Visitation, Fullness of Union – Part A


Nita RL Johnson


Jesus and The Father


During our Ministry Prayer Meeting on Thursday night, I began to pray by blessing and praising our wonderful Father and Lord Jesus Christ. One can hardly imagine praying to One so Grand without allowing your heart to enter into the ecstasy of His exceedingly glorious Presence. As I lifted my heart to Him in this manner, He immediately responded by lifting me into the heavens to meet Him in the power of His resurrected Life. I was about to experience one of the most dramatic visitations I have ever known with my Holy King, Lord God Almighty.


In the following documentation of this event, which actually occurred before others on our team, I will seek as accurately as I possibly can to share precisely the things that happened in the scope of 30 minutes. I was in a high level of Union with my Lord at the onset of this experience. However, when it ended, I found myself in full Union with my Savior. I wish to share with you the process by which He revealed wonderful things about the Father and what He intended to do with me this very night.


Because I was praying in a group setting, I will share the many short prayers I uttered, as well as reveal the things the Lord shared and did. Before the prayer, I will indicate that you are reading the prayer by prefacing it with the word “prayer.”


When I shift to explaining His workings, I will preface it with the words, “His Actions.”


Prayer: Thank You, Lord, Great and Mighty God. God of the Nations, He Who is the power above all powers. Be Exalted! 


His Actions: While praying the above, Jesus literally took me up into the heavens to stand beside Him. In so doing, He gave me to see the expansion of time. He also gave me to see, in a very small measure, the reality of the greatness of Who He is! I saw the stars and a very tiny bit of the Solar System. I saw creation singing to Him! Further, I was allowed to see amazing things about His creation on earth.


Prayer: As I looked at the panorama of the beautiful universe before me, I quietly shared: God, I can see that this is “Your Will” in action. These things, both in the temporal and in the spiritual life, are that which You are ever bringing forth!


“His Will!”


His Actions: Hence, I began praying about “His Will.” I speak here of His general “Will” and its operations. I saw the power of and outflowing efficacy from “His Will.” All things that come into being flow through this intelligent and creative force. In Him, Who is Timeless, what He sees, IS  what IS  at all times. (Heb. 11: 1-31) There is no space or time with God. He is Omnipotent (All-Powerful), Omniscience (All-Knowing), Omnipresent (Present Everywhere Simultaneously), Transcendent (Being above or independent of the material Universe). If you look back, there is no beginning with God. He is The Forever! If you look forward, there is no end with God! He is The End! (Rev. 1:4,82) Our multi-dimensional God took me up into Himself to show me this reality. However, I was not able to bear this revelation. It was too great for me. The Lord took me into a place of timelessness in which time and space are not accounted. This existence is where He lives as well. Here, traveling at the speed of such great measure, we have no means with which to measure it. Suddenly, when it seemed like time should have come to an end, it didn’t. Behold, He was there. I gasped and would have passed out, but He brought me back to myself and resuscitated me. Notwithstanding, such things bring up even more questions.


For instance, does God indeed travel, or since He is Omnipresent, does He hover, as it were, and unbeknownst to us, we travel about in Him? He is ever in movement, and in times or places where judgments rest, He remains in a state of violence. Is there ever peace? Peace has a different connotation with Him. He told His disciples He would give them peace, not as the world gives, but as is His peace. I could spend pages and pages describing such things as this as He has taught me over the years. Oh, how great God is!    


As we arrived at our meeting place in the Heavens, Christ stood before me. I found myself compelled to make declarations. This compelling came out from within “His Will.” It is manifesting as it beats within my being as a living force or compulsion, stronger than my own will, stronger than any life force I have ever touched. It was rising within me and kept rising in union with and carrying my own yielded will in its flow. This force grew inside me until it felt like my very heart was going to explode with the desperate need to praise Him in such a way as He alone is worthy. My battle arose with the reality that none could give Him the pure, unfeigned praise of which He is worthy. Such adoration and praise could never flow out of human lips, as it is too high and powerful for us to endure. I grew so desperate to release the praise due Him that I was in living anguish.  He is too Holy, too Glorious, too Majestic. He is the very essence of Life, but alas, the corruption of the human soul made it impossible to connect with human ardor alone. Indeed, anything human, not clothed by the sanctifying blood of the Lamb, was not capable of receiving the caress of the Divine One.


