Dear Friend and Reader:

The last couple of months have been very busy to say the least. In December I spent approximately ten days in Israel. In January I pulled away for a brief time of aloneness with the Lord thanks to a generous offer of a dear friend of mine who made their Condo available to me. We had our Concert of Prayer meeting in Jacksonville Florida, followed by a Prayer Conference in Cocoa, Florida. I want to offer a special thanks to Luzy Boone, LaDonna Radcliff, Joan Selph who worked in conjunction with some other wonderful new friends, Pastor Ted and Lynn Corely, to put the Jacksonville conference on. A long time special friend, Sid Roth joined us in that conference leading us in a great Shabbat Service, afterward sharing on the Church and Israel. Another friend of mine, John Savage accompanied me to do the worship in both Florida conferences. Oh my what a wonderful time in the Lord we had. The glory and power of the Lord was at times so strong many people heard the angels singing. In some services the glory of the Lord was so overwhelming one could not tell if we were in heaven or earth. Indeed at times I was in heaven being shown heavenly glories. John is gifted to bring the congregation into a wonderful presence of the Almighty. If you would like to contact him and have him in your Church for services let us know and we will give you the means by which to reach him.   

In Jacksonville many were given almost identical visions that we would see a breakthrough over the city through the conference. This did occur in the last meeting when anointings were released unleashing among us intercession, and travail. Satandum heard the roar of the Lion and heaven rejoiced as we prevailed in prayer.

Ministers and intercessors alike came together to join hearts as one man to prevail for the sake of the Kingdom of God. I was amazed however, that most of the ministers who attended the meetings were Evangelical and Fundamental in their affiliations. Even more wonderful was the fact that they enjoyed and flowed without hindrance in the Spirit of the Lord.  Many intercessors were born, many others encouraged and still other given a promotion in the arena of prayer during those conferences. Furthermore, the Lord met us unexpectedly with some miraculous healings.  Following this we traveled to India. (I will tell of this trip in the next newsletter.) All in all January was a great month.

Several signed up for the Florida conference and were unable to make it after all. For this I was sorry for we missed them and they missed a tremendous outpouring of our Father’s Spirit. We learned that the enemy, for which we were saddened, hindered many of them. Yet, many came that we were in no way expecting, so we enjoyed their presence and they received the blessings that others unfortunately missed.

Many changes are taking place here at headquarters. I had several meetings set up and was forced to cancel or postpone them as the Lord spoke to me in a powerful prophetic dream to hide away in prayer for the next several months keeping my speaking schedule down to the barest minimum.  I attended a special meeting in India and as a result was given direct counsel from the throne of Messiah as to why this turn of events took place and the promotion I was entering into through obedience. After nearly twenty-three years of walking with Him, I am still in awe of the Father’s mercy and grace.

This newsletter will be based entirely around Israel. I trust you will find it a blessing and a letter to give you understanding of the times in which we are living. So as to avoid any confusion, I wrote the following address on my way home from Israel in December.


I am at this very moment just leaving Israel after my ten-day visit. My eyes are a little watery as they always are when I fly out of the nation of the home of my ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  It feels like I am leaving home to go home. Thus, I am torn between two worlds. The first time I stepped foot in Jerusalem it felt so much like home I sat down and wept. I couldn’t help myself. I was shocked by my personal response but found things a little out of control in the heart area. The love I felt for that city was so compelling I never wanted to leave. I watched as Rabbis, Chassidic and Orthodox Jews, and Jews from all walks of life walked by and I wanted to know every one of them. They were my brothers and sisters, my mishpochah, (family), as my friend Sid Roth always says. It was as though I had been away for a very long time and I was now home so it was time to get reacquainted. I have never been the same since.

I can certainly understand why my brethren by the flesh are streaming home by the multitudes. When I am there, it feels like I belong there. When I leave it feels like I need to go back. Yet, as I already mentioned America is home and it feels like home! I have never felt so divided. I care as much about what is going on in Israel as I do what is going on here in the United States. Is it because Messiah once walked there, or is it because Israel is calling those of us who are Jews to come home? I believe it is the latter. This phenomenon has so greatly affected me that I entered into a deliberate time of prayer over it. I didn’t understand it. Finally after some months Messiah spoke to me. I saw it in a vision. The Ruach (Spirit) has released a call across the nations for all Jewish people to return to the homeland. So strong was this call that it will eventually affect every living Jew. I saw in this vision, graves open across the world releasing Jewish souls from the captivity of their land of dispersion. As the graves opened, Jewish people flew across the seas returning home to Israel. (Ezekiel 37:12) The problem begins when people like me who are Messianic are lovers of their native land and are called to remain in it for the sake of the Gospel. Then the tearing begins. My joy is realized in knowing I can for the moment go to and from the two nations I love and find a home in both places in Yahveh’s (The Father’s) perfect will. My heart hurts for those who cannot afford to go home when it is in Israel they belong. This is why we have helped over a hundred Jewish people immigrate back to Israel and are looking to help more as the funds become available.

