India Needs Jesus

India "the land of gods" has a population of one billion people.  The majority of Hindus worship a staggering 33 million gods.  According to government statistics, a mere 3-4% of one billion Indians, profess or adhere to the Christian faith.

There are 700,000 towns but, alas, 635,000 of them are without a Christian church.  4,635 ethnic groups, of which 3,000, have no established Christian witness.  Is there any hope for India?

To make matters worse, persecutions against Christians has steadily risen since late 1997.  Catholic and Protestant priests and preachers beaten, tortured and killed.  Churches razed down and burnt to ashes.  Christians’ properties are confiscated and they have been chased out from their homes.  Such atrocities are becoming common.  The Zenith of such persecutions was the burning alive of the Australian missionary and his two small sons in Orissa in 1998/1999.  Like the martyrs in Revelation 6:10, the Indian Christians have begun to cry, "How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth (India)?"

Like white robes being given to pacify the cries of the martyrs (Rev. 6:11), the Lord God has begun to pour out His manifold power, glory and grace upon many churches, preachers and ministries.

In January 1997 the word of the Lord came unto me, "I am going to pour My glory in the Himalayan Hills.  It will first come upon the youths.  Organize a Youth Camp Meeting."  In obedience to the heavenly command, we have been conduction an annual camp meeting yearly since 1997.  About 600 youths from all over the Himalayas ~ Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and India come to meet God at this meeting.  They get saved, healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit.  They prophesy, see visions and God works wonders through them.

In our public evangelistic rallies, thousands attend irrespective of race, caste and religion.  The Lord is pleased to lead hundreds and thousands into His Kingdom over the years, through the display of signs, wonders and miracles.

In October 1997, the word of the Lord came to me saying, "My time has now come for you to begin the television ministry." In June of 1999, we began telecasting a weekly, 30-minute program on cable TV, from South India.  According to a recent survey, about 3-5 million people are tuning to our weekly program.  Among them 60-70% are orthodox Hindus.  These staunch orthodox Hindus who would not go into churches, are eagerly watching our program.  God is touching, blessing and healing them.  Through our television ministry, multitudes of Hindus are finding Christ.  In the midst of persecutions and barring of public meetings, the Gospel is penetrating into the Hindu and Moslem homes through the powerful medium of television.

From the survey, I also discovered another shocking truth ~ the shallow Biblical Christianity among believers.  This filled me with great sorrow.  After much prayer, we began another weekly program to provide strong meat for the Christians.  This program was well received by the believers.  Through this program the Indian bride of Christ is preparing for Christ’s coming.

Early this year I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to evangelize the millions of Nepalese people living in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and India through television.  By this program we will also reach out to 900 million Hindus of North India.  Preparations are currently underway to telecast a weekly program in September or October of 2000.

On top of all this, my primary call ~ my first love, is to evangelize Tibet.  The Lord has led me to go to Tibet at least once every year from 1986 until this year (except 1987 & 1988).  In 1998 the word of the Lord came to me through and angel saying, "Blanket Tibet with prayer.  God is going to pour His glory over this land."  In obedience, I led intercessory teams seven times, traversing all over Tibet doing prayer journeys.  The Powers of Darkness over Tibet have been broken and rays of the Son of Righteousness have begun to shine through.

A ministry of such mammoth proportions is expansive and expensive.  Often at times many opportunities for a great harvest of souls has been thwarted due to lack of funds.  Our monthly budget is US$ 26,000.  We keep our overheads low with a skeletal staff.  This is the amount we need each month to evangelize about 900 million Indians.

The escalating persecutions, that Christians in India suspect and fear, could lead to a total ban of Christianity in India.  Before this "doom" we must evangelize India.  We don"t have much time.  Will you rise up and help us?

In His Majesty,

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

India Needs Jesus


Dr. Wesley

 Greetings from India.

I am very happy to meet you all through this Newsletter.

India reached one billion populations recently.  India is a needy multicultural, multi fashion, Asian Country.  It has three thousand linguistic groups including all tribal groups.  Only four percent are Christians, the rest of the ninety six percent are Hindus, hopelessly worshiping animals and trees.

In fact, God imparts the Vision and Love that I have.

In the year 1983, right after my University studies, the Spirit of God led me to remote villages in South India with a Bible and shoulder bag.

I have walked through a number of villages and preached the Good News on streets and at a number of houses.  During this period, God led me to found an Evangelistic Team called "Villager for Christ."  Miraculously, an unknown person met me, encouraged me, for Bible training and I finished a three-year Bible training course.

In 1985, I was pastoring in a baby Church, one day I heard the voice of God saying that I should travel to Northern India.  I do not know up to which northern station I should buy a ticket.  But I took a ticket up to the last station of North India.  I started this Missionary travel with limited money.

God asked me to go to a tribe called Avo.  I visited and preached to them for one week.  Likewise, I preached to a number of tribal people, consequently, my heart was burdening to reach this needy people who worship hill gods.

I fasted for several days, because I had nothing to eat.  I used to sleep on railway platforms.  Some days I managed a week with a single piece of bread and little water.  God took me throughout India three times to show how my own people are living without the true God and how much they hunger for knowing God.  I suffered much to obey Him and learn of His broken Heart for my blind and needy people.

As I was making travel to different districts of India, people thought that I had gone mad traveling without purpose.  But I knew God was leading me with a different purpose.  He gave vision and burdened my heart and mind to the point where I am ready to die for reaching my own people, and saving their lost souls from the burning wrath of hell.

As Paul said, "The Love of Christ is constraining me."  This same thing happened in my life.  I am privileged to lead thousands of people to Christ and plant Churches.  I am going ahead with deep zeal and strong commitment.  I appreciate your prayers.

Revival began: God has sent prophetess Nita Johnson and her team to South India to preach in Fire Conference and brought great move of God during February 9-12th, 2000.  Still the revival movement is continuously enlightening individuals and churches.  The outcome of the Fire Conference was a great impact made on the Christian community in South India.  Many lives were changed and a new hope came to many ministers.  People are eager to receive her to the next conference.

Present work: Presently Good News Fellowship Association involved in Church planting, training native missionaries, bringing awareness on prayer, conducting conferences, and seminars.  We also hold evangelistic crusades to reach masses with the good news.  Apart from evangelistic work we also have social projects i.e., sewing centers, women counseling, legal aid for women, child day-care centers and orphanages.

Praise God: Praise God for prophetess Nita Johnson who is sending regular monthly support for Pastors who are working in the fields.

Present Needs:

-Kindly pray for church planters, who are working in remote and internal areas.  These planters are in need of monthly support.

-We are praying for sponsors for fifty abandoned street and orphan children.

-Funds for orphan homes.

-God has given us a vision to build a prayer mount in India where people can come from Southeast Asia to spend time in fasting and prayer.  We are constantly praying for funds and acquire the land and to build accommodations and a prayer hall.

-Kindly pray for regular support for one hundred Bible College students, each needs fifty U.S. dollars per month.

-Pray that God will open his riches to construct a Bible College building for these students.

His servant,

Dr. Wesley