This is a brief communiqué to those who wish to be used in the glorious awakening of revival that has arrived. I am going to share some things about issues that can hurt us during season the fires of Revival.  By issues, I mean issues of the human heart!

Having been used of the Lord in revival on only two other occasions and to birth revival a third time, I do not feel like I am an expert on revival. But there are a few things I can say regarding what the Lord has taught me the hard way. In those areas although I may not be an expert, I can claim that I am a  student who has tried my best to learn the lessons Jesus told me would be imperative for any who would be used in revival in the future.


Let me begin by asking these questions.


Why do we want revival? What is it about revival that constitutes a value worth giving all that might be required in order for the privilege to experience it? What do we expect out of revival in our own lives?


The answers as I see them are the following.
First, why do we want revival?

I want revival for a few different reasons. In revival we are drawn closer to the heavenly Kingdom and therefore allowed to have greater glimpses of the face of God. He simply draws nearer in seasons of revival. The heart is freer to experience Him as His presence bears with it the enabling grace in an entirely different dimension. Jesus reveals sin and enables us to get the sin out of our life in greater measure so we can experience more of Him during seasons of revival.


On our part, perhaps I should say that because in seasons of revival the light of God”s glory is more abundant, the heart is laid bare. So, we fall on our faces and plead to be cleansed of the darkness that unbeknownst to us has all the time been separating us from deeper levels of God! Why do we want to be cleansed? Because we want God! Subsequently, our first love for Jesus is restored and the pain of the distance between us becomes unbearable. Hence we take the effort to draw close and experience Him as never before.    


We want revival because we also want to experience more of the earthly blessings of His greater presence. Namely, His love and joy become tangible.  Further, we want to see family members saved, loved ones healed, and of course, the miracles that stagger the imagination, etc. In short, it is a glorious time to be alive.


Third, it takes the Pentecostal Power and Authority to fully disarm the enemies ranged against the Church.


What is it about revival that constitutes a value worth giving all that may be required in order for the privilege of experiencing it?


To me the answer is very simple. I want to see the face of God and experience the living tangible revelation of His person as can only be experienced by the community of believers in revival. In DC while in prayer in front of the whole congregation, I suddenly stepped out of the natural and into revival as it was occurring in Jerusalem , Israel in around 40AD.  Oh my, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The Presence of God was magnanimous. Faith was soaring; love, joy and peace were like a living force within and all around me. It was so much greater than revival of any magnitude that has been displayed in our lifetime. It was like I had walked through an invisible door right into the past. I saw the fruits of revival, the lost being saved, the healing, the miracles, and demons coming out of people — prisoners were set free. The disciples were walking in explosive miracle faith. I thought no wonder Peter could walk on the water! What faith!!! I was overwhelmed. I did not want to return to the room. I prayed and shared what I saw. At that time the Lord said what is coming will be Acts Book II. What I saw that day in DC was Acts Part I, the first Pentecost. As I looked down through history I was given to see Acts Part II the second Pentecost. That is what the Lord told me. It is now upon us!!!!


In Revival is the healing of the Nation. Jesus told me many years ago, that the Church weeps and repents, and then Jesus sends revival and in revival is the healing of the Nation. What price is too great to pay to see America healed?


I want to live in the fire of God! I want to be so holy that my eyes can see God in His holiness and bear that burning bliss, often. I want to be consumed by God and dwell in the midst of the coals of fire that burn in His fiery presence. I want the Church to know this marvelous dwelling place and it can through a holy life and in revival.


What do I expect out of revival in my own life?

More of the tangible life of GOD! I expect to live in His love and His overcoming faith as that is what He promised me. I expect to live in Him and Him in me. I expect to see my family on fire for Jesus! I expect to live on the cutting edge of a world on fire for Jesus. My life purpose and destiny is wrapped up in the outpouring of His glory. I cry out Come Lord Jesus come!!!!!


The Issues and the Lessons


First, if we are going to be used in the days of end time glory we must be refined. We must walk in His holiness, His love, His grace, His humility. The days of ministers carrying renewal or lighter anointings of revival and living like they cannot overcome the flesh is over. We cannot live in the coming glory as His vessel of honor and live for the flesh too. He told me in a powerful vision that in those days (meaning the days of the coming revival) the vessels will be vessels of gold as silver will not be accounted for.


What does this mean? We cannot do the obvious sins of the flesh without suffering through His disciplines. Also we must choose love for our brother at all times. Leaders who throw temper tantrums, demand their followers to agree with all their beliefs or desires will be replaced for leaders who walk in lowliness and forbearance toward the ignorant and the erring. No more will touchy, resentful, carrying grudges, pulpit pounders be allowed. They will one by one be replaced if they do not repent. Love will be the way, humility the mark and holiness will be the dwelling place of tomorrow”s leaders. When a child of God sins, and misses the mark, tomorrow”s leaders will fall on their face and weep, then with gentle forbearance they will seek to restore such a one remembering that they too are but dust.


During the second revival I was allowed to birth and take a principle part in the Lord told me that I needed to work hard at learning the lessons of love or He would never allow me to carry revival in these last days. At the end of that revival, another minister hurt me. This was becoming standard practice for her at the time, because of jealousy. I had experienced many wounds from her over the preceding months and was feeling a bit like a well used target. On this occasion she became very offended with me and began to complain about everything. I finally grew weary and snapped at her, hard! Immediately, the presence of revival lifted. And, on the Lord”s way out, He said to me, "learn to walk in love!"