I am often asked why I recommend that Jewish people return to the homeland especially now with things in turmoil such as they are. My response is always the same. Because it is only there that many will find Messiah. No where on earth will there be such an outpouring of grace to open the blind eyes of Jewish hearts then right there in Israel, for the Lord has ordained it to be thus. He said in His word that Jew and Gentile both would know that He was Adonai when He brought captive Israel home once again from the place of their dispersion. When would the Jew know that Yeshua was indeed Adonai come in the flesh? When He brought them home from out of the Nations of the world. Therefore, it is at home that their blind eyes will be opened to know the truth, hence the great awakening. If you have a heart for the Jewish people to recognize Messiah and be born again, help us send them home.

Torn by War!

I  want to further discuss with you what it is like being in Israel during a time of war. When we arrived, I rented a van to accommodate the seven people who would be traveling around the country to pray for my beloved Israel. One by one everyone arrived, and my heart was full of joy and expectation of what was about to occur. I felt not a single thread of fear over the fact that we would be traveling during a time of war. I decided before I left America that if I die, I cannot think of a better place for it to happen then with my own people. Having remedied that fear, I was fine.

Israel itself has not changed much from the last time I was there. Things look very much like they have for a while with the exception of some on-going construction. Three things have greatly changed however ~ the climate of emotions I would say is the first thing I noticed. You can feel the fear and despair in the air. You can see the anger in the faces of so many. I was not concerned or hurt over the anger with which I was sometimes met when I would smile at passersby, for I know that anger is a typical human response to fear and despair. In such climates as Israel faces everyday, a family never knows when they send their children to school if they will make it home. Buses full of children is a favorite target of Jihad, another are buses full of the Orthodox Jews. No one knows when a suicide bomber will strike, so there is little defense except to reach them before they leave their hornets nests in Palestine. America’s previous political restraints prohibiting Israel from taking any military action has made it impossible to reach the bombers before they reached the children. So, in many places we traveled, we met with pain, sadness, fear and despair.  The third thing I noticed was the terrible downturn of the economy as a result of decreased tourism. At the time we were there only 4 small tour groups were present in the whole country. That is devastating for a small nation so dependent on tourism. I saw in a vision a few years ago that the economic recession would occur after the sealing of the virgin daughters of Israel and Rabbis beginning to awaken to the true faith. This economic crunch is very bad news especially for the children, for the needs are so great among Israel’s youth. However, it does have a bright side. It seems that when we a person meets financial trouble they are a bit more open to the Gospel.

For me, the only thing that offset the pain of seeing their pain was the joy of being with them in their plight. The joy of walking the same dangerous sidewalks they walked and driving down the same unsafe streets upon which they drive. I felt I was identifying with my family just as I did when as it turned out we held the Gathering of the Eagles in Washington DC just days after the Pentagon was attacked. There was a serious bombing of this nature just after we arrived in the country. If I remember correctly ten were killed and several others were seriously injured. We grieved with the families my friends. When your there in Israel, it brings everything very close to home.

We traveled throughout Jerusalem, Gilo, up to the north of the Sea of Galilee, and further north toward Mount Hermon, which incidentally is beautiful this time of year.  Also, we drove down to Masada where a thousand Jewish people gave their lives as martyrs rather than let their families be taken, and tortured under the brutality of Rome, and over to the Dead Sea. It turned out to be a lot of traveling before it was over, and a lot of intercession. However, it brought immediate fruit as well as setting the stage for future fruitfulness. The immediate fruit was revealed at the end of our trip, for it began to rain breaking the drought of several years: a drought that I foretold so many years ago. Further, the Father often witnessed His approval of our intercession by giving us miracle rainbows in the sky above our place of intercession and decrees. This type of sign was further augmented by often seeing angels sent to agree with or bear witness to our decrees. It was difficult to see the amount of military barricades we had to pass through as we traveled, as it was a constant reminder that us Jewish people were once again in war. Albeit, the frequent visits of angelic hosts were a nice reminder that Messiah was in the land as well.

