Many prophetic voices are speaking today, one says one thing and another says the opposite.  Who is right? And, why are there so many voices? So far as I know, much of the prophetic movement is saying that 9/11 was not judgment from God. You have other vast movements in America saying, God is O.K. with America, no more reason to weep, just worship and proclaim the outpouring of God. Others are saying: "God is so angry with us that there will be no revival and America is enroute to destruction."  Who is right, and who is wrong? There are so many trusted voices saying so many different things.

Now, I am going to add something more; not because I think you need more confusion, but, because I know that there are those of you who really want the truth and will hear what I am about to say.

Prophetic Insight

In a dream I found myself in an enormous, dank and dreary room. This room looked like it was an old English Library such as the great fictitious character, detective Sherlock Holmes might have had. On one side of the room was a very large desk; an extensive floor to ceiling library stood behind it and flanked both sides along the wall. Opposite of the desk up against the wall was what I thought to be a rather unusual concrete bench. It turned out to be a satanic altar.  

I was so surprised by being in this room; I quickly surveyed it, to hopefully ascertain why I was there. As my gaze fell upon the altar, I quickly noticed a document lying upon it. I intuitively knew what it was and the seriousness of the document, even though it was seemingly carelessly left on this bench. It was not just a proposal but more a declaration of Satan’s plans and purposes for America. My heart was suddenly gripped with God’s own love for America. So compelling was this love, I was willing to give my life to protect America from the fulfillment of the contents of this document.

Just then Satan came into the room. My thoughts were so intently engrossed upon this document, attempting to fully ascertain its contents, that I was startled when I heard another in the room. I turned with a start, and saw Satan standing back behind the desk. I looked at him — he looked at me, then he turned to look at the altar upon which he had laid the document. I knew he was going to run to get that important paper, to keep its contents from being exposed to the Church through me — the intruder. I thought, "I have got to reach that paper first and somehow get out of here". So, I turned from him back to the altar, and made a dash as fast as I could humanly run to grab that paper and hopefully escape from the room.

As soon as he saw me run, he flew into action and darted toward the altar. As we were both running for the document, I could feel Satan’s own hatred for our country. All the hate that I suppose he has ever felt for anything was emanating from him throughout the whole room toward America. I could sense and discern His hatred for America was two-fold.  

First, Satan hates our Nation because of God’s great love for America. His hatred seemed to run to the very degree of God’s own love for our Nation. As much as God loves us Satan hates us.  Secondly, he hates America because we send the Gospel out, all over the world. His heart was filled with a special vengeance toward us for this very reason.

Out of breath, I reached the altar, grabbed the paper turned to run, and realized I was trapped as he was right on top of me. So, I fell on the altar and curled up in a ball the best I could to protect the paper from being snatched from me. But, my feeble efforts were useless. Satan was standing right in front of me. He angrily screamed at me, "Give me that paper!" I could feel the very walls shake when he yelled. He then angrily reached into my arms and ripped the paper from me. I hoped that the paper was torn from the way he grabbed it from me, but unfortunately, it was not. He took one thorough look at it, and then turned his attention back to me. His face full of rage, he looked at me straight in the eyes, with blood in his eyes, his finger pointing in my face, and shouted: "I will destroy you for this. I will destroy your ministry," he said with a snort. "And, I will destroy you." Fear ripped through me, and I thought I have got to get out of here. Just then he turned to walk back across the room huffing and puffing as he walked.

I thought, "if I am going to make it I must go now," so I belted for the door.

I awoke!

I lay awake for some time, then fell back to sleep. As I slept, the dream picked up where it left off. I found myself running down a lone country road. I ran until I crossed over a bridge. Out of breath, I stopped for a moment and looked behind me. I could barely see him behind me. He was running as he was chasing me. I looked down over the side of the bridge into a valley and thought, "I have to get lost in the valley, and find another way into that room to get to that document and discover all of its contents." So, I took the plunge and ran down the long hill and deep into the brush of the valley below. As I ran I continued to look for another entrance into that room from which I had just escaped. Suddenly it was right in front of me. I stopped, turned, as I knew Satan was not far behind. I knew he would never let go this easy. So, I took a deep breath and rammed by body against the door shoving it open. I sort of tripped into the room with a jerk from the impact of hitting the door. I steadied myself once again in front of the altar. As I walked closer, I saw upon the altar, the United States flag, the United States Seal resting just behind it, and my pocket book. I thought, "he really is going to attempt to do what is in the document. I have got to retrieve these things, he cannot succeed, or it will be the death of our Nation." I grabbed the items in front of me, turned and began to dart toward the door, when Satan appeared in the doorway, blocking me from going any further.

