The Lord tells us in Amos, that He will do nothing without disclosing it to His servants the prophets. That promise seems to be getting a lot of notoriety these days. How blessed we are to discover that it is as true today as it was when it was first written. I am going to share a series of events with you that will reveal what Yahveh (the Lord) is about to do for His Church and in the world. I will try to make the explanations of these events as clear as I can so they will be easily understood. However, if there is anything you don’t understand my Dear Reader, please take it to the Lord in prayer and let Him give you clarity.

On July 5th and 6th 1999, I met with Keith and Wanda Davis, Rick J. and his wife, Bob and Viola Jones, and Nick and Bonnie Burkhart. We were meeting together for an informal mini-symposium. On the evening of the 6th we were all sitting on the balcony at Keith Davis’ condo at Orange Beach, Alabama. We were all in the midst of a discussion about the things of the kingdom when my attention was drawn away by the beauty of the sunset. The sun had gone down enough that we could no longer see it, but we could see the effects of it’s hidden presence burst across the evening sky in rays of colors from gold to deep rose. It was an extraordinary rainbow of heavenly shades that was worth dropping everything to behold. Soon however, this exciting array of color gave way to the late evening sky and it was growing dark over the bay.

A Sign for The Times

It was at this time, between approximately 8:00 and 8:15PM that another extraordinary event occurred. From out of no where in the middle of the sky came jetting upward what looked like a meteor or a fiery chunk of rock. Suddenly, it took a deliberate turn arching downward. At nearly the same place in the sky from which it had made its initial appearance only moments before it silently exploded like a starburst and disappeared. When it disappeared, it left behind a tail in the form of a cloud of what appeared at first glance to be blue smoke. Quickly Keith got the binoculars and handed them to Bob who saw that the smoke actually formed a very large human eye. The binoculars were then handed around, and by the time they were handed to me the cloud had changed form. The eye had become the matrix of a perfectly formed numerical three. The number three remained in the sky in its perfect form for at least another half an hour then disappeared.

I immediately knew this was a sign from Yahveh. Consequently, when the sign first appeared in the sky, I cried out to the others to look at what was happening. Rick J. was the first to respond, so he watched most of its progress with me. The others followed, enabling them to see its decent, subsequent explosion and disappearance.

So, what does all this mean? I told the group that the first thing that would happen after this sign would be a major calamity, attesting to the fact that this was in fact a sign from God, (Elohim).

According to Gen. 1:14 luminaries are meant also to signify the signs of Elohim’s, (God’s) times and seasons and are signs for us to know what He is doing. The Yahveh (the Lord) has used similar wonders when speaking to me in the past. These Divine tokens appear to me as falling stars that burst and disappear only a few feet from the ground to warn me of coming calamities. The first two times I saw such a demonstration, it was marked by major snowstorms within the same geographical area in less than 30 days. These calamities left behind untold thousands of dollars worth of damage. Further, parts of the city was left immobilized for a period of time. The third time I saw such a sign was in Colorado less than 30 days before the tragic shooting in the local High School. This sign which appeared on July 6th was far more ominous, yet I knew that it was sent from Yahveh to warn us of an approaching calamity. This tragedy has by now occurred. Much to our nations sorrow, John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister in-law have met a tragic end in an airplane accident. It is with deep sorrow that we mourn over their deaths as we mourned over the deaths at High School. Through these tragedies however, we find that our Father in Heaven is trying to speak to us.

If these ensuing painful calamities were the only significance this divine token held however, I would not be writing this article. Indeed, I knew that it was a sign that would in part bring sorrow, yet I also knew that it was a divine wonder speaking of something greater that would bring much joy to the Church. Keith readily agreed as did Bob.

The Spirit of revelation was granted to me on the night of July 20th, 1999. I was given first of all a prophetic dream, then when I awoke; I was given several visions. Understanding that I was wrapped in a very special grace, I took the occasion to ask the Lord for further insight on the sign that had appeared in the sky on July 6th.

This is what the Yahveh revealed to me. The fiery rock was sent to warn that a calamity was soon to occur. But it was also given as a sign of the soon release of a higher grace to the Church. The starburst speaks of the bursting forth of a great revival soon to explode upon the earth. The explosion of this revival will further be accompanied with the explosion of a volcano in America. It will be the release of the former and the latter rain promised in Joel, and will be accompanied by great signs and wonders, both in the heavens and on the earth. For instance, miracles will be a common occurrence in that day. The knowledge of this revival is not new to me however. In fact you can read about this great promise in my book, "Prepare for the Winds of Change" as well as our soon to be released book, "Prophetic Insight and Family Focus". What was new was the fact that Yahveh has moved into a new level of preparation for this great release. A transition that is so significant that He is attesting to it by a sign in the heavens.

