June 12th of this year, I was met by four Angels, each bearing a wonderful gift for the body of Christ. For each of these wonderful gifts I saw the bride of Messiah enter into a new metamorphosis of preparation making herself ready. Therefore, being prepared for the coming impartation, upon receiving it, she was beautified in a marvelous and divine way. These gifts were not meant for the entire body of Messiah, only for those who had made themselves ready.

Angel Called Holiness

The first Angel was called, "Holiness".
I was given a vision wherein I saw a large body of believers who had made themselves holy. They had gone through the furnace of affliction and come through as instruments refined like gold. They looked beautiful to my eyes just as they were. Then I saw this Angel called Holiness descend from the sky and clothe them with a very part of God Himself. This part of God was His very own holiness. When they were so clothed they were extraordinarily beautiful, like no earthly person I had ever seen.

Scriptures came to mind such as: Holiness becometh thine house, O Lord forever. (Ps 93:5) Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. (Ps 29:2) Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth. (Ps 50:2) And last but not least: Your people will offer themselves willingly in the day of Your power, in the beauty of holiness and in holy array out of the womb of the morning; to You [will spring forth] Your young men, who are as the dew. (Ps 110:3)

I knew this was Messiah’s end time army, and they were beautiful and would, in their beauty, be powerful beyond anything we have ever seen. I also realized that when men sought to make themselves holy they gained a certain inexpressible beauty. It was the loveliness of a pure and undefiled life.  This was a prize worth any price to gain. These men looked so beautiful to me, but to the Lord they had become most beautiful gems. As I beheld God’s own holiness adorn these saints, they began to bear an ineffable and divine magnificence. I was breathless. I looked at the Angel speechless.

I remembered a time that Messiah appeared to me and revealed how that His power and authority rested in His holiness. Everything that exists does so only because He is holy. His holiness is the hiding place of His power. The Bible says that this last day’s army will appear clothed in His own holiness and empowered by His own power. (Ps 110)

If the beauty of a life lived in holiness was awesome to behold, how much greater in beauty was this holiness that was part of God Himself? This army was most pleasing to Him because they were separated unto Him alone, and now, even more extraordinarily beautiful because He had become their beauty, and more powerful because He had become their power.

Angel Called Wisdom

The second Angel that appeared to me was called "Wisdom". After the impartation of holiness, this angel visited them and clad them with Wisdom. Again, this wisdom was part of God himself. Once again I saw this same body of believers beautified in an even greater way, as the Wisdom of God clothed them from on high. I was amazed! I thought, "How can wisdom add such loveliness to a man?"  Yet, I saw it before my very eyes, so I knew the possibilities were more than real.

 Wisdom for Government

I immediately thought about the time when Messiah came to me and allowed me the privilege of experiencing what it meant to be clothed in the seven Spirits of God. My dear friends, there is nothing like this place in God. You have the mind of Messiah. You have His heart, and you are emptied of self. It is wonderful. Messiah called this place of abiding the bearing of the Kingdom yoke ~ the government of the Kingdom, and it is filled with the presence, wisdom and power of God.

The seven Spirits of God are: The Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel, and the Spirit of Might, the Spirit of Knowledge, and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. This Kingdom government is part of God Himself and is the essence of that which will be imparted by the Angel called Wisdom.

The Bible says of Wisdom, I have counsel and sound knowledge, I have understanding, I have might and power. By me kings reign and rulers decree justice. (Prov. 8:13 & 14) One of the chief functions of this impartation is to equip the bearer for government leadership, government both in the natural realm and in the spiritual realm. It will be a time when we will see the Joseph’s emerge in the body and bless the nations with that awesome anointing.

Wisdom for Finances

In speaking of wisdom the Bible says, Riches and honor are with me, enduring wealth and righteousness.  I cause those who love me to inherit riches that I may fill their treasuries. (Prov. 8:18 & 19)

This wisdom will grant the bearer a wonderful gift in the area of financial astuteness. We have never seen wisdom in the realm of finances such as we are about to see. It will confound the wisdom of the world and release funds for kingdom work in an unprecedented way.  None of those who bear this gift will use the finances for the satisfaction of their own lusts, as that will have been purged from their heart. Their use of these finances will be for unselfish gain for the Kingdom of Light. Many will enter the Kingdom, particularly of Jewish descent, because of the unselfishness of these anointed for this purpose.

