Dear Friends:

We have received many emails requesting to hear the Lord’s heart about Katrina in correspondence with America’s part in dividing the land of Israel. I am going to speak to this issue as it is paramount to our understanding of what the Lord is really saying. Also, you can pick up my article on our website called: Division of the Land of Israel.

I am well aware that there are those who will attribute this horrible storm to American’s part in Israel’s dilemma. But in all honesty, this is not the reason for the battered coast and insuing devastation we are at this moment experiencing. Perhaps thoughts that Israel is in some way involved would be an easier pill to swallow than the truth. But the truth if embraced can lead us to the Father’s court to comfort His wounded heart through repentance. So the truth is by far the better way to go.

Let me attempt to share His lofty heart on this issue.

We will briefly tackle Israel first.

A few years ago I attended by private invitation a small gathering of people. Prophets and intercessors were among the guests. The purpose of the Congress, which it was called, was to intercede for the Lord to take both America’s sin as well as Israel’s sin out of the land division. This division had to occur in order for the secondary step, and  so on to follow. Each event that is going to occur in Israel in the future is all part of God’s lofty plan to bring Israel into His glory! So much pain now, but soon it will produce a great harvest of precious souls. Jesus weeps with those who weep and comforts in the unseen places His people Israel. He has not forsaken us. In the Congress, we did pray and the Lord heard our prayers. In fact He appeared to me Himself to let me know the utter importance of the success of the Congress for both Israel and America’s sake. So He has covered us and He has covered Israel. No more will be exacted by His throne over this issue.

Man may demand more, but the Lord will not as His noble purpose is being enacted.

Now back to the Gulf Coast.

While our leadership from the Gatherings accompanied me on a prayer journey through 5 major cities, we stopped over in New Orleans on July 2nd. We repented and interceded for that city. Afterwards as we turned to leave, the Lord spoke clearly to two of us. What He said to me was startling. He said: I will destroy this city in a day! The other leader, Cynthia Luthra spoke out and said: I feel such devastation coming here. Jesus has kept His promise as heartbreaking as it is.

He spoke of this coming disaster relating it to several sins. He made that as clear to me as His warning of the impending peril. These are the reasons for our present terrible suffering.

First, the sins against the First Nations people.

We stole their land and killed men, women and children through war, starvation and forced removals. We exterminated whole tribes in the name of "Manifest Destiny." We also broke every treaty we ever made with them. We lied to them to the very end and left the remnant in reservations where the suffering has continued unabated, for many reasons I won’t go into here. We carry the greatest guilt over this, not the people we plundered. Scriptures such as: Gen 4:10-12; Ex 22:5-7, 22-24; Rev. 13:10 Obadiah 11- 15, all warn us against such activity.

Please read them, they are very enlightening. Because we have not helped to turn the captivity of these people in whatever way we could, we are being punished. Some say we only did what Israel did in that land of Canaan. My answer to that is this; one big difference is that Israel was commissioned to act that way in the Old Covenant. We in the New Covenant are not. We are told to win all Nations to the Lord through the Gospel and the Love of Christ. We were reading the wrong book (the Old Covenant) for the wrong time in the wrong Spirit. To this very day only about 5% of the Native Americans are saved because they trust not the white man nor his religion. I understand and so does Jesus.

Second, our sins against the African Americans throughout the slavery years, Reconstruction, Jim Crow Era as well as the days of the Civil Rights and to this present hour.

Again Obadiah 11-15; Ex 21:16, 17, 26, 27; Ex 22:21-24; Ex 23:12 and Rev 13:10 are just a few of the many warnings in Scripture against our wrong behavior in this area.

My dear Friends, this is no light matter in the eyes of our faithful and charitable Father. We can see in Scripture as we look at the perils of Egypt what the Lord can and will do to  Nations who refuse to correct such behavior. In His great love for America, the Lord has given us 400 years to turn from our wrongs and make the wrongs right to those whom we have oppressed. Although we have made some headway, for instance we no longer practice slavery, still we have yet a long way to go to truly right past wrongs, and to correct some wrongs that continue to this day.


We all know the heavy idolatry that takes place in America. The New Age movement, Freemasonry, False Religions and Cults abound in this Nation. I remember once when the Lord carried me away to a mountain range in the West and told me that America has become the "Garden of the Gods." If Israel was destroyed for its Idolatry so can American be. For this we must repent and believe God to heal our land.

Sins of licentiousness

Many and varied are the sins that rise before the throne of the Holy One daily. Such sins as stagger the imagination are seen in ever increasing ways in the Gulf Coast. The Mardi Gras is a parade of the vilest sins openly mocking the Holiness of God. It flaunts before His Holiness sins otherwise hidden in darkness. Every kind of perversion occurs in the Mardi Gras, and apart from it. The days of this festivity reveals the heart of the sin-sick region. Gambling, drinking and many other such things that occur daily, mock Him.

As we stood on the peer that day in July, and the Lord began to reveal such things as I have written we were shocked and deeply saddened. When He later said He would destroy New Orleans in a day over all the things He revealed to us, I thought He meant in the far distant future. I had no idea He meant this summer!!!!!! If I had known — it would have been worth whatever it would take to raise up a group of ministers and intercessors to pray for the Gulf Coast area. As it is, what prayer went forth from intercessors who understand the heart of God kept this calamity from being worst than it was.

Two more areas are marked for destruction. They are Nashville and Las Vegas. It would be very wise for intercessors in those areas to gather and repent for the local sins of those cities in light of what we have witnessed in the Gulf Coast. I strongly encourage you to do that.

As we pray and weep before God for our ungodly living in America we will soon see the blessing of revival. For after the discipline the Father reaches out His loving hands to hold us still. ( Romans 11:22) Until then let us continue to pray for the afflicted in the Gulf.

In His Amazing Love,
Nita Johnson