The Five Angels Over Portland Oregon By Nita (LaFond) Johnson : Jan 1, 2001

On November 8th while engaged in a radio interview with my two friends, Pastors
McCutcheon and Hill, the angel of the Lord visited me. He came to unveil
Yahveh’s plans and purposes for the Portland area.

He stood by my side and waved his hand in the air. As he did this I could see
into the spirit and see what was happening over the Portland area. I saw five

Each had something in their hand, which symbolized their particular mission.

The first angel descended with a large golden vial in his hand. The vial looked
about three feet in depth. In it was a golden liquid. As we began to pour this
substance out over the Portland area I asked the angel standing next to me about
the substance. He told me that it was an oil that produces strengthening and
stability through purification and holiness in Yahveh’s own.

Then I saw a second angel fly down and hover right behind the first angel. He
also had a golden vial that looked just like the first. I asked the angel
standing by my side what the second angel held in his vial. He instructed me
that it was a golden oil that would release the rumblings of Yahveh. It would
reveal the rumblings of Yahveh beneath the surface. These rumblings would
include such as earthquakes, a volcano, a tsunami, gang wars, ethnic wars,
uprising in the schools, shaking in the government and ultimately war.

I then saw a third angel fly down and hover behind the first two. He also had a
golden vial in his hand just like the first two. I again asked my angelic
visitor what this oil might be. He replied that it was the golden glory of
Yahveh. It was revival. The release of this vial would produce miracles,
healings, and miracle faith. It would be the full cup of the John G. Lake
anointing and more. It would release visions and dreams — the Spirit of
revelation. The recipient would receive wonderful revelations from the word and
the Spirit. People would come from many places to drink from the fountain that
Yahveh will release through this angel.

The fourth angel then flew down and hovered behind the third. He held in his
hand a stock of wheat. When I inquired about the wheat the angel by my side said
that it depicted the famine that would come to Portland. It is the famine of
foodstuffs. Where one might pay $1.00 for a loaf of bread now. At that time it
may cost $5.00 or $8.00 for the same thing because of the scarcity of supply.
This is going to occur in conjunction with the calamities that are going to come
to Portland.

The fifth angel had in His hand crumbled wheat. He began to pour it out over the
city. I asked about it. The angel by my side said that it symbolized the great
harvest of souls that would come into the kingdom during the hard times.

Later the Lord told me that Portland could have destruction or revival or both.
It would depend upon the believers in that city. If they will pray and repent
for the sins of their forefathers and contemporary sins, the Lord would hold
back judgment. If not, the city will lose the revival He has planned and
destruction will ensue.

There was some measure of the repentance He is seeking. However, Yahveh’s
warnings will continue until He gets what He wants. So, please pray for

In Him,