New World Order Part I

A Brief Synopsis

By Nita LaFond Johnson

Many have sought to write an extensive overview of the coming New World Order which is why I have never written on the subject. After 400 years of the Elite perfecting their objective and its implementation, it is by now a vast subject to report on. Therefore, I wonder how anyone could write on this subject without publishing several books to fully cover it. However, I feel that it is time for me to share with you a little from the prophetic perspective.

This is really not easy, because trying to describe the New World Order as Lucifer and his followers have envisioned it is like covering in a single article, a conclusive commentary on every creature in the sea. The Illuminati, which is what they call themselves, have so many tentacles into present society that it is like a vast web that encircles the world, or a great octopus holding the world in its arms. How do I begin to describe the most important parts of that web…their plans and operations? I don’t know, but I will try. Taking into consideration that most of you already know the basics will make this job easier, I suppose.

In the second Psalm, the Psalmist wrote of a time when the Kings of the earth would join together to throw off the yoke of divine government. That time has been apportioned to our day in history. Of course, as I mentioned above, the Illuminati actually began under the auspices of the Catholic Church with a monk by the name of Ignatius Loyola. Without going into a lot of his history, suffice it to say that he entered into Luciferian worship, perhaps by accident. However, the deeper he went, the deeper he wanted to go, until he gave birth to a whole new order of worship. He is the father of what is known today as the Jesuit Society. He gained favor with the Pope by promising to uphold the Church and the Pope against the Reformation movement sparked by Martin Luther. His promise was imbibed by all who followed him. It was a promise to do their part to uphold the Pope and to stop the Reformation even at the sacrifice of their lives. Jesuits take a similar oath even today.  His group became so deeply involved with Luciferian worship in a few short years that Europe became gravely concerned about them and demanded that they be stopped. This forced them to go underground for many years. This occurred in the mid-1500s, as I recall.

Prominence was not restored until 1776 when another Jesuit Monk by the name of Adam Weishaupt was contacted by Meyer Rothschild with the purpose of enlisting his help to establish an organization that would become known as The Bavarian Illuminati. Weishaupt was secretly associated with the Catholic Church, but ostensibly disenfranchised. He was a genius in organizational skills and knew a great many of the European Elite. These qualities made him a likely candidate for their purpose. Furthermore, and perhaps even more importantly, he was deeply involved with the occult as he was trained as a Jesuit Priest. He accepted Meyer Rothschild’s offer, quit his Professorship, and the Bavarian Illuminati began and was officially established in 1776.

The Illuminati as we know it today is the descendant of the Bavarian Illuminati. From the beginning, their goal was world dominion. Over a period of years, the hierarchy formulated their program and ultimately introduced it into the Lodges of Freemasonry. From there, their numbers grew, propelling their agenda into the European Aristocracy at warp speed.  However, a brief hindrance arose when after about a year, their plan to provoke the French revolution was discovered. This in itself is quite a story, but I will not take the time to go into it here. Arrests were made and the organization was forced underground for a season, however, continued to grow and develop until the foundation of organization of today was firmly established.

This overview is but a brief summary of an incredible beginning. I suggest, however, that the beginning is not quite as important as the present.

Today, the Illuminati spans the globe with thousands of private organizations and subsidiaries, world governments and rulers all playing their role.  For instance, the Lord revealed to me in a series of visions that here in America, our government is Illuminati. In the next vision He said that our court system is Illuminati. In the third vision, He said our banking system is Illuminati. Also, He said our educational system is Illuminati. In another series of visions at a later date He showed me that there are three levels of involvement possible for a nation undertaking a global posture and affiliating themselves with the world-wide Illuminati movement.  America is in the deepest level. We are not just heading there, but are already working in this deep level of covert activity.  The list of our past Presidents that worked with them is long. President John F Kennedy was born into an Illuminati family. However, when he began his Presidential term in office and saw the perils America would face if the relationship with the Banking Elite and the Federal Reserve were not expunged from American life, he sought to free America. He was determined to shut down the CIA, get rid of the Federal Reserve, and get us out of the war. For that reason, he was killed. Aside from JFK, I have not been able to discover any other recent President that was not under the Shadow Government of the Illuminati either by pressure or by agreement. Whether they did much to integrate America into the Illuminati One World Government or they accomplished little, the list of men who complied with the New World Order movement demands extends many decades into the past.

