Dear Friend:

2006 is going to be an historical year as it is the year that will mark the beginning of a revival that will ultimately be international in scope. Not only will 2006 bring this blessing; but it will also be the year when God releases divine atomic power into the Reformation He began back in 2001. (You can read more about Reformation on our website There will be significant releases in many areas in the next few years.  Below are just a few.

We will begin to see spiraling releases of revival. Surging billows from God ~ releasing revival fires and refining fires that will roll over the body universal, and over the world. Jesus will raise up a group of men and women whom He calls a "Release Ban". These people will be Prophets who have been a great blessing to the Church, ministering under their current anointing for some time. This fall they will be granted the power and authority of the Old Testament Prophets who’s Mantles they were created to carry. When this occurs it will bring about a revolution to the Church and the World. This Band will be world wide, each member having been strategically placed in their position for such a time as this. The quantity of these Prophets will be relatively few in number. However, they will carry such a marked increase of the life of God that it will affect us like a deluge as it spirals ever upward in its efficacy and capacity to produce the desired results. Satan has been fighting this group of men and women relentlessly trying to stop this divine release upon the world.  But, in the end He will not succeed. They will be overcomers and will spearhead the release of the overcoming ones in the earth.

Many Church leaders will be discovered to be in secret sin. Thankfully there will be those who will repent and be restored to yet even higher ministry. Through this time the new Church government will suddenly be put into place. The new government will be made up of people who like Joseph have been rejected by their brethren but will arise to humbly rule in their brother’s place. This new government made up of prophets, apostles, kings, and high priestly offices will put steel in the backbone of the Church as they call the Church to righteousness and wholeness.  Psalm 101 will be the keynote Scripture of this transition.  Psalm 101 will give way to Psalm 110, the coming forth of the Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek.

These coming years will be marked by a greater increase of judgment and blessings as the Lord will continue attempting to awaken man’s consciousness to their need for Him. Crises after crises will erupt and the world will stand in awe at the possibilities of catastrophes that can explode in the earth in such rapid sequence. God is going to thunder into the earth once again. Psalms 29 will come into play, as well as Job 26:14 the release of "the thunder of God’s voice". But, those who hold tight to God will know joy and grace.

Fourth, the Lord will move in mighty waves across world governments sending revival and Reformation into the places the Lord has been preparing for a long time. The Lord is now dealing with the Republican Party and encouraging some clean up. After the Republican Party will come the Democratic Party clean up. In a vision I had around mid 2005 I saw Democrats falling like dominoes. The whole matrix of the Democratic Party had been toppled before it was over. Bill and Hillary Clinton are still on God’s list for awakening and redemption. If the Church will pray they will soon come into the Kingdom and become powerful and positive voices for righteousness.  I first prophesied this during the first term of President Clinton’s administration. I am thankful it is still a possibility and is God’s greatest desire.

Fifth, the Church government will also begin to experience a revolution as Reformation continues to accomplish its divine work in her midst. The Lord is going to be seen touching many areas in the Church bringing about a higher righteousness preparing us for an explosion of God which is soon to be released.  This will pinnacle in a Church walking in the life of the Spirit.

Sixth, we will live on the brink of international wars from now on as wars have been determined until the time of the end. Only our prayers and intercessions will determine their outcome. The present Middle East crises concerning Israel can explode in 2006, or it can be held off for yet another year. The Church’s intercessors will decide. Without prayer, we will see such chaos in the Middle East it will stager our imagination. And, we will see it sooner than later. If we will pray, we can hold back the most chaotic wars the world has ever known for yet a season while the Lord continues to prepare the innocent and move them to a place of safety. Pray that God will give peace to Jerusalem and that He will constantly frustrate the plans of the enemy. IS 62:3-8

Seventh, earthquakes in the natural and earthquakes in the spirit will mark 2006 and beyond. Truly the Days of Noah are here!!!!!

Eighth, WINDS, WINDS, WINDS — great winds of blessings, and winds of natural disasters. Also, scourging winds against the wealthy that have meddled in the cause of Christ. It seems that the Lord is now going to meddle in their affairs a bit. As this takes place, pray for them that they might find Christ while He is still near. Winds of adversity will jostle the world out of business as usual. Reformation and the fires of revival will shake the unshakeable and God will be praised by the righteous.

Ninth, the Lord is going to sweep through Arab Nations. Kings and Princes will get saved as His winds shock and electrify the Arab elite. You can read more about this on our website.

Tenth, on the other hand, Jihad is eventually going to go ballistic world-wide. Much bloodshed will ensue. But, in the end, the Lord is going deal with this devastating force through mutual destruction.


These are a few things that are on the world’s plate for the next several years. Pray over these things and run into God that your steps might be steady in the tow.


This revival is being sent from on High for among other reasons to fill the hearts of His own ones with joy and faith. He wants a Church strong and overcoming for the days ahead. So, the Jubilee Anointing that Messiah is beginning to pour out this year will bring certain prepared saints into the Maturity of Adult Sonship and the rest of the waiting Church will begin to heal and grow at a clip never before seen in history. It is the day of greater things and we are on the brink of that river right now.


