New Orleans Revival Teachings

Nita Johnson
Jan. 2009

Holiness Unto The Lord

I’m going to share some things with you tonight that are on the Lord’s heart for the immediate future. And I’m also going to talk about His heart for you.
It is a new day for His church, and believe it or not, it is a new day for Israel. What God is going to reveal about Himself is not necessarily new, for we are taught about it from the beginning of time. Yet, in the Church and the Church age, we have not had great expanses of time of being able to identify with this aspect of God.  However, being confronted by it, we will be changed if we have a heart to go on in God. It is a new day, not necessarily a new way, but in part, it’s going to be a brand new way. We’ve never before seen what is coming. In my latest book Melchizedek Priesthood, I talk about what is coming. It is something so high and so holy that the Church is going to have to run very fast to catch up with what God is going to do. However, because He is a God who is so filled with mercy and love, goodness and grace, He will help us get there. It is one thing if we know that we have to fly, it’s another if we know we have wings; while we may not understand this yet, He does, and He’s going to help us. 
Exodus is a book that reveals God’s holiness in a beautiful and profound way. This beauty is only hinted at in the following Scripture: “And thou shall make a plate of pure gold and grave upon it, like the engravings of a signet, holiness unto the Lord” (Exodus 28:36).
The Lord Jesus Christ died for us all; He hungers to have a relationship with all of His creation; He desires His people. He desires to dwell in the soul of man and to have a deep abiding relationship where He is able to reveal Himself and His multifaceted ways. Unfortunately, there aren’t many who are prepared to know Him in the many ways that He is willing to reveal Himself. 
Now you are all probably wondering why you got to leave your shoes at the door, right? This afternoon our team came over here and the Lord told us to leave our shoes at the door, because this place is holiness unto Him. Tonight He wanted to make it a very special place to reveal Himself to those who came. When Moses was confronted with the privilege of seeing the reality of God’s holiness, one wonders why he had to be told to take his shoes off. But I think he was so dumbstruck by Who he was standing before that his attention had to be drawn to the expectation. “Moses, ‘take the shoes off!’”  He was taught something: Here you are a servant, Forty years you ruled in the palace, forty more years you ruled your own life. Now you are going to learn to be ruled by Him who created you. His first lesson: take your shoes off. It was an act of humility, a statement of servant-hood. And tonight, we are exercising such an act of humility. We’ve made a statement of servant-hood to God, because He asked us to. 
In the days ahead, God wants to teach His Church to walk with Him. We’ve been trained up in the ways of the world. Even as Christians, as the Church, we have been very much inundated by the world. As ministries began to go on television the world simply flooded into the Church in a greater way. People began to want to transform Christianity into something the world felt was palatable. But God wants to bring the Church back to an identity that will not seek to please the world or to transform itself into something that is pleasing to the world. God wants to help us to know how to please Him, which is a world apart from where we’re walking right now. 
At this time in history, there just aren’t very many people teaching us how to live the Word of God. We are getting a lot of prophetic words, visions, invocations, and Bible teaching. However, when it comes to walking with our Lord Jesus in the garden, living behind the veil in the holy of holies and dwelling there, being on your face before our Master, knowing how to please him at eight in the morning, twelve at noon, at six and again at twelve, there just aren’t a lot of people teaching us how to do this. We have the Bible, which gives us a lot of information about God and His ways, However, unfortunately, not many Bible teachers know how to teach how to walk with God in the Spirit. God so desires this for us, and for Himself, that He is going to raise teachers up to help us learn how to truly walk in the life of the Spirit. I can promise you the very first thing we have to learn is humility. We have to learn it, practice it, memorize it, embed it in our hearts, wed it, sharpen it; we have to pierce ourselves with it until we really get it. The Bible says, “How can two walk together except they be agreed?” Unless we are walking in humility we will almost never agree with God, which ultimately means we don’t get to walk with Him. Here is where the second lesson comes into play, which will help us to learn the first lesson of humility. We have to be willing to abandon our will and our rights. 