Intercession with Messiah

In all seriousness, I didn’t know exactly why I felt such a compelling need to go to Israel this December. All I knew was that as month after month passed by my need to go grew ever stronger until my heart ached to be with my people in the Land. I asked Paul and Wanda Davis, Tim and Susan Carscadden, Kathleen Mitchell a Messianic Jew from the States, and Karalyn Schuchert to accompany me on this trip. Again, why I didn’t know but the sense that the Father Himself was putting this team together was very strong. We all met in Israel ready to do the Father’s will. Kathleen had preceded our arrival by about 5 weeks and it was great to see her.

The evening of our arrival I spent the night with Messiah. I had little sleep as He came and took me away to see and hear many things, which as it would turn out, would be played out in the pursuing days of our trip.

The first thing He gave to me upon taking me up into the Ruach (Spirit) was a personal invitation that I will not go into. Upon seeing and hearing this, I asked Him how might I attain this. He gave me a vision. I saw James the natural brother of Messiah. His knees looked like the knees of an elephant. They were calloused, even swollen and peeling from the heat of the irritation of the swelling. I hurt, as I gazed upon him. I remembered how I had once read in Church history how James spent so much time on his knees praying for Israel that his knees looked like the knees of an elephant. Now I was seeing them for myself, and really they were much worse than even I had imagined. I wondered at the hours He must have spent everyday on his knees to make them look like the picture I had just seen. Now Messiah was inviting me to follow the lead of James and begin this intense form of intercession. But, for what was my response. The answer was immediate. I saw four angels coming toward me carrying a huge, red, Star of David. I accepted the challenge. Although I am yet to really see what that will mean, I knew that that intercession would begin here and now. This was the reason we were all being called to Israel together. The following days would somehow be filled with intercession for the Father’s beloved Israel. My heart was overwhelmed with joy.          

The Intercession Begins

Suddenly, as I stood before Messiah my very bones began to fill with fire!

The pain was exceedingly intense. I immediately thought how Jeremiah had once cried out: From above, He sent fire into my bones, and it prevailed against them. Nevertheless, I knew this time the fire in my bones was given by Messiah to prevail on behalf of Israel. I was in pain and curious beyond words as to what this meant. I was immediately thrust into a deep travail before the Lord. This was a travail of fire on behalf of Israel. By now I was feeling full of the Lord and His purpose still not knowing all it may entail. However, the joy of expectancy began overtaking my steps, and I was ready to hear all that He might say.

Heal our incurable wound!

Again, the scene changed, as did the mood of Messiah. I began to ache as I cried out: "Heal our incurable wound!" Even as I cried out to Messiah on behalf of Israel, I later remembered two things. First that Jeremiah had spoken also about this same thing. His words were: Why is my pain perpetual, and my wound incurable, which refuseth to be healed? He addressed it again in Jeremiah 30:12. The second thing I remembered was a time while I was in Malaysia. The Lord caused me to feel the pain that is in the heart of every Jewish person who was old enough to know better. It was an indescribable pain of the most severe nature. This pain was an intense bitterness toward a God who would allow the near annihilation of the Jewish people time and again. I further remembered another time when Messiah came to me in a forty-five minute vision and revealed to me that the Jewish people feel abandoned by Him. They don’t understand why He would forsake them, and their pain over this is unbearably enormous. Again, I was given to actually feel the suffering that is within the average Jewish heart. He accompanied that revelation by further telling me that He hasn’t forsaken them, and that it is His will to restore His broken people.

Now my heart ached once again to have Him heal the incurable wound of my people. I was in anguish. Albeit, with faith! I still did not understand what was in store. But, I sensed a new hope to a prayer I had prayed many times in the past. Somehow I sensed that this time, Yeshua (Jesus) was about to do something new. My prayer continued for some time with deep groanings of the Ruach (Spirit)!

Awaken us!

Again I experienced a shift in the (Ruach) Spirit, the words sprang into my heart from Messiah: Awaken us from our slumber with which You caused us to sleep. I remembered Isaiah’s words when he spoke: For the Lord has poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep. He has closed your eyes, the prophets; and your heads, the seers, He has covered and muffled. And the vision of all this has become for you like the words of a book that is sealed. When men give it to one who can read, saying, Read this, I pray you, he says, I cannot for it is sealed.

I have many times felt sadness when I would read that Scripture wondering when the Father would at last be gracious and remove this spirit of slumber from my people as a nation. Now, I am feeling the words of the Great Mediator Himself as they are flowing through my own being as fire in my bones. Such words, as I would have given my very life to hear on behalf of Israel: "Awaken us from our slumber with which You caused us to sleep." These words were not my words but His. He is now praying that we as nation would experience the awakening that cannot come except by His own Ruach (Spirit). Saints and angels have waited for over two thousand years for this very day when Messiah would utter these very words on behalf of His ancient people. Now I was here in intercession with Him pleading for His own will to be fulfilled in our day. As I later pondered this I was overwhelmed with gratefulness. Suddenly, I knew these words had prevailed with the throne and peace settled in.