To be continued…

In Him,



Visitation, Fullness of Union – Part B


Nita RL Johnson


Jesus and The Father




This wonderful, loving Christ, Who has now captured my gaze, is my blessing. For in Him alone can the heart of so lofty a God and a passionate child called by His Name find their satisfaction realized. Indeed, Sin arose. Hope died! The ROSE, so beautiful, was crucified to restore Hope by His finished work of Atonement! A soul slain by the corruption of darkness had destroyed the goodness of the shining Light. There I was smitten by Divine Love and held captive by the flesh that in no way could compensate for the loss. What could I do? Churning, yearning, grasping for freedom from my flesh that now held me captive and a prisoner trapped away from He Whom I loved more than life. I thought: Who else has known this torment? My heart was thrashing, my soul in a battle for what was Life itself. It felt as though I faced obliteration, indeed must suffer obliteration to release the praise He alone deserved. My thoughts now riveted on one Truth alone: I had to be free of this deathly prison of my flesh that my glorious King might be wholly praised in pristine purity, fully worshipped for the Noble, Glorious, Majestic, God that He is! (Rom 7:4-253).


I am suddenly aware that the Spirit of Christ is working to fill every part of my being. The filling began in my feet, traveling up my legs, into my torso, my lungs, my heart, my members, up into my mind; His Spirit was moving and claiming every part. As I felt His most Holy Spirit moving through me, I began to feel the release of this noble Song. Driven as I was to experience freedom from within, I found myself captured by this Truth, which is now exploding from within. Yes, Christ alone can worship God; He must do it! The reality is Christ; so Holy, so Majestic, is our hope!  (Ex 15:114; Ps 96:95; 1 Chron, 16:276) The Majesty of His Holiness was consuming me inch by inch. In His might and by His Will, He worshipped God through me.    


Our God is truly Holy, Majestic in Holiness; He is a Consuming Fire (Heb. 12:297). This Fire gradually took ownership of my every part. All the while, the darkness was driven out by ongoing explosions of Light! I felt like one being stunningly transformed by His Life. All of this was the actualization of “His Will.”  Jesus was imparting a new, higher level of Union at so sublime a measure I was speechless at the marvel of His Divine wonders! The Fullness of Union at last!


More on the workings of “His Will”:


His Actions:

After the above experience, Jesus took me on a trip of sorts across America. I was one place one moment and another, it seemed, the next second. It seemed as though I was traveling the length and breadth of America. However, in actuality, I do not know if I was even moving at all.


God took me into the “Place of Timelessness” where He lives, as it were! He took me there to help further my understanding, among other things, the operations of “His Will”!


The description below is what He gave me to see. 


It appeared by what He showed me that there is a process that occurs so quickly that it is faster than human thought; indeed, faster than the speed of light. The thought becomes “His Will.” No thought that He conceives does He reject! Whether His permissive, good, or accepted will, it automatically becomes “His Will.” You might even say that the thought while being conceived is already “His Will.”  (Eph 1:5,98). Again, that process is faster than the speed of light. Once it becomes His Will, it manifests as reality. This reality is true even if His thought concerns something that will occur 2,000 years in the future in the field of time and space. In actuality, God knows all things at all times but has determined that (all) will be revealed and made manifest through His Son.



Feeling so overwhelmed, I again began to laud His praises, declaring: You will be exalted, oh God! I exclaimed: The Son, the Son paid the price, and He brought forth the privilege for the expression of Your Song from shore to shore, east to west.


His Actions:

I saw, “In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.” Something is happening to Him, giving forth this awesome expression of Truth. He is again changing in His, dare I say, composition? Jesus turned from a Being of Light to a Being of Life. The transition continued showing me, again, the Life is the Light of men! The Light I saw was a perpetual Song of Life flowing through the Heavens into all creation.


Jn 1:49; Heb. 1:1310; Is 42:10,1611; 44:2312; 46:9,1013; 49:1314


Prayer: I cried: God, You said: Let it be!


His Actions: Gen 1:3, 6,9,1115


Prayer: Your Glory shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. Let it be!