The form of a human eye was to speak of the breaking forth of great revelations of Jesus Christ, (Yeshua Messiah) which are held in reserve for these latter days.

The numerical three that was formed by the tail and remained in its perfect form for at least a half an hour longer, was an indicator that we are entering into: "The fullness of times". I asked the Lord how it could mean the fullness of times, as I had never heard that the numerical three symbolized such a thing. He said: "Three represents the perfection of deity. Likewise, the perfection of My plans and purposes are also represented. Thus the term, `The fullness of times’."

Therefore we are about to enter into the transition of leaving our present season in Elohim’s, (God’s) plans and purposes, and make passage into the season of, "The fullness of times". In this season we will experience the kingdom of God come to earth. By that I simply mean that we will experience the demonstration and the majesty of the kingdom of Elohim, (God) in an unprecedented way. Further, He revealed to me at this time that the visitations that I have been having since He took me to heaven on June 12th have all been expressions of what is about to occur. For that reason, I will briefly share with you what those are along with brief insight as to what that will mean to us as Christians.

Melchizedec Priesthood

On June 12th after being wrapped in the spirit for 3 days, I was in prayer, when suddenly Yeshua, (Jesus) took me to heaven. I as a representative of His bride, lay my garment of self-glory upon an altar that stood between His throne and me. After I did this I bowed down before Him and He clothed me with the garment of the virgin bride (Rev. 14; Mt. 22; Mt.25) This was the name Yeshua gave this garment. It was the most simplistic garment I have ever seen. It was even more simple in its appearance than the garment of humility with which He clothed me many years ago. (Co. 3:12) It was simple, but elegant. As I knelt down before my Lord clothed in this simple gown, I have never felt more beautiful to Him. This simplicity represents my life in the spirit free from the entanglements of the world and self-seeking. There is little of greater beauty to our Savior than this kind of purity. It is a garment procured at great cost to the believer. However, you realize that it is a price well worth paying when you feel Yeshua’s pleasure as I did that day. This same adornment is coming to the bride who has made herself ready for Him. We must divest ourselves of our own self-glory and our love for the world if we want to bear the garment of the bride this side of heaven. It is through the process of repentance and turning from all that offends Him by the help of His ever-present grace that we make ourselves ready to bear this awesome gift. What Yeshua has done for me He desires to do for anyone who will pay the price to have it. We become one adorned in His very own simplistic, but nonetheless majestic splendor when we have made ourselves ready. With it deep fellowship with the Lord, the revealing of mysteries and awesome power will be granted.

Once I was adorned with this lovely gown, I felt a completeness I have not heretofore known. Even so, I still knew I was missing something I needed, something that we the church needed. So, I asked the Lord: "Lord, what will you give me in exchange for this ugly garment of self-glory that I have place upon your alter?" He immediately stood and took me by the hand and said: "Follow me!" We soon after entered another room, in which He had the garment of the High Priest. He walked me over to it and began to clothe me with it. It was inexpressibly beautiful. I had seen this garment on other occasions and have written about it in some of my books. But, this time I was to be clothed with it myself. He painstakingly clothed me with one article at a time. The last two articles Yeshua, (Jesus) put on me was the "breastplate and the turban".

As He placed the breastplate upon me, Yeshua instructed: "These twelve stones still represent the twelve tribes of Israel. From this day forward, My people are your people; My land is your land. Pray for My Jewish people throughout the world". Just then a mantel appeared upon my shoulders and I felt His Spirit surge through my innermost being, and I was changed. He continued: "The time of the Gentiles is soon coming to a close, and the time of the Jew is about to be reopened. Your prayers are critical". By natural descent I am a Jew, So, it wouldn’t have seemed that such an impartation was necessary. However, something very powerful was added to me that day. Furthermore, Yeshua is speaking to the Church. This vital forthcoming season must be bathed in prayer by the church. Is. 40 says to tell my people that their iniquities are forgiven, and to prepare the way for the Jews return through Yeshua Messiah. As a Christian we must spend time in prayer over every revealed segment of this coming transition. Further, we must declare it to the four winds: "Let My people go, remove every hindrance, every road block to the return of My people. And, I call Israel to return home to the Elohim of his forefathers, through Yeshua Messiah". It is incumbent upon the Church to pray for natural Israel if we are ever to see this marvelous season come to full birth.

As Jesus (Yeshua) put the turban upon my head, He said: "You are now holiness unto the Lord. You are completely Mine". With those words I was baptized with a new baptism of His holiness which has caused in me an even deeper separation from the world. This too awaits every Christian who desires such a sanctification. In fact, I will go further and say that every one who will bear the higher glory of this priestly garment will automatically be baptized with the same baptism. It is part of the garment. That is, it is part of the life of the garment. Those who are immersed in its life will walk in a totally knew realm of separation and holiness than has heretofore been seen. With this awesome baptism, will come great power and authority over all the works of the devil.

Seeing that nearly all was in place but one thing, and thinking that my Lord was finished, I asked Him: "Lord will you not give the Urim and Thummim?" My Lord then reached into His pocket and pulled out two, magnificent, stones, which resembled odd, shaped diamonds, and handed them to me. As they rested in the palm of my hand, one turned a brilliant blood red and the other a sort of royal blue in appearance.

The Urim and Thummim speaks of the release of the prophetic gifting such as knowing the secrets of men’s hearts, people’s names, specific dates, and events, etc. It also speaks of the higher release of Divine counsel from behind the veil, and the greater revelations of Yeshua Messiah and the kingdom I have since discussed this with Bob Jones and discovered that he too saw these remarkable stones and agrees with their importance.

After giving me this garment in its entirety, Yeshua caused me to know that this was the priestly garment of the Melchizedek Priesthood, which is soon to be released in ever increasing degrees and splendor upon His Church. There is much more I could share with you, but I won’t for the sake of time and space. Further, all that I have seen should really be accompanied with much more teaching than I am able to give here. So we will try to cover more at a later date.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

The next visitation, which is significant to the new release of the kingdom of Elohim, took place June 25th, 1999. I was visited by the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He came down from heaven into my presence sitting upon a golden throne. He wore a royal blue gown and cape or robe such as a King would wear. Upon the robe were the precious jewels such as are found in the breastplate. The sight that was before me was breathtakingly beautiful to behold. As He continued His decent into my presence, I noticed a magnificent crown resting upon His lap. This crown had twelve points and each point had one of the stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. He picked this crown up off His lap and lifted it to put in on His head. As He reached His head, I realized that my visitor was the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Just then the Kabod of Elohim or the weightiness of God’s holy presence was released in the room and many of us who were present at the time of the visitation fell to our knees. This speaks of the coming of the long awaited Kingship authority that is soon to grace the Church.

Bob Jones offered some help with the meaning of the vision and I will include his enlightenment as well as my own as follows. The golden throne speaks of the glory of the latter house, which is greater than the glory of the former. It also speaks of the weightiness or the (Kabod) of the coming presence of Elohim. The royal blue Kingly garb speaks of the coming revelations of the Kingdom. The jewels are the tribes of Israel about to be sealed and awakened. This will bring an extraordinary enhancement to the kingdom. The twelve-peaked crown speaks of the perfect government being put in place in the Kingdom even now. The twelve stones in the crown are the coming revelations of Yeshua Messiah, (Jesus Christ), which will perfect the bride.

We have waited; it seems forever for this higher anointing to which all must bow. But, we have not been ready for it. Higher anointings bear with them higher responsibilities and accountabilities. We can only bear them as we are purified to insure that we will not misuse the gift. The appearance of the King brings promise that He will soon lead out a prepared army for war; in the anointing that will get the important job done.

