Nita Johnson





On June 28, 2012, I had an incredible experience. I was in my room praying when suddenly, the Lion of Judah came into my room. He began to blow. As He blew, a wind began to circle in my room. Before long, the wind was also blowing outside, around the house and yard. Both in my room and in the yard the wind was swirling in circles. The wind picked up so much force that it blew the trees like a hurricane. I asked the Lord what it meant. My hope was that He was going to say that it was a release of Pentecost because He came in like a mighty, rushing wind. Nevertheless, that is not what He was saying.


Tonight, as we were in worship, the Lion of Judah came in. Before He left, He told me that on that day in June when He came into my room, He was stirring up a force that was about to bring change in the world. His mighty wind was sent to provoke change. Can you imagine knowing someone with that kind of power and authority? That is just unfathomable to me. Of course, He is God, and He can do that, but it is amazing when you see Him do it. There have been a lot of changes since last June. Some things that we would have liked to have seen change did not change, but God is going to work even in those situations.


I will tell you one of the things that I saw tonight when He came in as the Lion of Judah because it was beautiful. When we were singing “Kadosh,” the Hebrew song, music began flowing from His mane. Shortly, the music began to emanate from His whole being. I could see the sound waves of the music and, believe it or not, the waves themselves became words. The words, carried on the waves flowing from Him, were the words that we were singing. Isn’t that amazing? I have never seen anything like that before. Anyone that says being a Christian is dull really does not understand.  That is your blessing for tonight.




Prophetic Insight


I would like to share with you some prophetic insight which Jesus gave as a result of the forty day fast that we did together earlier this year. Some of the things that I will share may be difficult to hear, some things may be shocking, and other things may produce an “Aha!” moment for you. You might think, “That’s what He was trying to tell me,” or “yep that is what He said to me!” I will share with you some very exciting things as well, although I will not get to the most exciting insights until the second part of this message. I have too much to share in a single message, so I am going to have to give this in two parts.




I want to talk to you about Israel. We came together last night and prayed for Israel. We will continue to pray for Israel. Incidentally, did you notice that it snowed this morning? It snowed for a reason. One of the things that the Lord did for us in the Gatherings, early on, was to send rain as a sign when we really hit the mark. When we became more mature in our activities in the Gathering, for perhaps a year or two, He did not send the rain. Even when we hit the mark, we just saw the answers to our prayers materialize. After that season, He started once again sending the rain and also snow.


Yesterday, although it is spring, I had such a strong feeling that it was going to snow that I checked the weather forecast I did not see even one indication that the weather-bureau detected that it was going to snow last night. Yet, it snowed. I really like it when He uses it as a sign, coming to us in a way we were not expecting. What was He trying to tell us? He was saying that we hit the mark, and we affected something over Israel last night. We could brag about that, but we will not. We are just so thankful that the Lord instructed us to pray, gave us the authority to pray the right way, and then blessed our prayers. It is all Him. We could take the credit, but that would not be wise. He was so kind to send the beautiful snow to let us know that we worked together in a divine symphony to bring forth His will in the earth.


Israel is on His mind. I am so glad because my people have been asleep for many years. I think that whoever wrote the story about Rip Van Winkle – who slept for one hundred years – wrote about Israel. I think it is time for the Lord to awaken my people. It is wonderful to think that He is so mindful of us because we have been asleep for a long time—long enough for all of you Gentiles to come into the Kingdom. Wasn’t that nice of us to go to sleep so that you could wake up? The Bible says that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles. (Rom 11:25) What does that mean? It looks like you might be on your way to sleep as a race, so it is time for you to bring the souls in. God’s focus is on Israel, and I am so thankful because Paul said that when Israel awakens, the glory will be so great that it will be as though rising from the dead. (Rom 11:15)  Of course in the first part it will be Jew and Gentile, those who were first will be last and the Gentile will enjoy the added blessing of seeing the elder brother restored.


I think there will still be Gentiles getting saved after Israel awakens because the other group that God promised to visit in the last days was the Muslim people. This may seem strange to you, but Israel has to awaken for the sake of the Muslims. For the most part, the ones who are going to lead the Muslim people to the Lord will be the Jewish people. When Israel sees the Muslim people, it will be as if seeing the face of God. Of course, the Muslims will also continue having visitations, dreams, and visions from the Lord because God made a promise to Abraham. Isn’t it wonderful to know we serve a covenant-keeping God! He said to Abraham that He would watch over Ishmael, and the Lord gave a prophetic word about Ishmael in the last days. (Genesis 17:18, 20) So God has to swing back around to Israel and Ishmael because all those years ago, He made a promise. The world may not like Ishmael very much, thinking they are too much trouble. However, God sees them as a treasure yet to be held. Ishmael really does need the Lord!