Again, he pointed his long ugly finger at me, and snarled: "I will destroy you and your ministry for this. You will never stop me."

I awoke!

I could not see everything he had written on the declaration, but I did see some things, which I will share with you, Dear Reader.

The Declaration

Before I cover what I was able to see on the document, I want to make something clear for our understanding of God’s ways. When God sends judgments against a nation, His purpose is to train, and discipline the nation to return to holiness and the fear of God. The way he often sends judgment is by merely pulling back His protection to allow calamity to strike from the enemy’s camp. Sometimes He calls forth the calamity Himself. Although it is deeply painful to Him to do so, He does it in His righteousness and just judgment.

9/11 was a matter of sin on our part rising to such a degree that the sin caused a breach in God’s protection over America, allowing Satan’s plan to succeed in small measure.  God used it as a judgment of small measure. It caused a necessary shift in America — humbling us and opening the door for His voice to be heard once again.

Satan’s plan is to cause us to breach God’s protection until we are vulnerable and subject to full scale nuclear attack. In sharing the below information, my hope is that the reader will see the seriousness of the hour and return to God.

The Contents

Standing a bit away from the Declaration on the other side of the room, I was not able to read everything on the document. However, I was able to read some of what Satan had planned. As I read the words with my eyes, I could feel Satan’s intent with my heart. This enabled me to better understand his plans and purposes.

The first thing I saw and felt was Satan’s utter hatred for our Nation. He hates America in a very special way. First, he hates this country because America is a special gift to the world out of the bosom of God’s own love. Like the prophet John the Baptist was much loved by the Father, and was given as a unique and special gift to Israel, he loves America in the same way. Of course, He loves every nation, and all peoples, thus wanting to bless them with the blessings He intended to give through the United States. Hence, He has a special love for America and the blessing He intended America to be to the world. Because of this special place America holds in God’s heart, Satan hates this country. He wants with the greatest passion anyone could possibly ever imagine destroying the United States just to hurt God.

The second reason Satan hates this Nation with such passion is the fact that God has brought much good to the world through America, first and foremost being the Gospel which has gone out throughout the world through the American Church. With that as a foundation, America has done much good to nations all over the world, because of the Good Samaritan heart God has put in the very soul of our Nation. Also, much good has come to the world through American ingenuity, technology etc.  The Lord enabled me to clearly discern these things in Satan’s heart.

Secondly, I saw Satan’s rage over the fact that God’s love for America was so passionate, that He had provided a covering over America, which was seemingly impenetrable, at least by him. It is similar to the covering God had established over Job. Satan cannot break through. His greatest desire is to set up a frontal attack of nuclear proportions and utterly wipe the United States off the map. But the Lord will not let him. So, Satan stands over America fretting and fuming like Balak of old standing over the tents of Israel, threatening Balaam to curse Israel. But just as He did for Israel, God has set boundaries over America refusing to let Satan utterly curse and destroy us. This has further enraged Satan. He hates the goodness he sees here, and he hates the fact that God is not willing to abandon us because there remains enough goodness to justify His continued protection.

Third, I saw Satan’s plans to weaken and destroy us from within by teaching America to sin away God’s grace of protection, just as he did the children of Israel through Balaam. He has plans to send out new spiritual warfare meant to entice and incite us to new levels of sin, the end being the stripping away of the protection, so he can realize his goal of nuclear wipeout of our Country.

Fourth, I saw that new enforcements were being sent out, to cause greater deception, blindness, apathy and sleep to overcome the Church. His goal is to make us so complacent that we forget all about repentance and making right our wrong against God’s holiness.

These enforcements are spirits such as the following: spirits of Deception, assigned to bring confusion. Their goal is to make the Church so dull of hearing we don’t know who is speaking from God. Further, spirits of Greed and Lusts are being sent out in new measure to incite the Church to materialism and fleshly passions, such as adultery, covetousness, love of money, fornication, witchcraft, etc.  The purpose of this is to cause a hardness of heart in the American believers, so we cease to reach out to the poor and needy, and grow weary with the burden of sending the Gospel out to the world. If we yield to this attack we will become so egocentric that we will die of the sins of abundance and fatness, having no care for the world to which we have been sent. We will spend money that once went to missions on expensive vacations, bigger houses, and cars, more elaborate entertainment and the like. The end result will be that we will bring upon ourselves the curse. A new battalion of spirits of Pride are being released, making us unteachable and unreachable as we concede to their enticements. Spirits of Bitterness are being released to provoke divisions and witchcraft in the Church to greater measure. Further, he is sending out such evil spirits as spirits of Divisions, generating divorce and family splits, church splits, relationship splits etc. Spirits of Rebellion with greater authority will be a new battle with the believers of America. Spirits of Unbelief, was another of many more new satanic recruits being sent out. I saw many such strategies and felt the venomous glee of Satan and his hordes over the resulting destruction.