A Moment With Jesus
I’ll tell you a story of how I learned this. I had just been taken into a rather, one might say, excruciating experience with the Lord. Sometimes experiences with Him are not always pleasant, at least not for me. Maybe for others it is, but not for me. This was one of the more unpleasant experiences and when we finished His surgery and His teaching, He lifted me up and I found myself standing on a mountain with Him. I asked Him what I always ask Him when I see Him: “I want union with you Lord. I want to walk with you in the deep places.” Rather than answer my plea, I saw Him looking around, almost avoiding my gaze. So I started looking around as well. I thought to myself, ”There is something on this mountain He wants me to know and understand.” As I continued looking around,  I also started going through my heart because when He does something like this, it is never just for show. He is trying to get you to pay attention to what the Spirit of God is saying in your heart. So I began searching deeper yet.  As I did so, I started thinking, ”Oh my, there’s something I haven’t given Him–that’s why He won’t look at me. He’s gazing around and searching rather than talking. There’s something I haven’t given Him.” As I am searching to discover what on that mountain would tell me the secret of my own heart, I spotted over to one side two incredibly ugly rocks. They were like red lava rocks that would fit in the palm of your hand. I thought, ”Those are the ugliest looking rocks I have ever seen in my life, yet, somehow they depict what must be in my heart.” I walked over to pick them up, and as I did I realized that these ugly looking rocks depicted my will and my rights. With the rocks in hand I walked back to the Lord. I sought to hand Him the rocks, “Lord, I want to give these to You, they’re ugly.” You know, I felt embarrassed, but at the same time I also knew there wasn’t anything on this mountain that better depicted the truth of what I was about to say to Him than these two ugly red rocks. I said to Him, “Lord, I want to give these to you, as symbols of my will and my rights.” As I said that, suddenly I realize that right beside the Lord Jesus Christ was an altar. I’m still trying to make eye contact with Him and He is still just barely looking at me. Suddenly, I realized that I needed to place the rocks on the altar. So I reached out and put the rocks on the altar and said, ”Lord, these depict my will and my rights and I give them to You. I lay my will and my rights on this altar for You today if You will take this sacrifice Lord.” Immediately He looked at me and smiled. Then the fire of heaven came down and consumed the rocks. 
Directly after that experience, every time I turned around, my will and my rights began to be challenged. We don’t even know how much we hold onto our rights and how much we hold onto the demands of our will until the challenge begins. If you are like me, you get real embarrassed because you are acting really stupid over this challenge. You are almost doing it wrong every time. Someone challenges your will or someone challenges your rights and your defensive self rises up, getting huffy puffy. We want our will and our rights to be left intact. But every time we do that, we pull ourselves away from the grip of the Holy Spirit. We have not yet learned that when our will and our rights are being challenged, it is not by the situation or the person standing in front of us. It is the Lord. God is challenging our sacrifice. He must, because we must see those things that hinder our walk in Him. 
Exodus 2:16, “Thou shall make a plate of pure gold, grave upon it like the engravings of a signet, holiness unto the Lord.” No one can walk with God unless they walk with Him in holiness. You cannot live for the world and walk with God. Now, you can be saved, for I am not saying you cannot be saved. However, you cannot walk with God and live for the world. Why? For two reasons and the number one reason is that if you live for the world, God’s holiness is an offense to you. That’s a powerful statement isn’t it? You don’t even understand and recognize that the thing you are being offended by is His holiness, because to the degree that you live for the world, you are blind to His character and His nature. So, if He were to stand before you in His holiness and though you say, “I love You Lord and I want You and I want to walk with You,” when His holiness draws near, you will be offended. What happens to the relationship then? God needs to help us learn how to love His holiness so when He draws close to us, we will allow Him to. Furthermore, we will be like the ever wise Mary, and cling to Him. 