Images of Three

On July 7th, the day following the appearance of the noteworthy sign in the heavens, I went out early to pray. Remember, that the tail of the divine meteor consisted of a human eye and a perfect numerical three etched out in the sky by this blue smoke. To further attest to the numerical three, Yahveh opened my eyes to several more natural signs. I saw 3 Canadian geese, flying nose to nose rather than in a "v" formation. They were flying low overhead as they flew by the balcony. We are not likely to see Canadian geese by the coastal waters of southern Alabama in July so I understood that this was another prophetic sign. I decided to inquire of Bob why I should see such a thing as this. I knew he would have an answer for me. He said that geese always represent the awakening of the watchmen and the opening of a new day. That meant that this was now the second sign of the opening of a new day, the first being the meteor. From that point on everything I saw was in threes. The harbor lights, the boats coming into the dock, birds flying in the sky. Everything was seen in threes. Remember, the three stands for "the fullness of time and the opening of a brand new season in Yahveh’s plans and purposes." I don’t normally look to such things as this to be a message from Elohim. I am concerned that people can get into danger doing that. However, with each new event a growing realization came by the Spirit that Yahveh was indeed speaking. His Ruach, (Spirit) was bearing witness with my ruach, in a very powerful way that He was making a strong statement as to the importance of the meaning of the numerical three which was a divine token for our understanding and edification.

On this day, the Lord gave me three more revelations, again attesting to the importance of the numerical three. The first revelation was, He is sending out the angel of the Lord to seal many in natural Israel who will come forth as virgins in Israel bearing the seal of Yeshua, the Ruach HaKadesh (The Spirit of the Holy One). Second, The spirit of the virgin is coming to the Church to prepare the bride for bridal union and the demonstration of the kingdom of God in the earth. (Rev. 14) She will also be given the mantel of the seven spirits of God and will bear the keys to the kingdom. Third, Israel is to prepare as a man of war for war is near at hand. But, the sealing of the virgins will take place first.

Once I arrived home on July 13th, I received three more visitations from angels. The first one brought me a huge and magnificent pearl resting on a golden platter. He said: "This symbolizes salvation to the nations. Elohim sees the souls of men as precious pearls of great price." This is a vital message to the Church. We are soon going to be given an unprecedented grace to bring precious salvation to the nations of the world.

The second angel brought to me upon a golden platter, sweet incense. He expressed: "This represents the higher and purer fellowship with the Lord that He was going to open up to His bride. Those who have made themselves ready will experience inexpressible joy in this grace."

The third angel of the Lord came to me carrying on a golden platter; precious jewels many and varied. They appeared to resemble the jewels found on the breastplate of the High Priest. He told me these represent the treasures of the Kingdom, the mysteries of Yeshua Messiah to be revealed in these last days for the perfecting of the bride and the Church. (Co. 2:3; Is 45:3, Co 3:1)

All these things are about to take place as a part of the precious things that will be opened up for us in the days known as "The fullness of times."

The Angel of the 7th Seal

The final visitation that I will share that further clarifies what is about to happen is the angel referred to in Revelation chapter 9 and 10 as the "Angel of the seventh seal". This angel is about to visit one of God’s prophets and open the mysteries of the seven thunders. This will facilitate the release of the end time mysteries of Yeshua Messiah, which will be given to perfect the bride.

He appeared to me on the plane trip home from Orange Beach on the 7th of July. This was the day the meeting with Bob Jones, Keith Davis, Rick J. and myself came to an end. He came carrying a golden platter upon which he was carrying something that looked like an open book. I wasn’t sure, as the glory of this being was so brilliant and superior to other angels I have seen, that I was drawn more to his glory than what he was bringing to me. It was made known to me that the reason for His superior glory was the fact that the truths he would bring were of much greater significance and higher glory than those previously released. He further said to me: "I am coming soon to visit one of the Lord’s prophets and reveal hidden mysteries and the meaning of the seven thunders." After hearing this and surveying this awesome creature, I returned my focus to what he was carrying on his golden tray. As soon as I did, He disappeared. I was left in a daze, awestruck by what I had seen and heard and terribly excited that another voice would have the privilege of speaking into the church the precious treasures of our Lord! I anxiously await His coming and am in great anticipation to discover who he will be visiting.

The days ahead are going to be days of great darkness and superfluous graces from heaven above. Because of the perilous times we are soon approaching, Yahveh I going to bring forth men and women who will bear the anointing that was upon Joseph, Solomon, and the likes of Daniel. He will use them to speak into the governments of the world behind the scenes. Their counsel will help bring stability to all who will heed them around the world. It is true, where sin doth abound, grace does much more abound. Yahveh is merciful and longs to bring any who will under the shelter of His wings. God bless you my Dear Reader. I trust that these pages have ministered to you and encouraged you spiritually.

Well that concludes the mysteries that have been released up to the present moment and are connected with the apparent sign in the heavens that was seen while I was in Orange Beach with prophets of the Lord. As the mysteries continue to unfold, we will share them with you.

In Christ great love,

Nita Johnson