Train of Hearts!

A Prophetic Word




This list of events is comprised of some things that are brand new, some I already knew or suspected, but that Jesus apparently wanted to revisit to let me know it was still part of the plan. The things that He spoke to me about or showed that I had heard or seen before as He was sharing these issues was as though He had made the issue all brand new like I never heard it before. I asked Him why. He said what it was provoking in me is because that issue has now been moved into the cue to be enacted. So, where it was in a holding pattern before has now been moved into a cue of activity. Also, I may have known part of the puzzle of one thing or another, but Tuesday/Wed, equaling 24 hours of revelation stopped @ 6:30 PM, after which I received yet another part.


There is a bit of order here designed to give me some clarity of the progression of things to follow. I may or may not have known or suspected that something was going to happen but did not know the order in which it was to occur. Some insight was given on some of these areas as follows.

Other things listed detail a bit of information showing us what to watch for. 


The first vision of the hearts was about you! He wanted to let me know of His deep thankfulness to all of you. Our faithfulness all these years has paved the way to all He has been able to do and now for all He is going to do. What a wonderful blessing to hear from our Lord the words:



  1. A train of Thank you There seemed to be no end! In the vision I heard the Lord say “Thank-you” in a gentle but excited way for our faithfulness. Simultaneously a train of dark pink hearts began moving across the screen single file like a train with untold numbers of passenger cars trailing along behind. Each heart represented another thank you to this team for your faithfulness to this journey.


  1. I heard the following words. I am trying to remember, maybe, “Trump denouncing the GOP……”


  1. Whatever he said it did not cause him a loss of favor but the opposite. The GOP GOT IN GEAR! I wonder as well if he may try to buy it!


  1. After praying about that for an hour I saw Trump in his Presidential jet ✈ in the air and with great force slamming it right through a huge, thick, wall of ice reaching clear up into the heavens. I think this will be the shot heard around the world. See #14. I believe the Wall of ice is one that was created by the NWO, Cabal, Vatican, and Jesuits over our Country. See #14 for complete picture.


  1. I sensed that since Pres. Trump was flying his Presidential Jet to crash through the wall of ice it will occur after he is back in Office.


  1. Stealth by night. In the vision, Military men wearing camouflage were clad in bulletproof armor with Sub-machine guns making arrests. I once saw a video of this kind of operation. It was like trench warfare.


  1. Mass arrests and more will occur. # 5, #6, #7 go together.


  1. The #5 vision was through a dark glass as though it happened at night. Stealth by night! I have seen this before, but it was not as bad. This seemed like our country was in war. I do not believe this implicated that I just remember thinking it could look like that if it ever occurred.


  1. There was another vision below it that looked bright as day. This was called, “Exposure of the fake media!” there has been notice made of the existence of such, but, so much is about to be unveiled, and must be to free the population of its deceiving ways.


  1. Full exposure of the wicked works of the Vatican to ensue. This will shock the world!


  1. The wicked things that are hidden at every level of society about to begin to be exposed, another shocker. We thought we could trust them.


  1. The alert is about to go off which is the term the Lord used. When He shared that, I was quickly reminded of a nation-wide alert system set in place when the stealth warfare occurs.


  1. The corrupt court system revealed. (Payoffs, blackmail, corruption, etc.)


  1. Corrupt International ties revealed. Mass treason in this area will be dealt with.


  1. Voting fraud exposed and perpetrators dealt with! There will be nowhere to run.


  1. Full disclosure of Human Trafficking and mass arrests, the victims will finally be freed.


  1. This has begun but will continue in greater measure. I was given a vision of 178,000 Traffickers who were soon to be arrested and the victims’ “Desire” to be forever freed and healed. The hunters and fishers will be and have been sent out to get the human traffickers.


  1. I cannot imagine how but Google and others of their ilk are going to get their hands slapped, badly. It will all change.


  1. New economy coming. I believe by the numbers I once saw that a five dollar bill will be only worth 4.00. The good news is that it will be backed by gold. No longer fiat currency.