He told me later that He would not allow me to carry that dimension of His Spirit until love was the way of my life. He said He wants leaders to walk in humility and grace carrying the weakness of others as Jesus Himself would do. Suffering-love must mark their ways toward other leaders and toward God”s children, patiently bearing the offense of others for Christ”s sake. He also told me that He would require all of His key leaders to live in love if they would carry the higher levels of revival. This is not easy, but Jesus will do this in the heart of a willing vessel. In short I have learned that all things human have their limits, but to love is divine. Notwithstanding, Jesus must love His love through us if it is to be done at all. We must all strive for the mastery of this grace.


Another issue….  Humility is the greatest of all virtues. It is the tree upon which all the branches of Christ”s virtues hang. Humility does not seek its own way, or own rights, or seek to be respected or to dominate. True humility does not consider self at all. It is easily entreated, easily forgives even without an apology. The person well forged in humility seeks to be invisible for Christ”s glory, as His glory is that for which they live. So, in short, they are interested in and care supremely for Christ”s glory and the needs of others.  They live for Christ and the well being of His Church. Again this virtue is something that Christ has to produce in us. Although we must live to seek the lower places of humility, He alone can produce this grace by the workings of His life in us. The Lord understands this and is very willing to help us become like Him until at long last, it is He who expunges the soul of pride and its unseemly elements to saturate us with His own lovely humility.


Pride and seeking the praise of man is a horrible and destructive force to revival. It will eventually kill revival.


How can we recognize pride? Some things to consider: Can you receive correction without getting hurt, defensive or angry? Do you get jealous when the Lord uses another? Do you feel superior to others? Do you need to justify yourself when you do wrong, or are you easily entreated and correctable. Do you have a need to be respected and considered as better than others? Are you touchy, resentful, or self-seeking? Whose reputation do you seek to protect, yours or your brother”s? All these and many other examples might signal a warning sign to humble yourselves before God and begin to seek deeper levels of humility.  Believe me I have traveled through refining in so many of these areas and have need for more, which some of you probably know better than I can tell you. I know it is not easy to look at some of these issues, but as the Lord begins to move in greater levels of glory we will all be glad to know that the Lord has refined us.


The three G”s; girls, gold and glory. If one can live pure in these three areas, money, sex and not touching the glory of God when He uses us, revival will live. If we cannot, we will eventually lose the anointing upon our lives.  


Bob Jones shared an experience he had years ago. He said he was walking down a riverbed in what seemed to be a dried up stream. As he looked over the landscape and noticed that the riverbed in which he was walking was set down in a sort of gully, he heard the voice of God. The Lord said: Bob, get that gold out of your pocket. Bob noticed a sack of gold in his pocket that was heavy and encumbering. Though puzzled by the Lord”s demands he plucked it out of his pocket and through it away. Just then the river began to thunder down the mountainside and into the riverbed. Tons of powerful water was moving so quickly it was like a runaway freight train. Bob saw it and ran as fast as he could up the side of the embankment. He noticed how much easier it was to make his escape from danger because he didn”t have the weight of the gold in his pocket. As he stood above the raging river he pondered what had just happened. Then the Lord spoke again: Now, aren”t you glad that you got that gold out of your pocket, Bob!                                


As for touching the glory!


I remember the experience Larry Bailey had in our first GOE in Jacksonville , back in 2001. The Angel of the Lord appeared before him and took him to heaven. Once in heaven he saw this large glorious Angel with a great star in his hand. The Angel through the star into the middle of the Gathering and said: There, the Reformation has begun! Then he turned to Larry and said: I want to show you a future Gathering. He immediately pushed back the veil of the future.  Larry looked down into the room that was before him and saw Satan standing behind a wall. In the front of the room where the GOE was being held, he saw people coming up to the Leaders saying things like: You guys are so wonderful. Look at all you did to bring revival to us. Jesus is moving so powerfully thanks to you guys and your willingness to pay the price. Satan was crying out between his laughter: That”s it give them praise, they deserve it! Give them glory, they worked hard for it. Praise them and not God!!!!! Little by little arguments and factions began to take place in the leadership team.  Instead of humility people were demanding to be recognized. Instead of love people were calling each other and backbiting against one another.  The Church thought we were wonderful and so did we. Then the glory began to lift and the life of revival began to diminish.


Then the Angel turned to Larry and told him to tell us: "Give all glory to Him Who alone is worthy. He alone is Holy, and the faithful and true One. Glorify Him alone."


My one desire is that the testimony of the Gatherings will ever be that Jesus alone is glorified!


The heart is deceitfully wicked above all other things. In our flesh dwells no good thing. None of us knows how bad and dark the depth of our heart really is. But, Jesus knows! AND He can cure us of all that is wrong if we will allow Him to begin right now.  I think we all want to learn the lessons of love, humility and grace so of our Lord.  Although He loves us all, HIS Glory will not be touched, not even by His most favored children. Jesus and the way of His Cross will arise supreme and glorious in this hour and He alone will receive the glory for the great things He has done.

I love you all!