Creative Wisdom

There is a wisdom that bears with it creative power and effulgence. It is capsulated in the Kingdom government known as the seven Spirits of God. We saw Jesus operate in this when we saw him feed the five thousand, curse the fig tree and other such creative miracles. We saw Moses operate in this when we saw him exercising God’s government in the affairs of Egypt. We saw Elijah flowing in this when we saw Him exercising God’s government on Mount Carmel over the prophets of Baal. Again, we saw Elisha move in this many times in his ministry. We will see it in its full effulgence when this Angel comes to impart this part of the Father to His bride.

Wisdom Concerning the Lord’s Ways

Now therefore listen to me, O you sons; for blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are those who keep my ways. Hear instruction and be wise, and do not refuse or neglect it. Blessed (happy, fortunate and to be envied) is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoever finds me [Wisdom] finds life and draws it forth and obtains favor from the Lord. But he who misses me or sins against me wrongs and injures himself; all who hate me court death. (Proverbs 8:32-36)

There is a growing understanding of the Lord’s ways that comes to the maturing believer as he diligently seeks it. That is not the wisdom we are discussing here. This wisdom is a miracle wisdom such as Messiah walked in Himself. It is an impartation of the living Lord Himself. It is a wisdom that beautifies the inner man and the spirit of a man. It is like a clothing of light. It gives to the recipient the supernatural wisdom of how to flow in the divine order of the Father’s own plans and purposes. Proverbs tells us of the divine blessings that come in responding to the supernatural wisdom of the Father.

Moses was created to bring down the destructive government that was built on the blood of the innocent. In his youth he felt compelled to challenge this same government but without this gift of wisdom, his efforts were sloppy and futile at best. Once he was graced with this wisdom his efforts were effective, thus, he single-handedly brought down the brutal monarchy.

Joseph was another man who in his early years was given the knowledge of the Father’s plans and purposes, but he boasted as a youth with no wisdom. After the purging fires of Egypt he was given this impartation of the Father and ruled kingdoms saving many lives as a result. He not only had the knowledge of the Father’s ways, but in his maturity he also had the wisdom to know what to do with the awesome responsibility of this knowledge.

This is an example of what is to come as the Lord sends forth a part of His very self, adorning us with the wisdom from on high. The world will stand up and take note.

Wisdom to Know the Hope of Our Calling

We are called to enter into the maturity and excellency of the Son. Paul writes in Ephesians chapter one that it requires divine knowledge and wisdom to understand the calling and the way to enter into the fullness thereof. Those who received this impartation of the Father were brought to the fullness of the calling by means of this impartation. To see them was to see Yeshua you might say. They were partakers of the divine nature such as Peter spoke about in his second epistle. They lived in His graces and showed forth His excellency. They openly walked in His authority and power and lived in the fellowship of the Son. Truly they carried a beauty beyond description.

The Angel Called Love

The third Angel I met was called "Love". His assignment was to bring to the bride an impartation of The Father’s own love. Please let me clarify that each angel brought to us that part of God His name depicted. He was not bringing to the Bride an anointing, but rather a very part of The Father Himself.

As I looked upon the Angel Wisdom I saw in His eyes such Wisdom that it was a little frightening. This wisdom bore such a purity that it was as though you could look into the very depths of his soul. (For lack of a better description.) Likewise as I gazed upon the Angel Holiness the divine demeanor that He carried was both glorious and so holy that I was struck with the terror of God. In this same manner, it seemed that very essence of this angelic being was love, The Father’s love exemplified in this awesome being. Like Yeshua, his eyes were liquid love, thus, his name, Love.

When He imparted that nature of The Father to the Bride, she was turned into another being. Adorning her with this awesome nature made her many times more beautiful than she had already become. She was breathtaking to behold, and majestic in her inner beauty. She was now prepared to die for even the worst of her enemies. She bore the dignity of true servanthood, and the grace of true meekness. She was selfless in her devotion to Messiah, to the Kingdom and to the divine care of the souls of men.

John wrote, Oh what an incredible quality of love the Father has bestowed on us that we should be called the children of God. In the same way I thought, what an incredible quality of love He has just bestowed on those who love Him counting their lives not dear to themselves. Truly they understood the price that was paid for their souls, and they have glorified Him in their devotion to His sacrifice.