His holiness requires things different from what the Church knows and understands today. The Church really does feel like they can do what the worldly Church does, what the non-Christian does. Many things, even if it is nothing more than watching secular television, are an offense to God. When you watch programs that elevate and glorify sin, how can you then turn around and love God’s holiness? It does not work that way. You are being like a person with two brains, and, unfortunately, your soul cannot relate to that. So, if you were feeding your heart and your mind with worldly stuff on television, when God’s holiness comes near making demands as He will, offense will arise in your heart. In fact, if you are feeling a little bit of offense right now, it shows you that the offense of the love of the world is in your heart, and to the degree that it is there, holiness does not reign. In fact, if I can go one step further, I will state in no uncertain terms that where holiness does not reside, neither does God. 
The Lord wants to make Himself a bride adorned in holiness living unto the Lord. He wants to beautify His bride with holiness unto the Lord. He wants to beautify your heart and your soul with holiness unto the Lord. But the demands of holiness are many and they are rigorous. In order to release yourself to the work of God so that holiness can begin to rule and reign in your soul,  much of your lower nature must be removed, cut away no less. What did Paul say?–that the soul is ever warring against the spirit, and the spirit is ever warring against the soul. So if this is true, there must be a reason for it, and the reason is very clear, because the soul loves sin. It must be trained to hate and fear sin. The spirit loves God and His holiness. The twain shall never meet.
The Lord once took me into an experience. I found myself standing in front of a very prestigious  department store. The Lord stood in front of it. Next to Him, on a bench in front of the department store, was a tarantula, one of those great big hairy spiders. I’m terrified of spiders, but I’m especially terrified of tarantulas; so when I saw this tarantula I just about fainted. The Lord is standing there looking at me and watching my response. I said. “Lord, why is the spider on the bench?” Looking from the spider to me, and then from me to the spider, and so forth several times, He finally responded: “I want you to fear the world like you do this spider. I want you to fear all things of the world the way you do this spider.” I said, “Lord, why?” He said, “Because those things can take you away from Me, and you must fear what can steal your heart away from Me.” 
You see, the lessons are important, and they are given in love. He wants to teach us, to train us so that we love the things of the spirit and hate the things of the world. Now, if something has the potential of taking you away from Christ, you must develop a heart of hatred for that thing. If you fear it, you are going to hate it eventually. Especially, if you see it constantly trying to encroach on what is beautiful and holy–your relationship with God. 
Now, from my earliest days of salvation, the Lord began to lead me in prayer. You know, I gave my heart to Christ in the latter days of the charismatic renewal, during which time the Church was teaching that everything was “free grace.” You didn’t hear teachers talking about holiness, All you ever heard them talking about was “righteousness of God through Jesus Christ”. They never talked about not sinning, because that righteousness covered you in everything that you did. The thing that’s really scary is that they truly believed it. They believed it so much, they taught it to the Church–that is to anyone else who would listen. But, when I would read the Bible, which I was doing constantly, I kept seeing the word “holiness.” God is holy and Scripture such as  “holiness unto the Lord” testifies strongly of this truth.  God is holy and wants me to be holy. 
A Visit Of His Holiness
My heart’s cry was to know what holiness was and why it is so important to the Lord. His answer came one day when my daughter was very young, She had gone with my sister and her husband down to Disneyland so I was alone. I was worshipping the Lord. Remember, this is back in the early charismatic days, in the early 80s, when worship consisted of a lot of two and three-verse songs. I was walking around the living room and worshipping the Lord with one of those little choruses Holy, holy, holy is the Lord. As I was walking around singing, suddenly the holiness of God began to come into the room. As His holiness came in, I found myself very uncomfortable, so uncomfortable I could no longer sing ”holy is the Lord” with my mouth because I felt too defiled to be speaking that word to Him with my lips. So, I continued walking and singing the song, but just in my heart. I worshiped Him from my heart. Yet, I felt like my whole being was defiled. I didn’t understand this. You understand I’m a babe in the age where no one talks about the holiness of God so I had no idea what was happening to me. All I knew was the feeling of being defiled. I knew I loved Him with all of my heart; I spent hours in prayer each day, hours in the Word each day. I didn’t have time to sin. In spite of that, I was feeling so defiled. Still  I walked around, worshipping Him from my heart. The holiness of His presence continued to come in, ever-increasing until my whole body began to tremble in the midst of this holy environment. 