I mentioned earlier that I would try a bit different approach to sharing the dilemma we are in with the Illuminati, as presently so many books have been written about this subject. Anyone who really wants to know where we are heading can go online and purchase numerous books about our future with this perilous movement.

I will briefly describe some of the Illuminati’s controlling influences over today’s world society and add to this some prophetic insight. This should give you enough information to know you need to prepare for their plans by pulling close to the Lord. Also, as I have stated repeatedly over many decades, I now strongly urge you again: get out of debt and do not buy anything on credit in the future. Learn to live simply.  Learn to live close to the Lord.

Divisions of the New World Order Movement

The Catholic Church is the mainstay of the religious arm of the movement. The Pope will be the false prophet of which the Bible itself testifies. Revelation Chapter 17 in part discusses the role of the Catholic Church. Incidentally, the city of the seven hills is Rome. That is not outstanding guess work on my part; anyone who lives in Italy knows that Rome is called the City of the Seven Hills. Rev. 13: 11-16 also addresses its role, bringing into the picture the reality of a false prophet who comes out of the Catholic Church of Rome. Again, Italian Christians fully expect the false Prophet to arise from within the Catholic Church as the Pope of the last days. So we have the Biblical allegory and we have a system that is working rather overtly in Italy preparing the way for the two headed monster, soon to arise. Together, these testify of the coming world religious government through the Church of Rome.

The Popes (Black-Jesuit and the Ceremonial Pope known by the entire world) are doing their part to steer the Catholic Church into the direction needed to fulfill its last days role. The Angel of the Lord came to one of our past leaders, Sally, standing at the center of a great wheel and said to her: “All roads lead to Rome.” Just a few weeks before that, the Lord spoke to me in a vision and told me that behind our government lay the shadow government of Rome. He was referring to the Roman Catholic Church, which was indicated by the actual vision. Only a little research will show the reader that the things I am saying are true. It is said that every leader in the world is subject to the Pope. I had many visions as did other members of our team indicting the Roman Catholic Church in its role in the One World Movement. When I was in India meeting with a couple of friends of mine who just happen to be prophets, the Angel of the Lord appeared and spoke to us about the Catholic Church, the Pope, and the New One World Religion. All agree in their testimony that the false Prophet of the last days will indeed be the Pope.

This vital organization that has its roots deep in the archaic past has been prepared by Lucifer for its future role, at times receiving active cooperation from the Church’s leadership and at other times participating blindly to their own detriment.  Millions of Catholics around the world for nearly two thousand years have been subject to its tyranny, while thinking to better their soul. Even now, multiplied thousands are leaving the Catholic Church all over the world. While in Rome, I was taken into a vision walk to see the immediate future of the Catholic Church, wherein I saw exactly what is happening today: the great escape of the masses.

While many are making their exit, others remain and the Catholic Church continues to dominate the religious world. The Pope is calling together the great spiritual leaders of all religions and cults from all over the world to find a way to walk together. While the Catholic in the pew thinks he will go to hell if he dares to leave the Church, the rest of the world is being courted by a doctrine of tolerance for the sake of a One World Religion headed by the Pope.

Yes, the Roman Church has power unlike any other institution, a power that Lucifer is wielding to his own pleasure as the Pope works even now with the Illuminati to bring about the New World Order. In the not too distant future, the Pope will send forth a world-wide decree that all who will not subjugate themselves to his authority will die and the future inquisition will begin.


On the banking scene, we find nations dominated by an International Banking Cartel commonly known as the Banking Elite. International Banks such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are like twin sisters in the banking world. They are set up to look very benign and are seemingly designed to help impoverished nations. However, they are part of the Octopus that is designed to financially strangle the Nations of the World. In the sea world, the octopus is a very sensitive creature. If it feels threatened, it will change colors like a chameleon for the purpose, I suppose, of frightening away its predator. If the creature enters into a panic, it will release a blinding ink against its attacker and swim to safety. It can also be a formidable foe.  While in one way I see the Illuminati as a poisonous spider sitting comfortably in the web it has fashioned over the whole world, in another way it is like an octopus. In self-protection it sends out its blinding ink in hopes that the average citizen will not learn what it is doing.