Heal our backsliding!

Not long after, my soul was filled with the utterance to which Messiah could never say no.  Heal our backsliding ways! I cried out with such intensity. Tears of desperate anguish flowed from my eyes, yet with a hope. The Mediator Himself standing before me. His own eyes reflecting my anguish, I knew He heard, and in hearing He would grant my petition. Such joy would follow in knowing that this is the very day in which the backsliding of Israel would be healed. I later thought about what Hosea must have felt when the Father said to him: "I have seen his backsliding and I will heal him." He must have felt what I felt as I experienced the release of Messiah’s favorable response. The burden of a nation in death is released and joy springs forth into life everlasting.

Heal the stain of innocent blood!

The next plea then rose up within me. "Heal the land of the stain of innocent blood."  And "Forgive us for the abomination of abortion."  Ezekiel 9 and Is 57:5 and Ezekiel 16:20 & 21.

No one needs to speak of the innocent blood that has been shed in Israel in the last 3500 years. The Word is full of the recollection of our pressing guilt as a nation. Today Israel might be considered one of the world leaders per-capita in abortion.

Now Messiah is praying through me that the Father might heal the land of this horrific stain. Can you imagine His joy in knowing that this would be the hour that this fatal stain would be removed from the land and for the people there would at last be a healing? It was for this that He died, to heal the hearts and the nations of the world of the stain of innocent blood that He might call unto Himself a people from the four corners of the earth even my people.

Why hast thou made us to err?

Again the Spirit gripped me with another prayer. "O Lord, why hast thou made us to err from thy ways, and hardened our heart from thy fear? Return for thy servants sake, the tribes of thy inheritance."  These are the words of Isaiah; my words were almost identical to his. Further: Look down from heaven, and behold from the habitation of thy holiness and of thy glory: where is thy zeal and thy strength? The people of thy holiness have possessed it but a little while: our adversaries have trodden down thine sanctuary. For the sake of thine own holiness look down upon us and make thy name glorious.

Each time a new intercession would fill my innermost being, I would have a little strength to look into the eyes of Messiah, and I would see His own intercession matching mine. When mine was released, I was flooded with His own joy, and He likewise. This time was no different. Every word I uttered in the intercession in which I was engaged, were words straight from His heart. It wouldn’t be until much later when I was returned to my room that the words of the various prophets began to come to me bringing further understanding of my own intercession.

I felt His sadness over the fact that His sanctuary had been trodden underfoot by Israel’s enemies; His sadness that His ancient people had held it but a little while in over 3500 years. I felt His sadness over being forced to allow the hardening of the hearts of my people because of the unrepented sin in which we were bound.  I felt His own passion for the release of His zeal to restore the inheritance of my people. And I felt His own passion for the Father’s name to be made glorious among His ancient people and in the world through His ancient people. It was both wonderful and terrible at the same time.

As I was released from this pressing burden I was again filled with another. The next intercession that came upon me was the cry that the covenant with death be broken over my people. (Is. 28:14)

Refine the sons of Levi!

Again, a new release of His grace came upon me and the words: O, Messiah, refine the sons of Levi and bring forth the true priests, the true prophets, kings and evangelist, and O Messiah bring forth the true intercessors on behalf of my people! Malachi 3:2-5 and many more Scriptures.

My dear friends, faith was so real I could see the words becoming life and springing into reality right before my eyes. What I saw was as real as the letters on this page. This was true of each intercession.

Elijah Spirit!

As the joy of this answered petition filled my heart, it was followed by the pleading grace for the next intercession. Messiah, turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers and all to their God that you do not destroy the land with a curse!

Malachi 4:6

I knew that I was praying for the spirit of Elijah to come to Israel. I also knew this was an end-time prayer. I knew once this spirit was released upon the land, the rebellious and those refusing to be healed would be smitten with a curse. Those who would repent would enter into the power and grace of salvation. So, while it was a wonderful prayer it was also a terrible prayer, but His nonetheless, so therefore, a perfect prayer. My heart focused on the healing of the generations. I knew that without this powerful end-time anointing this healing would never be. With it our Father’s joy would be fulfilled, as He would partake of the fruit of this powerful gift to His people.

Refreshing from the Great Mediator would overflow me as we finished each intercession. For this reason, I was able to enter into deep travail and not tire. Also, each intercession was of relatively short duration as each petition was very precise and would serve a divine purpose. I didn’t have to search for words as He gave them from the depths of His own heart.