He told me years ago that the only one  that can awaken Ishmael and bring the healing between the Jew and the Muslim is the Melchizedek Priesthood. I want to tell you something else. This vitally important Priesthood of Melchizedek is a Jewish Priesthood. Some think that Melchizedek was a Gentile priest, but if you study history, you will learn that he was of the line of Shem. I talk about it in my book, Melchizedek. I lay it all out for you so you know exactly who he is, where he came from, and how he got mixed up in the whole incredible plan of God. It is a Jewish Priesthood. That does not mean that there will not be Gentiles who will be part of that Priesthood. It just means that it is rooted in the DNA of the Jew heritage. Isn’t that exciting? The Jewish people will reach out and take salvation through Messiah to the Muslims. That, to me, is just amazing. You may think it strange, and it may seem contrary to what you have believed in the past, but one of the reasons God creates prophets is to shake up our understanding.


There is a great and powerful move of God that is going to come to the Arab people. When I saw it, I was shocked. It is going to be phenomenal. God is going to reach into the Arab nations. He has done this a little bit in the last ten years, but He is going to go deep and broad, and the fruit He is going to bring out for Himself from among the Arab people is going to be incredible. We as Christians need to pray for that. Do not pray that God will condemn the Arab nations because He has made a promise to Abraham that He will rescue Ishmael. I do not think heaven will be complete without this fruit from the Arab nations. I want to tell you something else about the Arab people. When they do get saved—even the Palestinians, some of whom are the worst of the worst without Christ—it transforms their nature so much that they are the most beautiful people. It is amazing what the Spirit of the Lord can do in a person. Praise God.


Returning to the topic of Israel, they call the talks with Israel “peace talks” in the press. It seems like the whole world is involved. For those of you who do not like people sticking their nose into your business, try being Israel. The whole world is sticking their nose into our business, and if our people did not know it already, Obama made sure we understood it. The international community is trying to tell us how to live. They call these talks “peace talks,” but the truth is what they are really talking about is war. This war is not a matter of if, but when. It is not just the Gentiles that are talking about war; Israel is as well. The difference between the Gentiles who are talking about war and Israel is that the Gentiles really do not know what Israel has up their sleeve. Before it is over, everyone is going to be hurt. I heard once that when you sponsor dog fights, no one wins. Similarly, no one is going to win in this war. Everyone is going to suffer, but Israel will come out on top. They already have hidden weaponry that can outmaneuver every other piece of equipment in the Middle East. Even with the kind of technology that exists today, Israel is advanced far beyond the other nations. Israel buys from us, but we should be buying from them. When this war finally explodes, it is going to be messy. Damascus is going to be utterly destroyed. Communications in and out of places like Damascus and Israel will be cut off for a season. It is going to be a messy war, but Israel is going to win, not just because of their technology, but because God’s eye is always on the sparrow.


I want you to understand two things about Israel. You have the Jewish people in Israel. They are my people, so I have walked the streets of Israel and wept with much love for them. You also have Zionism! The Zionist movement is not the same as the Jewish movement. The Zionist movement is the New World Order. It is promoted by Rothschild. He has probably built a lot of Israel. Everywhere you look in Israel, you see Rothschild’s influence. The Illuminati is right in the middle and all around Israel. You can hardly drive through Israel without seeing a UN truck doing something. The Zionist movement is the Illuminati, and they really do control Israel because Israel, by and large, as it stands today, belongs to Rothschild. It is almost a Rothschild state—almost. The only thing that keeps it from being a Rothschild state is God. He has put a hedge around that nation, and no one is going to break through it. I do not know how to tell you how secure that hedge is.


When you see a map of the nation of Israel, over it is written: “Holiness unto the Lord.” In the natural, they are the most unholy and ungodly people in the earth. It is like being a Catholic who, although they may want to do it right through works, mostly lives all week long according to whatever they want to do. Then they go to Church on Sunday and get everything forgiven. Israel is not a holy people, but it is holy in that it is separated unto God. Woe be to the man who touches the apple of God’s eye. That is just the way it is.


