The April 2008 Washington, D.C. Gathering of Eagles (GOE) was awesome, and maybe the most important one to date. It is true: each GOE seems to be more wonderful, more exciting, more victorious than the one before. We are going deeper and climbing higher than ever before. The Lord has a plan for the GOE’s and He is working His plan. His plan is to position America for revival, perhaps the last great harvest of souls prior to the final judgments on the world and Messiah Yeshua’s return. The Lord gives Nita and the leadership team the plan, step by step. We can, however, understand the general, overall plan and the ultimate goal the Lord desires for America. As some of you already know, the Lord dealt with Nita for almost two years, beginning in 1999, before she accepted this important call that is so dear to His heart. I can almost hear how it went down between Nita and the Lord: the Lord sought for someone among His people who would build up a hedge (spiritual wall) and stand in the gap before Him on behalf of the land – so that He would not destroy it. He found no one. Then the Lord said, "Nita, will you build a hedge around this nation? Will you stand in the gap before Me on behalf of America so that I should not destroy her for all her abominations? Will you weep day and night, spiritually walking the streets of America, sighing and crying over all the abominations that are done within her? Will you call for all the mourning women, the wailing women, that they might make haste, that their eyes may run with tears and gush with water? Teach your daughters and your sons wailing, and everyone a lamentation, for death has come to America to kill off this generation of children!" "Nita, there is a cup in heaven that is filled with the tears of my intercessors, those who come before me and cry out in My hearing because of the evil that has been done in this nation. Will you cry in My hearing? Will you call the priests who minister before me to sanctify themselves, and come and lay before me saying, "Spare Your people, O Lord, and do not give Your heritage to reproach, that the nations should rule over them! Why should they say among the peoples, ‘Where is America’s God?’" The Lord wanted Nita to blow the trumpet in Zion, to gather the people and weep between the porch and the altar, repenting for the sins of our nation, crying out to God to spare America and the people, and pleading that He would rather bring revival to the land. This is the Lord’s heart for America. He is saying to us, "Return to Me, and I will return to you; only confess your iniquities and the iniquities of your fathers." The first Gathering of Eagles (GOE) took place in Jacksonville, FL in 2001 and subsequent GOE’s have continued for seven years. Imagine, seven years of weeping and travailing before the Lord for the iniquities of America. Seven years of repenting for our sins and the sins of our fathers over the past 400 years. Seven years of acknowledging to the Lord our God that "we" have sinned, "we and our fathers" have sinned against Him, disobeyed His law/Word, rebelled against His authority to rule over us, committed adultery with the idols of the nations, and worshipped the works of our hands. America has not just become a godless nation. As the Lord once told Nita, "America has become "the garden of the gods."" Nowhere is this more obvious than in our nation’s capitol. This is why the Lord has had a number of GOE’s in Washington, D.C., as well as sending the GOE leadership on trips through D.C. during this seven-year period. For seven years now, Nita Johnson, the leadership team, and all of you faithful intercessors have gathered with her and prayed with her for God to save America. The Lord will reward those who have been faithful, regardless of whether you were present, or stayed at home and prayed, or supported with your gifts. As human beings we have this earthly mindset that we are nobody, that the prayers of one person can’t make that much of a difference, etc. We think that way because we still don’t know the Lord very well, or understand His ways which are so much higher than ours. We’re still too connected to the natural realm, to reasoning, to planning, and simply to trying to figure things out in our minds. All the Lord needs to do is connect hundreds – even thousands – together by the Spirit to pray His will, regardless of their physical location, either in our earthly or our heavenly prayer language. And remember one other thing: in the last days, God’s mighty men and women of valor will be "the army of the No-Names." In fact, the one thing that may disqualify you from serving is if you are trying to make a name for yourself. We have rounded the last turn, our fathers have handed the baton off to our remnant in this generation. The finish line is within eyesight, even within our grasp. It is up to us not to try and make things happen in our own strength, but to simply run the race like Paul. We must simply persevere, endure, find joy in the Lord’s death, and hope in His Resurrection Life. Our greatest weapons will be humility, love and obedience. How low are we willing to go to enter His Presence? The Lord Jesus is the Overcomer. All we need to do is live our life on earth to the fullest "in Him." It can be nowhere else, so it’s time to stop looking to all these other areas of the world, and to man’s vain, shallow concept of tradition and religion. We are called to be a light in the midst of darkness. That darkness can be even in the church. Unless we become the torch of His holiness, a torch burning with holy fire from His altar, then we still have a long way to go. We must surrender our worldly life. Our flesh life must be buried with Him in His death. Our life on earth can be lived through Him in His Resurrected Life. It is really not about us; it’s all about Him. We must decrease so that He can increase in and through us. Then, even in the midst of deep trouble on the earth, we will live in the abundant joy and peace of His life on earth, sprinting across the finish line in the power and might of His Spirit. Amen! The GOE may look to many as just another prayer ministry. Actually, I believe that only a very few even really know that it exists, or what it is all about. The Lord has protected us and kept us hidden this way. The GOE has an important call to carry out God’s Will in repentance, intercession and spiritual warfare to save America and to enable America to receive the rain and the fire God wants to send to revive this nation. This is not to say that