People in darkness!

The next pleading prayer was: A people who dwelt in darkness will see a great light!  (Is 9:2) Even as I prayed I could see the light begin to overtake the darkness of the nation of Israel. It was so wonderful. Like coming out of a great, dense fog into a clearing where everything was made clear and understandable. Such joy will fill the hearts of every partaker of the light that is about to dawn.

Now mine ears are open to prayer!

Next He told me, Nita: If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and my ears attentive to prayer offered in this place.

The emphasis is on the word now as He put great emphasis upon it. I knew that the pleas of intercession had opened a brand new door for grace upon my people, not because I prayed them but because of the divine intercourse that took place between Messiah, Israel’s true Mediator and myself as we were locked away in the Spirit together all night. I also realized that the purpose of our visit in the land would be realized in the further intercessions that would be released by the team. The end to which is that He will see and hear our prayers and answer them.  I was already so full of Him and so full of joy that I hardly felt like I could possibly contain more. Yet, there was still more to be given.

Give Me no rest!

Finally, He told me: "Give me no rest until I make Jerusalem a praise in the earth." (Is 62:6&7) Also, He told me to pray for His government to come to Israel and that the time is coming when Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling to all who touch her, so intercede until all be fulfilled!

Abrahamic Covenant

After what seemed like a great while, He whisked me away into the star-studded heavens. As we went higher into the dark heavens filled with these bright lights, He said to me: "I called to Abraham and said; I have sworn by Myself, says the Lord, that since you have done this and have not withheld [from Me] your son, your only son, in blessing I will bless you and in multiplying I will multiply your descendents like the stars of the heavens. Then we descended until we were flying along the Mediterranean Sea. At this time Yeshua said: And like the sand on the seashore. And your seed will possess the gate of his enemies."

I was indeed thoroughly overwhelmed by now. Messiah was reiterating the powerful Abrahamic covenant with my people, today. He told me that this day this covenant would spring forth and begin to bear fruit in Israel. I was suddenly filled with an ever-increasing joy of this wonderful revelation. He wasn’t simply sharing something with me from the days of old. He was reaffirming His original covenant. That same covenant that began it all so many millenniums ago was now being reopened upon His first covenant people. What a wonderful day to be alive!

Kings Scepter!

Finally, He took me into heaven where I met teenagers who had died as victims of suicide bombings having accepted Him as Messiah. A girl about 15 or 16 came forward and put her hand up in the air as though to say to those behind her, listen ~ be still and listen. She had lovely, long, black, curly hair that draped over her small frame. As she raised her hand she said: "Someone has come to pray for our land." She then turned and reached for a scepter and handed it to me saying: "This will give you the King’s authority wherever you go while you are in the land."

Then I was back in my room! Now I understood why we had come. To our small group, was given the authority of the King to proclaim His word over the nation and He would indeed honor it as we proceeded to give birth to a new day! We were in Israel to prepare the nation for a national awakening and revival!

The Journey Proceeds

December 12th

After being awake all night you might think I would be tired, but I was not at all. We had traveled all day the day before to get to Israel, after about 2 hours sleep the night before that. Now again I had only two hours sleep before Messiah came to get me from my room. Yet, I was totally refreshed and ready to get started for the day.

The Davis’s had not yet arrived but the rest of the team met me for breakfast. We then spent some time in prayer to hear the day’s direction. The Lord spoke immediately so we got ready and off we went. Our main stop for the day was a lookout point where you could see over the old city in Jerusalem, a valley and that happen to be next to the United Nations building. From this point you could see the Dome of the Rock and the mount of ascension. As I looked over the rolling hills I noticed a huge steeple upon a distant hill. I asked about it and the area as I saw a satanic monarch hovering above it. Kathleen told us the Church was now a Mosque and the area surrounding it was Muslim. Well that explained it. I began to feel overwhelmed with the significance of the sight. I saw in a vision that the Lord wanted to put His own standard upon that hill and reclaim the land for His own purpose, but I didn’t know how we would do that as only Arabs could get near that sight.

Curious about how we would solve the dilemma I looked up into the sky hoping for some insight and saw two very large angels of war hovering over our heads. They both had gold shields and swords in their hands. Also I saw a tunnel suddenly appear from heaven over a certain area to our left. I asked Kat about the area, she had no idea why I would have seen that. As it would turn out, that night Muslims attacked Jewish people in that very area and 10 were killed. Then I realized that the tunnel was opened to receive the souls of those who knew Messiah.

We offered up many prayers and declarations in that place, and then returned back to the Hostile in which we were staying.

