Dear intercessors and people of prayer,

As I consider all that the fairly immediate future holds, I cannot help but think of how important prayer is in this hour. Indeed, we hold the future in our hands! Prayer can still change the course of America and even save her from the clutches of the New World Order. Isn’t that a wonderful assurance? Prayer, and lots of it, can redirect the relentless march of time to our advantage.

Although it seems for all intents and purposes that it is too late to assuage God’s judgment, this is simply not true. Although judgments must come, there are those we can prevent and/or minimize. The Lord is even now saying that He desires to fulfill His redemptive purposes with America. I have learned as an intercessor who has seen the greatest of challenges placed on my assignment board that God can do anything He wills as long as He has people who are willing to “stand in the gap” in faith and pray. Let me give you a couple of examples.

Nigeria was destined to fall under a radical Muslim leader, as he had 75% of the public vote and the election was close at hand. Due to the intercession in our Nigeria Gathering of the Eagles (GOE), this radical Muslim man at the last minute walked into the incumbent President’s office and said he was pulling out of the election because Allah had told him to do so. Moreover, he was ready to turn all his votes over to his Christian opponent. This act insured that the incumbent would win the election…which he did. Nigeria was consequently spared the tyranny of a radical Muslim as President. This incredible incident was one of the greatest miracles in our generation, and it happened because passionate prayer was in line with God’s will. Today, Nigeria is still at sea in the boat of God’s providential care, awaiting the necessary intercession to transform it into a nation utterly turned over to the will of God. Corresponding to that time a mighty revival will break out, greater than what the revivalist Reinhardt Bonnke has already seen. And great will be the harvest! Prayer turned the tide at an impossible moment in Nigeria’s elections, and prayer will complete this needed divine work.

Malaysia was about to fall to the same fate when I first went there to minister. The Lord told me in the middle of the night what was about to transpire there if the Church did not pray. I shared that warning with a native pastor who invited me to his church in Malaysia to minister to his congregation. He immediately contacted pastors from all over his country, inviting them to come hear my burden and to corporately pray with me. When the pastors came together, I shared the vision and God’s plan of intervention. We then all prayed, and prayed, and prayed! Once finished, we waited to see what God would do. The man who was next in line for the chief position of the country was a radical Muslim. It seemed impossible to rend the nation from his terrible grasp. He hated Christians and would have targeted them for the worst kind of persecution. Every pastor already knew this, so God’s warning went deep into their hearts. Consequently, our fervent intercession prevailed, and the Lord saved Malaysia. What a wonderful victory it was. And while Malaysia is still not a Christian country, the government continues to have an attitude of tolerance toward the nation’s many Christians. This leniency has continued now for many years, as the Church continues to pray.

I could give you many other examples of God’s intervention. Even in America we have seen miraculous answers to prayer that have slowed down the hellish prodding of the Illuminati. I won’t go into details here, for I share them in every GOE to encourage the intercessors. Suffice it to say that prayer is making a huge difference, although we have not turned the corner completely in our country. Truth be told, the Illuminati can still win, yet so can the Church. So Christ is our boast! Because we are on His side; “We will prevail if we do not stop!” We do not have to be a part of the New World Order. Nowhere in the Bible does it indicate that it has to end like that. The the praying Church does not have to be defeated. No! We can still know the Lord’s mercy on our land…if we will pray!

Our intercessions before God at the GOE’s have stopped several natural disasters in America. The Lord has heard, and continues to hear, our prayers because His wrath has not yet been fully determined. In light of this window of intercessory opportunity, let me say that we are looking right in the face of devastating natural disasters along the west coast of the United States. We can postpone them through corporate prayer. The tragic loss of perhaps thousands of lives can be stopped. One major, nationally known prophet has said that hundreds of thousands of lives are in jeopardy. Even so, God is willing to overturn the impending judgments if we will meet His requirements and pray. Therefore, I once again want to invite you to come to Seattle, even if you have to sacrifice to do so. Come and help us pray. We initially had room for 400 and that room is almost full. Due to the critical nature that lay before us, the Lord moved on us to make room for more so we reserved another room that will hold an additional 300 intercessors.

The 700 seats are going quickly, so you need to register soon to insure yourself a place. Come and help us break through to the victory. You will never regret this choice.

Also, join us on our live Stream Monday through Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00 AM CST; Friday and Sat. 10 – 11:30 AM. We are praying for America and the nations of the world – Monday through Thursday we specifically pray for revival in America. I am asking the Lord to give us 1000 intercessors on line each morning. Please join us, and invite a friend.

In His amazing love,

Nita Johnson