The Future of Islam


Nita LaFond Johnson

March 7, 2011

As I consider what is currently taking place in the Mediterranean, my thoughts travel back to different visions and dreams I have had about Islam and its adherents. I feel concern for the nations and for the people who are bound by the darkness. Therefore, I wish to share some of my thoughts in hopes of provoking your interest and inspiring your prayers. 
Going back in time just a little while to Nov. 15th, 2010, I had a vision wherein I saw the Illuminati Elite, (see my two articles on our Website regarding the Illuminati) speaking to Arab leaders from across the Arab world. They said: If you will give us Baghdad, we will allow you to carry the worship of Allah around the world. I held off writing this article until I could gain insight as to why Baghdad is so important to the Elite. Honestly, I still do not have all the answers.  However, I do sense I have part of the answer.
The Fertile Crescent is a roughly crescent-shaped area of relatively fertile land which probably had a more moderate climate, suitable for agriculture in its beginnings. Modern Baghdad is part of this crescent.
Baghdad, Iraq is a significant place to the Arab world. It is the veritable beginning of civilization, a city of great import throughout time immemorial. As to the spiritual aspect of its beginnings, it is in the Fertile Crescent mentioned above, which is part of a region which is the very center of the world and where the occultic realm was opened upon the earth through the fall of Adam and Eve. Many of the Elite claim they are from the ancient blood-lines that go as far back as the building of Babel. The occultic powers are very strong in this area of the world. It is possible that some of these ancient families want free access to these places to retrace their ancient powers. 
Another reason, perhaps, is that Iraq is considered to be the Rose of the ancient Arabic world. While today, as in the beginning, the Arab nations look to Egypt as a sort of  Patriarch, and will not engage in anything of substantial significance that would affect the Arab world without Egypt’s support, still they look at Iraq as the Rose of the Arab world. When the Arab considers his culture and roots, he looks to Egypt as the cultural center. Furthermore, Egypt has the largest Arab population in the world, to the tune of 80 million souls. Although Egypt is considered the cradle of civilization, it is Babylon which is a bit south of Baghdad, that is the true cradle. Why then with all the Patriarchal power still in Egypt, is Iraq considered the Rose of the Arab world? 
I think we must look back at its beginnings. In Egyptian occultism which, incidentally, grew up out of Babel, and till this day is a modified version of Babel’s occultism, the rose is considered the image of secrecy. Therefore, I cannot help but wonder if Iraq is still considered the root of Arab occultism. If there is an ancient power base to all occultism, is it in the Baghdad area? It is located on the 33 degree parallel which makes it a perfect location for the occult. Sufi Muslims call Iraq home perhaps for this very reason. Prior to Saddam Hussein’s demise, he was in the earliest stages of rebuilding Babylon. Are the Elite looking for the occultic root of power found there? Or is it something more practical such as the oil interests? At this juncture, let me mention that in the 70s, when Kissinger met with Arab leaders and made plans for the future of the Arab Oil Industry, Iraq and Iran refused to comply with America’s demands, a position held by Iran till this day. So perhaps it has something to do with the vast oil resources in Iraq, or even the water. Do they want to establish a powerful permanent military base there for the purpose of ruling the Middle East? Maybe it has something to do with the Terrorist Cells that are positioned there, which the Elite like to take advantage of when it suits their purpose. Perhaps it is a bit of all of the above; I do not know. All I do know for sure is that the Elite want Baghdad. To this end, they are willing to allow the Muslims to establish the worship of Allah all over the world. 
I do want to talk about some other issues as well, because all we see going on today is actually an attempt to prepare the world for what is going to happen tomorrow. 
Today’s Riots
There are several different reasons the riots are occurring in the Middle East at present. I would like to discuss two or three of them.
The Elite do a grand work of planning and igniting chaos for the purpose of bringing their order out of the chaos. It does not matter to them who might be destroyed to fulfill their plans, be it a few individuals or entire nations. We see this in living color in the Mediterranean. The Elite’s primary goal is not to stir up a revolution, but to prepare the Middle East for the New World Order. The second goal is to spike oil prices and ultimately bring about a serious scarcity of oil for a season – a goal which they are certainly beginning to accomplish. 
The Lord spoke to me as recently as early 2009 that there was soon going to be “a severe oil crisis.” I felt at the time that it would be so severe that there would be a shortage of gas at the pumps.  Because of His words, I also knew that it would be engineered by the Elite. We have no shortage of oil in America’s reserves. The Lord has shown me that in many visions over many years. I received the first such vision when I was young, during a time we had a mini-gas crisis with the effect of raising the prices at the pumps. He showed me in a dream that the oil was available in plentiful supply. In many similar dreams and visions since then, the Lord has shown me that we are still wealthy in oil as a nation. We do not need OPEC oil. However, the Elite have forced us into dependence upon the OPEC oil reserves and consequently, we are subject to the ebb and flow of the OPEC oil supply, ultimately manipulated by the Elite.
Naturally, if there is upheaval going on in the Middle East, it is ultimately going to effect oil. In other words, in the minds of the Elite, this crisis is about oil, which is about Illuminati power and control.