there are not other ministries that God is using in this hour. It is simply that the GOE has a specific call – a vital task from the Lord Himself – to do certain things He is requiring to free America in order for her to receive renewal, revival and reformation. Our work is repentance, breaking the curses and chains of bondage off of this nation so dear to all of our hearts. The GOE is like a spiritual, special ops military team: hidden, quiet, alert, humble watchmen on the wall. She is a team who goes deep behind enemy lines to carry our specific orders from our Commander. The Lord of hosts is His Name. The GOE must be sanctified, cleansed, purified, separated from the world and unto the Lord our God. This hidden, covert team must walk humbly before the Lord. It’s like Gideon’s little army, like David’s mighty men of valor – a group of outcasts and misfits who love the Lord and are willing to obey Him in order to carry out His Divine Will, no matter what the cost. Many in the body of Christ do not like long, extended periods of prayer. But the Lord promises to those who will be separated unto Him and minister to Him: "I will bring you to My holy mountain, and make you "joyful" in My house of prayer. Your offerings and sacrifices will be accepted upon My altar, for My house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples." (see Is 56:7) I personally love being part of something that gives such great meaning and purpose to life. It’s exciting to know that what you are participating in will make a difference, not because we are building something, but rather because we are obeying the Lord Jesus, doing His Will by obeying the Voice of His Spirit. This enables Him to move, implement His plan, open the heavens, send the fire, and send the rain. Glory! In the midst of it all, He is separating us, setting us apart unto Himself, touching us with His Holiness, His Love, His Presence. He is transforming us as we walk alongside Him, turning down the world’s light upon us and turning up His Light within us – for He is the Light of the World! The call of the GOE is so important to the Lord. It is His heart. I wish I could help all of you see the vital importance of this call, and help you to understand your ultimate reward if you participate with us in any way you can. Many of you have been so faithful. Nita and the team are so grateful for you. Your faithfulness is important. Your prayers make a difference. We need your prayers, your offerings, and your presence whenever you can join us. But, the most important thing you can do is be a member of this hidden prayer army 365 days a year. Your prayers avail much. We need them as this ministry and this nation are under constant demonic attack to stop the Lord’s work. Please pray. Please stand faithfully with Nita and the GOE’s. You will never regret it. In the end, regardless of whether you will ever be able to join us in one of the Gatherings, the Lord will say to you, "Well done, my good and faithful servant!" What more could we want in this life? Why Washington, D.C.? It is our nation’s capitol. It’s the seat of government and the power over our nation. It’s also the seat of influence and retains the power to affect nations. Men love power, and sadly, it absolutely corrupts them. It corrupts our nation and all the earth. It defiles everything it touches that is not of God. All government is from God, and all power comes from God. No, we don’t understand this very well, yet God "allows" things according to His own system of righteous justice as we obey or disobey His word. Allow me to raise some questions that hopefully may lead you into deeper prayer and research regarding America and our nation’s capital. These are things that history doesn’t teach you – and keep all this in the framework of what you know in Scripture. We have been taught that America was founded as a Christian nation which was dedicated to God. And it is true. Many of the first pilgrims to settle in America came to begin a new life in this New World, a life free of persecution and the suppression of their individual rights to freely worship the Lord God of the Bible. We, their descendants, are still here doing the same. Many who go down in history as great leaders of our nation seem to have been involved in organizations and secret societies that, knowingly or unknowingly, have been part of a darker, more sinister plan that may have promoted, or even dedicated our nation – its buildings, statues, monuments and other things – to that which is not the One True God, Yahveh. These organizations and secret societies began hundreds of years ago, actually coming to America from England and France. Their spiritual roots are in Egypt, Rome and Greece – in their occult mysteries, architecture, symbols, and false gods. These secret societies and organizations are white-washed with programs and purposes which sound good, but keep their members, the nation, and even the church from being able to see their underlying goals of world dominion, money and power. This is the foundation of the New World Order, Globalism, and the Anti-Christ system. Behind all these organizations, secret societies, movements and tax-exempt foundations, etc., are the elite globalists of this world. Their inner circle controls the wealth of this planet, controls the money supply of the nations, and thereby controls the governments of the nations. Even yet, behind this elite inner circle and all their organizations, secret societies, foundations, and so-called "government-mandated" organizations in the nations of the world, is Lucifer and his dominion. Lest we question these things, let us never forget Psalm 2. Neither let us forget the Lord’s warning in Isaiah 30 and 31 about his people seeking the counsel and protection of Egypt, which is a type of the world system. Lucifer controls the Globalist Elite, who in turn control the banks, the corporations, the governments, their leaders and all the many organizations under them. This is the world system, the satanic system that opposes God. On the surface we can’t see it, but it is there nevertheless. The Lord clearly commands us: "Do not love the world or the things in the world. If any one loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him." (1 John 2:15) Let us never forget: the tree of the knowledge of good and evil produces fruit that looks ever so good, yet still brings death. This is where the world eats, and unfortunately, much of the church as well. We have been so deceived in America. For instance, most Americans