Africa has been my passion for most of my life. As a child I had a love for the African and African-American people that even I did not understand. But now, many years later, I see why God put the love in my heart that He did ~ He was going to allow me the privilege of being a part of something big. Something that would forever change the lives of the African and African-American people and the pain that they have carried for more years than anyone knows or dares to admit. The sins committed against my brothers and sisters of color have been so atrocious, I can’t begin to do them justice in this short writing, yet they must be known.  They have been unprotected spiritually, physically, and judicially.



For three years, I was granted the privilege to go to Nigeria, Africa. While I was there, I had the honor of witnessing as descendants from various tribes came together and repented and forgave each other for their part in slavery. There was a brokenness that only God can bring. It amazed me how God brought these descendants together. Those who’s ancestors sold their brothers and those who’s ancestors were sold, were brought together in one room. It was God-ordained. They repented and forgave, and when they were done, the evil forces that have ridden on the power granted them hundreds of years ago by the blood that was shed during those betrayals, were finally without power. We were able to come together and remove them from the land. The strongholds were lifted and since that time, Nigeria has seen many changes. These things were the first step in removing the power the enemy has gained through slavery in our Nation, as many of the men, women and children were brought here from Nigeria. This work was the beginning of the spiritual work that needed to be done.



Those who survived the journey to this country, would endure treatment beyond their imagination. They had experienced betrayal by their own flesh and blood. They were in a land that they could not understand one word that was spoken to them, confusion, fear, humiliation, these things had become their existence. If the truth be said, even animal rights activists would not permit these things to be cast upon animals today. Over the years there has been degradation that is so unspeakable only the most courageous were willing to come forth and admit being a victim of, and for their courage, they were rewarded with greater persecution than before. Men, women and children would be tortured because of their color. The repulsive nature of their mutilation and persecutions even became a source of entertainment that the white man was willing to pay money to take part in. Their sufferings are heart-breaking and words truly cannot justify the extent to which they have endured. Yet the heart of God knows and it is very broken.


In our last GOE I felt His heart regarding the horrific sufferings. I knew I was experiencing only what He knew I could handle, and I felt as though I would die from the pain. It was a drop of pain in an ocean of agony, and I truly thought I would die from it.  We wept, we interceded, we wailed in agony, we pressed through until He released us. Our tears brought cleansing to the repulsive sin that was in the land. God was merciful. This completed the intercessions of several Gatherings, all of which were necessary to bring about healing from the physical sufferings.



Amazingly, God has heard our prayers and just this year, civil and criminal cases that were decades old, were reopened and justice was served. Men who have justified their cruel and inhumane acts toward the African-American people for decades, are now being punished. Apologies are being rendered to the victims and/or their families. The work is not complete though. We still have more to do. God has allowed us to weep where the blood was shed. Now we need to go and press through to the heart of where the laws that granted permission for these atrocities were established, and weep there.  Healing will not be complete until this is accomplished. We must go to the judicial level. This is why God has chosen Washington DC as the location for our next GOE.  There were so many laws created to control, confine, and imprison the African-Americans, that they had little hope of rising above them. Yet over the years, God has hand chosen those who would bring about change. Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges, the  list is powerful. We’ve learned that many laws that were created to protect the African-American’s were like a double-edged sword. They were free to vote, but, only if they could read. At the same time, it was a crime to educate an African-American. Where is the justice in this? This is only a minor example of a major problem. We must go to the Capital and cleanse our land of it’s deception in the judicial system. For in this deception, blood has spilled on our land.  Come and join us as we seek the heart of God and intercede on behalf of the Judicial injustices done against our African-American brothers and sisters. God’s heart is so passionate for the African-American people that He won’t grant us revival until the work is done. Come, be a part of what God wants to do in and for our Nation and let’s complete the judicial work that needs to be done!

Blessings in Him,

Ricci Wilson