His Actions: Out in front of me, I saw the earth suspended. I saw that His Glory covers the earth as the waters cover the sea. Even now, His Glory surrounds the earth in that we are in Him. Yet, the Scripture is fulfilled as I saw above. His lovely Shekinah Glory is blanketing the earth, a habitation of His Kingdom! Both statements are ever presently true because God transcends time and space.


Hab. 2:1416; Is 11:917


Prayer: You Who are the reigning King, the ruling Monarch of all the living, our Sovereign God!


Is 43:1518; 48:1219; 49:720; Hab 1:1221; Col 1:1622; Eph 4:2123


Prayer: You make a way where there seems to be no way!


Is 43:16, 1924; Is 49:7,9,2625


Prayer: You say it, and it will be done. You decree it, and it must come to pass for You are not man that you can tell a lie!


Ps 25:1026; Jn 1: 1-3, 1727; 1 Jn 2:2128


To be continued…

In Him,



Visitation, Fullness of Union – Part C


Nita RL Johnson


Jesus and The Father

Prayer: As I was on my face before, God, I cried:  My heart yearns to praise You, to extol You, to laud your praises, Lord!


Ps 15029; Ps 149:630


Prayer: I cried out to Him: Lord, this flesh is weary; it cannot give You what You deserve! My soul is hindered from the glorious worship I long to give, Lord! It is corrupt from the beginning! It cannot lay before You that of which You are worthy! I see hope! My eyes are open to see that there is something within my spirit, the fragrant “Candle of Your Spirit” giving Light to the whole house! Let the Fire of Your love, the Fire of Your Life, the Fire of Your Eternal One be seen around the earth, Lord! The Power and the Glory forever and ever! 


Oh God, my heart is crying. My heart wants to burst forth with the praise that can only come from the One Who is worthy of it all. The Son, the glorious Son. What does one do, Lord? The praise is yearning to burst forth, the words of which You are worthy surging against the walls of my heart for freedom to worship You worthily. But alas, Lord, You and You alone are the Power and the Glory forever! You and You alone are the One that can give You praise, Glory, and honor in such a way as You are due, and that is Your Son!!


Prayer: Ps 86:631; Ps 51:532


To The Father!


Prayer: Take note that my prayers are agonizing because my flesh is holding back the fullness of glorious communications! Thus, the emphasis on the opening words in each line: Oh, that the Son would have freedom to worship You through His Church! Oh, that He would have freedom to let His Song ring throughout the Land, may it ring through the ocean, ring throughout the lands of the earth. Oh, Father, let it be! Let Christ be praised!

Oh my darling God, it is so painful to feel what I am feeling tonight. To want so desperately to praise You in such a way, some small way, in which You are worthy, but the words coming up from my agonizing soul feel corrupt, for You are so holy!


I looked upon Your beauty, Oh Lord, and felt within my soul the corruption that creates a blockage, withholding this wondrous praise.


Oh my Father, that the words may be the words of the Son of God born by His own Spirit!

May He be the One giving such magnificent Glory to the Father, that our hearts might sing incandescent songs of love and Glory to You. Only then can we bear it, Lord. You alone must be glorified: what You do, Who You are, Your purposes, Your plans!


In the Fullness of Union:


His Actions: Missiles of Light are now shooting all over my soul and spirit through the flesh and up into the heavens above. They are many bursts of Light with missiles of Glory attached. The Spirit of Union between Christ and His Bride in me is sending out these missiles of Light, flashing in every direction out through the flesh and up to the Father! Further, these amazing missiles of Light are His Holy Songs to the Father.


More on His Actions:

The question may be asked: Am I now in complete Union? Is there room for more? From this point on, the Light of our Lord’s Life will claim a denser  ownership  like the Shekinah cloud, filling more densely a predetermined space, from Glory to Glory as is His way according to Jn 1:1633.


Prayer: Oh God, the Flaming missiles are beginning to be released once again. Your purposes and plans must bring You Glory.


Everything I described above was happening again. The explosions of Light, missiles of Light were moving in a rhythmic motion, pulsating with Life that continued repeatedly. This action would cause ever-increasing powerful missiles of Light to go through me. The best way to help you visualize would be like fireworks that go off at night in the sky, but the fireworks were the Spirit of God and my spirit exploding within me.