believe the Federal Reserve is a federal organization that helps our nation keep its economy and financial system in balance; it exists to protect our nation and its people from financial ruin. Wrong! The Federal Reserve is not federal, and there are no reserves. It is owned by its member banks that in turn are owned by the elite international bankers and by the globalists who control the world. They make decisions solely in their best interest. These are global decisions, not what is best for the American people. They print money out of nothing, and this has been the recent strategy. It has been temporarily propping up our economy, driving down the value of our dollar, and hiding the flood of inflation that is coming, and, sooner or later, even the collapse of our financial and economic system. All this should show us that the Bridegroom’s coming is near and we need to prepare ourselves for the wedding of Holiness. Is it possible that America is being pulled down so that it will no longer be able to oppose the New World Order, the global system that will herald the coming reign of the Anti-Christ? Your thoughts might be "surely not", but you could be deceived. Here is another question for you to pray over in this important election year. Have you ever wondered why politicians running for the office of President, or for Congress, tell us all the things they think we want to hear that they’ll do for us, but when they get into office they seem powerless to change anything? It is because, to a large extent, they are powerless. There are organizations and people behind the scenes that do not care which party or person gets elected. Why? Because they control both sides as well as the system. We are still attempting to live our own American dream, and our trust has been in America (a type of Egypt and Babylon) rather than in the One True and Living God. This does not mean we don’t love America and are not loyal citizens. It simply means our citizenship is in heaven first, and that Jesus is our King. How about Washington, D.C. itself? You can admire the architecture, the mall, the parks, the pools, the statues, and all the places that we as citizen tourists love to visit. But what if I told you that the plans for the city were laid out according to the astrological constellations of the stars in the zodiac, that its buildings, monuments and statutes were dedicated in ceremonies, not to Yahveh or Yeshua, but to a syncretistic god of all religions. You can observe all the symbols on or around these buildings. How could we, as a Christian nation, put all these false gods and goddesses on our buildings? Why would we create statues to Roman or Greek gods and goddesses? Why are occult paintings and symbols inside and outside the buildings of Washington, D.C.? Why is the pyramid and all-seeing eye on our seal and on the back of our dollar bill? Why is an Egyptian phallic symbol, the Washington Monument, mounted on the highest place in Washington, D.C? These few questions barely scratch the surface. Investigate for yourself. There are numerous books, DVD’s, and articles on the internet that will help you see the bigger picture. As you do, you will understand that America and its capital, Washington, D.C., were planned and dedicated to false gods, behind which stand secret organizations and satan’s system. Globally, the elite of this world are on a fast track to bring us into and under control of a system called the New World Order. You and I can identify this as the system of the coming Anti-Christ. We will not be able to stop the system, or the coming of the Anti-Christ, but we can, by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, impede its progress. We can break curses over our nation that have bound America for centuries, pull down principalities and strongholds, and satisfy the merciful requirements of God for repentance over these sins, so that He can bring revival to America and bless us once again. In the last GOE, we gathered together in our nations capitol to worship our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. We humbled ourselves, repented of our sins, allowed ourselves to be cleansed and purified by the precious blood of Jesus, and then we began to repent for the sins of America. We repented for our sins against the first nations (Native American) people, the African Americans, the Chinese, and many other immigrants that came to this land. Then we moved on to abortion, the murder of our unborn children, the cutting off of the seed of our own heritage, the horrific shedding of innocent blood. Next, we moved to the human trafficking that is currently out of control in the cities of our nation. We repented for the founders of our nation and the leaders who have led us and who are still leading us toward the government of the one-world, Anti-Christ system. For each GOE, the leadership team arrives a week early and remains a few days after the official Gathering. We pray, seek the Lord, and go out into the city according to the Lord’s direction. We repent over things that have been done wrong, forgive the sins of the perpetrators, cleanse the defiled land, and reestablish the Cross of Christ over the land. We break curses that may have been upon this land for 200+ years. We pull down ruling principalities and powers who may have ruled here for many decades and centuries. In the GOE corporate meetings, we perform many prophetic acts to break the power of these ruling principalities and the spiritual chains that have gripped our nation. By obeying the Lord, and with your help, we are able to bring a great deal of freedom to Washington, D.C. and America. Is the work over? Not at all! It will become more intense as the encroaching darkness gets deeper. But the light of His Glory is coming soon, and we will be bathed in exceeding joy! All of us, together, are winning a reprieve, pushing back the darkness, and gaining additional time for the Lord to bring renewal to the church, revival to the land and reformation to our nation. It is the Lord’s heart to answer our prayers and heal our land. This is what you have helped us to achieve through your obedience to the Lord. The heavens are clearer and more open; the winds of revival are blowing. Sing praises to our Lord, for He alone is worthy! On behalf of Nita Johnson, World for Jesus Ministries, Inc. and the leadership team of the GOE, we speak blessings over you in the mighty name of Jesus! We hope to see you in New Orleans in October, if not in Fremont in July. We love you all! Fred Gassaway