I saw that no wish or desire of our Father was beneath their undaunted devotion. So great was the love that now adorned them that they were compelling. Paul wrote, the love of God compels me. Surely His love now compelled this awesome company of saints. They seemed to be liquid love itself. Healing followed wherever they went. Even in judgment there was such compassion that they were almost irresistible. It seemed as though even the hardest of hearts could hardly resist them. I thought, "How wonderful is the wisdom and the love of our Father above that He should grace mere men with such glorious love!" These knew the heights, the breadth, the depths and the width of The Father’s love. They truly walked in the completeness found only in Messiah, and the fullness of the divine nature, just as Paul exhorted us in Ephesians. The world it seemed would never be the same again. Other benefits of this impartation were healing of emotions, healing of relationships, and healing of bodies.

The Angel Called Unity

For each new impartation the remnant prepared themselves. For instance, the gift bestowed by the Angel Love the bride sought the beauty of a life steeped in love for Messiah and for man. The life of simplicity required to enter into the higher levels of love gained them a great beauty in itself, however, when the Angel Love came and bestowed upon the waiting remnant a whole new and awesome level of beauty graced them. It was wonderful to behold. The same was true of wisdom. It requires much refinement to walk in true wisdom just as it does to walk in true love. For the grace of wisdom to be evident enough to give the bearer that unmistakable beauty, one must fast and pray for wisdom and seek it in the Word, digging for it as one would dig for hidden treasures. Once discovered, learn to apply it to one’s life and walk in the wisdom acquired. The fires of wisdom purge the soul, therefore, true wisdom develops a deep humility in the believer. When the Angel Wisdom bestowed Messiah’s own wisdom he adorned the remnant in a very part of the Father Himself bringing an unearthly beauty to the waiting believer.


The fourth angel that appeared to me was called "Unity".
Psalms 133 reads: Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.

This is a wonderful secret for the body of Messiah. As we consider how Mom and Dad feel when their children fight and argue, especially if it is often, or how two adults feel when they are married yet argue a great deal, life is miserable. The parents hurt when their children don’t get along and a married couple know little more than a pain in their union when they can’t get along. Even so, it grieves the Holy Spirit when we cannot get along. When we fight and argue, preferring ourselves, our ideas, me, me, me instead of our brother or sister, it brings Him great grief. Further, we suffer loss as a body when we look for more reasons to build walls to separate us from our brother than to find our commonalities and work in the bond of love. The main thing we lose is the greater presence of our Father, and His anointing. We lose it in our home, we lose it as a local Church and we lose it as a body of believers.

However, these that were graced with the bond of unity, understood love and humility and were ready to be made one in love.

I saw how that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were absolutely one in the unity of the Godhead. God is not divided. Although there are three separate persons they are all one. Paul wrote that there is one body, one faith, one Spirit. If this is so, then the divisions we exert bring separation where there is no separation in the Father. We manifest and live in a divided Kingdom because we live in our flesh instead of the Spirit. The Father, however, remains undivided and at peace. Therefore, as we recognize that to be one with Him we must be one with one another, we are going to lay down our lives to live at one with our brother.  That is what I saw, the beauty of a body in unity.

Paul further stated that The Father gave us the five-fold ministry to bring us to the fullness of the maturity of the Son thereby bringing us into the true unity of the faith. In our maturity, we will be forged in humility and love, thus at peace one with another. As we grow to love the Son in the love of the Father, this very love will bring us to unity with one another. When the Angel Unity sees this unification developing, he will descend by divine commission and grace the body with the very unity of the Godhead. Herein, we will see the one new man. As the unbelieving Jew sees such love in the Church they will come to understand that our Messiah is indeed the Messiah sent from The Father for Israel.

Further, when this unity is embraced the great apostolic revelations, which have been reserved for these last days will begin to be released to the Church further developing her into maturity. In this unity, the bride will be free of doctrinal error. Also, when the body begins to be divinely unified she will be granted the authority and power from on high to put and keep Satan under her feet. At this time the greater things spoken of by the apostle John will be released to the body of believers.

Messiah Multiplied

Once while I was ministering in a Bible College, I was given a vision. I saw Messiah being crucified. Upon His resurrection I saw hundreds of thousands of people who looked, acted, and spoke just like Him suddenly fill the earth. They walked in the same power and authority, as well as the very virtues of Messiah. They performed signs and wonders so marvelous that Satan gasped. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He was horrified. He realized that he had made a fatal error by killing Messiah because now he was cursed with Messiah multiplied in His people many times over. What a wonderful reality as the world, at last, recognized that Yeshua was Messiah, and many found eternal life as a result. The love of the Father was flowing throughout the earth as the Fatherhood of Yahveh (God) was being revealed internationally, but, most especially to Israel and the sons of Ishmael.