Because Rothschild created the government and because he is the head of the Illuminati, the peace talks are mostly war talks behind closed doors. It is not a matter of if, but when. War is going to happen, albeit not as soon as we think. God is covering the situation, and our prayers are helping. One of the keys is to pray for the Congress and the Americans to favor Israel, forcing Obama to change his heart to stand with Israel. I do not believe his heart is yet changed. If it is, it happened last night because we received God’s sign of snow. But Obama is a Muslim. It is going to take the mighty and powerful hand of God revealing to him why his heart needs to change. It needs to change to the point that he can stand as a protector between the Muslims and Israel. He will have to resist the Muslim agenda to do that. He is also going to have to stand against a company of the Elite, not because the Elite hate Israel, but because they want this war to happen. They want war because they want upheaval and chaos. There really is no better place to start it then right there in the heart of the world, in Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is rising up in the nations around Israel, and when they get strong enough, their goal is to march on Israel.


The reason they want to stir things up in the Middle East is because Israel is so controversial that its involvement will pull many of the nations of the world into this war. It will ultimately become World War III. They want this because they want the Antichrist to have a place to which he may ascend. The Bible tells us that he is going to come to the temple. Have you noticed that there is no temple? Don’t we have a small problem? We cannot go and set up a tabernacle in the wilderness and say, “Well, until we get the temple built, Antichrist, go and fill in here.” He is going to covet the temple and sit in it. They must build the temple before the antichrist can fulfill Scripture.


About four or five years ago or so, when I was in Israel, I learned that a community of people, including Jews, Catholics, and Muslims, are working together to try to prepare a place for Israel to build its temple. This has been going on, but the temple has not yet been built because more Muslims must be receptive to it first; otherwise, it will provoke a terrible explosion.


Israel has already promised to cede the land. I have already seen the document that the Prime Minister signed many decades ago agreeing to the land division. No one can tell me they have not done it. The Lord told me they have, and I have seen the document. The only thing left is its materialization. It is just a contract at this point and has not yet materialized, but it will! Guess, amazingly enough, with whom the contract is? You are never going to believe it. It is with the Catholic Church. Israel has made an agreement with the Pope by which the land of Israel is divided.


Do not fear what is happening in the Middle East. Just keep praying. Pray with us. Continue to pray that God will keep His hand of protection over this situation in the Middle East, and that it is not going to happen one day before God’s timetable. Men will push it forward as quickly as they can because they want the New World Order to have its place, but there are links in the chain that must materialize first. They are not ready yet, and they will not be ready as long as we keep praying that God will continue dismantling their plans. It is His kairos moment for which we stand.


Regarding this Middle East uprising, the Elite want the world in chaos for the purpose of preparing a place for the Antichrist. That is their purpose.  A few years ago, I saw a three part vision. In it, I saw an anaconda snake. There were Christians in a room, and they were gathering to worship the Lord. Then I saw the anaconda come in, move through the room, and it went out through an invisible hole. That vision ended.


The second vision opened. Again, there were people in a room. I could not tell if they were Christian or non-Christian. The same anaconda came into the room and went out through an invisible hole.


In the third vision, the same thing happened, but this time, when the anaconda went down into the hole, the Lord let my vision follow him. I saw him go down into a hole and come up in a prison. Sitting in the prison was the man who was going to reveal himself as what the Bible calls the Antichrist. I saw two business men who, based on their stature, clothes, and jewelry, were obviously very wealthy and people of great power. They stood in front of this man, and said, “I know you’re getting impatient. I know that you want this thing to keep moving so that you can come out on the scene. We know. We know your plans. We know that you’re tired of waiting. We understand, and we are working as hard as we can to make a place for you. But we just can’t do it yet. The people are not prepared for it. It’s not time.” The man sat there listening to them. He knew they were right, and that much work was required to change the heart of people to accept a ruler like the Antichrist. So he understood and did not get angry. The vision ended, and I said to the Lord, “Are we that close that this man truly is in the world today?”


A short time later, I had another vision. I saw a man who was literally made of steel. He climbed up the inside of a pyramid. When he reached the top of the pyramid, he pushed his head out of the top, looked around, and said, “O peoples of the earth, just put your life in my hands, and I will take care of you.” Why was this man made of steel? Because he was not entirely human; he was half human, and he was half evil spirit. For that reason, you would call him a man of steel. The things of the spirit are not always easy to grasp, but that does not mean we throw them away. We want to know with whom we are dealing, right? This kingdom that he is going to rule is an evil like nothing you have ever seen. As I say in my book, Prepare for the Winds of Change, if you put Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin together, you still do not have the evil of this guy. We have never seen anything like it. His workers must labor through the media, through government, through the economy, and through any means they can to change the heart of the world. They must bring in the evil spirits that work with them to create this evil kingdom. It takes a lot more than a casual wave of the hand to effect this level of change. It takes years to change the human heart and make it harder, harder, harder—until the things they once hated and feared become the things they love. A lot of that is done through the universities and media, but let us remember – there are also spiritual entities at work.