As a ministry we too have been preparing for the great things just ahead. We have many things in the wings as we continue to firm up our foundations for the work the Lord is about to establish. Please keep us in prayer as well. My heart is filled with inexpressible joy as I write this newsletter knowing what the Lord of the harvest is about to do. As the Mantle of Elijah is released into new dimensions in the Church we will see the families of the saints come in to enjoy the great river of blessings. Fathers will be restored to the children and children to their mothers.  It will be days of wonder and awe. Down the road a bit, Israel will be saved! I am so thankful the Lord will allow us to be a part of it.


We need to print our new book: Melchizedek, the New Millennium Priesthood. It is an imperative book for the days just ahead. Also, we have several other books that need to be reprinted. So we want to ask you to please keep this endeavor in prayer with us. We need many tens of thousands of dollars.  We do not charge for anything, so we look to those who can afford to help to make a way for others in the body to be blessed who cannot afford it. If in your heart you feel like you would like to help please prayerfully write a check right away as we are moving forward by faith getting everything ready to go to the printers. We want to have this book on the market by fall. And we would like to get the rest of the books back on the market soon thereafter. Thank-you in advance for your help.


Be blessed in His Name, we love you!

Nita (LaFond) Johnson


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Dear Friends:


Below are a series of prophetic warnings from the Lord. Each one confirms the other and although seen through different people in different countries at different times, they all bear remarkable resemblance. I encourage you to read and pray over them for your own instruction.


I bless you in His Name,

Nita (LaFond) Johnson



Jennifer Kirsch

GOE Leader


Vision, Jan 12- America


In the vision great darkness had covered the earth.  The Nations were in turmoil and gripped with great fear.  All the Nations had become individual land masses; they were no longer joined together as the continent they had ‘belonged’ to.  Each nation of Africa, Europe, Asia, every Nation, was its own entity.  The oceans and seas of the earth were no longer separated by the continents but it was as if the globe had turned into one massive ocean and the Nations of the earth were floating aimlessly with no stability and nothing to secure themselves from the harshness of the vast waters.  It was so dark and all I could see was Nation after Nation being tossed to and fro by the great waves, some looking as if they would be consumed and others unable to steady themselves.  Then I saw America.  There may have been others, but from what I could see, she was the only Nation that was still grounded and secure.  She was a massive lighthouse.  It wasn’t a great lighthouse built upon the land of America but America itself, the very land, formed the lighthouse. It was beautiful.  At the top of the lighthouse a great light shone forth.  It was so bright and looked as though it was a substance.  It was the glory of God and America had become a great beacon of light to the Nations of the earth.  In the great darkness America stood firm and guided various Nations to safety.   Not all Nations made their way to the Light but some did.  I saw Canada hovering in the calm waters beside America.  In the vast waters there was nothing but fear and dread, but when I looked at America a great hope filled me.  Although the lighthouse itself was very beautiful to look upon, it was the great Light and Glory that drew the Nations to safety.


Jennifer Kirsch


Pastor Don Kremer

Wyoming, US


I saw in a vision the seas, black and turbulent, foaming with whitecaps, waves crashing in random directions; the earth revolts against its in habitants on behalf of God’s righteous indignation.  Israel, His beloved, is staged against; brothers and friends of Ishmael bond in hateful alliance against God’s chosen.  From out of the sea America arose. She is caught in the turbulence of nations who are against God’s beloved.  The waves of distress beat against her shores eroding the boundaries of her security; her interior is assailed. She fights as one singled out and surrounded by wolves.  Israel feels forsaken; she strikes against those who threaten.  God’s hand is moved. As a candle flame is protected from the winds by a shield, so God reaches out to the East and West. America will not be forsaken, nor will Israel His beloved be forsaken, for the cry of the intercessor rises above the deadly storm, even as the voice of Jesus who spoke, "Peace be still!" and God is moved.


The sense of what I saw brought trembling to my soul.  As I looked at the sea, a light shone from above the water.  I was in the midst of a great ocean, not standing on the water, but viewing it somehow. The caps of the waves broke with crashing roar, the caps spraying in the turbulent water, which was thrown about in different directions as the violence of the wind assailed from multiple fronts. Then America arose from the water as a continent that came up out of the sea.  She was being battered and in a fight for her own existence as troubles launched against her from within and without.  While I couldn’t see Israel, America looked to the East and was concerned for her.  America fought to break loose and reach out, but she was assailed on multiple fronts.  Israel looked, but there was none standing with her; she felt forsaken and then attacked her enemies.  Somehow I knew that the eyes of nations turned to America to see her reaction.  She internalized in her struggles and seemed unable to help. Somehow God intervened and I knew a rescue was underway.


