Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly.

Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders.

Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord weep between the

porch and the alter.

Then will the Lord be jealous for His land and pity His people.

Be glad then ye children of Zion and rejoice in the Lord your God:

For He has given you the former rain and He will cause to come down for you

the rain, the former and the latter rain.

And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon

All flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your

Old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions:

And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will

 I pour Out My Spirit.

(Joel 2)


Dear Friends:

I have been asked by several people to write my thoughts about our Gatherings including the most recent so those attending could better understand what the Lord is doing and where we are going.  Therefore, in response to those requests I shall share my heart.

I will begin by thanking all of you who have attended the Gathering of the Eagles. Each and every Gathering has been inspiringly different from the one before, but all have been incredibly powerful. What we have been endeavoring to do we could not have done without those of you who have walked with us. So, I deeply appreciate each and every one.
In our Jacksonville Gathering last spring we received the first deposit of healing oils upon America. These oils were manifested in two tangible ways.  First we were given the privilege of working in an environment of Divine love. His love was so rich and overwhelming, I found myself many times trembling under it. Other times I could hardly contain my tears. His love was so rich and so sweet. I think just about everyone who attended would voice the same thoughts. This magnificent deposit of His love marked every service from the first to the last. By the last night, many marvelous healings were manifested, in spirit, soul and body. This was the second tangible manifestation of the healing oils. The oils came in as a river of oil and by the last night, I found it very difficult to wade through the river that was knee deep.

We met in Jacksonville to intercede over the things that are pressing in the Lord’s heart as issues preventing the outpouring of His spirit in revival. We touched upon two important issues. The first matter was the problem of slavery. Clear back in 1991 when I published my book, "Prepare for the Winds of Change" I mentioned that ‘slavery’ was one of the eight reasons America was under judgment. Since that time, we have waited through several years of GOE’s (Gathering of the Eagles) to bring this issue before the Lord as we were first dealing with the atrocities against the First Nations People. (Another of the 8 reasons for judgment)  Once that was complete and we knew we had secured the Lord’s forgiveness, we moved on to deal with the issue of slavery in America. We began our journey through slavery in 2004. Jacksonville was, however, the first GOE wherein we would deal primarily with the slavery issue. We wept and repented and the Lord answered us with remarkable guidance and fantastic responses as I already mentioned.

Our next Gathering of the Eagles which occurred in October took place in Birmingham AL, the hub of the Civil Rights Movement. In this Gathering we dealt with the Reconstruction and Jim Crow Eras. This era in American History is ascribed as being worse for the African American than the slavery era. Having my knowledge of the slavery era, I find it a bit difficult to believe, but enough historians iterate this reality that it cannot easily be disregarded. As we covered all the various components of this terrible scar on the face of America, we found aspects of it to be extremely painful and difficult to bear. We did not flow under the presence of a tangible love as we did in Jacksonville. This seemed to make things even more difficult. During the course of this Gathering I wondered why this tangible presence had been withheld. Looking back now, I see His wisdom.

During this meeting, many of us labored under the pain in the Lord’s heart. That was the predominate presence being made manifest to us in Birmingham. We experienced His sufferings in Birmingham. This is a privilege much greater than experiencing His love as we did in Jacksonville. Albeit, in two of the meetings we experienced such a dramatic breakthrough into His grace that I was overwhelmed. The first breakthrough was rewarded by a rain shower which lasted for some time. I might add that rain showers are a typical way for Him to respond when we have touched His heart and gained His favor in a Gathering. We also saw two Hurricanes thwarted during the Birmingham Gathering. By the final meeting when we had gained the critical final breakthrough, again the healing oils were released. One of the leaders from the Chinese community was given a vision early in the Gathering of the river of oil flowing into the meeting in a mighty burst. As this river began streaming in during the last meeting, I saw it in an unexpected vision. They came into the meeting from a waterfall that sprang from heaven itself. As the river of oil came in, the experiences people had were many and varied. Some had visitations from the Lord and others from Angels. Some were overwhelmed with His love, transported in visions. Many were overtaken by His liquid fire. Baptisms of His glory rested upon some into the early morning hours. Many were healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Healings ranged from healing of hepatitis, to arthritis, to heart conditions, healings of the skeletal frame and serious internal organs were manifested. Degenerative diseases were healed as well. Some had life changing experiences others went home wishing they would have. For some of us, we received a deposit of God which was for the mature. This deposit was for ‘self-emptying.’  Although we too felt the baptism of liquid fire, we mostly felt a deep emptiness and unutterable yearning for the Lord that nothing that occurred in the Gathering could satisfy. We were ushered into, not wonderful sensory revelations of the blessings of God, but rather the beginnings of self-emptying. The purpose was to make us ready for a maximal deposit of His glory soon to come. Those who experienced this side of God will find soon enough that remarkable things are taking place inside them as they prepare for the glory soon to be released. Some received tremendous anointings for their ministries. I saw people being touched by His glory and resting under His power from a few minutes to 45 minutes at a time. I have not communicated with one person that did not receive a baptism of His fire at some point in the service. I have received many communications from different people who attended the meetings. All I have written in this paragraph summarizes their thoughts. This was the second deposit of revival glory.

In the vision wherein I saw a baby of revival being born, I saw the head born first. That was Jacksonville. The trunk of the body was next — that was Birmingham. The legs and feet were born last of all in the third Gathering. That will be Washington D.C. In Washington the fire of revival will fall in a wonderful way, unlike anything we have seen in the Gatherings here-to-date. Even still once the whole baby has come to birth it will take time for the revival and the glory to mature. In our last Gathering in Washington DC a few years ago, a man who is prophetic saw a vision of an eagle. The eagle touched down in Jacksonville with a corner of a gold veil in His mouth. He tacked it down on the city of Jacksonville. Then he flew up into the air and headed north to Washington D.C. where he secured the other end of the veil. After these two corners were secured into the earth, the golden veil opened and exploded upon the whole nation.


In another vision, the Lord revealed that there would be three deposits of healing oil given to the Nation. The first would be in Jacksonville. The second would be in Birmingham and the third would be in Washington D.C. The third would constitute the full birthing of the baby of revival, at least that which has been assigned to the work of the Gatherings. At the time this individual was given this vision they had no idea we would be going to these three cities with the Gatherings.


These healing oils have been a great blessing to those who have attended the Gatherings and who have helped us bless and comfort the Lord’s heart with repentance over these serious issues. But they were given for a much broader purpose. Even if we had felt nothing and known nothing of these oils pouring into the service, their value is beyond comprehension. The initial intent of the oils is to heal the land of the stain of innocent blood. The second purpose is to heal the people affected by the sin; namely, the First Nations People, the African American People, and the Chinese. Third, to heal the Euro-Caucasian who were responsible for the whole mess to begin with. The Lord spoke to me in a vision many years ago that He requires the tears of repentance and intercession. When this has fulfilled its purpose He will send revival to heal the land. It is not our tears that heal America; it is revival that heals as this comes from the Lord of Hosts. So these mini-deposits of healing oils, great as they have been, have been given to prepare America for the major deposit of revival soon to explode across the Nation.

Please be in prayer with us over the DC Gathering and make it a point to attend. We will conclude our repentance over the African American issues by interceding over the Civil Rights Era.  This Gathering will be a vital spring board of blessing upon all who attend and for the Nation.

In His Amazing Love,

Nita (LaFond) Johnson