March 20, 2022

Ricci Johnson-Wilson


I was shopping in a Rite Aid. I had no particular shopping list and felt like I was wandering more than anything (this is not my nature). It appeared that I was in this store for two full cycles of time-perhaps two years.

There were no protective measures in the store–no masks were required and no signs or plexiglass barriers were in place. I walked up to the cashier to pay for the random items in my hand.  I noted the ridiculous size of his workstation, it appeared to represent nearly 25-30% of the store.

The clerk rang up the items I placed on the counter and began to bag them up. As he did, he started singing “200 million lives, that is what we planned, 200 million lives, this is what we plan.”  He sang this quietly, with a dark and eerie tune.

I suddenly became very focused and demanded, “What did you say?!, WHAT?! What did you say?!”    

He did not respond to my question, he walked across the large cashier station and just kept singing the same lines. 

I looked behind me and realized a long line of customers had assembled. They were agitated, angered, and I could sense violence was stirring in them.

On the counter was a thick pencil with a very large eraser- nearly an inch long. His chant was taunting… reckless…disregarding the consequences of the death and destruction his words represented.

My spirit became so stirred I could no longer ignore what was occurring. An indignation over his blatant attack on mankind welled up within me until I picked up the pencil and threw it across the cashier station and the eraser hit him directly on the back of his head. (I am not a violent person, but I do believe there’s a significance in this targeted hit) 

Rite Aid represents the spirit of Pharmacia. This is what drives the C19 narrative. The Cashier is the agent trafficking their bioweapon.

I represented an aimless Christian in the beginning, just trying to endure. As time went on, the blatant attack increased, I became an agent or prophetic intercessor of Christ.

Friends, it’s time we rise up and resist the plans of the enemy by strategic, targeted intercession to erase their intentions and implement the plans of God in the earth! 

Be encouraged, God is exposing their plans so we can thwart them in prayer! We prayed over this March 24, click here to listen and pray along with me. As I interceded, the Lord released several prophetic words and dreams for the days ahead. (you’ll have to log in so you can access our Intercessor’s Vault)

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson