“President Trump and 2024, the Year of Reclamation”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

September 6, 2023


Wednesday, September 6th I had a series of visions while in prayer over President Trump and our nation.

As I prayed, I had a vision of President Trump before me. He was standing, his head bowed, but he had been struck with arrows over his body. Most of those arrows remained in place.

I asked the Lord where these arrows came from. He responded, “the Church.”  

Friends, I cannot tell you how deeply this grieves my spirit.

I quickly moved to our President to pull out the arrows, praying healing over each wound. As I prayed over his back, his head, his heart, his knees, and his feet, the areas once wounded began to glow with the healing touch of the Lord.

A horn of oil appeared in my hands, the Lord told me, as a prophet to the Nation, anointed him as the 47th President of the United States of America. He bowed his head in submission to the Lord’s call on his life. As I lifted the horn of oil, the oil began to bubble up as though it could not wait to descend upon the Lord’s anointed.  It flowed out steadily until his entire body was saturated with the oil. The horn never ran dry and continued to bubble as long as I stood next to him.

His body was completely encompassed in the oil of the Lord.

I began to pray that the Lord would increase and expand Isaiah 11:2 in and through his life.

“And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him,
the spirit of wisdom and understanding,
the spirit of counsel and might,
the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord”

The Lord spoke these words over President Trump:

“Donald J Trump, you are My anointed! You are My choice to lead the nation out of the chaos of the Elite. Only you have been granted the wisdom, the understanding, the counsel to do so, and I will grant you the spirit of might. You have been given the spirit of knowledge and will indeed walk in the fear of the Lord!  As you enter the office of the Presidency once again, I will expand My spirit within you to effectively tackle the chaos of the Elite.”

His back straightened, his knees strengthened, and unbelievable clarity came to his mind and heart. There was a determination in his eyes, he was unshakable, unstoppable, he was the rod of God against the Elite!

He began to walk over the communist agenda, and with each step, the fallow ground shattered underneath his feet. I walked alongside him, praying in the Spirit, decreeing, and declaring with each passing step, direct assaults against the communist agenda.

Each step he took crushed one communist agenda after another.

The communists began to shake and quake, as they saw the Hammer of Justice heading straight for them.  The long pathway, 45 steps, crushed the invasion into our media, the invasion into academia, the infiltration in our government, our financial institutions, and even our churches until we looked behind us and saw the mounds of rubble left in our wake. Somehow it was all collected and placed in our hands, and then we thrust it into the fire of God to be consumed.

I looked and saw the Deep State players within congress blown out to sea. I saw other members of the deep state that were positioned in key positions of government, finance, and so on, exposed and then thrust into darkness.

The Hammer of Justice had fallen!

President Trump turned around and as we walked, the vision I had of him before the 2016 election reappeared. In that vision, he walked up the steps to the inauguration stage, and within the milliseconds that it took between the time his heel hit the stage and his toe landed on the stage, the Spirit of the Lord came from behind him and passed through him. There was an anointing placed upon him that took every success and every failure in his life and used those experiences to heal and restore our nation. There was not a single area of our nation untouched by what God was doing through his presidency.

The Lord said “the healing is coming, the unifying of the people, the restoration of all things within My nation is coming! Watch and listen!!”

I heard the song “this land is my land” begin to play in the background, when I looked, the people of our nation were singing this song as the country was rebuilt from the ground up in some areas. They sang and they worked, they sang in perfect unity, reclaiming the nation as their own, stripping the rights from the elite, and grabbing hold of the nation knowing it was once again truly their own.

I saw excellence pour out over the land and healing flowed among the people. The divisiveness was lifted, and the unification of the nation had arrived!

The Lord told me 2024 is the year of Reclamation. It’s time to reclaim that which the enemy has stolen!

2023 was the year of Revolution. 2024 His glory is going to pour.

But this week He added: “2024, is the Year of Reclamation!”

What is Reclamation? According to what the Lord showed Mom:


 “Reclamation” (Reclaiming U.S.A.)


a. Reclamation is simply another way of saying God is going to reclaim America. Is. 60:3-5

b. America (and the world) needs Christ to reclaim her from the very foundation

  • We need Him to rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the streets of righteousness for our Nation to travel on
  • We pray for Him to give us a willing heart of intercession and travail for this invaluable reclamation of the
  • Every nation needs His reclamation power to restructure the infrastructure of the

c. God is reclaiming the

  • The Lord spoke to me (Nita) very powerfully and told me that the land of America is the American Church’s heritage, a gift of love from We need to see it as our heritage and seek to protect it as such. He wants us to have the same love for America that He does.
  • The reason America is in the trouble she is in now is because the Church has not kept the land in their hearts as a heritage from the Lord thus watching over it in
  • When the Church returns to the nurture of this nation in righteousness America will return to the proper Fatherhood role it has been called to among the nations of the
  • It is not in the Father’s heart to dispossess the First Nations people but to bring the Kingdom to their needy hearts, give the nation as a whole to His Church, which would include the born again First Nations

d. We must learn to take the dominion in love today by standing for righteousness.


Friends, it’s time to set aside petty things and embrace the unifying God is bringing our way. It’s going to take all of us to finish the work of Revolution and bring about the Reclamation! Our nation is going to be a completely different country by the time this is over, the people will see the horrific devastation communism has wrought and as a result, stand as a barrier to prevent its entrance back into our land. Greater exposure is coming, it’s going to be rough, but we’ve been training for this season, and God is entrusting this nation to His intercessors to keep it stable while He uproots the last of the elite.

Now is not the time to hold back, buckle up my friends, because over the next 12 months are going to prove to be among the most incredible months of our lives!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson