What I am about to say is going to be very difficult for many to hear, but, it needs to be said so we can walk in agreement with the Lord on the critical issue of the division of the Land of Israel. What I am going to share will absolutely conflict with the doctrine of much of the Charismatic Church. However, as you read through this article you will come to see the wisdom of the Lord in events of the Middle East.

In Joel Chapter 3 we read:

I will gather all nations and will bring them

down into the valley Jehoshaphat, and will

plead with them there for My people and for My

heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the

nations, and have parted my land.

This verse seems to indicate the Lord’s righteous temper toward those who would divide the Land of Israel as being one of absolute intolerance. And, in fact if the act of partitioning the land is done in a spirit of war, His judgment will be sure.

America is not taking part in dividing the land of Israel with the intension of making its people castaways. The hope is to establish peace in the region, and to give the Jewish people a place where they can safely dwell. This is the opposite spirit of the framework being reflected in this prophetic word by the prophet Joel.

Zechariah chapter 14: 2 & 3 reads:
For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle;
and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women
ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity,
the residue of the people shall not be cut off from
the city.  Then shall the Lord go forth, and fight
against those nations, as when He fought in the day of battle.

Zechariah is again speaking of a division of not only the land of Israel but, also the city of Jerusalem. Those who make war on Jerusalem (Israel) will know war! America is not making war on the land of Israel, my Dear Friends. America is attempting to make peace for Israel. I would say that no one knows Presidents Bush’s heart better than the Lord. And, He sees a heart that wants to make peace in the only viable way he knows how. (Remember, President Bush visited the extermination camps in Poland to better prepare his heart to deal with Israel. In shocked horror he exclaimed, ‘Never Again!’. Meaning may there never again be such a holocaust against the Jewish people. This is precisely how the Lord sees his heart, as I will share. Twice now in a few months the Lord has revealed his heart to me in supernatural experiences.

The Journey
Several years ago I was invited to take part in a Congress to pray for Israel and America over dividing the land. Only days prior to this Congress, the Lord Himself visited me and gave me the ‘rod of iron’ which is described in Revelation 3: 26 & 27. As we at the Congress prayed that God would forgive and cover the two Nations with His mercy concerning dividing the Land I experienced a release of this governmental authority that was both unique and substantial. I immediately knew that the Lord had heard our prayers and answered us.

Admittedly I was still a little in the dark regarding the whole issue of the Oslo Accord. I read and attempted to understand the premise of this Accord. However, most of my involvement with Israel up to that time had been centered in the Word. Therefore, this was a time of learning for me.  One thing I did understand as I had seen it in a vision, some version of the Oslo Accord would transpire, as there was billions of dollars involved to insure that it would. My understanding of the Word led me to believe that this would not be pleasing to the Lord. So, this began a deep and intimate involvement with the issue being discussed in this article.

In the fall of 2001 we had a Gathering of the Eagles meeting in Washington DC during which I had had an experience regarding the Land of Israel. I was lifted up in the Spirit and taken to a place wherein I could see all the land of Israel. I saw the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem divided. Up out of the divided land arose a document signed and sealed. The document read: ‘Division of the Land of Israel.’ I clearly saw that America spearheaded this proceeding. I will not say thus saith the Lord on this; however, I strongly sensed President Bush JR was still in office when it became official. What I saw was not a nebulous concept. What I saw was an irreversible, completed transaction.

When I shared this feathers were ruffled, many became upset and distressed. I was told that I had given a false word. As we can now see, the Word was not false. Nevertheless, I felt that the reason President Bush would be involved with such a thing at the time would be because he didn’t understand God’s plans and purposes for Israel. So, my prayers for him became more fervent.

Many trips were made to Israel and much prayer went forth on behalf of this single issue. My heart hurt to think that a Christian President would be guilty of dividing the Land of my forefathers. As we, and so many others prayed the division was put off and put off. I feel that this was the will of the Lord, for there was a perfect time to bring this forth.

In the fall of 2002 I had a Prayer Summit in Portland. Hundreds attended it. The central commission of this conference was for us to pray that President Bush would stand behind Israel. So, we followed the Lord’s directive and prayed fervently until we had our breakthrough. It was an incredible meeting. We asked the Lord to give us a sign that President Bush would stand behind Israel throughout his administration. This was at the Lord’s own encouragement. What we asked for was not what the Lord had in mind however, but that was my fault. We asked that our sign would be that He would not partition the land and that he would openly declare that He would not do this during his administration. The sign that the Lord gave that our President would stand behind Israel was an earthquake in Alaska about two days after the conference. As I heard about the earthquake, the Spirit of the Lord descended upon me and I began to shake violently. He told me that this was His sign that He had answered our prayers. He further said: You have caused a quaking in regions of the Spirit, foundations of Nations have been shaken, and you will see the effects of it soon enough. Later I called a prophet, David Michael, who is a friend of mine to share what had happened. Before I could tell him however, he told me the word of the Lord just as it had come to me earlier, confirming this critical word. The Lord later revealed that the time of intercession set the stage for the Iraq invasion as well. (I have already written an article on this, and it is on my website.)

December 2002, when I went to Israel to pray, the directive was to pray over the borders of Israel. I was to travel the borders and state that the boundaries belonging to Israel would be Israel’s and the land belonging to the Arab Nations would be theirs. I obeyed this commission. During my stay in the Land at that time, two of the Seven Spirits of God as seen before the throne of the Great King, visited me. During this visit I was lifted up into the sky to see the true boundaries of Israel and that which the Lord once again solidified through my obedience. I won’t go into a great deal of discussion about this visit here as I have already written about and published it previously. But, I will say, that the terror of the Lord rested upon me throughout the entire visit. I was told that this was a most holy thing. Mans boundaries in no way reflect the eventual outcome of God’s plan.

In May 2003, the Lord spoke to me audibly saying: "I am about to do a thing in Israel that will make the ears of all who hear it tingle."

I asked Him what it was He was going to do. He gave me a vision of the words ‘Oslo Accord’.

That brings us up to the present moment. Here we stand on the threshold of what seems like eternal decisions being made that will apparently negatively affect our two nations. Many feel that God has not heard our prayers at all. But, this is not the case.

A New Season
The Lord has heard our prayers as I will now undertake to share. I want my reader to understand that God is shifting foundations in the earth right now. We are travailing through to a new era in the earth. To walk with the Lord during this time and pray according to His will we must walk higher than ever before and hear clearer than we have ever heard. For, He is not walking in such a way in anything He is doing, as we think He is going. It is a new time, a new season!

I was suddenly pulled up by the Lord and told that I needed to go to Israel and be there by June 3rd or I would miss something of critical import. He further told me to begin my trip by traveling down to Eilat. At the time I had no idea that President Bush would arrive in Aqaba, Jordan, which is across the boarder from Eilat, for a summit with Prime Ministers Sharon and Abbas on that very day to discuss and begin the implementation of the ‘Road Map’. Upon my arrival, after traveling through more road blocks than I have ever experienced, I was to later learn that the meeting went as planned and the victory speeches had been given. I wept! My heart was utterly broken — and I wept uncontrollably.

The Lord told me why He sent me down to Eilat. I did as He directed then headed up toward Jerusalem where I would stay on the Mt of Olives until I departed from Israel. During my prayer vigil the Lord appeared to me. He had in His hand a legal pad. As He spoke to me He kept tapping this legal pad like an attorney might do who was trying to make a point. He said: I have a controversy with Israel, Nita. He pleaded the Scripture Isaiah 57: 15 – 18. Then He said this is my controversy with Israel. I realized as I listened to Him, that the dividing of the Land had to do with this controversy that the Lord has with my people.

Isaiah 57: 15 – 18
For thus saith the high and lofty One that
inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell
in a high and holy place, with him also that is
of a contrite spirit to revive the spirit of the humble,
and revive the heart of the contrite ones. For I will not contend
forever, neither will I be always wroth: for the spirit should
fail before me, and the souls which I have made.
For the iniquity of his covetousness was I wroth, and I smote
him; I hid me, and was wroth, and he went on
frowardly in the way of his heart. I have seen his ways,
and I will heal him: I will lead him also, and restore
comforts unto him and to his mourners.

During another prayer session, as I wasn’t getting the message quite as clearly as He thought I should, He came to me and took me into the Spirit. I saw the Spirit of the Lord begin to burrow down into the earth. He trenched and trenched. The long ditch went deeper and deeper until we were all in hell. I stood there with the Lord astonished. I surveyed the walls in which I saw prison cells. They were the most ugly cells I have ever seen. They looked like something out of a horror movie. And, they were made right in the walls of hell. I watched in amazement. Suddenly I realized that these walls with their cells were actually breathing. This further frightened me and I pulled very close to the Lord. Why were they breathing, I thought. Occasionally as this whole room would breath many more cells would suddenly appear all up and down the walls and the room would have grown. The Lord quoted the verses right out of Isaiah 5: 13 & 16. I was so frightened and overwhelmed by the monstrous sight before me, the smell of sulfer and death that was everywhere, I just wanted to leave. But, when He quoted the verses out of Isaiah I heard His heart, saw His face gripped with pain and compassion, and I momentarily lost sight of myself.

Isaiah 5: 13 & 16:
Therefore My people are gone into captivity, because they
have no knowledge: and their honorable men are famished
and their multitude dried up with thirst. Therefore, hell
hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without
measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp
and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it. And the
mean man shall be brought down, and the mighty man shall be humbled,
and the eyes  of the lofty shall be humbled.
But, the Lord of Host shall be exalted in judgment
and God that is holy shall be sanctified in righteousness.

After Messiah spoke these Scriptures with more passion than you could possibly ever comprehend, He looked deep into my eyes and said: "Nita, I do not want My people to come to this terrible place. It was not created for them, but for Satan and his angels. Their focus is on the Land, My focus is on their souls! Plead for My people!"

Then I was back in my room alone!

