Dear Intercessors,

We want to humbly thank you for your responses to our prayer requests; it means so much to us that you take the time to pray for us. We are preparing for the Seattle Gathering of the Eagles Aug 29-Sept 2nd and as many of you know, it is a critical GOE for our Nation. So critical is its timing, that the Lord instructed us to move it up six weeks from our previously scheduled mid-October dates. The response from the people to this move has been unbelievable. Never before have so many registered for a GOE in advance. We know the intercessors are sensing in the spirit-realm the intense need to pray for the region, as well as this nation, and they are joining us in unprecedented numbers; so great are their numbers that we had to book an additional conference room to hold them all and as calls continue to come in we are looking at yet a 3rd conference room! At present our cost have far exceeded by many times the usual cost of sponsoring a Gathering. We are by no means complaining. This is a wonderful challenge to have to deal with.  We just need prayer that the finances will come in to meet the additional needs.

Additional room rental, equipment rental, i.e. speakers, projectors, transmitters, camera, monitors, and screens, and many other things we are having to purchase or rent this time around, etc., etc. is causing us, with good reason, to get on our knees.  We need you to join with us in prayer over this.

In fact, we need your prayers over a few things: we are in need of an experienced camera man to assist us throughout the GOE. We need the finances to cover the added expenses. Our team needs prayer for wisdom and strength during the preparatory time, as well as the actual GOE. Then there is the team on the ground, in Washington State. They are working day and night traveling around the Washington and Oregon area meeting with intercessors sponsoring and joining in prayer meetings to lay the groundwork for the GOE. This group of people was compelled by the Lord to take this time and dedicate it to rallying the troops to intercede in an effort to save the NW region. We are so touched and humbled by their sacrifices, so please lift them up as well as their needs to the Lord with us.

One last thing! The Lord spoke to Nita in a vision: You must wrest America from the Illuminati while there is still time. She is overwhelmed by this command as the obvious implication is that America can be wrested from our fierce enemy. She is spending even more time in prayer seeking counsel from the Lord for strategy to make this happen. So please keep her in prayer for this.

The Northwest GOE is going to be one of a kind. The victory will be marvelous and granted to serious people of prayer by the hands of our loving Lord.

Thank-you for your prayers.

In Him,

WFJM Staff