They must come forth and sing the Glory of the Son. The Glory of the Father. The Glory of the Spirit. Three in One, One in Three, oh God! Let it be! Let it be that Your Bride brings forth the glorious Song to her Groom by the Spirit that makes us one. You are worthy, Lion of Judah. Worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy! I cannot bear this, Holy Father! So Holy and Majestic are You!


His Actions:

I would make a proclamation, and the missiles of Light would go off through me and ultimately, out of me into the heavens to be received again by His throne. These missiles of Light were the praises and proclamations (due His Will). Be it in song or words of praise, they were all seen as missiles of Light. The shooting missiles continued to grow more robust, and the Glory more profound. It seemed unbearable to my flesh. Although it was wrapped in His Love, wrapped in His Light, ultimately wrapped in His Majesty, my flesh found it utterly painful. Only Christ in me made it endurable, so wonderful, so amazing that it was.



I cried out: There must be a voice higher than mine. There must be a Spirit grander than mine, Lord, that can raise up. I can’t even talk! That can raise up the glorious praises for which You are worthy. What a holy quandary—You alone are the answer.


Holy is Your Name! Holy is Your Name! Holy, Glorious One. You are the Author of salvation. You are the beginning and the end. You are the Author of the vision of the land. You are the Author of the vision of the world and of the incredible heavens, the Eternity of the Eternities. You are the Author of it all, and You carry it in the palm of Your hands, oh God! Worthy are You! Worthy, worthy are You! You alone are worthy! Oh, God! Let the songs come from the angels above, from the saints above, from Three in One, oh God. Let the Divine songs come forth as only You can bring them forth.


His Actions:

One by one, the Lord’s glorious offices and various names appeared to me. I would express them with holy awe! Elohim, Adonai, El Elyon, El Shaddai, Yahveh, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rophe, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Mekadesh, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Tsidkenu, Jehovah Rohi, Jehovah Shammam!


The Song was pure Light, pure Glory. The Song was Christ!



Oh, my God! Luminous One! That Divine pain is so painful, but You are glorious, oh, Lord. Oh, that I could sing with the voices of ten thousands times ten thousands, and in only a moment, I saw my words ascending into the heavens, millions times millions. May Your Bride hear it, see it and release it, that Your Spirit is free to proclaim the beauty, the grace, and the Glory of the Almighty God! Be it here, in the Americas, be it in Asia, be it in Africa, be it in Europe! Oh, God, every place may Your Name be glorified! May Your Name be honored!


To be continued…

In Him,


Visitation, Fullness of Union – Part D


Nita RL Johnson


Jesus and The Father


I continued in my ardent praise to Him.


There is a Song so high, so beautiful, so powerful, so radiant, so extraordinary, so Divine. Pure Light, luminous, pure Life, pure Spirit that can bring forth the praises of the Holy One in such grandeur that it begs description, oh God! Let it be! Let it be! We praise You! We praise You! That America is Yours! We praise You, Lord, that the Americas are Yours! Africa is Yours! Asia is Yours! Europe is Yours! Every place where the foot of man can tread. Oh God, let it bring forth the glorious Light of Who You are! My Father, my Father, worthy is Your Name! Glorious is Your praise!


I see the Fire lifted, oh God! The Eternal Flame, oh God! The proclamation of the Son of God, the Glory of His Name. The Glory of Your ways, oh God! The Fire spreads, and it spreads, and it spreads, bringing birth to souls upon souls, bringing Your royal heart into such joy. Father, it must be! You must have Your harvest. It must be! You must have the Nations; they belong to the Son. You gave them to Him! God, You are worthy! You are worthy! You are worthy! You are worthy! You are worthy! Oh God, You are worthy! Your Word is eternal, Father. No beginning, no end! All power, all Glory!


His Actions:

The Flame upon the Torch that I saw earlier was Christ. The Torch continually transformed into Christ and then back to the Torch several times. Again, these missiles of Light constantly exploded in and through me.



These fireworks of Glory are again being released, oh God! The Light! The missiles of Light! The Flame that is so beautiful. Oh, my God! Nothing can speak of You as You can. Let the Son be glorified for what He has done and the price to make Your royal, noble, Holy heart joyful. May we fall to our faces forever and ever and ever to praise Thee, oh God!


