Do Not Fear! It’s going to be alright!


Friends, for over a year I have been saying that we must stay the course, at all cost! It is going to get worse before it gets better. Remember the three vortexes?


Prayer is still the answer to world problems!


The Lord will not forsake the needy! Canada has wonderful people; however, it is largely secular. Please add to your intercession that they will turn to Jesus through this nightmare. God’s intervention and Revival are their greatest needs!


I will spend much time in prayer for them. Please join me!


The chaos has arrived so we really don’t know how tough things could get in the USA. I do know this Freedom is coming here also. I received a vision maybe a year ago: I saw the Statue of Liberty and the numbers; 2024, with some fireworks. Perhaps by July of 2024, we as a Nation will have Freedom from the plans of the enemy.


So, we pray, we wait, we obey, and we endure with patience while we trust in God!


Do not fear! It is going to be alright!


In Him,