My thoughts continued to wander back to the standard of the Lord that needed to be established upon the hill. Several times in the past an anointing has come upon me to do this very thing. The last time it occurred was in Washington DC at the Gathering of the Eagles. When the Lord gives His standard it begins to change the face of all it touches. Those who submit to Him and respond favorably to His standard are healed those who rebel are ushered into a cycle of judgment in an effort to bring forth submission and therefore healing. At length if there is no repentance they are severely judged, and that could mean anything, really.

So, I knew the seriousness of the Lord’s desire but how to bring it forth, I did not know, so I prayed.

December 13th

In our morning prayer time as a team the Lord spoke to me in a vision that we must above all things pray over the government today. Kathleen set up a place wherein we could look down over the Knesset and pray over the government as I had seen the previous day in a vision.

So, we went to the complex where we could from a condominium that was high above the city look down over the government seat of Israel and pray. The night before in a dream Karalyn Schuchert had seen that we were to decree the very words of Esther over the war situation in Israel. The anointing came over her as powerfully as I have seen in a long time to do just that. One of the many decrees she made was right out of the book of Esther. Saying on the 12th month, on the 13th day, (the very day set for the destruction of the Jews,) Esther turned the tide and the King ruled that all Jews could defend themselves, thereby overturning Haman’s plan.   On that day the Jews triumphed over their enemy. We were all astonished over the fact that these words were being spoken on the 13th day of the 12th month in 2001. Although Esther’s original deliverance came according to the Jewish calendar, ours came according to the Roman calendar, it was by the decree of the spirit of Rome that this massacre was being plotted and planned in our day. I am not speaking now about the Roman Catholic Church but about the Roman Government from which all current conventional government has evolved. At any rate whatever was being put into place for Israel’s destruction was set back and annulled by the Lord on the 13th day of the 12th month, 2001. Although greater storms still are forming over Israel, which will result in higher levels of warfare, Israel will prevail against his enemies.

We prayed the following Scriptures over the seat of government: Isaiah 9, and the government shall be upon His shoulders. Kathleen prayed, Isaiah 11 the seven Spirits of God to rest upon the Israeli government, Psalms 110 for the overturning of man’s government that Messiah’s might be established and Melchizedek Priesthood to be raised up in place of the Orthodoxy now ruling Israel. Many other such governmental Scriptures were prayed. Pastor Tim Carscadden prayed that Messiah’s justice, His righteous judgment to be established and His righteous government to be the foundation of Israel and the whole earth. Then he saw that this would come through much bloodshed.  He was gripped with compassion such as is wonderful to see in a man. As difficult as it was for him to give the latter word he gave it under an incredible anointing.

The last predominant thing that was prayed in which there was again a powerful anointing was that the fear of the Lord would be sent from on high to deliver my people from the fear of man. Each person on the team and the two that owned the apartment all prayed from the Word critical Scriptures regarding the new government in Israel.

Suddenly the archangel Michael appeared in the sky watching all we were doing, then he nodded his head and said: "So be it!" Then he left. I once again knew that all we had prayed had been granted. I stood back in solemn and quiet awe as I pondered what had just occurred. As we left I told the others what I had seen and we were all touched with a deep gratitude over the Lord’s love and care for Israel.

December 14th

In my own personal prayer time in the morning, I saw Kabala and the United Nations and immediately Ezekiel 8 came into me like fire in my bones. I was taken in the Spirit to what appeared on the inside to be some sort of temple. I saw the elders of Israel worshipping all sorts of things, the first being the spirit of jealousy. These things provoked the Father to envy. I was gripped with the fear of the Lord and I felt the heat of the fire of His jealousy.  I knew we would have to deal with it at some point.

Pastor Tim had a dream about bombs going off in Gilo. Then this morning in prayer I saw a vision of certain kinds of houses that was typical as it turned out to Gilo. Prior to my vision I didn’t know of houses like this in Israel. But, Kathleen told us where we would find them, so off to Gilo we went.

I discovered the witch of Endor in Gilo. I saw her in a vision after seeking the Lord about the incredible spirit of witchcraft I felt over the whole city. He told me she was very powerful and had much of the city held captive by her sorceries. Tim prayed as he looked over the very valley he had seen in his dream according to the unction of the Spirit of Messiah. Our hope was to thwart any damage to people or loss of life by the loose bombs he saw in his dream. We prayed for the people in the city as they come under heavy fire by the Muslims who live next door in Bethlehem, which is now owned by Muslims. We also prayed over the Muslims in Bethlehem that they two might come to know Messiah.