  1. That little mouse Trump I saw in a vision is coming out of his hole the Victor. Even some of his enemies will applaud him. They will applaud him because they saw the genius he used in entrapping them. God is provoking a coup against the evil Deep State & Shadow Government of the Illuminati.


  1. Who is like the Lord!


  1. USA has been creating medicine to replace the med’s we have been getting from other countries. There will be some transition issues but minimal. This has been being prepared for some time. The Bill Gates of pharmaceuticals will be arrested and convicted. I heard these words: “expose and break down the “Gates.” I understood this was speaking of the Bill Gates of the Cabal as well as the physical Gates of corruption.


  1. Trump will reopen schools but before long a new and true curriculum will be advanced. We will also need some new teachers to take the place of the corrupt ones. Pray for those who are standing with Trump.


  1. Many Countries that have been acting against this nation will flip to work with Trump, and Trump will find ways to work with them.


  1. We have thought this might be world changing! It will!!!


  1. I now believe they will give Trump a third term and call it a second because of what he was put through.


  1. I was thinking to myself the storm is coming, the storm is coming, and the Lord said, “The Storm is here. And the Storm is ME”! It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God!


  1. Those who love Jesus and live for Him He will protect.


  1. There will be the greatest outpouring of grace, love, and evangelism the world has ever seen in the soon coming days.


  1. International War of every kind will turn to peace.


  1. Dems are about to come down. Many imprisoned, some will suffer corporal punishment. New party rising. This war against Trump has been a Coup.


  1. Republicans will also lose some to discipline.


  1. Many tech masters will be severely punished.


  1. Bankers, National and International going to go through a cleanup.

Some will be murdered to keep them from talking. Some jailed, some will be executed. The crimes sound like MAFIA. I saw a vision of a banker pushed out of a high story window onto a patio down below. Another vision I saw were two high power bankers in a room praising Satan and speaking ritual curses to initiate a rise in their little corner of their banking industry.


  1. Major International Corp’s going to be exposed for fraud, HT, prostitution, corruption, buying and selling of illegal arms, drugs, some even treason.


  1. People in high places convicted of murder, Human Trafficking, Contraband, etc. People like Seth Rich will be vindicated when the perpetrators are convicted of their crimes. They thought they were going to get away with it.


  1. FBI AND CIA and other intelligence agencies getting cleaned up. Many within will be fired. Some imprisoned. Some agencies will be closed down due to their corruption.


  1. Rothschilds, Clinton’s, and many Cabal at high levels will experience severe discipline even death sentences.


  1. The grass roots people are going to rise up and protect America. Loyalist will also arise at this time.


  1. Great Revival, Renewal, Reclamation, Reformation, Restoration, Revolution, Revelation, Restoration, Reconciliation, Healing of families, States & Cities.


  1. A way is being made for Christians who “will” to come into greater depths in Christ and to know Him in a greater way.


  1. The Crucified Ones are about to emerge.


“43. About Biden: I saw in a vision Biden standing near the edge of a cliff. Suddenly it looked as though someone pushed him. Immediately, Joe toppled as though he was doing a cartwheel right off the cliff.”


  1. Biden stole the election in a tech coup!


  1. I saw Trump’s Mansion. The words were spoken: Absolute Power! Meaning: God is going to give him Heaven’s Authority to do all He has called him to do, if he does not quit.


  1. Our God Reigns!


  1. We need to pray that the Government will begin to move food stuffs around in the country for easy access to the public. I am talking about such things as ?


  1. Unbelief and even a dullness is being sent out by means of human agents and technology to bring about an apathy in the minds of our national public.  There is also a Spirit involved whose name is Slumber. He is a high ranking spiritual Dignitary. His purpose is to create an utter lack of concern about the seriousness of the present situation. He has an army if you will of evil spirits working with him. Jesus is going to overturn this plan!


  1. The Lord spoke to me clearly. The next few weeks are going to be critical to the overall picture! He has not yet told me what this means. So, we will seek to walk it out day by day until Jesus gives us more info.


In Him,

Nita Johnson