December 2, 2011

Dear Friends:

I am writing this letter out of concern for the way the body of Christ is responding to the warnings of upcoming judgments. Bear with me through this letter, for the things shared are pertinent for today’s campaign on behalf of righteousness.

There are many ways to deal with prophetic warnings. It is understandable why some would choose denial and others an attitude that says, “Let the ball roll where it may. Let God deal with the wicked. We’ll have the blessing of God in the midst of the storm.” Still others want to fight every prospect of judgment. It seems that everyone is seeking a reason to stand where they are, to do what they want to do. Yet perhaps a deeper truth is that we do not know how to stand in light of the warnings. I would like to share briefly about that, and offer two words that have been given about the coming days.

Terry Bennett put the following word on his website:

An angel came to me and, in the Spirit, took me to Times Square in New York City. The angel stood to my left, and I was directed to observe the Times Square ball. As I watched the ball, its behavior was very erratic as it attempted to progress upward toward the year 2012. The ball became stagnant and was dropping, shaking violently and was unable to progress in its purpose, though we were only half-way into 2011. The scene changed in time, and the ball reached midnight the last day of 2011 and fell rapidly to begin the year 2012. When the time and year changed, the angel to my left spoke these words, ‘The economies of Europe will fall in 2012, and almost immediately the fall will come back on the USA.’ Now I understood that the Times Square ball’s behavior was representing the economies in 2011, but only after the angel revealed this truth to me.

My interpretation of this word is that Terry was given a prophetic warning. In the beginning of January 2012 the economy will begin a downhill slide from which it will not immediately recover. It will occur first in Europe, then in the US. Earlier, a friend sent me his version of Terry’s word, which strongly implied market failure in January. (In response to that word, we asked you to join us for instruction and prayer.) I do not necessarily believe, after reviewing Terry’s actual word, that he was trying to present that scenario. Nevertheless, we are living in times so perilous that we need to respond to the warning as though it is going to occur in January or during the upcoming year when we least expect it. Once the ball starts going downhill, in January there will seem to be no stopping it. Yet prayer and fasting will make all the difference in the world as to what will ultimately happen.

I have been telling my colleagues and those attending our Gathering of the Eagles since 2009 that the market crash will happen in 2012. For this reason, we have fasted and prayed fervently that the Lord will hold it off until the end of 2012. So far, our efforts have proven effective. Yet the Elite have worked hard to bring about this very scenario. So adept are they in determining the simplest things in the market, as well as cause-and-effect scenarios, that they can almost pinpoint the date of their ultimate attainment (although at one point they actually stated that the economy would collapse by the end of 2010). Yet it takes a vast group of highly skilled, economic mavericks to plan out the destruction of today’s market and bring it about with almost flawless precision. Equally significant, the Elite are beginning to take into consideration the praying Church. This entity was not so important to them in the past. Today, however, they are flailing their arms as they watch things go ever deeper into instability and ever-increasingly out of their control. They know their plans are getting sidetracked because of the prayers of the saints. Indeed, they now are saying to one another that they fear the prayers of the saints more than anything else.

If the things that are transpiring are really God’s judgments, then why should we interfere with them? The answer is simple. Judgments fall because of sin. God is ready to change His decrees if He can get what he wants, which is repentance. Let me give you an excellent example. Terry told me privately that the Northwest would experience cataclysmic disasters on September 15. He also told me that Bob Jones agreed with him that any time after September 11, 2011, things would take shape. It did not happen. (No, I did not misunderstand him.) He told many other ministers the same words. Some of those ministers confided that very thing to me privately. So, did it not happen because Terry is a false prophet? No! It did not happen because we took the international intercessors to Seattle, told them the problem, and gave them a place to pour their hearts out to God in repentance and intercession. We sought to comfort the Lord’s heart and give Him a reason to pull back the judgment. Why did we take this unusual step? Because that is the pattern set up in the Word of God:

2 Chronicles 7:14:
If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.

The Lord took me into a powerful prophetic experience and told me to do what we did in Seattle. He added that if we would pray, He would pull back the judgment and give the people time to turn things around. He clearly spelled out His reason. It might surprise you. He said, "Hundreds of thousands of lives will be lost if you do not do this." His interest was not only in the saved, but also in the unsaved. God cares about all people. We prayed for the entire west coast, from the southern tip of California up into Canada.

