Before we move on to highlight the articles of this present addition of "Prophetic Reformation and the Fires of Revival" I want to take a minute to talk with you from my heart.

From My Heart

I want to share with you from the Words of our Lord Himself. He turned to those Angels who were accompanying Him and asked: "Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?" Genesis 18:17

Those of you who know that passage know that the Lord did in fact share His concern with faithful Abraham. But, what I am about to share is not really so much about Abraham as it is about the ‘Vision of the Lord.’

When Jesus has a concern that is weighing heavily upon His heart, He searches for someone with whom to share His concern. His objective is to find someone who will love this concern and carry it as a mother would her child in her womb. He is really looking for someone who will stand in the gap and seek to intervene against the coming judgment. That was what He sought from Abraham and it is what He is seeking from His ministers and His intercessors today.

A Vision of the Lord or, what the Old Covenant Prophets called the Burden of the Lord is like a most precious treasure for it comes from our Father’s heart of compassion and concern for mankind. Those who carry His vision — particularly those who carry a substantial burden, received it in an impacting encounter with the Almighty of one form or another. There the assignee stands wrapped in the fires of revelation, ruined — some for life, by the four-fold invasion just made upon his spirit and soul. He has tasted the revelation of God, sunk beneath the revealed depravity of man, swooned under the fires of divine love for fallen man and been lifted to stand before the counsel of God over the whole matter. In the end he is commissioned to undertake concerning God’s proposed cure for His burden. This Minister or intercessor has just been severed from life as usual and has been placed in a most vital place of responsibility. He will never be the same.  He has tasted death and known the life giving breath of God’s passionate and compelling love. He knows his responsibility and he is about to learn of the breath of the hateful evil kingdom breathing down his neck. For, Satan hates the vision this person has just been given with as great a passion as God loves it.  If He truly belongs to God, he will learn to give even life to protect the babe in his spiritual womb. And, he will learn of the divine grit it will require bringing forth a healthy delivery when the time of travail is over.

The vision is designed to be too great for the vessel to carry, nurture and maintain without God’s enabling grace.  The vision plus grace will in the end play a large part in making the carrier a man of God!  He will learn to groan, weep and travail in grace to see the purpose of God fulfilled. He will learn how to stand alone against the winds of popular Christian thought and demands without growing bitter.  He will learn how to lose friends and love them in their absence, how to lose respect without losing his dignity. He will know what it is like to walk the path of the Via Delarosa, (the path of the cross) and despise the shame with the nobility of the highest ranks of the Kingdom — if the vision is great enough!  As he seeks to bring the burden forth, he will learn the deepest deaths and the highest love if his heart belongs to the Lord of the vision!  If his heart wrongly belongs to the vision it could be his destruction.

The one chosen to enter into the lofty chambers of God wherein ‘visions’ are bestowed is blessed.  He is called to partake of the nature of the Son of God and ultimately become one with the obsessive and all consuming fire of God’s love.  In this place he like Abraham learns that God’s blazing holiness demands justice. Yet, he is touched with the groanings of mercy and finds himself unwillingly storming the very Throne of Majesty until he finds the embers of divine compassion burning, brooding, and searching to find a place of rest. He stands in identification with the Cross of our dear Lord until redemption purchased by Christ’s holy and pure blood is granted and the Father breaths His fiery life into the dead and dying.

Today, Eternity hears in its lofty chambers the cries of those who are crying for the Nations of the world. Some cry for one soul at a time as that is their calling, others cry for Churches or cities. Some cry for Nations! Perhaps never before has the throne room of God been so assaulted by the cries of the righteous for those who cannot cry for themselves. The incense of God’s pleasure is being poured out in response to those cries. He weeps with the mourners and bestows mercy upon the object of their regal intercessions.

Revival Fell

In 2000 we received our ‘Vision.’  In a three hour visitation I received my last opportunity to say yes to the work of the Gatherings. Once I agreed, little by little Jesus sent laborers to walk with us and to stand with us on behalf of the Nations of the world to which we are being sent, the first of which is America! As we have walked under the banner of this commission I think all of us can honestly say we have been changed. We are not the people we used to be, and that is good.  One Doctor who was a holocaust survivor, said that he found during his years of the prison camp experience that those who survived with life intact were those who lived for something greater than themselves. Whether that something was God or the needs of others, the greater purpose seemed to give a quiet strength enabling the sufferer to endure unbelievable hardships and overcome without bitterness that otherwise would have in the end been the greater destruction.  Our vision was to begin with the call to do our assigned part in preparing America for revival. This in itself was a vision much larger than me, or anything I could do in myself. Further, it was to remake me from the heart as I learned to carry His Burden, and to weep over the sufferings of many generations and millions of people who until this very day suffer because of our foolish past.