As we were leaving I saw the fire of Yahveh over the whole city of Gilo. I prayed for His mercy, then, several of us saw a cross appear in the sky over the city. I now have confidence that the fire of judgment is going to give way to the fire of revival.

We then made our way back to the Promenade where we would establish the standard of the Lord on the critical hill. That morning I saw in a vision that Pastor Tim would throw a spear in the Spirit and Messiah would direct it to the proper place on the hill so many miles away.  We prayed and Tim threw the spear. Messiah opened my eyes to see it flying through the air, over the valley and landing upon the very hill for which it was intended. When it came to its place it rose up, and then plunged right into the middle of the Mosque, which sat atop the mountain. When it was set in its place, two wings on either side suddenly rose up and formed a perfect golden cross. Immediately following I saw the Spirit of Counsel cover the whole valley extending from that hill. This was a Muslim community and I knew salvation was going to come to this place as a result of that Standard being set in its place.

We prayed some more over the valley and the city, specifically the Dome of the Rock. Suddenly several of us saw a golden cross become superimposed over the golden dome roof then the cross disappeared and the Star of David began to brilliantly shine from the Dome. Like light bouncing off the roof from exposure to the sun the Star of David became brighter and larger until it nearly covered the whole side of the dome exposed to our view. We all saw it and were all elated to say the least.

That tells me that for at least a period of time the Dome of the Rock will be put back in the hands of Israel, albeit probably during the revival.

December 15th

Due to the fact that we were all quite fatigued we decided to stay at the Hostel and rest until we had to go to the airport to get the Paul (Keith) and Wanda.

During breakfast we learned that a woman I had prayed for the day before had been healed. I knew that there had been a severe blow up just a few weeks before over divine healing between the management and a woman who had come in from Holland to volunteer for help at the Hostile. The lady from Holland stood for healing. All others working at the Hostel said: No Messiah does not heal today. The blow up had been so severe they asked the volunteer to leave. She was very devastated but decided to begin to pray that Messiah would reveal Himself in this manner and make the Hostile a place for the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to dwell. She prayed thus for the remainder of her stay which ended a couple days after the event I am about to tell you.

Greta, who was the woman who was healed, had labored under her condition for many years. I believe she told us 20 years. It was very painful and affected her eyes, sinuses, neck and hands. The healing was so visible it was impossible for anyone to doubt her miracle. So, as I approached the table for breakfast in the morning, she commented on it and began to go into the details of her illness and how great the miracle was. Everyone at the table just listened in awe. And, they were now ready to listen to truth. So, I began to expound on the miracles of healing I had seen in my own ministry over the years. The manager who had so assailed the volunteer sat, listened, and wept throughout my whole delivery. My hope was to vindicate both Messiah and the volunteer. So I took full advantage of the moment in gentle and nurturing love.

Then I led them into discussion about Union with Messiah and shared many visitations I have been given over this. All sat and all but one wept as they listened. To make a long story short, all but one were deeply converted to the life of the Spirit.

My pleasure came in knowing that the Ruach (Spirit) had found a home that day and that this broken Dutch woman who had undergone such violent persecution was vindicated. It was a divine setup. Which took hours to work through to happy completion.

December 16th

In prayer in the morning we felt that we were to travel down to Masada. It was at Masada that 1000 Jewish people took their lives to keep from slavery and the brutality of Roman tyranny wherein women and children would have been raped and men brutally beaten and many killed. I personally had no mind to go there, but that morning the Lord spoke to us and told us to go to Masada and call forth the strength and glory of the blood of all the martyrs that has filled the land of Israel from the beginning. Everyone agreed so off we went on a new phase of our journey.

On our way we stopped by the Dead Sea. I expected it to look like some kind of huge swamp, as there is no outlet for the water to be recycled there. But, instead it is the most beautiful body of water I have ever seen. The color reminds me of the color of the Lord’s eyes. However, it is so rich in chemicals that you cannot put your hands in it then touch your eyes. It can blind you. Neither can you sink in this water. I thought this is like the world. It looks harmless but it is death. It looks beautiful to the eyes, but it blinds you to the greater things of the Lord. You won’t necessarily sink in it, but it will like this sea drown you if you stay in it. What a deception. Also, if you dip your fingers into it there is rich oil that remains upon them from the water. In this respect it reminds me of the water of the Word, that deposits a rich oil in the heart of the recipient.

On the brighter note the wealth of the Dead Sea will soon be released to Israel in great abundance. For there is much wealth in it, some discovered, some not yet discovered, and we called it forth.

Then up to Masada. This mountain is a considerable climb so you are taken there by trolley. When you arrive at the top you can see the remains of Harrods’s palace wherein the drama unfolded some two thousand years ago.

