America and the Church In the year 2000, I had a 3-hour visitation from Jesus Christ. In this difficult visit He chastened me for not embracing the call to do the Gathering of Eagles. Previously, He had spoken to me in a vision. In this vision He told me of war coming to America. I saw little children playing. A man’s voice spoke, saying, "These children will never grow up to experience life because war will take them." Then I saw adolescent children, and again the voice spoke, telling me that the children would never grow up to attend High School and enjoy life with their peers because war would take them. On and on the visions went, showing me scene after scene of different age groups. Each scene was accompanied with an instruction that they would not experience certain things they should enjoy because war would cut them off. The last vision was of grandparents who would never hold their grandchildren because war would cut them off. He spoke then, and asked me: "Why will you not allow Me to use you to save America?" At that time, in His lofty and demanding presence, He was chastening me again because I still had not accepted the call. My dear friends, I had given many excuses over the years as to why I had not picked up the torch and answered the call. However, in that moment before Him, all my excuses lay in the dust. He firmly told me that this was my last chance to say yes. Either I would answer the call or America would see war without revival. If, however, I answered the call, then America would have revival before He would allow war to come. I acquiesced and apologized for my disobedience. It had sprung from the fear that I could not possibly accomplish His desire, even if I tried. When I repented, He then began to share many things that would occur if I obeyed Him, utterly. A few weeks later, He began giving me a series of visions, approximately one every few days, and each was regarding this important call. In each vision was a consistently strong warning to obey the call fully, or America’s destruction would ensue. Over a period of several months, He gave me many visions and appeared to me many times regarding America, and what would ultimately be called, the "Gatherings". Please understand that I do not intend to imply that we are the only ministry Jesus is using to save America. Actually, there are four other people whom He is also using. Remarkably, President Bush is one of them. What I am hoping to communicate is that Jesus had a plan, and those He intended to use in that plan have been faithful. Therefore, America is moving forward, albeit slowly. I also want to explain what is in store for us because God has had His way in this. Of course, I can only share our part as, other than President Bush, the Lord has not revealed to me the other parties He has used in this process. As we picked up the torch and began to walk out the call to sponsor the Gathering of the Eagles (GOE), we were, and continue to be, met with every obstacle imaginable. The Lord has seen us through, however, and at each juncture He has made a way where there seemed to be no way. He has kept the work of the Gathering small, just as He said to me in a vision, "What is it to you if I save by many or by a few?" Whereas we began with hundreds attending, He kept pruning the vine and keeping our meetings to around 100 to 250 attending. I was content with that as long as He was. Now, in hindsight, I see His wisdom. We have done an important work, and are almost finished with this phase of the assignment. Although there have been many signs along the way to prove God’s satisfaction with our obedience, the most recent and major sign is the fact that we now have a firmly established healing revival in our midst. Revival was the promise He made to America if we would stay faithful. What is happening in Florida is from the Lord. It may need some adjustments because those being used are human, but it is nevertheless from God. While He promised revival, this present move of God is only a small part of the whole promise. Untold numbers will come into the kingdom. The list of healings and miracles that Jesus will perform are without number. Ministries and lay people all over the Body will flow in the power and gifts of the Spirit. Raising the dead will become commonplace, and not a novelty as it is now. Faith will explode in the hearts of God’s own, and we will see the impossible everywhere we look. Our government will experience a revolutionary change as many top leaders get saved. The Church itself is going to experience a revolution, and it will not look the same when the Lord is finished. Like Lazarus coming out of his tomb, the Church will arise in great power and glory. Reformation will burst forth. Reformation was initially released in 2001 in our Jacksonville GOE, and it will soon carry the Church from glory to glory in a much greater measure of release. We could not have accomplished our commission without that vital empowerment. In the past, we have only seen a small measure of it in operation; however, it will soon explode upon the world like a nuclear bomb, affecting everything it touches. Governments will experience change, the Catholic Church will have a veritable invasion through this marvelous wave of glory. The arts, witty inventions, science, medicine, education, an every conceivable arena of human life will encounter some level of transformation. This is not just revival; it is Reformation – an entirely different and added dimension. We are already seeing this in comparatively small and yet magnificent increments as we hold the GOE’s in this and other countries. Soon a new level of release is coming and we will stand in awe. This will accompany a revival that will bring in the lost and produce awe-inspiring miracles. Many are now aware of the Illuminati and the One World Government movement. I cannot yet go into great detail, but I will say that we are soon going to see a dramatic shift in that movement. God is about to do something none of us would expect. War has been set aside for a season. We crossed over the line on that commitment a couple years ago. That does not mean that we cannot experience terror attacks, but the Lord will only allow them to touch us in a measure at this time because the repentance we have done closed some vital breaches in our Nation’s protection. God is NOT finished with America. We are presently seeing, and will continue to see, His chastisements upon our Nation for unrepented sin. Yet, He is going to send abundant blessings because of all the repentance that has occurred. We cannot forget that while He is a God of abundant mercy, He is also a God of justice. Thus, the chastisements and blessings will continue until the end. The Church will nevertheless arise in power and in holiness. She will soon adorn herself with her wedding gown and move in awesome glory and maturity. I have discussed this awesome transformation in my book Melchizedek. God has, for many years, been about His business of preparing the way for "suddenlies" that He will cause to spring forth, one after another. The Darkness and the Light will meet. The Light will impale the Darkness, but not totally conquer it. Nevertheless, in certain arenas the Darkness will experience incredible devastation. The Darkness will recede for a moment and regroup. However, it will of course rise again, as we are in the last days. This move of God is designed to prepare His Church for the coming battle. Please use it to build yourself up in faith, love, wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One, so that you might stand in the battle ahead.

Middle East: The Lord has shown me in two dreams and a vision that the Illuminati are making plans to ignite unrest, rumors of wars, and true wars in the Middle East. This is for the purpose of destabilizing the world so they can bring forth their own world ruler. I saw that particular attention was to be brought to a crisis in Afghanistan, and this would in turn, set off other crises in the Middle East. In this vision, I saw in the map below that a particular target had been made of this area in order to bring about instability. This same kind of effort occurred in conjunction with Bhutto’s death as well. The Lord began speaking to me about that crises just hours before it happened. She apparently had accepted Christ and, as a result, was no longer of value to the elite. Thus, measures were engaged. There were indeed other dynamics involved as well, but they all could be summarized in the fact that first, she was in the way, and second, "the powers that be" wanted to bring unrest to the area for the purpose of gaining more control. As I mentioned, we now have a situation wherein the same powers are looking for a destabilization of the whole Middle East. The ultimate aim, of course, is to swirl like a demonic vortex around Israel. Please pray very much over the Middle East and all the countries on the map below. Needless to say, the purpose of this plan is to bring forth the man of sin who will bring "peace and safety" to a confused and frightened world. Please pray against this. The Lord has a glorious outpouring coming upon us, and it is His intention to first send this forth. That is where we are headed if we pray.
In Him, Nita (LaFond) Johnson