On November 8th 1999, I was doing a radio broadcast with my friends, Pastor Monte McCutcheon and Pastor Bob Hill, when the angel of the Lord suddenly flew into my room and stood beside me. Once by my side, he waved his arm in the air in a very deliberate manner. As he did this, the veil of the spirit was opened up to me, and I was permitted to see many things. One of those things I will share with you here.

I looked as I saw the black horse of Revelation chapter six running toward the earth.

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third

beast say, Come and see. And I beheld and lo a black horse;

and he that sat upon him had a pair of balances in his hand.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the of the four beasts say,

a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures

of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

Revelation 6:5,6

I saw him running toward the earth with a rider on his back. In the hand of the rider was a pair of balances. I saw seraphim with the face of a man off to the horse’s right side and to my left. This seraphim cried out the words of verses five and six above. Then the angel standing by my side shared with me the meaning of his strange words. As it turns out his words mean more than we have known.

The wheat and the barley represent the Word and prayer. In the dark ages when Catholicism ruled the earth, the Word was in the hands of the Pope and the priest. The average man was not allowed to read the Word. In addition, if my memory serves me correctly the Bible was printed in Latin. Therefore it was impossible for the average person to read, even if he would have had a copy. The average person was dependent totally upon the priest both to read and interpret the Bible for them.

Furthermore, the practice of prayer was reduced to a formula of praying over beads and forgiveness from transgressions was placed in the control of the local priest. If a man would hope to free himself from the place of torment, it would cost him great sums of money. The Mediatorial ministry of our Messiah had been completely circumvented. Prayer had been effectively placed into the hands of the priests and the pope.

All that remained was the life of the Spirit of revelation and stimulation in the remnant. The oil and the wine symbolize the Spirit of revelation and stimulation. Shaul (Paul) speaks about the Spirit of revelation that is symbolized by the oil in Ephesians, chapter one. The word translated “revelation” means to unveil, to uncover, to release the hidden mysteries. He encourages us to pray for this gift. I would therefore have to say that it is not something we automatically receive. As we grow and develop in this gift we are able to uncover the mysteries of Yeshua and His Kingdom and how we fit into His plans and purposes. The seraph also said to protect the wine. This is the Spirit of stimulation. The purpose of this gift is to stimulate the bearer into the spiritual growth needed to appropriate the mysteries that have been revealed. When I say “stimulate,” I don’t mean to inspire, but to ignite the spirit into this desired growth. Peter called it the Spirit of virtue. It can also be recognized as the zeal of the Lord. It compels the Christian onward into the maturity of the revelations that are given. Many of the mystics of the dark ages are really Christians who obtained various levels of these two gifts and sought to enter into the revelations given to them. We call them mystics, but really they were the remnant. They were those who would not sacrifice their relationship with the Lord for the favor of the religious system of the day. Hence, many were martyred.

The angel of the Lord told me that this time period was reflective of the presence of this foreboding horse. Further, we are going to see him come around again in the near future. The church is going to travel through another season wherein the wheat and the barely are going to be taken. The exact timing of this event, I don’t know. I think we can safely say that if it doesn’t happen before, it will certainly happen under the reign of the anti-Christ. Even now we see a type of his activity in places like China and other countries where the Word and prayer is being strictly suppressed in light of the government’s own purposes. Also, we see it in places where Catholicism is ruling. His coming will have a positive effect on the remnant who will not relinquish their rights to any but the Lord, and will maintain their position as King’s Kids regardless of the temporal cost. The point of the visitation I received was to warn me that we in America are going to see it. I want therefore to encourage you, my Dear Friends, to press into Yeshua with all your heart and strength, pray for the Spirit of revelation and stimulation that in the time of trouble you will not be found wanting. Our Father above will be delighted to teach you His ways and grant your heart’s desire.


On November 30 1999, Yeshua spoke to me in a vision saying: “In the coming year My church must fast and pray and draw close to Me. In the final quarter of the year I demand that you stand in awe and sin not.”

To “stand in awe” is to recognize who and what He is and honor Him with a holy fear. He spoke to me in a vision recently saying: “You are My people; that signifies that you are the subject of My care and provision. I am your God; that speaks of My right to demand your honor and obedience.”

In this next year every day must be spent preparing for the last quarter when we must be ready and able “to stand in awe and sin not.” To prepare, we must turn from the ways that are displeasing to our Father, and seek His face with great diligence through fasting, prayer, Bible study time, and a life of obedience. Those who will do this will experience blessings. Those who will not turn from their evil ways will begin to experience the judgements of our Father in an attempt to lead them to repentance. Once they enter into this cycle, His judgments will grow increasingly worse until either repentance or destruction takes place. You can read about this in my book “Prepare for the Winds of Change” and you can find a brief description in the 26th chapter of Leviticus. The Hebrews writer says that is it a fearful thing to fall into to the hands of the living God. I want to add that it is an even more fearful thing to fall out of the hands of the living God, through unrepented sin. My dear brothers and sisters, our Father is going to visit His people and pour out great mercies and blessings upon us out of the wells of salvation. For He feels great care and pity for our weaknesses and longs to bless us with His wonderful presence. but, He will not overlook deliberate rebellion indeed cannot. As His magnanimous presence draws near we can bear it only as much as our hearts have been purified. Further, a rebellious life style prohibits us from finding our rest under the wing of His protection. Therefore His warning is strong, but it is out of the greatest love for our souls. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. In His gentle love He will prepare you for His coming.