Why do you home school your children?

Just before school was about to begin my four children and I would be at a store and the clerk would ask if I was glad school was going to start. My reply was always, "Absolutely, we are home educating our children!" Faces usually dropped in shock and disbelief that we’d take on such a task. Actually, I love having my children home with me all the time. God has given us our children to love and train in the ways of the Lord, and the thought of someone else practically raising my children (i.e. Eight hours of school every day) breaks my heart. We are to instill godly character in our children and that is far more difficult to do in the few hours allotted each evening between school and bedtime. Granted, I know it is not possible for every parent to homeschool their children, but if God makes a way there is no greater blessing. Every moment I spend with my children is precious to me. I love to use life’s experiences or natures beauty to instill in my children the love and wonder of our heavenly Father.

Another reason I home school my children is because of the humanistic teaching in public schools. I have friends who have children that have been taught to meditate in the fifth grade. They won’t allow us to read the Bible in school but they will allow the teaching of the "New Age" dogma in the classrooms. Not to mention the violence that has been occurring recently

How do I start home schooling my children?

You can start a school of your own by filing an affidavit with the county you live in, or join an existing school. Seek God to find out where you belong.

How long do you spend doing schoolwork each day?

Actual school lasts from ½ hour to 4 hours depending upon the grade level, (½ hour for each year until 6th grade, then 4 hours a day each year thereafter) so the rest of the day is ours. We use this time for Bible time and prayer, playtime, even learning a second language together. (There are some great videos that can help even young children to learn a second language.)

How do I teach my children?

Many people are under the assumption that we stand in front of our children and teach them as if they were in school. In Kindergarten and First grade there is a lot of parent interaction necessary. Once a child is reading, however, this could not be farther from the truth. My children work independently until they come across something they don’t understand, then I assist them until they do. With subjects such as Bible, Health, Science, and History we work as a family. It is also fun to incorporate four to six week unit studies on things such as fire safety or horses or whatever they’re interested in.

How do I obtain curriculum?

I contacted major publishers of school curriculum and they sent me a catalogue. I also went to the Curriculum Fair in my area where various publishers have samples of their books for us to examine first hand.

What about socialization?

Many parents, especially fathers, are concerned about socialization. Church is a great place for children to socialize. Regular attendance on Sundays and Wednesdays (most churches have Pioneer clubs or Awanas which allow playtime) provides for some wonderful friendships.

My friend and I administer a small school and we try to meet once a week for a park day. This makes for a wonderful time of fellowship for moms and a great time for kids to socialize. We also plan field trips for our school every four to six weeks. Most places (stores, zoos, museums and more) will give school discounts if you call ahead and schedule your school for a field trip or tour. We’ve even gone to the beach and to the snow together!
How has your family benefited from home schooling?

We have grown closer together and to God as a result of home educating our children. My children have been able to see me live out my faith all day long and as a result they are more willing to seek God out in times of difficulty for them. I can see godly character developing in them each day. Their self-esteems are still intact because they aren’t constantly trying and failing to please their peers. They don’t have to participate in holidays that are ungodly because they aren’t a part of our curriculum. I look forward to each and every day with my children, I can’t wait for them to wake up in the morning, granted we aren’t perfect, some days I can’t wait for them to go to bed, but by morning I am refreshed and ready to start the day anew! Most importantly I can still see an innocence and purity, a lack of worldliness if you will, in my children that I don’t see in their friends. I am truly thankful for these blessings.

If God leads you to educate your children at home, you will truly be blessed. With the future as difficult as it is going to be for Christians, every moment we can train and prepare our children for it will be an unspeakable blessing and strength for them in the days ahead.