I remember a particular trip to Italy. I was sitting outside, in front of the hotel in which I was staying. I heard a woman’s voice saying, “Come to me, my children. Do not be afraid. I am your god. I will take care of you—just come.” I started looking to see from where this voice was emanating. I looked up into the sky, and there was a shape in the clouds that was in the form of a woman. As I kept watching, the cloud moved its head as it spoke across all of Rome. Then the cloud became a woman. I exclaimed, “Oh, my gosh, Ashteroth, the spirit behind Mary!” Her voice went throughout the heavens all over Rome. In her voice was power, and it had the capacity to affect hearts. That is why I am telling you this story.


There are evil spirits that are moving around the face of the earth. There are some that have never been allowed in the earth before. They were locked up, but they have been released to work over the nations to harden the hearts of people to begin to love the things the Antichrist loves. Spirits of control are going to rule the Middle East, Europe, and the corners of the world. They are many, many stories high. They are so big that if you are on the ground, you can hardly see their face. They are huge and very powerful.


I saw one such spirit in Israel. The evil being was in a vortex, and this vortex was the hidden place of its power. It had authority because of who he was—at least, as much authority as Satan’s kingdom can move in—but this vortex was the place from where his power came. His name is called Control. These spirits of control are going to be, or may already have been, released in the world. Their purpose is to provoke fear in the heart of people so that they can own them.


That is why you must overcome fear as a Christian, and learn to walk in faith. Your faith has overcome the world. (1 John 5:4). If you have been given the faith that overcomes the world, then these spiritual forces cannot overcome you—if you walk in faith and in the knowledge of God. Your faith comes from the knowledge of God. The Bible says that faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. (Rom 10:17). What does the Word of God give you? It gives you the knowledge of God. So your faith comes from the knowledge of God. In Daniel 12:3, it says that the saints who have the knowledge of God shall shine as the brightness of the firmament. When? In the darkest hour in the world’s history! They will do great feats and wonders (Dan 11:32). Who will do them? Those who know their God!


Know God. Start right now seeking His face. Cry out to Him day and night, “I want to know You. Correct and lead my heart. Help me. Help me understand how to go deep in You so that I can know You.” As you come to know Him, your faith will be strengthened, and you will find courage. You will know what to do and how to do it. The more you know God, the more you are going to be consumed by Him. The more of God you have in your heart and soul, the less the enemy can touch you.


The New World Order agenda of the Elite is premature. It will happen someday because the Bible says that it will happen. We cannot stop it forever, but we do not want it to happen before God’s time. So continue to pray, “Keep things tethered under Your time, Lord. Keep a tight grip on it until Your time.” It may seem a silly prayer to pray to One as powerful as God, but it really is very intelligent.


Pray for the Middle East, Israel, and the United States government. Pray that the Lord will deal with Obama. He showed me in three dreams that Obama’s heart is not as hard as it looks and that He can deal with Obama. The Lord can work good in the earth through this man. The one thing about Obama that I think is really good is when Obama makes a decision to do something, the Elite can stand in his face and threaten him, and he will still do what he thinks is the right thing to do. A lot of men cannot do that, but Obama can. So if we pray that God grapples with his heart, puts the vision of God’s will in him, and gives him the grace to stand against the Illuminati on the issues that are important to God, then God can still get powerful things done through Obama. Isn’t that exciting? Obama can be God’s instrument for doing something very serious and very good in the earth. Can you imagine if God really does change Obama’s heart? Right now, he is listening to America because he is afraid not to. He thinks that so many people want this friendship with Israel that he is afraid not to have it. But what if a friendship developed that was genuinely from Obama’s heart because we prayed? Then God could really get some things done. Wouldn’t that be exciting? So remember this, please.


Pray against the violence and the plans of the Elite. The Elite want the world in crisis so that from the midst of chaos, the Antichrist can arise with his insane order. They are stalking the oil for the sake of power, the innocent–for population reduction, blood for occultic power, and the nations for control. This is all to prepare for the Antichrist. The Elite want to reach their goal through violence. It really is not God’s time—not yet. Prayer can and will change things.


Right now, the Elite are so divided over ideals and between generations, that they do not know whether they are coming or going. They are spinning like tops. I believe that the reason for this is because we have prayed fervently that God will bring about a spirit of confusion to the point that they could not move forward. We have prayed that they would find it very difficult to focus on their vision, losing sight of it, and that God would let them fall into such a state of discouragement that they do not know what to do. I can promise you that from behind the veil, we are learning that they are dealing with that very thing. They are telling each other that they are falling apart. Your prayers are being effective. I am telling you this to encourage you. Do not stop praying. God is listening, and He is provoking.


The Catholic Church


God is dismantling the Catholic Church. I saw several visions of it the last time I was in Italy, which was several years ago. I traveled all over Italy and shared with the Churches there that God was going to dismantle the Catholic Church. Everyone was shocked.


In one meeting, there was a room full of pastors from Sicily. I shared what God was going to do with the Catholic Church, and one man came up to me. He shared how after a long history in the Mafia, he got saved. He said to me, “Do you know how impossible, how utterly improbable, what you’re saying is? Do you realize how monstrous the Catholic Church is? It isn’t just the Church. I used to be in the Mafia. The Mafia exists today because it lives under the auspices of the Catholic Church. So if God gets rid of the Catholic Church, the Mafia will die.” You want to take care of the Mafia? Get rid of the Catholic Church because it fathers the Mafia.


God is dismantling the Catholic Church. Have you kept up with it in the news? He really is doing it. It is not going to be an overnight event. Things may rise up and die down in cycles for awhile. It will work its way through a process. I do not know how long it is going to take, but He has us praying over this in the Gatherings and in the prayer services. The more people that pray over it, the faster it will happen. Ask the Lord to dismantle the Catholic Church.


As the news about the Catholic Church is coming to the surface, are you thinking that this organization is much more wicked than you knew? You have not seen the half of it. Today, the Catholic Church is still killing Christians or any people groups that will not succumb to their witchery, control, and demands. It is true. They not only have hit teams, but they have the Jesuit order which was built for that very purpose. It is still happening. There are people in America who die because the Catholic Church says, “Get rid of them!” I am telling you the truth!


I will never forget when we were in a Gathering, praying for President Bush Jr. This occurred shortly after his inauguration. Many warnings were going through the Church that the chances of him being assassinated were excellent for historical reasons. Prior to the Gathering, I had prayed about it, but when we got to the Gathering, I suddenly felt a fervency and a very deep concern for Bush Jr. I asked the Lord what it was because it suddenly became overwhelming. He said, “I want you to pray for him because if you don’t, he’s going to die. They are going to assassinate him. The plan has already been made.”


As we prayed in that Gathering about President Bush Jr., I had a vision. In the vision, mother Mary—sweet, loving, kind, generous Mary—bent down and handed a hit man some money. The hit man said, “Okay, so who is this for?” She said, “I want you to get rid of President Bush, and I want it done immediately.” When I had that vision, I was thrust into travail. The whole Gathering was thrust into heavy travail as well without even knowing what they were travailing over. I was the only one who knew. When I exhausted myself and could not carry it any more, two friends of mine picked it up and carried it to the end.


When it was over, we all said, “Wow. That was incredible.” I asked everyone, “Do you want to know what we were praying over?” They replied, “Of course we do!” Then I shared the vision with them. At the time, I could not believe it was the Catholic Church because I had not yet been totally informed by the Lord as to how things worked behind the scenes. I did not realize that it is a common malady of the Catholic Church to kill or destroy whoever gets in the way. This is surreal! What is being revealed under the covers of the Catholic Church is nothing compared to what is happening underground. It is very evil, so God is beginning to deal with it. Things may settle down for awhile, but He is going to bring it back to the surface because He is going to dismantle the Catholic Church.


In another vision, my daughter Ricci saw what looked like millions of people in the Vatican. They were sitting and listening to a talk. Suddenly, one man said, “What am I doing here? Where am I? Where’s my family?” He found his family, and he exclaimed, “We’ve got to run out of here as fast as we can, and we’ve got to do it now! So get up and run with me!” Then she saw this happen to another family, and another family, until they ran out by the thousands, and ultimately by the millions. When she saw this, she saw a double headed serpent arise from behind the Vatican. It started killing those who were trying to get away. Those who left early escaped the serpent, but those who took their time leaving were killed by the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, people were getting out as fast as they could. I later saw a beautiful move of God which brought people out to a place of safety, away from the Catholic Church.


Now we have a new Pope whom, supposedly, all Christians are supposed to love. There are even Christian ministers who are writing letters and saying that this Pope is really a true Christian, a great guy, and we need to get behind him. He is a Jesuit, and the Jesuit priesthood is steeped in Egyptian occultism. What do the Jesuits worship? They worship whatever the Egyptians worshiped. The Jesuit priesthood is an Egyptian, occultic priesthood. How do you get a Mr. Wonderful Christian out of that? I don’t know how. I don’t think it can happen. They create movies trying to tell you how wonderful the priesthood is in the Catholic Church. They do things in the media to try to portray very godly and righteous people in this occultic Church. They will do whatever they can to paint the feathers the right color. It is because they do not want you to pray. They want you to go to sleep and leave them alone. They want you to stop messing with their business. However, because somebody is praying, God is revealing the truth.


This realm of the occult and Satan is very, very real. When he gets really irate with me for messing with his plans, he has no problem appearing to me and threatening me. He or one of his high ranking spirits says, “Quit messing with us!” They call me a meddler. They sent a memo out throughout the whole satanic kingdom. It said, “Get Nita Johnson. She’s a meddler in our affairs. I want her destroyed. She meddles and meddles and destroys everything we’re trying to do.” So meddle. I am not trying to be arrogant. I know enough to stay with my head low. I am just trying to tell you that they get very frustrated that we pray and then things happen.


What am I saying to you? Pray. What do you need to do? Pray. Will your prayers be effective? Yes. The Pope’s purpose at this time is to calm the masses so that the Catholics will settle down and quit fleeing the Church. They also want the true Church to quit praying. They want us to apathetically walk away and think things are going to be okay after all. No. God is dismantling and shaking it. It is coming down if we will pray!


When we did our Gathering in Portland, the whole Gathering was about the Catholic Church. While we were in the process of praying against the Catholic Church in exactly the way the Lord told us to do, on May 29, 2012, a 5.8 earthquake took place in Northern Italy during one of our meetings. It shook sixty Catholic facilities. The 16th-century Catholic cathedral of Mirandola collapsed. God is shaking. You must keep praying because He is listening. When He hears, He does. Just think of what the harvest is going to be from God shaking the Catholic Church.




I have a friend, Annie Schisler, whom I respect more than any other prophet in the world because I have never known her to be wrong. She says that the next thing that is going to come up after the Catholic Church comes down is going to be the Islamic movement. I think that what I have seen about Islam and the Muslims will rise up right around the time that God is nearing the end of His shaking of the Catholic Church. What I have seen about Islam is horrible.


Several years ago, the angel of the Lord came and took me to the nations of the world. This is a terrible way to spend the night. He showed me, in nation after nation, the works of the Muslims when they move into their Jihad military mode in the future. I saw them go across Africa. They went into villages, destroying them, and they tore the villagers apart until there was not one left in the village. Then they would burn the whole village. He took me to islands. First, He took me around the circumference of the island so that I could see what the island looked like. Then we would fly very low to the ground. I could see that the island was covered with dead bodies. I asked Him, “Is there anyone living?” He replied, “Not even one.” You may ask, “Who did this?” The answer is the Jihadists. It was insane. So if Annie is right, and there is a very good chance that she is, then after the Catholic Church, or at least toward the end of God’s dealing with the Catholic Church, the Islamists are going to get a little violent.


The New Catholic Church:


In another experience, I saw a vast building. I have no idea how many square feet it was, but it was immense. It was entirely being built underground. Suddenly, it started rumbling, and it came up to the surface. There was such evil emanating from this building that it was frightening. I asked the Lord, “What is this building?” He answered, “It’s the new Catholic Church.” Now I am not saying that its name is going to be “Catholic.” I have no idea what this building is going to be named. I have shared with you before that there is a great move going on to rebuild the ancient ruins of Babylon. Maybe it will be called something with Babylon in the name. I don’t know. What I do know is that there is going to be an implosion. God is going to cut the tree of the Catholic Church down to the ground, but out of the root will come a new way and a new name regarding the ecumenical Catholic Church which will be released upon the peoples of the Earth. You must pray. Your prayers are being effective, so do not quit praying.


Government and Justice


Everywhere we turn in the media, it seems like they are trying to provoke chaos. They are trying to provoke the Caucasian against the African American, and the African American against the Caucasian. Years ago, the angel of the Lord visited me. He said that if something does not change in America, there is going to be a civil war between those two races because the African American people are hurting. Some things did change during the civil rights movement. We have an African American president, so obviously something good has happened. But hearts did not change enough. They are hurting, and something needs to happen. The media is trying to make something huge out of a bunch of little things, and they are doing it because they want to bring instability leading to a civil war.


I was sitting on my sofa praying about the future of America. Suddenly, I found myself dressed in the garb of the Civil War era. Around me, I saw dirt that has been plowed by running horses. I could hear horses galloping and guns and cannons going off. I was thinking, “Where are my sons? Where is my husband? I wish I knew where they were. It’s so scary to hear all of this gunfire and cannon fire and horses riding past my house and not know where my family is.” I was crying. This was not something that I was watching in a vision; I had become the vision. Do not ask me how Jesus does it. He just does. Well, He is God. So I was sitting there, crying, and my heart was breaking.


Suddenly, I was out of the experience. I said, “Lord, what was that all about?” He replied, “Civil war is coming to America if you don’t heal the wounds of the people.” So now we have the Elite playing on the wounds of the people because they want to create chaos and a civil war in this nation. How does the Church pray then? Pray that God will heal the wounds of the people from both races.


He gave me another vision. My heart felt broken for the Native American people, which it has been since my earliest days of being saved. I was trying to reach out to the Native American people. Suddenly, a hand came and parted the group of Native Americans who were in front of me so that I could see what was behind them. Behind them were the African American people, poised for war. The Native American people could not hurt America any more, except through their occultic curses, but the hurt and the anger in the African American people was still so great that they were ready to go to war. The Lord said to me, “I want you to work on this issue so I can heal these people. This is much more serious than the Native American situation.”


I did not know then that we would experience our media trying to use these wounds for their own end. I think that is so cruel, don’t you? Please do not be offended by what I am saying. I am just trying to tell you the truth. So pray. Pray that God will bring unity of heart, healing, and that the plans of the Illuminati will not succeed. I do not know if this can be stopped. It may be too deep, and we may be too far. I do not know. Maybe civil war is going to happen only because people throughout the nation are rising up against our government because it is trying to become an entrapment against the people. May I humbly say, whatever the case may be, pray until God lifts that burden! Pray that He will give us wisdom on how to heal the wounds of injustice.


Right now, the government is provoking instability for the express purpose of taking over. Please pray that the plans of the government will fail. Are you feeling like you are not going to have time to do anything else but pray? The government is going to implode. It will happen. Do not be afraid, we want it to happen. God already has a remedy. Isn’t that just like Him? “Before they call, I will answer.” (Is 65:24) The new will congeal almost immediately upon the implosion of the former, and it will become strong very quickly because God is in it. It will be down with Democracy and up with the Republic form of government upon which our nation was founded.


The Constitution will resurrect intact. Just after our GOE in DC, in March 2012, I saw a beautiful vision. I was outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Constitution. I saw that the Constitution is in heaven before our Lord. The words are chiseled in gold. He was looking down upon the Constitution, and the golden light emanating from it radiated upon Him. Our Constitution is very important to God because it is very needful for us.


We have been praying about a revolution, as it must happen. We need it because it will provoke the change that God has promised. Without it, change will not occur.  A revolution means that there is going to have to be a battle, but do not fear. Do not say, “God, do anything but send a revolution.” We want it because it is what God is going to use to provoke the change that will lead to the healing of this nation. So when you begin to see it happen because you have prayed for it, just remember that it is the Lord. Changes will occur from the federal to the local governments, and the government once again will be upon Jesus’ shoulder (Is 9:6). I am not saying this lightly.


I was taken into a vision, and I was taken to a capitol. The capitol not only represented the national capitol, but state capitols as well. I was brought forward to see this capitol. The closer I got to it, the more transparent it became until there were essentially no outer walls, and I could see what was going on within the capitol. As we approached this capitol, where two corners meet, there were two crosses, facing each other at the corners. I saw an individual kneeling in front of those crosses, with his back to one of the crosses, and His face to the other. I looked, and I realized it was the Lord Jesus. He was kneeling and praying over the capitol. Then the Lord spoke to me, and He said:


“If the people will pray and not give up, I will cause My Son to take the burden of the government upon His own shoulders, and He will help you rebuild this nation.”


It is not going to be like before where it took hundreds of years to transform a Republic into a Democracy. It is going to happen quickly. However, it is very important that we, the Church, be ready to occupy. At this very moment, we would not be ready for the implosion of the government if God were to allow everything to happen that will cause it. We must be ready to occupy. Christians have been chosen and anointed to take on this occupation of the government of our nation, and they must prepare themselves. They must study and pray. They must walk with Jesus in this and prepare for this occupation. God is calling intercessors that are very serious intercessors.


I want to plead with you to pray and pray. Be fervent and full of faith in your prayers. Pray as much as you can because this nation is going into turmoil to birth something new. When a woman goes through the agony of the pain of childbirth, do you ever think that there are people around her who might think, “Gee, I wish I would have prayed over this more so that this woman would not be in so much pain.” If the birth of the baby can cause that in a heart, you have to know that if we are travailing to bring forth the new birth of a nation, it needs to be covered in prayer, and lots of it. Don’t ever sit back and say, “Yeah, but what are my prayers going to do?” You are one of hundreds of thousands. You must pray. You must help shoulder the burden. No matter how ineffective or inefficient you feel you are, you are a voice, and that is what matters to God. Pray that He will bring us through this re-birthing of America. The word that God gave me was the “Reclamation” of a Nation.


So changes will occur from the federal level all the way down to the local levels. Jesus wants to double-yoke Himself with us, not only to save, but to rebirth the Republic and to restore the Constitution. I think there are going to be some changes made because now we know the weaknesses, and it is going to be better. The justice system is going to change. Admiralty or Corporate law is going to give way to a Constitutional or Biblical law. Today, it is called Common Law. Maybe it will be called something else. The truth is that we cannot rebuild the Republic with the laws we have now. It is not possible. The laws must be changed, and will be changed suddenly. Pray that God will get rid of the Admiralty or Corporate law and that He will bring forth a Constitutional or Biblical law by which to govern this nation.


Presidential powers are going to change for “We the People.” This is going to happen. The presidential powers right now are so perverted that it is destroying the very nation it is supposed to protect. God is going to take hold of this and change it. The government is going to be upon His shoulders in a very real way. It will affect not only the three branches of government, but the universities as well. We will have brand new professors leading our universities so that the truth will be given to the people. Isn’t it amazing to think that Yale used to be a Christian university, and now it is about as secular as it comes? The institutions of learning are going back to the ancient ways.


I am not just trying to give you a good report that is going to bring shame and pain in the end. We are going to go through a hard time. But it is going to produce the most you ever could have wanted for America, if you will pray. We are heading down a road that seems very treacherous and pretty scary, but God needs you to trust Him. It is like a patient going in for cancer surgery, and the parents are scared half out of their minds. The doctor looks, and he says, “Look, this can be done. I know it’s scary to all of you right now, but I’ve done this surgery thousands of times before, and I can do it. Just trust me.” So it is with our nation. The One who is asking for that trust is God. He knows how to bring a nation through. He will not fail us. He is not going to fail your faith, your trust, and your prayers. He will do it.


In our lifetime, we are going to see a nation we have never seen before. We are going to see a nation in safety like we have never seen it before. We will be a nation with whom God has dealt. Remember the vision I had where I saw the American flag being taken through a wringer washer? It went through the press, but as it came out the other side, it was shining with the glory of God.


I am pleading with you. Do not listen to prophets who are telling you God is so angry with America that He is going to throw us away. Do not listen to those who say He is going to let us be crushed under foot and sold into third world poverty because He is fed up with America. Prophets who are saying that are saying it out of immaturity. They do not really understand the vision of God. I am not deceiving you. What He is going to do, He will do because He loves America. Yes, He loves the Church in America, but He also loves America. America, while it has done much wrong, has also done much right in the earth.


The Word of the Lord will pierce the darkness if you will let it enter into your heart in faith. Pushing all that I just said aside, He is going to do it because He designed a plan when He allowed America to rise as a nation. He determined in His heart what He was going to do with America before it was all over. He is determined to bring that to pass, but He does need your prayers. We are going to go through a little discipline, but the suffering of this present hour cannot compare to the glory that is coming. Your prayers will help sail us through. I just want to worship Jesus because this is a worthy thing that He is doing.




Father, You are exceedingly good, very powerful, and majestic in all Your ways. You know the plans that You have for us. They are plans of good and not of evil. So we lay upon Your altar our trust, and we seek to work with You in every way. What a mighty and wonderful God You are. Lord, the things that I am going to share with them in the next part of this message are going to be even more glorious than what I have just given. Thank You, Father. We have nothing to fear when You are near. All that You do incites our awe and praise. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


In His Love,

Nita Johnson