Suddenly, Jesus Himself came in to my living room! There I was in front of Him, one second I was on my feet, the next second, without a thought I was on my face in the carpet and my whole body was shaking in terror of the One who was standing before me. It was Jesus! I felt so much love for Him. I was overwhelmed and undone; but, at the same time, I was terrified because He was so holy. At that moment, I knew what holiness was. I understood that the One who was standing in front of me held the whole universe together in His belly because I could feel that kind of power and authority emanating from Him. I knew that I was in front of the Creator of all creation and everything was held together by Him. I was terrified. 
Oftentimes throughout our Christian walk we think like this: ”If I am in front of the Lord, I want to talk to Him. I’ve got this list of forty questions and, if He ever comes, I’m going to ask everything on this list.”  Yet, it is so different when He comes because He is in full control of everything. You think whatever He wants you to think; the questions He needs you to ask are the questions that He provokes. So when the visitation is over, He’s gone and you still have your list of forty questions. You want to talk to Him, you love Him, He’s there before you, but my brothers and sisters I’m telling you the truth–I’m telling you the truth before God–I was so terrified, I knew that if I spoke one word before this holy Being I would die. I knew if He spoke to me even one word, at the sound of His voice I would die. I was in terror of Him Who is holy. I was in such a dilemma, I simply didn’t know what to do. I wanted to talk to Him so badly, I couldn’t bear the thought of Him leaving without me talking to Him or Him talking to me. But at the same time, I was thinking I wanted to die out of terror. So, I thought I’d talk to Him with my heart and not from my mouth. I said to Him, “Lord, I love You so much. I want You to stay, but I’m so frightened by You; I am terrified and I want You to go, but I want to talk to You so bad; yet, I am afraid if I do I will die. I want You to talk to me, but I am afraid if You do, I will die.” “What you’re experiencing Nita,” He replied, “is the revelation of My holiness.” He then revealed many Scriptures and many other things to me that I am not going to go into right now. But the thing He said to me just before He left was–“I am going to visit My people in this presence but not now, because if I came now in this presence, there is so much sin in My Church that many would die unnecessarily. So I am going to bring My Church into a love for My holiness so that they will clean up their lives and live for Me the way they need to, so that I can visit them in this way.” 
What did He create in me through this? He created in me the fear of God. It’s not easy to sin when you’ve got that kind of fear of God in your heart. It’s not easy to do what He says not to do when the fear of God lives in your heart. If he says, “Get your attitude straightened up,” you do not play with it, you do it. Because when the fear of God lives in you, there is a certain level of humility that is developed that makes you want to obey Him, even if it is very difficult. God is calling His Church to holiness unto the Lord. Now that is the terrifying part. What makes His holiness so terrifying? It is the purity, the moral perfection of God. When you are standing before the moral perfection of the One who is not created, in fact the Creator Himself, what happens to you is what is revealed–your utter sinfulness. It isn’t like I saw this sin and that sin and yesterday’s sins. It was not like that. I just suddenly realized that as a Christian who has not been perfected in Christ, sin abounded in me. It was like it was everywhere. Not a particular sin, but the nature of sin. The character of sin was in me, and it was not pleasing to Him. He loves me but He does not want me to love sin. He loves me but He does not want me to yield to sin. When I feel weak, He wants me to run to His holiness, to fight for His holiness.
