“Hold the Line”

Ricci Wilson

February 8, 2021


Friends, I want to encourage you to continue to “HOLD THE LINE”

2018 the Lord told me the Refining would bring forth the “New Breed of Believers.”

2019 the Lord told me He was going to “Redefine the Church.”

2020 the Lord told me it was going to be “The Year of Shaking.”

2021 the Lord told me it would be “The Year of Revelation.”

I was in prayer this weekend and I feel the need to touch on each of these briefly. Why? Because, the year of revelation is going to bring all of this into focus for us.

I believe the purpose of these very difficult years is to birth something unprecedented in our nation.

Nearly 250 years ago, when the U.S. Constitution was developed and signed by our founding fathers, a Republic was born. Over the course of the last 150 years, efforts to systematically destabilize and uproot that Republic have actively been in play. We saw the culmination of this effort through the events that occurred during the 2020 election through today.

The Lord warned us of this back in January of 2020 so we would know, unequivocally, that this election was stolen and despite the narrative propagated by the media, we would stand firm on God’s promises! So, the more the media and its deceptive layers attempt to persuade us that it was a “fair election” the greater our unwavering stance to the contrary must be.  This is a facade that the DC Swamp and media continue to feed us, and it will come down. However, we must HOLD THE LINE!

To be clear, I am not calling for a civil war, but I am calling for the New Breed of Believers to come forth and stand in the gap on behalf of the Nation!

The New Breed of Believers are not only unrelenting intercessors, but they are pastors who exercise the 1st Amendment rights guaranteed by our Constitution, open their doors, and reach into the hearts of this terrified society to save the lost. Suicide rates are climbing, addiction is on the rise, crime rates are skyrocketing, and the lost need a place to turn in this hour.  A Redefined Church is filled with the New Breed of Believers and they are fearless in the face of adversity. They do not care about threats to their non-profit status, fines, or even imprisonment, they only care about saving the lost. They are a people who refuse to bow to tyrannical, unconstitutional restrictions and that assuredness alone brings comfort to those bound in fear.

We, as intercessors, are crying out for Acts Book 2, right? A Redefined Church will walk it out. 

2020, the Year of Shaking exposed corruption throughout the earth in unprecedented ways. 2020 did not just shake our nation it shook the nations of the earth. Everything that could be shaken, was shaken. Truth be told, the dust has yet to settle on the unprecedented events of 2020, but when it does, friends, we will be shocked by the things revealed. The vast majority of the population will need grace to see it, but I believe when they do, a fire will awaken within them to stand against the globalist agendas not only in our nation, but the nations of the earth!

2020 shook corruption loose, and 2021 will extract it from our soil.

Yesterday morning the Lord spoke to me very clearly: “Judgment is coming to the Colosseum.” This was followed by a knowing in my spirit that He was speaking of DC. They have encased themselves in lies greater than the ridiculous fortress they’ve built around DC to protect them from the Americans who supposedly elected them. This is part of the illusion, but it will come down. God is going to do this.

2021 is the Year of Revelation… and IT IS COMING. It will not only reveal the truth about the election, the media, the swamp, and all the creatures involved, but it will break deception off this nation. As it does, we will see strongholds broken off our youth, but we must continue to HOLD THE LINE!

Truth is going to burst out on the scene, it will not be suppressed, nor will it be denied.

Jesus said the Spirit is Truth, the world cannot recognize it, but we can. (John 14:17) There is nothing greater to stand on than Truth my friends. He will comfort, strengthen, and encourage you in this season as you pursue Him.

Our impact in prayer will be revealed in the natural as the hand of God moves on our behalf.

Revelation is coming…stay focused and HOLD THE LINE.

Blessings & love,

Ricci Wilson


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