We look for a place where we could be alone. The only Scriptures found on the entire mountain when the Romans broke through to take the Jews captive was the Valley of Dry Bones, Ezekiel 37. We quoted the whole chapter as a reminder of the Lord’s promises to my people.  We also quoted Ezekiel 47 & 48 as a promise for revival, Psalms 97:1-12 as a promise of conquering God’s enemies, Is 49:8-10 a promise of inheriting the covenant and, Ex 6:1&2 Let My people go! Then we joined hands and prayed for the release of the strength and glory of the martyr’s blood.  Again, there was a tremendous anointing released.

As we got ready to leave, Paul Davis asked for a sign. Suddenly he cried out, look there is a double circular rainbow in the sky. At first we all doubted it because it rains for a couple hours a day only two days a year in Masada. Seeing a rainbow is a miracle and nothing short of a sign from Messiah, let alone two. Some took pictures then we headed back down the hill. On our way, Tim overheard a man say to his wife: "Elianna, hold still and let me take this picture for this day is historical." Paul said I bet her name means something significant for us. So, I suggested he go and ask what her name meant. He did. It turned out to mean; God hears! To us he was saying: God hears, this day is historical. I shook my head and thought: leave it up to a Jewish man to be prophesying when he doesn’t even know it. Through these two means and the witness of the Ruach we received two confirmations that we had accomplished our Master’s will at Masada.

December 17th

After this we drove all the way up to the North end of Galilee and stayed in a Hostel there. I didn’t realize that we were going to be staying on the Sea when we arrived. I didn’t know that until the next morning when I watched the sun rise as I prayed. It was beautiful to watch the sunrise over the Sea. I saw three bright lights suddenly appear just above the water. These lights were quite large, and they hovered there for a very long time. Shortly after the lights appeared, I heard the angels sing. Their voices seemed like a canopy above the Sea. The lights remained until the singing ceased. Paul, Wanda and I agreed the lights were undoubtedly angels.

I was praying about Kabala (an occultic religion in which my people are engaged.) As I was praying Messiah suddenly spoke to me in the voice of the sounds of many waters: "You shall have no other God’s before Me." My dear friends, I shook at the sounds of His words. My whole being began to bow down under His words in a deep humility. Then I saw a vision of an old fashioned key. It was about 12" long. He then said in a gentle voice: "This is the key to the Kingdom of God."

Later, I went for a walk by the Sea and looked over at the mountain where Messiah gave the Sermon on the Mount. As I looked at this mountain, I clearly heard the Ruach HaKodesh, (Holy Spirit) begin to enumerate the beatitudes one at a time. Each word filled my being with such richness that I wept. Later we all agreed that we needed to go to the top of the mount and reiterate the whole sermon over Israel. So, after breakfast that is where we went.

As we stood on top of this mountain and spoke His words, the reality that the Son of the living God once sat here and spoke His divine message from here to my ancestors became so overwhelmingly real that I had to give the Bible to someone else to finish the reading, of most of the sermon. Weeping overtook me. The thoughts: Only if they would have understood who He was and what His words meant, 2000 years of history would have been totally different. I couldn’t quit weeping.

The Father then gave me the prophetic words: "Hear O Israel the words of the Lord ~ obey the words of the prophets and be healed." As the burden began to lift tears cease to flow. I left that spot feeling that the very hand of Messiah Himself had touched me.

Afterward we walked over to the courtyard of the Catholic Church that now sits upon the mountain. I turned as we walked down the hill and prophesied against the spirit whom I saw hovering over the Church keeping that mountain under his dominion. When I finished my prophetic utterance, Michael the archangel again appeared to me. This time with wings outstretched, and nodded his head in agreement then left. I have never seen him with wings fully outstretched before. He was so awesome it was as though he filled the whole sky. I trembled with awe.

Wanda Davis reported a dream she had been given a couple years ago. In her dream, she was in the very spot in which we were standing. She was under the very same rare tree and under the gazebo under which we are now standing. Further, she recounted the angel of the Lord appeared. So, I told her that I had just seen Michael. It was still early in the morning and we were already abundantly blessed.

We later went north to speak over the mountains of Israel and call Israel out of her idolatries particularly concerning Kabala. I spoke out the very words Yeshua had spoken to me earlier. You shall have no other God’s before me. Pastor Tim pleaded for mercy and forgiveness for their sins of idolatry. Then Susan Carscadden called forth the song of worship to the Lord of Host from every mountain in Israel, as she had been given that instruction in a dream. She commanded that the hills ring with the song of the Lord. As it turned out we were never again at a place where we could have