God’s Steel Punch
We will not be defeated!
What can Satan do to the Church that can take her energy and life? Nothing! Throughout Church history, in the hardest and most pressing times the Church has always risen up to show forth the life and glory of Christ. Though at times she has languished under the blows of the evil one, still, he has never been able to conquer her.
I weep even now as I think about those noble souls that have suffered and refused defeat. Nothing and no one can defeat a soul given over to Jesus. We are going to prove that. The Lord told me that the February GOE is going to be a "Steel Punch" against the enemy. We are going against the powers that occupy the head of the evil progression in this Nation and we will win. Win we will, but He has told me we must also occupy! That is what Kansas City Gathering of the Eagles will be about; the beginning of occupation.
Let me share a story I heard so long ago about a military maneuver used in Israel to recapture the Golan from Syria:
Israel”s amazing recapture of the Golan Heights from an entrenched Syria has become a modern classic of military victories. The Syrian army was dug into three consecutive trenches at the top of the hill; they had planted over a million landmines between their position and Israel”s. I have been to this very site. What an example of military genius.  Russian advisors had assured Syria their position was impregnable. While Israel”s Air Force strafed the enemy trenches to minimize Syrian troop ground fire, Israeli farmers drove tractors in a straight line up the side of the hill. As the leading tractor would explode on a mine, the next one, directly behind it, would take its place, plowing the wreckage of the first one out of the way. Followed by Israeli troops, this column of tractors cut a straight single line up the side of the hill. They called it "The Steel Punch." By this maneuver Israel reclaimed the Golan Heights.
The “Steel Punch” was a classic application of the well­-known military principle known as concentration of force – wherein a commander calls up his reserves and concentrates them at a strategic point for a vital blow at the crucial moment. A powerful thrust like this may accomplish what routine patrolling, skirmishing or harassing tactics could never effect.
We are calling you to Kansas City in February for this very purpose. It is true; this is perhaps the most critical Gathering we have ever had. Of course, each one has been so very important. However, it seems that each successive Gathering is more critical than the last. So it is now. Come, and build up your most holy faith as it is faith and obedience that God will honor. I know some of you will have to sacrifice much to attend, but it will be those of you who come under such circumstances that will receive the greatest blessing. We at World for Jesus Ministries are not unaware of the quality of people who come, at times, under duress or great struggles in many different areas just to appear in the seats at the GOE. We love and bless you for your abundant sacrifices for this Nation. You remind me of the Israeli Farmers that gave their last breath to save their Nation.
America is changing every day. Right now it looks dismal. So I strongly and humbly encourage you not to look at the picture through the eyes of your soul. Come higher and see it through the eyes of your spirit and faith. That picture is entirely different. You will then see that we are simply enroute to promises that will surely be fulfilled for this great Nation. Kansas City will be a "Steel Punch" in the face of darkness. I am so excited. We will prevail because we are relentless against Satan”s plans and because God has ordained it to be so.
Come…. come and help us bring forth the next level of victory that God is establishing to His glory!!!!
In His love,
Nita Johnson