Going back to the primary goal of the Elite mentioned above, the so called “revolution” is actually being funded by Washington DC and the Illuminati Elite, to mention a few. I would suspect that George Soros has his hands all over this present scenario. Regardless, those walking closely with Rothschild are playing behind the scenes in this. The protest movement is trekking across the Middle East, dethroning ruling monarchs and supposedly enhancing the civilian life of the countries in which it is active. However, I think we will all find that the latter condition will be worse than the first when the dust settles. The Elite have a plan to press the Middle East into compliance with the New World Order. Once all things are made ready, war will ensue with Israel and the stage will be set for their final phase of operation to establish the New World Order. The riots are not a “New Wave of Revolution”, but are a preplanned and highly orchestrated result of a symbiosis between Islamic Extremists beginning with the Muslim Brotherhood and the ruling Elite, each with their own agenda, setting out to accomplish two entirely different goals.  I might add that the CIA of America, MI6 of Great Brittan, the Mossad of Israel, the covert organization – Knights of Malta, and the Catholic Church are all somehow feeding money, support and/or empowering it as well.
It is an interesting time. I understand that Glenn Beck once referred to certain parties as being Puppet Masters. I can promise you that you are looking at the full 3-dimensional picture of what it means when the Masters begin to play with their puppets. 
We need to pray over the whole region, but particularly over Libya and Saudi Arabia and the oil situation. These two nations supply a huge percentage of oil in the world market. If oil is restricted from one or both, things will become extremely serious, even catastrophic. We might be able to limp along if Libyan fields are disabled, but if we lose Saudi Arabia as well, nearly the whole world will find itself falling down the sink hole to one degree or another. China has signed an agreement with Russia for its exports, so Russia and China may rest in quiet satisfaction while the rest of the world flounders. It will not be a pretty sight. 
America is in serious trouble. Things will do nothing but get worse for awhile, my friends. This Oil Crisis will ensure it. Even if we could pray it through and stop the spinning wheel at this point, there are enough other issues with our economy swirling in this stew that we are going to experience financial collapse. However, I want to make a little note here… Jesus will take care of His Church. We may not live in luxury, but He will help us and we will make it.
The Elite are like the high choreographers of a dance they are privately orchestrating to overtly assume full control of the world covertly held by their strings for many generations. We see them instigating planned wars such as World War I and II to show the world that it needs someone to control them. I can remember when the Angel of the Lord came to me as we went into Iraq for the first time. He said: The war on Iraq was a play being acted out on the world’s stage to accomplish the will of the Elite. I had no idea at that time what he could possibly have meant. Now, so many years later and with so much insight given by the Lord and what is available in books and on the Internet, I feel my understanding runs fairly deep. 
I am saying all this to help you understand that all such chaos is planned by the Elite for the purpose of gaining control. In the Middle East they want control of the oil and the Nations. Nations will find themselves more deeply subjugated than before, when the Revolution, as they are calling it, comes to an end. Incidentally, the end may take a while to reach. The Elite must breed discouragement, discontentment and fear to ultimately overthrow of the Despots to make room for their new puppets to take their place. Further, there may need to be enough unrest to tie up oil distribution, making it seemingly necessary to open US oil fields from which America will begin to produce oil, ultimately resulting in gasoline prices of $7.00 or more per gallon. This is all part of the plan to betray the Arabs. The Lord, through many hours of prayer, has opened my eyes to the Elites’ plans on this issue. However, today there are voices on the Internet that can give you all the data you may need to understand how this is being played out. People and organizations like Lindsay Williams, Alex Jones, Global Research, and others are speaking out.  
We must also consider that this present revolt may result in a war against Israel before it is over. Years ago the Lord spoke to me in a terrible vision. In this prophetic experience a new Prime Minister was elected in Israel from the Union Party. At the time of the vision there was no such thing as a Union Party. After he was elected, I came up to him in the vision and said, “You were elected as part of the Union Party to depict to all of Israel that now the United Ants are going to attack Israel.” When I said those words, I saw Arab Nations rise from the hills to attack Israel. I do not know if the Prime Minister will actually come from the new Israeli party or not. However, in the vision he did. Please pray for Israel. 
In summary, the Elite are in the process of making last minute preparations for the New World Order and Arab and Israeli submission to it through tyranny and through world economic and market breakdowns. 
In The Days Ahead
It is sad to me that man has played with the Arab mind for generations. Those in power behind those in power have directed the seething energies of a people loyal to Allah who think they have to live in a state of war with the rest of the world to please their god. The people think they are serving a noble purpose. The Elite either sponsor this war, or at the very least they stir up these animosities to accomplish their perverted goals. 
I personally have nothing against the Arab people. Some of my closest friends are Arab. When I and two other Jewish believers went to Jordan one summer for prayer, I must state that we have never been treated as royally as we were treated by the Jordanians. At one point we lost our way. When we shared our intentions with a Muslim who owned a restaurant in Amman, he served us food and then got in his car and drove clear across town which was no small investment of his time to lead and direct us on our way. This saved us hours, but again took up a considerable amount of his time to do something very kind for Jews who were total strangers. (I do not look Jewish; however, one member of my small team of intercessors looks as Jewish as they come. So it was very interesting.) In that same trip, we were again treated like very important friends by the Egyptian border control at the Israeli border. The reason for this magnanimous and gracious treatment was that we had given them a large container of water during the earlier part of our trip, when apparently they were in need. From that point on we were heralded by every desert station we passed as though we were friends. 