Then God said to me:

2006 is a year of turbulence, a polarizing year, a year of strategic placement.  Polarization and alignment is marked for this year. Nations align with nations and the lines are drawn; light aligns with light, and darkness aligns with darkness; righteousness aligns with righteousness and unrighteousness aligns with unrighteousness. Hear what the Sprit says! I will raise my voice above the tempest and declare through the voice of my prophets: I give grace unto him who cries out for righteousness, purity, and holiness.  That which you have struggled with, that which has seemed like a paradox, that which has seemed as chains too big to break, behold I give great grace to come out from that which binds, blinds, plagues, and harasses. Those who call unto Me, those who are willing to give it all for My righteous cause, those who will let go of this life’s temporal allurements and hopes, I will give peace, power, and strength to stand in the days ahead.


But, to the careless I give this warning: The days of Noah are upon the earth. This year is a year of polarizing and alignment. For the indifferent, complacent, apathetic, and lethargic ~ the choice will be made ~ even forced upon them just as the flood encompassed all life.  For storms are slated as the nations ~ revolt against God’s elect. Acts 4:25-26: "WHY DID THE GENTILES RAGE, AND THE PEOPLES DEVISE FUTILE THINGS? THE KINGS OF THE EARTH TOOK THEIR STAND, AND THE RULERS WERE GATHERED TOGETHER AGAINST THE LORD AND AGAINST HIS CHRIST.’


2006 is a year in which I give power to shake off the slumber and awake. Therefore, choose the right path. For 2007, 2008, and 2009 depends upon that which you choose in 2006. Therefore O sleepy one, you who slumber on a bed of false peace, whose hope is in tomorrow, and whose reliance is in the work of your hands, you who have settled yourself in fine clothes, paneled homes, and nestle in undisturbed coves of indifference, wake up!  For suddenly it shall change as one wave after another crashes against the shores of your security.  Awake and buy from Me that which cannot be shaken, even that which the enemy cannot steal.  For as a sheet draped on a line hangs limp, behold the winds ~ the sheet begins to wave.  Now is the time before gale force winds assail once again. Yet, in My alcove there will be peace and resolve.


Put away from you the pleasures that distract; put away from you that which feeds the pride of life; put away from yourselves that which binds to a false hope, for the earth will be shaken and her gold cannot buy that which only I can give to him who calls out.  For I, even I, am your Savior and there is none other than Me.  Therefore, do not hope in and find your peace in that which this world gives, or that which you would find as security for your future.  For this generation is a marked generation and what I do with you I have not done before as My return is imminent and I am preparing My bride in the midst of a perverse and wicked people and she will stand with a clarion voice to all the world.

Don Kremer — early morning hours, January 24, 2006     

Nita (LaFond) Johnson

Feb 20th, 2006


I was in prayer when I suddenly I found myself looking down over a great sea. The sea was turbulent and filled with people. I heard screaming and groaning, cries for help arose from a chorus of voices. Bitter weeping filled the air. As I watched the sight before me, I began to weep at the pain and fear I saw in the people. As the ocean waves relentlessly thrashed their tired and hopeless souls from side to side, I wondered at how they would be saved. Suddenly the sea became a sea of blood. The waves rose higher, slamming and demanding from the souls gripped by its ferocious waves a suffering that seemed inconceivable.


I wondered, thinking to myself as I wept over them; why Lord, what is the trouble with these poor people, when I heard the Word of the Lord:


These are the Nations that were at ease when I called them to come out of their sin and be healed. They scorned the righteous and played the harlot with their idols, loving their idolatrous ways. I called but they would not hear. I beckoned but they would not listen. They are in the sea of great trouble for they would not listen when I would have healed them. They have blood on their hands because they chose unrighteousness and refused My Christ. Woe be to the inhabitants of the earth who love sin and hate righteousness. Woe be to those who love money and refuse the poor and needy. Woe be to those who rise up against my people Israel, for in the end I will not be mocked. Nation shall rise against Nation, and man against his brother, terror will grip the heart, but My salvation shall rest upon those who love Me. Return to Me all ye people of the earth while there is still time. Behold, My glory shall be seen from the West and from the rising of the sun. Then destruction will come.

Hebrews 12:27 & 29; Matt 24


Nita (LaFond) Johnson

Israel 2002


I looked and saw a mountain begin to reel back and forth. The whole earth shook. Violent trembling had seized the earth then suddenly the volcano exploded. The whole earth shook violently at the breaking open of this lava bed. Then I looked and saw Israel in tumult. Great forces arose against her. I turned and looked at the Mediterranean Sea and beheld a tidal wave form with great and rushing force. I watched as it increased in size overtaking Nation after Nation. It seemed that no Nation was exempt from its destructive force.

As I watched this scene play before me, I saw Christians running. They ran as fast as they could around crook and corner trying to find safety from the growing tidal wave that was overtaking the Nations. I watched as they finally came to a hill and began to run up the hill to what would be their safety. As they reached the top of the hill, the tidal wave passed by, destroying everything in its path. But, those who loved the Lord and ran into Him for safety were spared.

When man judges Israel, God will judge the Nations. But, God’s children who live holy lives will be saved. Psalm 24 and Psalm 25.