I had seen images of Terry’s scenario years ago, so I knew his word was correct. I also knew that California was in serious danger. Both the Los Angeles basin and San Francisco would soon be hard hit with terrible earthquakes. I saw an earthquake in L.A. so devastating that the whole basin disappeared. I also saw terrible mega-storms (called ark-storms) sweep through central California. The entire west coast was one terrible tragedy waiting to happen that would take hundreds of thousands of lives, much more than the 3oo,ooo Terry predicted.

Since then I have had many responses to God’s mercy, and they have shocked me. People have told me that I should not have bothered. They say, “How is America ever going to repent if you keep praying judgment away.” With mouth wide open in shock, I responded; “Prayer!  Look at Scripture, “If my people… will humble themselves and pray….”

One prophet said he has been praying for a “warning earthquake” to strike California. My response to his word is, “Why don’t you pray for the Lord to raise up anointed Champions who can open the eyes of the blind. Why don’t you in your high position in the Church raise up armies of intercessors all over the west coast to PRAY?” The Lord does not want to send judgment, but He will do so if Christians are not living righteously and praying. Indeed, He will have no choice.

I am thankful that the Lord is still willing to send blessings after the disciplines. Yet how much better would it be if He could send the blessings without such terrible storms because His powerful Church prayed? Certainly, some catastrophes will come, but beware that you do not stand idly by and let them occur (you may find the cure is much worse than you thought it would be).

This letter, however, is not simply about the west coast. It is mainly about the economy and God’s judgments in general. Pastor Sayo (Dr. Oluwasayo Ajiboye – he is a prophet as well as a pastor) recently had a dream about the welfare of America! Below are his words.

This last Saturday night (26th of November) and into Sunday morning, I had a very interesting dream that I want to share with you. It was a very simple dream, yet it had a very hard-hitting impact.

It was as if I was shown two cities superimposed on each other. One of the cities was so beautiful that it was not comparable to any on earth…yet it was on earth. The city ran on an energy unlike that which is currently known. Its lighting is unlike that which we currently use! In fact, when I woke up and drove to church, I was dissatisfied with the white-yellow light that is the standard on our streets today!

Superimposed on this dream – and beneath it – was another location. It was also a city. It was filthy in extremes. The ground was oozing with sewage. People had to walk over darkish, creepy gulck. The streets were busy, the environment was desolate. It was the epitome of degradation, a land overtaken by poverty. It was not a good sight to behold!

It came to me that the second section of this one dream is the economic abyss the enemy will push upon American neighborhoods if we do not seek God and raise up the Army. If we are faithful, however, America will become a new land running on the mercy that flows from His blood. It will be redeemed and restored and renewed. It will run on an energy yet undiscovered. It will be powered by the Lord of glory Himself. It seems to me that God was saying that we should not ask, "How shall this be?" We should rather in faith seek what He alone can do.

What a wonderful encouragement. We can stop some judgments today that we will not be able to stop tomorrow. Timing is everything. America will have to go through things that are going to be terrible. However, we do not have to go through everything appointed if we repent and intercede. As far as the economy is concerned, we need to draw together unto the Lord and pray, i.e., earnestly seek His face while he can be found. If we do, He will push back the inevitable and give us a bit more time to prepare. Mind you I did not say He would totally intervene. However, He is willing to keep things stable a while longer while we pray and prepare if we will do so.

Yes, God will help us get ready for the storm and be prepared during the storm. However, the storm does not have to be so severe if we pray now. Usually economic crises of this magnitude last for 3 to 4 years. If it hits at the end of 2012, we will probably find ourselves on the other side of it toward then end of 2015, maybe 2016. The good news is that God’s Church does not have to go hungry or homeless, We can be the oasis in the desert, giving the basic needs to any in need, if we pray and walk righteously today. Whereas the Elite want this to be a time of extreme agony, it does not have to happen. True, you won’t go out and buy expensive clothes then, but you will know the provision of your Creator if you learn to walk with Him in prayer today.

Fast, pray, and then join us on December 17th so that we can see God intervene and give us more time to prepare. You will be glad you did.

In His amazing love,

Nita Johnson