Thankfully, others were called to labor in the healing of America as well, each doing their assigned part. I was told four others also had a share in the responsibility to make this visitation of glory possible. President Bush is one of those four people. He is fulfilling his part, as is now evidenced in the fact that revival is falling. As for our part, in the DC Gathering, after nearly six years of incredible labor carrying the burden of the Lord, the baby of revival was born.


Since that time we have learned of at least 5 or 6 other places that are feeling the fires of revival burning, for which we are most happy.  Others were obviously doing their part to prepare so that they could reap of the firstfruits of the glory as it began to fall.  How many others did the same, only time will tell? Our joy comes in knowing that God has begun to heal our Nation. If He asked nothing more of me but to hide away and rest knowing that America is being healed I would be content.


However, preparing for revival was not the only instruction given in the three hour visitation back in the year 2000. We were told to labor and weep until the Nation could have a postponement of war. Since then we have wept over the atrocities against the First Nations People, and the African American People, the various inappropriate laws that fight against righteousness, our media, our justice, etc. Now we, along with most other major prayer ministries are interceding for and weeping over the abortion issue. Millions of babies have been lost – America’s future generations are being stolen by the doctor’s scalpel. The blood of the innocent is wailing in our streets and market places because our babies are being slain without mercy.  This present atrocity must stop!  The Lord visited a friend of mine by the name of Dan Bohler and told him that if the intercessors would weep and pray and as a result see Roe VS Wade overturned, He will hold back war from American shores for a considerable time past 2010. He will give us peace and not allow the enemy to prevail against us for an extended season.

We are not finished weeping until America’s unborn babies are once again safe in their mother’s womb.

The Voice must be Heard!
How can a Nation be saved if there are no tears? How can a Nation weep if there is no prophetic voice warning it of the coming perils of continued apathy? How can the voice be heard if there is no vision? How can the vision be carried if there is no intercessor?

John the Baptist said he was the voice of One crying in the wilderness. Today the anointing of Elijah must once again be heard crying in the wilderness of America if she is to survive. The prophetic voice must not only be heard, but received and tears must flow if we are to survive very long. In the early years when the vision of the Lord would come I would labor and weep, but I did not understand that I had to do all I could to help others know of their responsibility to weep. Since the visitation of 2000 I have learned experientially how critical your tears are. Among other things, the physician’s scalpel cannot continue to pave the path of war if our children are to enjoy life in their generation.  Tears of repentance and intercession alone will prevent war in the near future.

Pray with us, weep with us and stand in the gap for our Nation while there is still yet time. God will answer, and He will continue to heal us if we will.

Carry the burden that has been carrying you for so long! Weep at home, weep in prayer meetings, come and join us in the Gatherings and weep. If you cannot come but desire to financially help others come you can support the work with your finances enabling us to continue and even make it possible for others to come and weep. Abraham wept for Sodom and Gomorrah, but his tears were too few, too late. Both cities were destroyed under the terrible hands of God’s wrath.

Don’t let America fall! Don’t think that because this is our vision that you are not also responsible for the survival of this Nation, for my dear friend you are! In the end everyone who calls themselves a Christian is responsible.  Don’t be found wanting when the scale of God’s mercy is tipped to reflect His judgment. Find His ever-present mercy now, and fight for our Nation while there is still time. We must together do our part so He can continue to do His part!

Moving On

This edition of our 2006 newsletters will contain articles on Abortion, Revival Fires, our DC Gathering, Prophetic Warning and a special call to Rise up and Experience His Glory!  I trust you will be encouraged and enlarged by what you read.

Please keep us in your prayers as we keep you in ours. This ministry is growing, meeting with lots of challenges as we move ever-forward. The challenges are good as they refine us, define us and help to make us into His image. So we are in no way complaining. But, prayer support helps to meet the new challenges of growth as we continue to progress even more rapidly.

Please pray for Ricci our administrator, Karen – her secretary, Tiffany, another office staffer who takes care of many different responsibilities. Also, pray for the part-time help that comes in when we need the extra help here and abroad. On location, in Nigeria, Africa is our beloved Pastor Ray, and his wife and children who keep our work moving forward in that continent.  In Italy is the beautiful Anastasis Team who is under our Ministry and helps us to do our work in that country. Pray for David, who also works with us in Italy. They also run a Publishing House that is getting great prophetic material into the mainstream of the Italian Church. In addition, please pray for those who work with us in the Gatherings as part of our leadership. You can lift them up before the Lord as ‘The Gathering Leadership’ He will know who they are.  They need your constant prayer support.  Last, but not least please pray for those who work with us in Israel. Call them the Israel Team.

Also, keep praying for us as we continue working to get our new book, Melchizedek Priesthood on the market. Pray for the remainder of the funds, the artist to do the cover, the printing company. We are also re-editing the rest of our books and getting most of them ready for another reprint. Please keep us in prayer over that.
We thank you for your loving support both financial and prayer. We don’t need one more than the other. As Jesus blesses the work of our hands He will bless you for praying for us.

Love and Blessings,

Nita (LaFond) Johnson

And Staff!