Rebuilding the Ruins by Faith


Nita LaFond Johnson

October 28,  2014

The GOE’s are historical events. Each one is so different from all of the rest. Issues of profound importance rise to the surface at the GOE’s and are faced with determined effort to see them overcome in God. By now we have virtual books of archived articles in our files listing the victories the Lord has been generous enough to give to us as we have obeyed His instruction. Fifteen years ago Jesus appeared to me and let me know that America, as a nation, was doomed. At the same time he gave me hope by letting me know that although we would have to travel through the discipline He had assigned us, He would extend much grace and mercy if we would simply obey His commission to intercede and repent identificationally.  It would be through that repentance which would enable Him to curtail some of the more the extreme and severe disciplines that would otherwise necessarily have come, that America would be saved

Over a year ago I had a spiritual experience regarding the nation. In it, I saw off to my right, the number 50. The digits were huge block numbers large enough for a man to fit inside. Then these words appeared, “The old cycle comes to an end — the new will now begin!” I knew when I saw the words that it was referring to the cycle of judgment, a cycle of judgment that had lasted for 50 years. Amazingly, I had not even known we were under such a cycle. Suddenly I felt the wind of the Holy Spirit blow through me violently from my left to the right. It felt like a cleansing wind that carried with it such joy! This transition out of the judgment cycle was to begin in 2013. I believe it began on the 50th anniversary of the very day when President Kennedy was shot, November 22, 2013.

My perception, after much research and prayer, was that the judgment actually began with the murder of President Kennedy. Now in 2013 it was time to begin coming out from under that season. This is due primarily to all the repentance we have entered into over our national sin. Part of this transitioning would take us through a deep press. After the first experience I saw another vision off to my left. In that vision I saw the American flag soiled and tattered. Hands picked it up and put it through the wringers of an old wringer washer. It came out squeezed so tightly that the hands had to grapple with it to open it up again. As they opened it however, the flag was gloriously clean. I mean the glory shone from it and it had become so clean it was radiant. These visions are about the present days in which we live. America will shortly enter into a time of pretty tough cleansing, but it will not last for long. In the vision the flag rolled out pretty quickly. We are going down for the wash, but will again soon enter into the glorious rebuilding that He has also assigned to us. We are not lost as a nation! He is not giving up on us. He is going to cleanse us and use us for His glory, not as a third world nation but as a Christian nation for His honor. He told me specifically He will be glorified in America, not through judgment, but through mercy.

In this particular October DC GOE He brought us to the point of the very early stages of revival, exactly as He had promised. The glory began to fall on Thursday. Probably 70% of the people who came received healings before the GOE was over. It was really quite amazing. Not a hand was laid upon them. The healings came as a gift from Jesus by His own Spirit.

As for the rest, we spent the week repenting and “Rebuilding the ruins of our Nation in faith.” Our Nation has been severely broken down by sin. All our walls of protection have come crumbling down during the season of our rebellion. We face a far more desperate plight than most people realize or understand. Had we been left to our own devices we would have crashed far harder and deeper than we can imagine. Well, let me tell you what I saw more recently. I was flying down Wall Street with the Angel of the Lord. Suddenly we came to a cliff. He instructed me to look over the cliff and see what was at the bottom. When I obeyed I was thrust into shocked horror. I saw our nation lying broken into a million pieces at the bottom of the cliff. I wept and wept crying, “No! This is not what you promised!!!!” I continued weeping for three days and nights. Finally, Jesus spoke, gently saying, “Nita, I will intervene!”

Again I had another vision, I saw numberless bodies lying dead and dying all over the topography of America. Everywhere I looked I saw them strewn, on mountains, in the valleys, over the plains. Everywhere!!! When I saw this horrific scene, again I broke out into uncontrollable tears, and wept for three days and nights. Once more I pled with Jesus, “This is not what you promised!!!!” During the third night, He spoke to me again, ever so gently, “Nita, I will intervene!” At present it looks like things are getting better. However, the astute know that behind the scenes it is as the Bible says, that when they are saying, “Peace and Safety,” sudden destruction would have come, had God not made a plan according to His will. As the Bible says, before they called I answered. (See Is. 65:24)

The Illuminati is conspiring to bring us fully into its greedy grip of the N.W.O. by the fall of 2015. Our battle with them will not be over until their plan is foiled by Jesus, Who has no plan for the N.W.O. to succeed. That is why He raised this ministry up to battle in the heavenlies to stop it before they could secure us in their grasp. We are even now under Illuminati influence, thanks to their covert working for over 200 years. However, it is not God’s will for the N.W.O to bring America into the depth of captivity their future plans hold.

He has given America to be free!”

Therefore, we are praying over the strongholds and the issues that keep the doors open for our destruction.  I cannot go into a lot of detail, as what happens in the Gatherings must stay in the Gatherings until the work is finished. What I can say is that the GOE meetings are filled with His glorious presence and holiness. They are incredibly powerful and effectual because we are obedient to pray only about the things He calls us to intercede over, and precisely according to His revealed will.

He is a great and good God Who has a tender heart of mercy towards us. Our breaking away from the Illuminati and their N.W.O. will not be easy. We will struggle, and the struggle will be a tough one, but we will prevail. Neither will rebuilding be easy, but what will arise out of it all will be beautiful in God’s eyes. What we will have in the end will be worth the battle, I promise you.

The Lord has asked us to host another GOE in December of this year. Needless to say, this one is a surprise GOE. Apparently the Cabal is planning on something that they are keeping hidden for the present. The Lord said if we will hold this mini GOE in December, He will stop them. I have carried a real urgency in my heart since the Lord spoke to me about this December GOE. Therefore, we are already at work to assemble the pieces to make it happen.

Please come for America’s sake. You will not be sorry you did. We need your help and you need the blessings that come out of such sacrifice. We know it is not easy to come on just a moment’s notice, but I know the Lord has already touched those He wants to use in saving America, and He will fill your hearts with joyful expectation.

See you in the Seattle area in December!

In His Love,