His Actions:

Again, these missiles of Light shot forth through me. Throughout the experience, Christ was in me and in front of me. He stood about 10 feet away and above me about 10 feet. I began to hone in on what the Son did. He appeared on the Cross with His head bent down. He had on the Crown of Thorns, and He was bleeding. But toward the end of this scene, He began to be enfolded in Majesty. This transformation occurred before my very eyes. What I saw all began to telescope into Christ, and He was ultimately in the progression of the sacrificed Christ into His Supreme Majesty until He was totally clothed in Majesty. He was being transformed from the sacrificed Christ into His Majesty.


While I saw Christ on the Cross in front of me, I felt Christ’s Spirit inside of me move through my being until His Spirit completely covered me, including my head. Christ was in both places; therefore, I was cognizant of only Him. Subsequently, my heart felt like it would rupture (I mentioned this earlier). He was filling me like you would a balloon, but this process was excruciating (Job 23:1634). At the completion of this filling, I was no longer cognizant of me at all. I knew He filled all of me, but it seemed as though I was gone.


The heart of my soul was transformed into the heart of flesh.


“His Majesty”

“His Will” in me:


Let me share the meaning of His Supreme title: Majesty. It is very enlightening and honestly provokes a sacred awe of our Lord and Master! Majesty inspires holy worship. In His presence, we laud His praises as every cell in our body and every hair on our body stands alert to worship Him.


A Sovereign power, dignity, or grandeur

Supreme authority or power

A Royal personage

Magnificence or Splendor

A great dignity of bearing, loftiness

Royalty, regal, lofty, stately dignity, imposing character, grandeur

Magnificence, grandness, richness

Something or someone meriting the highest praise or regard

Glory, Splendor




Majesty is the name that refers to the reality that He is the Sovereign over all that is—none is higher in rank, authority or power. To describe Him as “Majestic” is tantamount to saying His supreme, royal beauty is the highest and most glorious of all nobility in the heavens and in the earth. When the Bible presents Him as “Majestic in Holiness,” it is revealing the utter purity of His most Holy character. When it says of Him that He is glorious in Holiness, Majestic in beauty, needless to say, the writer is expressing the inexpressible.


When He was completely clothed in Majesty, I saw His gown of translucent gold shining with His brilliant Glory. On His head was a many-peaked, translucent gold Crown, also shining with Glory and inlaid with many precious stones. I don’t know what those particular precious stones symbolize, but I knew each one had its own meaning. On the breast of the robe was darker gold threading and needlework in a beautifully ornate design. It, too, had precious stones on it. Again, I don’t know what they symbolized, but often, when you see things of this nature in heaven, they usually represent the 12 Tribes of Israel. That could have been the case here as well, but my eyes were not drawn to them as the focus so, unfortunately, I cannot go into a lot of detail. The gown had long sleeves that were slightly bell-shaped at the cuff. He had on a belted waistband made of another shade of translucent gold that shined with the Glory. His whole attire looked like brilliant, shimmering Light intermixed with this translucent gold that shined from Him. He looked so royal, so noble, so Majestic. His eyes were blue but shined like liquid fire.


Standing before Him in His Majesty is virtually impossible unless He tells you to stand. Hence, suddenly strength to stand arises in your being. (Daniel of Old Covenant renown experienced this.) When His Holy Majesty is displayed, what created being can arise before Him? His Shekinah is so overwhelming that one loses their breath, and therefore, the breath we breathe and words we may try to speak seem so unholy. The Fear of God explodes within and we are left speechless before Him. The possibly of experiencing total unconsciousness is often likely. He is GOD, my dear ones. Creator of all things, Ruler over all things, clothed in His glorious Majesty, His power (Dunamis). That which upholds all things by His mighty Word of Power is unleashed in glorious Splendor and we stand silent in Holy Awe if, as I say, we stand at all. The only thing that tempers the glorious display is the eternal love with which He loves you and all created things.    



As I felt myself return to my place of rest, I began to pray over the people:


Bless the people, Lord. Bless the saints that pray. Let Your praises ring out from this nation. Shore to shore, north to south, south to north, and let it fill the heavens. Let the fire that You showed me, oh God, fill the nations that the Son might be wholly glorified, in Your precious Name, amen.


In Him,

Nita Johnson