Dear Friends:

We have been more than busy at home base for The World for Jesus Ministries.  The ministry is growing in size and outreach and we have had to learn to accommodate to the present growth as well as get ready for future growth. Growing pains can be a challenge; however, the Lord has been more than kind, adding grace and sufficiency to our meager efforts.  In all, we are enjoying the stretching process.

The Gatherings:

As always, the work we are doing in the GOE’s is on the front burner. We are so excited over what the Lord is doing. In Washington, DC in our last Gathering, we saw results that were nearly staggering. I will not detail all that we did, as some things still need to stay in the confines of the Gathering until we have accomplished our assignment. I will share some things with you, however. Through prophetic intercession, we were able to uproot ancient strongholds and pull down strategic principalities from the skies of America. This released a river of God to prepare DC for the greatest move of God it has ever known. I saw this river in a vision. Many ministries have been visiting DC lately, prayer ministries in particular. I am so pleased over this as those who minister there are doing a good work and need our support.  "The Call" is one of those. As those Ministries accomplish what they are called to do and the Gatherings achieve what we are called to do, we will absolutely bring Satan under our feet over this whole Nation, shortly.

We went into DC knowing that we were going to come face to face with our enemy – invading his throne room, so to speak – and dethroning centuries of work that he has put into place. We did, and we fought and won. We had actually put him into his own Battle of the Bulge trap, as I mentioned earlier this year. He thought he was going to entrap the Church, but it was there in his infamous stratagem that we defeated him. Praise the wonderful name of our Lord, who always leads us into triumph.

The Lord told me earlier this year that because of the work we did in our recent GOE in Nashville as well as the work we did in a private meeting I had with our leadership team in Atlanta, that He was going to be able to begin to pour out His fire in Florida, and it would travel all the way up the East Coast to NY. Within virtually days, Jesus chose to anoint a young man holding meetings in Florida and release His fire there. It is the beginning of something great. I know Todd Bentley is controversial. I also have my concerns. However, God has chosen to use him for this season in a marvelous way to release the first stages of revival fire in the Church for our good. He is operating in a healing revival anointing which, as great as it is, is really the lowest of what God is planning to do. I know there are, as of this writing, over 30 recorded and confirmed resurrections. Still, as you watch the glory continue to unfold, you will see that this is just the bottom line of what the Lord is going to release. If all Jesus was going to do is what is now happening, we could have finished our foundational work in a year or two years. Nonetheless, God has far more in store; so it has taken us 8 years to give birth to the new Reformation/Revival that is beginning to show its wonderful face.

Again, no more than Todd can take glory for the present outpouring he is now experiencing, can any one intercessory ministry take the glory for the preparatory work. It is Jesus at work in and through us all, preparing His kingdom for His coming.

We will have had our Fremont Gathering before you get this Newsletter and that will also be tremendous. God is preparing the Nation from coast to coast to bear His glory. Next is our Gathering in New Orleans. There, we are fully expecting an explosion of His glory as we persevere to break through the great southern stronghold of our enemy in this Nation. I trust you who love to pray will come and join us, helping us to overcome this vital stronghold of Satan.

Please keep our leadership team in prayer as we all prepare for the next two GOE’s.

Barack Obama

I would like to take this time to mention something very strategic. While I cannot agree with Obama’s principles and his politics, I think it is notable that He is an African American man who is a serious contender for the Presidency. During the years that we interceded in the Gatherings over the atrocities against the African American people in American’s history, we often prayed that God would lift them up to even the highest offices and positions in our Nation to show His approval of them as a race. In our NY Gathering, we dealt with the spirit of Mammon. I saw in a vision that, strangely enough, it was that spirit that was responsible for slavery and the present oppression of the African American race in this Nation. As we got rid of Mammon, I saw in a vision the release of the race as a whole to fulfill their destiny in America. I was amazed. After centuries of prayer and intercession, battles lost and battles won on our soil, God allowed us the immense privilege of co-partnering with Him in prayer. Together we labored to prepare the way for an answer to all the prayers, tears, battles and blood spilled through the years for a whole new generation of people, raised to glorify Jesus in the highest levels of responsibility in this nation. I think Barack Obama signifies a turn in history. Whither or not God is behind his success is not the issue. The issue is that hearts are changing in this country in a way never before seen. For this, I praise His mighty name!


As I mentioned in another Newsletter, Dr. Metteer and his wife have joined us to begin the translation work on our New Reformation Bible. We are having a wonderful time preparing it for you. The Lord is helping us stay very close to the original King James Bible as it is the most accurate. Yet the language of this new Bible will inspire even your children. For the student of the Bible it will contain much revelation of the Word which the Lord continues to pour out for your upbuilding. It is a Bible designed to carry you into the great Reformation God is sending to His Church in order to bring her to beauty and maturity and power. Again, when it is finished, we will make it available absolutely free of charge. I live by the principle of God’s word that says, "Buy the truth and sell it not," and, "Freely you have been given; freely give." Ministries are not to charge the body for His truth. If my dear sister was ill, I would never sell her something that could heal her when I had it to give. I would freely give it to her as I love her and want to see her well. In the same way, we give to you the truth that can heal your spirit, soul and body: the sacred Word of God, when we have it to give. All we ask is that it does not sit on the shelf drawing dust in your home. We want it to fulfill its purpose.


As many of you already know, our books have arrived from the publisher. "Where Was God?" is a book about the holocaust and the future of Israel. "Melchizedek," is a prophetic book about the future of the world. Both are available, as well as our other books which have all been reedited and in some cases enhanced to bless you. Feel free to order them through our office.

Pulpit Ministry:

All of my energies in the last many years have gone to intercession and preparing America and other Nations for God’s visitation. The Lord is now laying it upon my heart to begin to re-enter pulpit ministry. So, I am! Please keep this in prayer with me. Pray that I will know the doors He wants us to walk through, and that we will be a blessing to the Church in so doing.

Also, we are heading back out into more international ministry once again. I need strength and stamina as well as clear direction as we make this step of obedience. Please keep us in prayer.

Our Staff:

Please keep our staff in prayer as the work load is very heavy these days. Also pray that God will help us choose the right people us as we continue to hire to staff members in the future.

Well, I guess that is about it. I trust all I have said will encourage you as to the Lord’s work.

We have included such articles as "America, We Set you Free" by Fred Gassaway, "A Biblical Basis for Contemporary Prophetic Actions" by Dr. Charles A Metteer, "Falling into the Arms of Grace" by Ricci Wilson, "Passion for Christ" by Nita Johnson and "America and the Middle East" a prophetic word by Nita Johnson.

In His Amazing Love,

Nita (LaFond) Johnson