That experience set a flame of love in my heart. It wasn’t only humility breaking down the haughty pride of the human heart, but it was also a love for His holiness. I wanted to protect it, because while it is terrifying His holiness is so beautiful. I was only allowed to experience the degree to which I could bear. Had He allowed me to experience the full magnitude of His holiness, I would have exploded and died. I am telling you the truth. Life is different in heaven than it is here. He can only draw especially close to those who will live to be holy.   
Do you still want God? Do you still want to walk close to Him? He will make you holy. His holiness is the essence of his moral perfection. That day I was given to understand that. God can hold all things together by the word of His power because He is holy. If He was not holy, none of us would exist. If God was capable of telling even one lie, eternity could not exist. If He could think one negative or evil thought, He would not have the power He has to hold the world together, to create all of creation. All of that power resides within Him because He cannot sin. I am trying to give you a truth; if you want to walk in power, live holy. If you want to walk in the authority of Christ, be holy. Holiness is essential to a close walk with God. 
I am going to help you understand another truth I was taught that day: I cannot make myself holy. Back in the 50s they had the holiness preaching and teaching. I can remember talking to a pastor one day that used to preach a lot back in those days. He said, “I just loved it! I would get to preaching and I’d get to shouting and I’d tell those women: Get back into dresses, quit wearing slacks! I would preach about it until women would just blister in their seats.” I said, “What?” He said, “That’s right! They would get blisters on their legs if they had slacks on.” I said, “Oh.” He just thought he was being empowered by God to do that. There was no Christian love being taught. It was all acts and works and traditions of holiness, but without the revelation of the relationship with God that holiness begets.
It became a matter of works rather than spiritual formation, which is what you want. You want Christ to develop holiness in you, but you have to work with Him. You have decisions to make, you have choices to make. You have a heart that you have to dictate to until your heart learns to love what it needs to learn to love. So while you’re doing your part, God is doing His part and He’s teaching you through discipline. That is the hard part of learning to be a disciple; God really does discipline us for our good. He longs to teach us to love holiness and to purge the soul of impurity, so He can fill the soul with His holiness. This is what He wants us to bring to His Church; He wants a bride that is holy from the inside out. He wants to impart His holiness to you so that you will love His holiness the way He does. The thing that makes God beautiful is His holiness. The thing that makes heaven beautiful is the holiness of God. As you walk through heaven, holiness covers every single thing, from the flowers and grass in the field, to the houses. When you see an angel in heaven they are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, because the effulgence of God’s holiness emanates from them, covering and clothing them. When they come down to earth to work, and if they  work down here a lot, that brilliance is removed and they will look very human. The same angel who looks so glorious in heaven looks very human here. 
What makes heaven so beautiful is the glory and the holiness of God.  That’s why the Bible speaks about the beauty of holiness. It is what makes Him so beautiful, so desirable and attractive to the eyes and to the heart, because in that holiness is purity that can be trusted. He is not a turncoat. He is not a turncoat, a liar, nor a deceiver. We nod, “yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.” We don’t know. We do not know it, and when trouble comes we don’t trust. Deep in our heart, we think He’s like us, we think He will renege on His promises. Deep in our heart, we think He loves us when we can do something for Him. We don’t understand a God who loves us simply because we are the desire of His heart. We are the passion of His heart, as imperfect as we are. We don’t understand such amazing love, and neither can we understand it until we have been perfected in love. Until then our heart is deceitfully wicked; but oh how wonderful when the revelation comes that God loves us and that He’ll cover us all our sins. He doesn’t throw us away because we are not perfect. He loves us for He created us, and He knows the life that we have lived.  And He knows why we’ve made the choices we did. He knows everything and He’s not angry. He just loves us because He can’t help Himself. Have you ever just had somebody come to you and love you because they can’t help themselves? They just give you a big squeeze and say, “I just love you so much–I just can’t help it.” You may ask why, but you can see the love in their eyes. 
I can remember when Ricci’s youngest son was only three years old, and Ricci would go pick him up from church. This little brown eyed, blonde-haired boy would come out of class running, his little legs going as fast as they could. He would say, “Mommy!” You could see all the love in his eyes. I mean, this little guy was filled with so much love for his mommy he could hardly bear it. He was bursting at the seams because he got to see his mommy. That is what happens with God when He sees you. He loves you so much He desires you passionately.
The thing that keeps us and the Lord apart is our worldliness. Some Christians will get a little offended with that. “Ugh, I never! I resent the fact that you would call me worldly! I never do anything worldly–ever!”  You know that he just finished screaming at his wife and he spent his morning reading sports magazines and looking at all kinds of pictures he shouldn’t have looked at. But this wonderful man thinks is never worldly. He is deceived. And this is the truth. 
So what is worldly?  Is it when we go dancing at the club and have a great time? Well yes, that kind of activity would make you worldly; but so can your thought-life. When you have a moment, where does your thought-life go? I can remember being in service years ago and the Lord gave me a word. He showed me a man and I saw him sitting in the back row. I knew he was a pastor and I knew he would rather look at girly magazines than pick up his Bible. He had just lost his church and his life had just crumbled around him because of the thought-life he had. The Lord showed it all to me. But you know, there are certain things you can say in public and certain things you can’t say. I simply said, “There’s a pastor in this room and you would rather read magazines you should never have in your hands being a child of God than pick up your Bible. You have just lost your ministry and the reason you lost it is because your thought-life is in the gutter.” The man broke down and he started crying hysterically. He came running up to the front. I wasn’t going to reveal his identity, but here he was, openly exposing himself. He said, “Please pray for me; I need deliverance; what you said is true!” Here was a man called of God, called to be holy so he can work on God’s holy bride, who is precious in God’s sight. But this man’s life is of such a nature that he can’t help the bride of Christ. In fact, he was hurting her, so God took his ministry away. He got delivered that night. I told him, “You need to love holiness like you loved those magazines.”
What we need to understand is that we do not have to go out into the world to do things that will separate us from God. What we do in our mind can keep us just as far away from Him. When we hold resentment and bitterness against someone, that is worldly, that is of the spirit of the world, and it will keep us away from God. Whatever bitterness you have against your wife, your husband, your children, your parents, whomever–this will keep you from God. Someone who used to be your best friend, perhaps your old boss or whoever that person may be, whenever you hold bitterness against them, you are also embittered with God. And if you don’t surrender that part of your heart to Him, that bitterness will keep you from being holy. In God’s eyes, bitterness makes you as worldly as if you were to go out and drink.
God is making a bride who loves holiness, who loves His beauty, who wants to be holy as He is holy. He is creating a bride whose soul’s hunger and passion is to live behind the veil with the Father. When you look at such a bride — at one who’s been developed in holiness, you notice something different about that person. There’s a certain beauty, a certain purity. Even if they’re not perfect, there is something about that person that draws you to Jesus. The Lord wants to make his bride a magnet to the people of the world, and the thing that will make her a magnet is His own beauty. The virtues of Christ radiating the holiness of Christ through the bride, who is holiness unto the Lord, attracts like nothing else does. If you want God, love holiness, love humility, live like someone who is a barefoot servant before Him. The way to the throne is through the lowliness of humility and holiness. If you want to dwell where He dwells you must allow Him to create Christ within. When you have allowed Him to do that, He will reveal Himself to you and you can live before his face. 
I ministered in a church once, and the pastor was talking to me about different people who had ministered at his church in the past. He said, “But you know, above them all was a woman, and I used to have her in every year.” So I asked what made her so special. He laughed, “Her walk with God.” I asked, “She had a special walk?” And he said, “Did she! We would never put her in a hotel, always our house and her bedroom was right next to our bedroom. And at midnight every night Jesus would show up in her bedroom, and I‘d hear Him talking to her. He would tell her what she was to minister in the service next day, what she was to do, where she was to go, what she was to think. It was amazing the conversations He would have with her every single day. We loved having her in our church.” I asked why they quit bringing her in. He said, “Unfortunately she was killed in a car accident. But the church lost one jewel when the church lost her. She preached holiness and she loved the One who is holy.”
You know, the Lord wants to visit you; He wants to reveal Himself to you. You don’t have to be a prophet up in the pulpit to have such a walk with God that He visits you. He wants to revel Himself to His people. My grandchildren–every one of them have seen the Lord. Several times. Every one of them has been taken to heaven as children. He wants to reveal Himself to His people. The thing that holds us back is our pride. We are not willing to be broken; we are not willing to let go of the control or let go of the world. So, we have a jealous Lover who stands in the corner. And He waits to find that one who will let go of all things for Him.
Closing prayer and song 
Lord Jesus, I feel Your heart Lord: it’s full of passion. I see You standing in the corner Lord and Your heart is reaching out to Your bride. Your eyes are so filled with love, Lord Jesus. Everything inside of You is reaching out to her, who is so busy about other things that she is not even aware that her Lover stands in the corner and waits. Let these people feel the heart of their Divine Lover, the heart of their Holy God, the One who wants to stamp upon their foreheads “Holiness unto the Lord”. 
What an experience it is, when out of the blue He comes and wraps His arms around you, when you weren’t expecting it. You were busy doing whatever it was you had to do at the moment, and suddenly He stops you in your tracks, wraps His arms around you and He says, “You are mine!” And you can’t go about the day again the way you once did. He’s possessive and He has a right to be, for you’re his bride. He has a right to tell you what you can do and what you can’t do. He has a right to ask you to give things up for Him. You are his. You don’t belong to the world. 
Spiritual Song:
Do you not know, can you not feel it? My heart is yearning; it is burning to hold you close, to let you know the love that I have for you, hidden deep in the holy place. There I will reveal my face. Come to me. I am God who loves you. My arms are reaching out to you. Day and night I’m calling out to you. Don’t turn away: come away with Me. Here in the glory I will show you such wonderful things. Come away, come away with me. I love you so. Don’t you know I love you so? 
More Prayer
Jesus, we hunger and thirst for You. We hunger and thirst for the righteousness that gives us the capacity to draw close. We don’t want to walk the way we used to anymore, Lord, we want to walk with You and talk with You; we want to know You, live above the curse, riding high with you on eagle’s wings. Lord, we want to know you, we want to love you, leave the world behind, come through heaven’s gates to know the love of our life–our Lord–to know our glory. 
Closing Comments:
Pull away from the world, from all the distractions. Come to Jesus; He will take you places you have never gone before. He said this is eternal life–that you may know Him. That’s why He gave you birth–that you may know Him. Seeing the Lord she (the bride) says: “Oh Lord, I can’t stand it; your eyes are so beautiful–flames of fire Lord, filled with love, piercing, penetrating to the heart, Lord! Own us Lord! Eyes that divide us between soul and spirit–O that you may own us!” 
Dear Christians, pull into Him now. The gate is open, the door is open. He will take you some place you haven’t been before. Don’t let Him be denied! Worship Him. Tell Him you love Him and need Him. Tell Him you desire Him, that you will give up everything for Him, anything He asks, Don’t be denied the intimacy awaiting you! Get on your knees, your face, lift up your hands! Whatever you want to do, touch Him tonight, Don’t be denied! Touch him! Oh Lord! His glory is here! His fire has come, let it enter in. Let it captivate you. Let it capture you. We want you Lord! We let go of the world, our rights, will, pride. We let go of our haughtiness Lord–our demands and expectations. We want one thing, and that’s You. We want You Lord; we need You. We want to be holiness unto the Lord.