I could go into much detail about this as, once again, we have much revelation on the issue and the Internet is replete with information that attests to what the Lord has shown us. To look into it a bit for yourself, go to the Internet and review the John Pilger films. Begin with the series entitled “The New Rulers of the World”. This particular series reveals how the World Bank and the IMF work together to imprison needy nations for the purpose of gaining ownership and/or use of their resources for those who are the Reigning Elite of the New World Order.  The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) works in a similar way and will be the covering umbrella of all the rest when all the shaking is over. There are many other films and writings that reveal other aspects of the Illuminati. This film maker/reporter is just one of many undertaking to reveal the truth.

On a national level, we deal with the insanity of the Federal Reserve. Most know by now that the Federal Reserve is neither a Federal agency nor it is a reserve for difficult or pressing times. Rather it is a central bank owned and operated by private bankers. Economic giants such as Rothschild, Paul Warburg, Schiff and JP Morgan interests to name a few are actually the holding partners in the Federal Reserve. This system is set up to milk our Nation’s economy. It has power to do what no banking system should be allowed to do in any Nation. It sets the subprime interest rate (a responsibility that is supposed to rest on the shoulders of our Congress) and decides when it is time to print more fiat money. (Fiat money is money that is not backed by gold which is the case with US dollars at present.) I could go into a more expanded explanation about this institution, however if you really want to know about it and its devastating history purchase the book “Creature of Jekyll Island” by Edward Griffin. His well executed exposition on the subject will give you a good foundational understanding.

We made it incumbent upon ourselves to learn as much as we could as we began receiving from the Lord much instruction, dates, names and events that pertained to the dangers of the New World Order and its various systems to take to prayer into the GOEs.

What we learned is that the banking system that has been established in America and around the world was covertly designed to make wealthy men even wealthier, and to institute a system of control over the common people which would ultimately lend itself to a feudal society. This beast of economic power fueled by the financial genius and greed of the Elite and supported by the ignorance of the rest of the world will be our undoing. If the Illuminati has an ultimate weapon with which to dominate the world it is this – the present banking system.  It is for this reason that the Bible tells us not to borrow money. It states that the borrower is a slave to the lender, which is true. The evidence of that truth is being clearly seen today. The Bible also warns not to engage in usury, or the lending of money at interest. If we did not pay interest and chose, rather, not to borrow money, but instead to save and only then spend what we have, we would not pay double or triple for everything we buy and we would keep our flesh under control instead of living on the edge of destructive impulse buying. Further, bankers such as we are discussing would not have power over us. The Bible’s wisdom is impeccable.

Politics and Banking

If you have it within your power to take away basic needs such as food, clothing, and water from people and control their distribution, you will gain control over whole nations. When, by controlling the economy through deliberately vacillating interest rates and printing "non-money" money, withholding even good, equitable loans and at other seasons making extraordinary loans available which cannot sustain an economy – for they are weak and doomed to fail (such as those we are still trying to digest in connection with the failed derivatives market), as well as many other such maneuvers too deep and vast to cover here – you make the common people so poor that they cannot purchase their basic necessities, providing yourself a basis for absolute control and the engineering of a feudal society.

People will do anything to meet their basic needs, including voluntary slavery. Thus, by the means mentioned above, impoverishment of nations and the New World Order of feudalism is born.  One man calls the Elite Bankers “Banksters.” I think he is right! They invited us into their gilded cage and we ignorantly accepted the invitation. Now we as a Nation are trapped. Only God can free us. As for the Church, you must get out of debt any way you can. Live simply and learn to trust in the Lord for your sustenance because trouble is coming through the New World Order.

Carroll Quigley wrote in Tragedy and Hope:

The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland; a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank…sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.

There is of course the lofty world of politics. Lord Rothschild once said: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Oh, how painfully true this is.  The Rothschild’s live in a self-made mental utopia because they know all too well who really owns America’s money, and therefore America’s government. George Soros, a serious name in the economic mafia is connected to Rothschild. It was Rothschild interests that gave him his big start, by way of a man by the name of George Karlweiss, Rothschild’s right hand man. Also, he collaborates with the Queen of England. One man calls him the “Hit Man for the British Oligarchy.” Just as important perhaps, he was reared politically by Karl Popper of the Fabian Society, which incidentally was created and is maintained to bring about a One World Government.

Watch what George Soros does to dismantle nations. I understand his bitter hand was in the dismantling of the Yugoslavia as well as many other nations such as Italy and Russia, in recent years. Now he is going after America. I can only guess that Rothschild’s hand is aiding him as his methods are Rothschild methods. This dismantling of our nation is being guided by our politicians on the visible screen, and by the Banking Elite which is the Shadow Government on the invisible screen. What we see taking place in the economic world is being allowed by those we elected to protect our nation. In fact, laws that would have protected us from ever seeing the dismal reality of today were changed in the Reagan years. Let’s go further back, and look at the Federal Reserve. It was finally allowed into America after many failed attempts in 1913. This one decision nailed the coffin of America’s survival. The strong warning of Thomas Jefferson not to ever allow a banking system (Central Bank) to print money was ignored, and we are reaping the terrible poisonous fruit of it now. The Elite has to control the President and the Congress in order to enact their program. We unknowingly elect and pay the politicians to subordinate themselves to the Shadow Government which consists of the Elite and the Pope.  The only way around this is to quit listening to what they say and start doing the research to find out what they do. Then don’t agree, but pray for God’s intervention.

The Banking Elite have a goal to so destabilize America’s economy that our banking system will disappear in smoke and ashes and arise again as a brand new creature, again, of their making. Ultimately, they want only one bank in the Nation. All other banks presently in operation will be swallowed up into the “One”. That One Bank will, of course, be under their control.

To summarize this section, the whole banking system is doomed to failure as evil men control it. It is the Devil’s trap, his gilded cage set up to eventually gain control over our Nation and the world, and finally, our lives.

You can live outside this trap. This is how: do not borrow money. Live within your means. Do not buy anything you do not really need. Seek to downgrade your living standards even now as much as possible. Sell what you do not really need and use the money to get out of debt. Finally, live close to God through prayer and time in the Word. Every step you take to move out of dependency on the system will reap rewards in the future.

The Geopolitical World

Regardless of appearance, the President of the United States is not really the one at the top of the political system of our country. Who then is at the top? Deliberately hidden in the background forming a Shadow Government are the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of 300, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the United Nations, the Federal Reserve and I think we need to add to the list the World Trade Organization. For instance, the seemingly innocent, albeit, dangerously clandestine meetings held by the Bilderberg Group, are the controlling influence causing the nations of the earth to slither their way to a One World Government. Most of what ultimately comes to the table of the CFR is first decided in the Bilderberg Meetings. Once the CFR fine-tunes the direction set there, it is enacted by the United Nations. What is agreed upon and forwarded to the United Nations ultimately controls what our President and, as a rule, our congress will do. Of course, at the head of these many secret societies is the Banking Elite. Aside from people like David Rockefeller, their chief officers are always International Heads of State, such as Queen Elizabeth or Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and others of such cloth.

Their plans are then funneled down to the world populace via the many arms of the media which goes about working through propaganda to change our thinking concerning their lofty ideals so we will embrace them. However, the New World Order laws become our laws by the hands of our own elected officials. They teach our politicians how to think, let them know what is politically correct in our Universities, which are headed by revolutionaries of the Global System. Thus they utilize politics as an arm to enact the policies of the New World Order.

I’ll never forget hearing Nancy Pelosi say of the ObamaCare Bill: “We have to vote it in so we can see what is in it.” Those are not the words of someone who thinks pragmatically. They are the words of one who thinks within the box of the N.W.O.

The New World Order is driving our Nation into chaos and the people sit by and idly watch the dangerous implementation of its programs as though they could not even so much as see it is happening. I think we have no more wisdom than Nancy Pelosi. We can see breaches in our Nation’s security in hundreds of areas and yet we tell ourselves, “Oh, it will work out in the end.” That is what Jewish leaders among my own people used to tell themselves before their countries were taken over by Hitler. My dear friends, we are sliding into a sink hole that is too deep for us. It is time to look for a way to break the fall before it’s too late. We cannot keep ignoring the obvious.

We have among our elected officials Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, our President and his right-hand man, Joe Biden, notwithstanding the likes of Hillary Clinton.  These people and so many others (regardless of party affiliation) that I will not take the time to list are not working for the American people, although we pay their salaries. They work for the Elite. It is a known fact that Obama is mentored by and subject to George Soros. Further, Soros just gave a very handsome check to an organization Hillary Clinton helped to found, “Media Matters”. Unless she was on the same wave length as Soros, such an overt donation would not have transpired. Soros helped Barney Frank in his attempt to get a bill passed for the legalization of certain street drugs.  It is said that the United Kingdom uses Soros as a sort of hit man – economic hit man. He goes in and breaks the bank by various means; finds those who think like he thinks or at least are willing to learn and embrace the way he thinks and supports their efforts in their given field to bring America out of her Sovereignty and into captivity to the New World Order. He is one of many that remain relatively hidden as they work their terrible craft against an ignorant people. They keep yelping that dark is light and light is dark, that evil is good and good is evil. They keep working to take your children through education and if need be through official force. What are you doing about it?

One thing you must do is pray for our elected officials. Pray that God will put conservatives in office who are Constitutionalists. Pray that our Constitution will be reconstituted as it was created to protect us from the New World Order. Pray for those in office regardless of their political ideology. Pray that they will get saved. Pray that they will see the true light and help steer this nation away from our demise. Pray them out of office if they persist in their dangerous plans. Pray against the New World Order. Pray for a major revival to sweep through this Nation.

The Elite want our government in their hands. To accomplish this they move by stealth. They work secretly in the backdrop of our elections, steering America to vote for their choice of candidates. Of course, they work hard to set up two choices of their liking from which we can choose, one being Republican and the other Democrat. They know they will get done whatever they want regardless of who is elected. If a man can be bought, they will buy him and his family will be very comfortable when they finish their presidency. If they cannot buy him, they may do what they did to President Kennedy: they will assassinate him. It just depends on the issues that are in focus during a man’s presidency as to how strong their tactics are.  The Congress is also on the ledger to be bargained for.  That is why it is important to vote for men and women with integrity. If they do it right, they can get things accomplished to help our Nation. However, it will take prayer.

The Illuminati is working around the globe for globalization, which, simply put, means One World Government. The work they are doing in America is only part of their strategy. Europe is now a “United Europe” in preparation for a One World Government. This has taken centuries to accomplish, but it is now taking shape before our very eyes. They work through the changing of the guard – i.e. governments come and go, but they remain – and continue to perfect their work among the nations decade after decade.  They are methodical and patient as they train their leaders to do what they want them to do to bring about their ultimate global goal. The politics of the world are now in their hands to wield as they wish, and wield it they will!

Many Sundry Groups

I have given you some names of the higher secret societies and groups that wield a powerful political and economic sword causing the nations of the earth to swear their allegiance to the emerging global system, marching in step with the beat of the Illuminati drummer.

Now I will mention some lesser, yet extremely powerful groups. Thousands of such groups are speckled across the globe in all nations. We know the name of only a few. Groups such as The Knights of Malta, Soros – OSI (Open Society Institute),, Center for American Progress, Media Matters, Tides Foundation, Apollo Alliance,  Round Table, Pilgrims Society, Freemasons, CIA, Mossad, The Quantum Fund, the Fabian Society and Acorn.

These groups are extremely powerful. One thing that enables them to stay so powerful is that they are covert in their activities. Their titles do not reveal their true purpose. Therefore they continue, nearly undetected, destroying the nations of the world. They are clandestine in their purposes, at times feeding off illegal activity. What I mean is that the highest Bankers and Society leaders have made at least some of their vast wealth by means of horrid, illegal activity: drugs, human trafficking and the sale of illegal arms to name a few.

There is another arm of global conquest I think I need to introduce. This arm is the activities of high level Corporations. I probably should not go into a great deal of detail as to which Corporations. Rather, I will go into how the system works.

America has become a global Empire. This conquest has been accomplished by the team work of our government and the International Elite, whether Bankers such as those behind the World Bank or huge Corporations. We have not, as a rule, gone into these various nations with our armies. Rather, we go in to take over through economics. Economic Hit Men are sent in to the target nation on behalf of certain projects such as harnessing oil or some other important reserve, or perhaps a mega-project such as building a hydro-electric plant that will not help any in the country except the wealthy. By these means the nation is beguiled into getting exorbitant loans from the World Bank, providing a justification for the debt. When all is said and done, the country is overburdened with debt which will take up to 50% of its gross national product to service. This means that the needs of the average citizen can no longer be met and the nation is driven into ever deeper poverty. And the loan itself? 90% goes to paying the corporation that will construct the project. The other 10% actually goes to the borrowing nation to service their interest. The World Bank is happy as it has a new serviceable loan at a fantastic interest rate, and the borrower has become the servant of the lender and the nation now exists to serve the Bank. To effect this interchange of contractual agreements many things are required such as the change in laws that will allow the use of their citizens essentially as a slave labor force, the transfer of ownership of many or at least the most important reserves and many other such things until the country in the end becomes part of the American or British Empire by force and to the country’s detriment. This is a typical example of the work of the New World Order and its procedure of subordinating the nations of the world, ultimately to its global government. The final transition to total ownership will not be complete until this final step is taken: the day that the World Bank, IMF and BIS call their global loans, the world will belong to them legally. This too is part of the Great Octopus of Evil.

Their prevailing purpose is as I previously mentioned, to undermine every vestige of strength in the nation by privatizing things such as water, electricity and so on, for the purpose of taking ownership as soon as possible. They take deliberate and pre-calculated steps to destroy the nation’s economy, seeing to it that laws are passed that enable the mega-corporations to enter and do as they wish as well as make use of the population as little more than slave labor. They will often bring in or support the overthrow of governments by tyrannical leaders. Another means by which power is transferred to those more willing to cooperate with NWO interests is to send in Economic Jackals to assassinate the disagreeable President (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins). This is an extreme over-simplification of the process. The point is that these and other lower organizations are all working together to bring the world of nations into the New World Order.

(You can also watch an interview with John Perkins on You Tube.)

It would take a number of books to explain all we have learned through our research gathered from books, articles and media presentations by notable journalists. Everything we have read or heard has been clearly documented and has proven trustworthy.  All told, our research has confirmed and amplified the insight we gained through the many dreams and visions we have received from the Lord about the end-time plans of the New World Order. By these and many other ways and means the nations of the world are succumbing to the desires and demands of the Elite who are rushing toward the New World Order.

One might pose the question, “If this is so, why have we not heard about it before?” My answer is because you apparently are not doing what the Lord has commanded us to do, which is to read the signs of the times. In reading the signs, begin to look for the hidden means by which the program is moving forward. Some do not believe in “Conspiracy Theories.” All I can say to that is that it matters not whether you call it a conspiracy or a natural chain of events. All that matters at this time is that before our very eyes we are losing our Nation. If you are still wondering if it is really true that the One World Government is forming, then look at the United Europe as it exists today and is detailed in the Bible. Once you are convinced that the re-uniting of Europe indicates that we are in the times of the end of the age written about in the Bible, then go after the material available everywhere and re-prioritize your life with God at the center as a result of your findings. (I would encourage you to stay with Christian and well supported material.  It will be more dependable.)

At the top, bottom and everywhere in-between there is the practice of the Occult. The N.W.O. is headed by people who are deep into the Occult and worship Lucifer. To become part of the pyramid of power one must embrace Occult worship. Therefore, this pyramidal structure has become the framework of the N.W.O. and it is built in the Occult providing Satan a house from which to rule in the earth.

This same house will be co-ruled by the Pope in the last days. The Pope will be looked at as the great prophet of the Anti-Christ deceiving many. A novel based on facts, The Windswept House by Malachi Martin which is about the current condition of the Catholic Church tells of a ritual that actually took place in 1957. (In it, the author states that the ritual occurred in 1963. However, in a later interview he stated that the real ritual occurred in 1957.) This Black Mass ritual was performed for the purpose of enthroning Lucifer at the head of the world-wide Catholic Church which in turn will, as I stated earlier, be the fountainhead of the One World Religion. So Satan is putting his last pieces of the puzzle together for the purpose of ruling the world.

America is falling because God has been forced out of the Nation. The only way to turn this thing around and buy time is to turn back to God with our whole heart. We must pray now that God will intervene in our Country and reign as Lord Supreme. In the meantime, we must seek the Lord with a biblical zeal while He can be found. If we do so, He will reveal Himself to us.

We must remember that He is God and therefore He is Love. This hour is going to be tough, yet for the Church it will also be the greatest hour in history. The Lord will bring us close to Himself and grant us a resting place of peace and honor amidst the storm.  He will use His Church to bring His Son great glory. Therefore, to perform this, He will fill our souls with such faith and purity that the enemy will stagger at the sight of us. The revelation of God will be astounding and His Kingdom Glory will be unequaled. So do not fear but have great faith as God is faithful to His own. Remember, you were born for such a time as this. So be full of faith and good cheer as you await the coming of the Lord Who will come to His Church, and then through His Church to a lost and dying world, and finally for His Church when we least expect it.

Bless you!

In His Love,

Nita Johnson