thing of much greater magnitude. Then Messiah tenderly spoke, saying: This is the blood of the martyrs crying out the pains of injustice against this Nation. The First Nations People hold America in the gridlock of bitterness. Only repentance will heal this.  I wept uncontrollably.
I wept for the martyrs, and I wept for the oppressors. I wept for the children who died and I wept for the grandmas and grandpas who did not survive. I wept for the young people and the married couples. I wept for everyone who was so unmercifully treated, I wept for the Lord.

From the earliest days of American history, letters were written by our founding Fathers warning each other to act with integrity toward the Host People of America. The warnings were strong and constant. Presidents wrote them to their administrations, government leaders in the field wrote them to our Presidents. The warnings rang out over America, not to do what was eventually done.  In the end the same administrations that wrote the warnings to act nobly and with integrity, kindness, and mercy toward the Host People, protecting their land rights, not oppressing them, nor dealing dishonestly with them not only for their sake but also for the Nation’s sake as well as for the sake of the Nations of the World, were the very administrations that began the wars of injustice against the people. The lust for land seemed as though it had become a living entity. It began to carry on a life all of its own sweeping away the immigrants from Europe into it greedy clutches until no amount of land seemed to be enough to the new-comers. Wars were being carried on apart from and also under the auspices of our government. The Native People fought back. Many on both sides, the innocent as well as the guilty were killed. But, by far the greatest fatalities were with the Native Americans. The Europeans, as well as the Spanish were murdering in cold blood to gain the land that belonged to the Native American. Finally, the government stepped in and in a major way forced the Host People out of their rich and beautiful lands and moved them into places that up to that time seemed all but uninhabitable.  They were given the wastelands of the Country. The homes, farms and cites left behind were taken over by the Europeans who had made America home. The tragedies were many. First, the Europeans knew better, secondly the Native Americans were the victims of injustice, third, in the vast land of that era there really was room enough for all. No one really needed to suffer for the sake of growth. Fourth, America as a Nation is stained with the martyr’s blood it never needed to bear.  Now we have the guilt of innocent blood on our hands.

The Lord is forgiving, He is healing, and He is preparing the First Nations People for the long awaited revival.