Supreme Court Justices

Ricci Johnson-Wilson



I saw a news alert: “Supreme Court Justices Attacked”   

I walked outside, I heard a loud bang or gunshot and saw people running. I looked over and saw Justice Thomas standing beside a man lying on the ground. I ran over, it was Justice Kavanaugh. I could not tell know how badly he was hurt or if it was fatal.

With the decision about to be released on the Mississippi case, the one that would set precedence allowing states to limit abortions beyond 15 weeks. At best, it would overturn Roe v Wade

UPDATE- the early release of this case would in fact overturn Roe v Wade, we need to keep all of the Justices in our daily prayers.  

6/8/22 UPDATE – a man travelled across the country to attack Justice Kavanaugh. He was fully armed and caught not far from his home. We must continue to pray for the protection of the Supreme Court Justices, their families, as well as the Supreme Court Staff!

Blessings & love,