I could tell other such stories of kind treatment by Arab people even though we were Jewish, not to mention the many encounters I have experienced with Arabs in America. I cannot leave this topic without saying that I have met and talked with many Arabs while in Israel. For instance, I was once invited by a group of Arabs to just talk and get acquainted. (Please take into consideration as you read that I am not an historian trying to tell a story. I am not a reporter trying to report the news. I am not a theologian or a teacher. I am a prophet, so I feel most comfortable telling the story the way I experienced it.) While sitting in the room with these men, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me. His hair was so dark it looked black. His eyes were a brown so dark they looked ebony. His skin was a dark olive. He looked Arab, not Jewish. I asked Him why He appeared to me in this way. He spoke softly saying: I have come to identify with my Arab people. He stayed beside me in that meeting in a visible way until it was over. Jesus loves the Arab people and cares deeply for their souls. Not all Arabs are frightening people. The majority are good people who need the light of the truth that God loves Abraham’s other son, Ishmael, as well. 
Having said that, I will also say there is a predisposition deep in the Arab culture that understands violence and finds comfort in it. They have a fierce loyalty to Allah and the Koran and its more violent commandments. We call them Islamic Extremists. Most have been raised from a very young and tender age to hate anyone that does not worship Allah. They have grown up learning war. It is not their fault they think as they do. It is a reality that befits a people who have NEVER known the Light. Rather, they have been raised in the deepest, most obscure corridors of darkness which, in part, is sponsored by the Elite.  The only antidote to this requires an investment from the Church called “prayer.” I am in awe of how many Arab people that have converted to Christianity have done so because Jesus has personally visited them or Angles have appeared to them. I think this is a remarkable statement about the love of God for a lost generation. Pray for the Arab people everywhere.
Now that I have made a clear statement about my love and care for the Arab people, I want to tell you where Islam is going to carry the Muslim before it is over.  When I speak of the Muslim from this point on, I will not merely be speaking about the Arab Muslim but also the Muslims of African descent as well as the Malaysian Muslims, etc.
I spent a night in nightmare-land several years ago while on a speaking engagement in New York. During this night, I had a series of terrible nightmares, which I will shortly describe. After each nightmare, I would awake to a vision or be taken up in the spirit to another country to see what no human eye would ever want to see. I would lay crying and praying over what I saw, then finally fall back to sleep only to have another frightening dream. I would awaken from it in terror only to see another vision in front of me that would terrify me all the more or be taken in the spirit to another nation ravaged by horror. This cycle repeated itself all night long. 
Each dream, spiritual experience, and vision would reveal the carnage and devastation that Islamic Extremists were leaving in their wake in nation after nation. For instance, I saw one of the Indonesian islands barren of human life due to an Islamic uprising. I was taken to this place and flown around the island so I could get a good bird’s eye view of it. Then, the Angel flew me down to get a close look at every inch of the desolate island. It was full of corpses. It brought to mind images of the Rwanda massacre. Then I was taken again up into the air and flown around the boundaries of the island so I could see its shape. In another moment I was flown by the accompanying Angel to yet another country, then another. I was taken to an island, off the coast of France for instance. He took me to a particular island that was completely desolate; only human bodies lay scattered across the land. In another experience, I was taken to Africa where I saw Islamic Jihadists traveling through the land, going in and out of villages, cities and towns. They would go in and rape and pillage the people. They would beat some to unconsciousness and then burn the whole place to the ground leaving not one person alive. The whole night went like this. The Islamic Extremists are going to eventually be used by the Antichrist system to do a lot of the work of depopulation in this manner. America will not be spared but will also suffer much from this group of people in the very end days.  Then the Antichrist will turn on the Arab people as a whole, particularly in the Middle East. He will ravage them, slay them and leave their nations a chaotic waste of carnage.  Then, they will ultimately turn on each other. Daniel talks about these events in the 11th chapter. 
I saw in a powerful vision that leaders of this movement have been for some time calling out to all who believe to come and join the movement. I saw young men rise up out of the earth from all over the world to join the Jihad movement. They came into training camps to dedicate their lives to learning Jihad war. I saw this shortly after the 2001 attack against the Trade Center Towers. 
The Arab people need our prayers for their salvation.  Please pray for Israel, for America and for the Arab and Muslim people. The Lord will reward us for doing so. Many will come to the Lord in these last days. I have seen whole stadiums like the one in Amman, Jordan filled with new believers.  Pray for them. The Lord promised Abraham that He would watch over his other son and this is the hour in which He will bring forth a harvest from Ishmael for Abraham’s sake.  Many will give their lives for the sake of the Gospel. They will become some of the greatest heroes of the faith in the last days if we will but pray.
In Him,
Nita Johnson