4/8/22 Revelation

Judgment is upon the ideology of the democrats. We know they are CCP Progressives, and their goal is to destroy this nation. The Lord told me in 2020 that “the Judgment of Jehu is upon the land.” This judgment deals with bloodletting – abortion, human trafficking, and poverty are all under bloodletting.  Every horrific event we see unfolding before our eyes is part of the judgment of God. He is exposing and judging the ideology of this party.

The installation of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the introduction of legislation that expands abortion to even permit infanticide, the theft of our tax dollars to fund LGTBQ+, CRT, crashing the economy, wars in other nations, and so on, it’s part of traversing through the hurricane (10/21) and part of bringing the weight of bloodletting down.

He took me through the hurricane again today, I saw these things fully exposed, not one jot, not one tittle was left covered, it was all exposed as we went through the rain bands and The LORD Judged them. We must stay low, we must stay prayerful, this season will not take long to bring us through, but when it is finished, we will see this nation REVIVED to their God and His Glory poured out over the earth.

Blessings in Him,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson