Prophesy regarding the Democrat Party: the stolen waters (powers in the Nation) will be sweet for a season, but bitter in the end!!
Can a man betray his own soul and not suffer in the end! Can a dog eat poison and not die a grievous death?
What goes around must come around! The boomerang sent forth will return in like manner. Woe to the one who sends forth a heavy stick for when it returns will it not bring with it pain a plenty!
Pray therefore that My intervention will not tarry, and that I will make the crooked places straight. Pray that the bitter waters will turn to sweet for the one who was the oppressor will fall at the feet of the oppressed.
The day of reckoning will bring forth the just measure of the solace of equity! 
God is great! There is none like Him! For He will bring forth justice a plenty! The rod of chastisement will meet out every man’s just due for there is a purpose for every season under heaven!
In Him,
Nita Johnson