“Russia, China, Afghanistan and the Elite’s Plan for World War lll”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson


On February 8, 2022, I had an experience that left me shaken to my core…

The Lord awakened me early to pray. As I prayed, I had the following experience:

First, I was taken to an intercessory group in Russia. The Russian prayer group prayed fervently against an invasion into the small neighboring country of Ukraine. As we prayed, I had an open vision of General Milley on the phone with President Putin. I could hear words spoken by Putin, he was not agitated, he was relaxed, leaning back in his chair while listening intently to the person on the other end of the phone. Suddenly, something was said that provoked him, he sat up, reached forward and swallowed Ukraine whole.

In the background of this entire setting, I could hear “world-war-three, world-war-three” playing on a loop.


I was taken to China where a group of intercessors prayed fervently against an invasion of China into the small neighboring country of Taiwan. This is a very real possibility. I cannot say more at this time, but we must pray against this end. This one, in particular, will launch us into a full-scale and irreversible war.


In the background, again, I could hear “world-war-three, world-war-three” playing on a loop.


Then, I was taken to Afghanistan. I was praying alongside a group in Afghanistan who were crying out to God to stop an invasion into Pakistan. It was at this point that I had an open vision of General Milley; he was speaking on the phone with the 2nd & 3rd tier Taliban leaders. (I know this not by their faces, but the Lord showed them to me standing on a 3-step staircase to indicate their ranking.) When the men were done, they came down from this staircase and appeared to swarm out like locusts, multiplying as they went until they overtook Pakistan. The momentum from this battle, caused them to run faster and multiply quickly as they spread into neighboring nations. 


In the background, I heard “world-war-three, world-war-three” playing on a loop.


You may remember, in August of 2021, the day Biden made the decision to pull out of Afghanistan, the Lord awakened me at 2 AM with a blaring four-alarm siren. As I prayed that morning, I saw Taliban soldiers overtake the nation of Afghanistan consuming everything in their path. They expanded from Afghanistan to the neighboring nations southward, eastward, westward, and ultimately, they swept down into northern India. They appeared as locusts, multiplying, and devouring everything in their path.



Everywhere I was taken, “world-war-three” was quietly playing on a speaker. It could be heard across the nations and each group of intercessors cried out to God for Divine intervention to stop the plans of the enemy.


February 23, Russia went into Ukraine. 


It’s important to note that this was not the original intent of Putin or Xi, but that it’s being provoked and fueled by outside sources to thrust us into WW3.


The Military Industrial Complex, warmongering corporations and politicians, and the Media stand to profit the most from a war effort. I believe what I heard in the nations “world-war-three” was broadcast on all media outlets to sway public opinion toward war. I strongly advise you to refrain from being sucked into their vacuum. If we allow our emotions to be swayed one way or the other by these sources, we cannot pray according to God’s will in this situation. Friends, we must, we absolutely must stop this war effort. The goal of the enemy is to expedite the end-times by provoking World War lll. I’ve been sounding the alarm on this for two years through various messages and here we are, at the doorstep of war.


God’s perfect will is to stop the war effort and send forth Revival to the nations! If we, as His children, can exercise our faith and engage with His Spirit, we can win this fight!

I shared all the visions listed above, along with some guidance for us as intercessors during my message on Friday February 25th. You can listen to that message by clicking here.


Friends, it is not time for WW3. The Bible is clear, it will come, but now is not that time. Join us as we stand in the gap for the nations of the earth, to bring stability, and stop their plans from being realized!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson