Overcoming National Tribulation with the 3-Cord Strand of the Lord!

Ricci Johnson-Wilson



I am going to share a vision I had this week and then follow that with what the Lord has given me for us, the intercessors in this hour.

The Vision:

I was in prayer for the nation, and I had a vision of a map of the country. There was a tribulation welling up within the land. This was “a” tribulation not “THE” tribulation.

Suddenly, the Lord pulled me up above the land, and I watched as the land began to vibrate. The vibrations became stronger, and stronger, it seemed as though a major earthquake was brewing under the surface throughout the whole nation.

The surface of the land began to crack.

Then, speckled throughout the land, I saw people emerge from their homes dressed in covert attire. The Lord handed me a zoom lens which allowed me to see clearly what was happening across the landscape.

The people emerging from their homes were wearing dark clothing, hats, goggles, gloves, and so on. They looked exactly like seal team six does when they head out on covert missions.

They each had an anchor right next to their homes, they took the rappelling clip that was previously fastened to their utility belt and quickly clipped it to the anchor. A sturdy 3-strand cord began to unwind. The earth opened just wide enough for them to fit through, and they rappelled down through the crack and into the slim crevasse in the earth.

Again, the Lord drew my attention to the whole of the nation, and I could see the same event occurring state by state.

They landed on a tectonic plate next to a cord that had become unhooked from the adjacent plate. They moved quickly, grabbing the cord, and reaching over to the plate which was moving away and hooked it in place. In some areas, even a third plate needed to be reattached.

Every cord used was a 3-strand cord.

They looked up, grabbed another cord, and quickly returned to the surface. The crevasse close up, the earth settled and entered into peace-almost as though it had been comforted by the work, and then the warriors stepped forward to enter their homes. As they did, they looked back at the Lord, and He smiled and nodded His approval. They entered their homes and slowly began to shut the door. As they did, they pulled back their dark hoods and what I saw shocked me. These were not highly trained seal team sixers in their mid-twenties; these were men and women from 30-90 years of age!

This entire event took seconds and occurred while those in the house slept on.

I knew then this was the work of strategically placed intercessors, highly trained overcomers, throughout the land.

However, the 3-strand cord that they hooked into the tectonic plates seemed to really stand out to me. It became the subject of my prayers over the course of the next several days.

The Lord in His mercy began to unpack several key things in this vision.

  • Tribulation in the nation.
  • The Overcomers
  • The 3- strand cord

Let us start by defining types of tribulation. I hesitate to even use the word “tribulation” because with “wars and rumors of wars” occurring, people jump to “we are headed into, or we are in THE Tribulation” and some people sort of freak out about this topic. The truth is, THE Tribulation is a culmination of prophecy from the beginning of time and as such, it leads to the completion of all things. We rejoice that we see God’s Word fulfilled.

That said, I am not saying that the Lord said that we are in the Great Tribulation, there are still some things left to accomplish prior to that time.

If we go to the Word and just search up “tribulation” we find it listed twenty-two times as “tribulation.”  However, it is translated as affliction, oppression, distress, burdened, oppressed, suffer, narrow, throng, and suffer tribulation, throughout the Old and New Covenant Scriptures.

In the Hebrew it is “sara” found 73x and the Greek “thlibo” as a verb ten times and “thlipsis” as a noun forty-five times.

Thlipsis, which was used by John in Revelation 1:9 when he said, “I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

John lived two thousand years ago, he was a companion in tribulation and in spite of the unbelievable persecution he endured, he was not in the Great Tribulation he was revealing to us in the book of Revelation.

Why am I working so hard to drive this point home? Because the people of God must remain levelheaded, preach the Gospel, and intercede for the nations until we hear THE Trumpet Sound! Amen? Amen!

First, what is tribulation?

Strongs 2347 thlípsis – properly, pressure (what constricts or rubs together), used of a narrow place that “hems someone in”; tribulation, especially internal pressure that causes someone to feel confined (restricted, “without options”). /thlípsis (“compression, tribulation”) carries the challenge of coping with the internal pressure of a tribulation, especially when feeling there is “no way of escape” (“hemmed in”).

This is the tribulation the Lord was showing me. A time of tribulation, pressing together, affliction, oppression, distress, burdened. One that carries with it the challenge of coping with internal pressures, feeling as though there is no way of escape.

With this understanding in mind, let us look at the first thing the Lord pointed out:

  • Tribulation

What is the Lord showing us in terms of “tribulation over the land” and the purpose of our national tribulation? As we answer this, remember, if we take into consideration the definition above, tribulation hems us in, makes us feel restricted and without options. It carries the challenge of coping with the internal pressure of tribulation as though there is no way of escape. Yet, times of tribulation accomplishes things in the nation. When Gabriel came and spoke to Daniel in Daniel 9:24, remember, he was repenting for the sins of the people in preparation for their release from the 70-year captivity when the Lord sent Gabriel to convey this important message about the purpose of tribulation:

Daniel 9:24b tells us three things: “to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness”

  1. He is using this season of tribulation to bring an end to sin. What sin? So much sin…but in particular, to bring an end to bloodletting. Abortion and human trafficking have both been exposed in this season of national tribulation, for the multi-billion-dollar industries they are, and the roar of the people is rising for these crimes against humanity to end.
  2. God is using this season to make reconciliation for iniquity. In other words, to bring His people back to Him. Sin separates us from God. How are we reconciled to Him? Repentance. God is calling the Church in particular, back to Him. To restore the relationship. We are the heart of the nation; we must remain a house of prayer if we are to see our nation reconciled to God. Daniel was a man of righteousness, a man of prayer, nothing stopped him from his prayer life. Not kings, not adversaries, not lions. He knew his commission was to stand in the gap for Israel throughout their captivity. If we follow his example, as the Church, we must repent for our apathy and compromise, and return to our original intent. To be the house of prayer, to stand in the gap for the nation, to be the example to the nation on how they ought to be reconciled to God. To be the house of prayer we were created to be. His house has been a den of thieves and entertainment, but God is using the national tribulation we are in, to provoke pastors and leaders to call their people to repent and return to the call of prayer.
  3. God is using this season of tribulation to bring in righteousness. God is dealing with DC, as I shared a couple weeks ago, and that transcription went out this week, as the people of the land rise up and roar toward DC, God will move mountains to lift the decay and corruption off DC and make way for the new breed of politicians, those loyalists who will stand up for America. Politicians are not pastors, however, those who work on a political level, should be working to return us to God’s plans and purpose for our nation. Their efforts should return us to the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers laid out for us in our founding documents. As far as the citizens, God is awakening them increasingly every day. (I spoke on this in greater detail last time.)


  1. The Overcomer

Now, let us look briefly at the overcomer according to the word Thlipsis: tribulation hems us in, makes us feel restricted and without options. It carries the challenge of coping with the internal pressure of tribulation as though there is no way of escape.

This intense pressure we experience serves a purpose. A portion of the pressure is personal, and a portion serves a higher purpose.

Romans 5:3 tells us that tribulation works patience, experience, and hope within the believer. These are the opposite of fear, apathy, and discouragement.

There is a challenge by the Lord to work to overcome those internal pressures we feel of discouragement, fear, and apathy, and continue to stand our ground. I would also encourage you, if you are experiencing these things, to ask yourself, is this my discouragement, fear, or apathy? Or am I living in intercession for those around me who are feeling that sense of discouragement, fear, or apathy? When we know which, we can then pray accordingly.

We also learn from Revelation 2:8-11 in the message to the Church of Smyrna, that enduring tribulation—thlipsis—faithfully produces a sweet fragrance unto the Lord and results in the crown of life.

Tribulation, affliction, persecution, all of this can keep us focused on the momentary affliction, but is it possible that God is calling us to something higher? To learn to rise above the momentary affliction and remain focused on the commission? There are times when the enemy will come in like a flood with one attack after another and it is all to keep us distracted from our calling to the nation. I am not trying to diminish the personal suffering, I have certainly had my fair share, and watched my Mom go through unbelievable personal suffering, but she continues to teach us the criticality of pressing through to the call for the nation. As overcomers, we must recognize, the weight of the next six months will not lift, if things were to lift, I do not believe it would be a complete work. The Lord is asking us to go higher and view these things through His lens.

The personal tribulation we encounter produces the overcoming intercessor—the warrior if you will. The seal team six warrior the Lord showed me in that vision, was peering through the temporal shaking and clearly seeing into the eternal purposes of this season. When the call came, they jumped into action. They were functioning at a different level; they were overcomers. They had a greater call and purpose in the path of overcoming, and that was the call of the trailblazer. This is where God is taking us. The greater need for us as intercessors to overcome comes from the call of the trailblazer.

The Trailblazers create a path for the next generation to walk in. The Samuel Generation needs us to carve out this path of an overcoming intercessor, that they might pick up the baton and run their race successfully.


  • The Cords and their purpose

Now, let us look at the Cords that the overcomers were anchoring from the surface down to the tectonic plates. This is key here, because this is the year of liberty, God is doing a mighty work to set us free from the hand of the cabal. In this process, we need to reclaim our nation for the Kingdom of heaven!

The cords had three strands, and the key is in these three points the Lord gave me as I sought Him about those strands:

1-The anchor of God to the land

2-Our freedom to worship Him

3-The Destiny of America


  • We must reconnect the anchor of God to the land. What does that mean? Did you know that every state in the Union contains, in their state constitution, references to God or the Divine? When state constitutions were written, the founders understood the providential hand of God upon this nation and incorporated Him as the anchor in their state constitutions.

Connecticut, one of the strongest, was used as a template by the writers of the US Constitution. Within its pages, it has tremendous anchoring of God to the land. Massachusetts and North Carolina lead the charge in the most mentions. Still, thirty-two states even reference Him as “Lord” in their state constitutions.


The Cabal has done everything they can to remove God from this nation, claiming “separation of church and state” as the reason for this move. However, that was not God’s plan, nor was it in the heart of our Founding Fathers to remove or separate God from government. The intent was to prevent a corrupt government from rising and forcing a religion on the people. The need to have Godly people influence the government and the laws of the land was of the upmost importance in the development and establishment of these here states of our union. The Cabal has spent the last one hundred years or so trying to unhook those cords anchoring each state to the Covenant God has with our nation. We as intercessors, need to reclaim the original intent in our founding documents and re-anchor our states to God.


  • Our Freedom to know and freely worship God from the youngest to the oldest. In 1647, Connecticut and Massachusetts passed the “Old Deluder Satan Law” to prevent illiteracy and to prevent the abuse of power over a population ignorant of Scriptures, as had been the case in Europe. The Law States: “it being one of the chief projects of that old deluder Satan, to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures, as in former time. It is therefore ordered, that after the Lord hath increased the settlement to the number of fifty householders, they shall forthwith appoint one within their town, to teach all such children as shall resort to him, to write, and read.” That is quite the strand in this cord, isn’t it? This was legislation requiring all children to learn to read to prevent deception from Satan the deluder!


These leaders sought to form a nation wherein we would have the freedom to know God on a personal level without restrictions from government or any other authority. Europe felt they could maintain better control of the people and increase the church’s power if the people could not read. Our Founders experienced firsthand the impact of this on their lives and sought to implement laws to protect us and anchor us to God.


  • The Destiny of America. I have shared this before but knowing and understanding God’s plans and purposes in the destiny of America, enables us to stand strong in the midst of the greatest pressing we can imagine.


What is the Destiny of America?

  1. To be a Father to the Nations
  2. To be a place from which the Gospel can pour out unto all the earth
  3. To be a place of refuge
  4. To stand with and protect Israel

The enemy has tried to diminish or derail this destiny for the last century, but God is reawakening us to our purpose in the earth increasingly each day. Did you know that the Great Awakening that swept through our land in the mid-1700s, prior to the American Revolution, is considered the most significant social, cultural, and religious upheaval in the British colonies before the war? The Great Awakening influenced our society from the top down and both directly and indirectly influenced the Revolution!

The Awakening set us free from the bondage of Brittan and anchored America to our God! No wonder God is calling us to reconnect these cords in our states to Him.

What I saw the overcomers doing as they repelled down the crevasse that opened next to their homes and landed onto the tectonic plates was reclaiming the Godly heritage stitched into the states from the very beginning! They called forth the destiny of their state, and our nation to be fulfilled under God’s divine design. And they called forth the seeds of revival, the seeds of the Great Awakening to spring forth in the land!

Your mission my friends, should you choose to accept it, is to research these things in your states and repent where the current regimes have overridden these laws and their intents, and reconnect these 3-strand cords in your states.

Then, continue to pray this nation through this season of tribulation in such a way, that it comes forth as a sweet-smelling fragrance unto the Lord. A nation that rises as a father to the nations, spreads the Gospel, remains a place of refuge, and continues to stand with and protect Israel!

In our May Gathering last year, I had a vision of the American Flag hanging upside down. This represents a nation in distress. Today, Justice Alito spoke to the American Flag outside his home that is hanging upside down. We are indeed a nation in distress, but just as the Lord promised in that GOE, when this work is finished, our flag will indeed be turned around by the hand of the Lord and fly with strength and vigor once again as that Flag, Old Glory, that represents a stand against tyranny!

We are overcoming trailblazers my friends, stay the course, the victory is on the horizon!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson