Dear Partners in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour!

The Lord has placed it upon our hearts to take the Gathering of the Eagles into other countries in order to bring revival throughout the world! We would like for you to be a part of bringing healing to the Nations of the World!

First and foremost, the Gathering of the Eagles leadership team needs your prayers. The physical and spiritual battles that we undergo when entering another nation, especially third world countries, are extremely difficult and each member of the team needs to be bathed in prayer.

Secondly, the cost for this endeavor is quite high, however, one cannot put a price on the souls that are being won and the lives that are being changed as a result. Our leadership team members make considerable sacrifices in order to attend the Gathering of the Eagles’ conferences that are held in other countries.

If you have a burden for a specific country that we are entering into, and would like to sow seed into that country by financially assisting members of the Gathering of the Eagles leadership team, you may do so through our ministry.

As always, all contributions are tax deductible. Please indicate in the memo portion of your check the Nation you wish to assist, as well as the area you wish to assist in, i.e. ~ general expenses of GOE or Leadership travel expenses, etc., so we can make sure your funds are allotted to your desired area.   

Blessings in Him,