T-Mobile or Metro PCS Cell Phone Callers (Works for iPhone users too! – find the app in the app store) 

For those callers who have only a cell phone as their primary means of attending WFJM prayer calls and who have either T-Mobile or Metro-PCS as their provider, FCCHD is suggesting downloading their app located on Goggle Play or the App Store. Further information about the apps can be found on the Home Page of FCCHC.com             www.freeconferencecallhd.com

If you call into our prayer calls as a Participant, the steps using Goggle Play are:

1.     On your cell phone, download the FCCHD app via Goggle Play.

2.     On the Add Account page, click Add Guest Account. Do Not Select any other account options.

3.     In this page you will be required to type in a:

· Description (what do you want to call this account, maybe WFJM Corporate Prayer).

·  The Dial in Phone Number for this account (If this is the corporate prayer #, you would enter 717-908-1834).

·   The Access Code (this would be 182152 for the Corporate Prayer line).

·   Your Name

·   Your Email

·    At this point look in your key selection to click “next” or “done”

·  You should see your account page with all the information you entered and a check mark ü at the bottom of the page.

·  Click on the checkmarkü. Now you will see the same page with a Telephone symbol ) at the bottom of the page.

·    Click on the phone symbol.

·   At the bottom of the page your choices are Call Using Internet or Dial (717) 908-1834. Select only the Internet option; otherwise you will be billed using the dial-in #.

·   Selecting Call Using Internet will take you directly to the conference call. You should see three white symbols at the bottom of the page (phone-speaker, microphone, and pause); you have the ability to mute by clicking on the microphone symbol, pausing by clicking on the pause button, or turning on speaker by clicking on the phone button. Just above these three symbols is a phone symbol in a red box; clicking on this phone symbol will remove you from the call.

**Note…turning on your speaker could add static to the line, so you may want to hold the phone or use a head set instead. It is always best to mute yourself unless you are praying.

To add another call in, follow the same process as described above.

If you are downloading the FCCHD app from the App Store, follow the instructions you are provided.