I saw spirits of, Pride of Human Intellect sent out to government leaders, educators and the like, hoping to generate even greater insensibility to the Spirit of God. Spirits of Distraction were being released to keep ministers and intercessors out of prayer. These spirits would stir up constant problems, and other distractions meant to maneuver the believer out of the habit of prayer, and position them for other forms of attack. Greater, stronger, spirits of Abominations and Perversions are being released to incite uncontrolled passions. One of the greatest powers being released were spirits of Delusion, turning many from the pure faith. Finally, I saw spirits that would breed intense Hatred and Persecution, also spirits of Character Assassination, being released to further break down society and create racial hatred.

The Church has already weathered increased dimensions of these dynamics. But, it is going to increase even more as we move toward the end-time scenarios, as all that I saw operated in levels of authority not previously apparent. The antidote for this attack is humility, prayer, the Word, and seeking to be filled with the love of God and his holiness.  This is the way for individual victory. For National victory, our quest for this hour must be the abiding glory and presence of God for our Nation. As we seek His glory and walk with Him in the deeper Christian life, we will see for ourselves, the need for a national repentance. No one will have to tell us.

Satan’s goal is to destroy America from within, that he might have the liberty to destroy it from without. However, with a Church ablaze with the burning passion for God’s glory, walking before Him with hearts bent in submission to His will, Satan will be no match for the power of the glorified Church. Prayer, repentance, worship, and obedience will further win the heart of God, and keep our Nation covered and protected from Satan’s evil schemes.



We are conducting Gathering of the Eagles around the country as commissioned by the Lord. He told me that obedience to this commission is the only way to National Revival. He said to fill the land with tears of repentance and intercession. By this means He would spare America from Satan’s evil plans. Many things are occurring throughout the American Church to prepare for revival, among them many movements of prayer. I believe most of these things are critical to our future. However, if we were to do all the other things and leave the Gatherings undone, we will not have revival, but rather destruction. For, it is the repentance that God is granting from His throne that is going on in the Gatherings that will cause the Lord to grant out National petitions for His glory. I am not saying this because I am the one carrying the burden for the Gatherings, but because the Lord told me this is the way it is. It is not because of anything we could do in our own strength, it is because of what He is doing through this vehicle of the Gathering of the Eagles. So, we will be faithful in our part. We would like you to join us. But, if you cannot — be faithful in holiness at whatever level He has called you. Pray and weep for America, for your own personal holiness and for us as we continue to work toward the healing of our Nation. Then we will see the enemies plan thwarted; as God will grant us the counterattack of revival that will lift us high above the enemy’s plans.


There are some major issues for which God’s judgments have come upon America as a Nation. These issues cannot be overlooked if we desire to see the cycle of judgment we are under broken. These judgments are momentary breaches in divine protection over America due to our sin, thus allowing Satan to enact his diabolical plans of destruction. In this way perhaps we can call God’s judgments, His divine justice. It is a divine judicial decision to allow us to in small measure suffer the consequences of our sin, that we might understand our wrong and return to righteousness.

Following is a list of offenses upon the Lord’s heart:

1.      We must continue our support Israel, to do less will open the door to our national destruction

2.      The Church must return to holiness and the pure word of God

3.      We must fully repent and heal the ruins left behind from America’s wrong toward the First Nations People, and the African American. As for these two people groups, for full healing to come to our Nation and to their people, the healing of forgiveness must be completed.

4.      We must overturn Abortion

5.      We must repent of our greed, and love of abundance

6.      There must be a humbling and correction of our judicial system

7.      Sexual perversions must be repented of

We are in the process of dealing with these issues in the Gatherings. However, I strongly recommend that the reader also begin to intercede on behalf of these things that we might bring forth the good pleasure of the Lord.

It is because of the work we are doing in the Gatherings that I was the one sent to discover and seek to unveil Satan’s purposes for America. We are discovering and seeking to unveil and prevent Satan’s plans. For this reason Satan is fighting very hard to keep people away from the Gatherings. But, those who understand, will fight to stand behind this work and walk it through to the end.

It is very serious that as a Christian we live for the Lord and His holy purposes. If the whole Church would do this, America would not be in danger. No man lives for him/or herself. What we do in sin or righteousness affects our Nation. So, it is critical for us to repent and turn to live fully for the Lord in righteousness.

He that overcomes shall inherit all things;
And I will be his God and he shall be my son.
Revelation 21:7