For those who are not Jewish by natural descent, I want you to realize that He feels as passionately about the souls of the Gentiles as He does about Israel. However, in this visit His focus was on Israel and so was His heart. This greatly intensified my intercessions for my people. However, admittedly my doctrines and dogmas, even in spite of all of this, still kept me somewhat blind to the heart of what He was attempting to say.

This is the season for the awakening of my people. Intercession will work great miracles today in birthing the nations of Israel and the Arabs into the kingdom. For it is a new day!

Once I was back home I traveled to St. Louis, MO to minister. The first morning of ministry during the worship service my thoughts were suddenly shifted to Israel and the Road Map. I began to weep uncontrollably. All the feelings of betrayal I had buried, the longing and yearning for my people to have their own land and to be safe from their enemies, the sadness and grief that accompanied the situation in the Middle East came flooding to the surface. I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t want to deal with all the pain I was feeling at that moment, as I soon had to minister.  But, I couldn’t control what was happening to me. Finally, the Lord told me to turn to II Chronicles Chapter 11. Then He led me to verse 16.

And after them out of all the tribes of Israel such as
set their hearts to seek the Lord God of Israel come to
Jerusalem, to sacrifice unto the Lord God of their Fathers.

Then He reminded me that this occurred after the division of the Land under King Rehoboam. He then led me to the first few verses of that same chapter. Rehoboam had gathered together choice warriors out of Judah and Benjamin, to go up against Israel to reunite the tribes under one kingdom. You see he thought he knew the Word and that Israel was not to be divided.

But the prophet of the Lord came to him and stopped him. II Chronicles 11: 2- 4A

The Word of the Lord came to Shemaiah the man of God,
Saying, speak unto Rehoboam the son of Solomon, King of
Judah, and to all Israel in Benjamin and Judah saying,
Thus saith the Lord, Ye shall not go up, nor fight against your brethren:
Return every man to his house; for this thing is done of Me.

What was done of the Lord? He divided the Kingdom and the Land of Israel. Why? So that those who truly feared the Lord and wanted to serve Him could do it without fear. They would from that time come out of all twelve tribes to Jerusalem to sacrifice to the Lord. So, after the Land was divided the Lord poured out His Spirit and sent a great revival to Israel. It will be the same today. It is for this purpose that the Lord has done this. As we pray, this discipline/blessing will produce an awakening in the hearts of my people. As He shared these truths with me He continued to baptize me with a love for these truths and reveal to my innermost being His love for the Jewish people of the world.

One would think that this would be enough to give me peace. It did, but only for a short season. Once again within a couple days sorrow gripped me and I wondered about the Lord’s part in all this.

I finished my meetings, and returned home. On the 22nd of June, I had the most remarkable experience yet in His attempt to instruct me.

At 9:30 PM the Spirit of the Lord struck me with a bolt of lightening. He came upon me and spoke the words, "IT IS THE GOODNESS OF GOD." Those words began to reverberate through my whole being echoing through every inch of me like a man’s words echoing through a canyon. Over and over again I heard the words as they traveled through me in a living way, awakening my whole inner man to His voice, shattering the darkness that overshadowed the truths He was working so desperately to give me. When my inner man was fully awake, He said: IT IS THE GOODNESS OF GOD THAT DIVIDES THE LAND OF ISRAEL! The presence lifted and I was stunned!

Moments later, a shaft of light came upon me from heaven. Once again, the words: IT IS THE GOODNESS OF GOD were released into me. Every time the words were spoken my spirit and soul would swell a little more. Again, the words traveled through me awakening more fully my whole being to this truth. Resounding through every inch of my being, the words would shake everything they touched. My spirit and soul continued to expand with each new verbal release of these words until I was in such pain. It was a divine pain as I was being stretched to receive the wisdom and goodness of His infinite truth. I was wrapped in light like a cocoon. I could see only what He wanted me to see. I could see myself in respect to His goodness toward Israel. I was but a speck of dust, and grain of sand I was so small. His goodness was so vast I could see no end to it. It transcended time and space. I was wrapped in the terror of God. There was no longer any room for doubt, only knowing that His works toward my people the Jews was abounding goodness — and only good. I could see with my natural eyes in an open vision, the land of Israel divided and surrounded by His goodness. The light of His goodness blazed all around the circumference of the Land. Then once again He capped off the release by saying, "IT IS THE GOODNESS OF GOD THAT DIVIDES THE LAND OF ISRAEL." Oh, such swelling of this truth swept through my whole being once again. I thought I would explode if He did not stop the revelation.

The Lord then told me to call a friend who is a prophet. I did, and caught him just as he was walking through the door of his home. I was told to share my experience with him and that the Lord would deeply impress him with this truth also. As we talked and shared the best I could, as I was still under such a visitation that I found it very difficult to get hardly any words out, I would be at times swept into other realms of experience.

As I slowly shared what was transpiring with me David quoted the Scripture out of Revelation 15:3 & 4A

And they sing the song of Moses the servant
of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great
and marvelous Are thy works, Lord God Almighty;
just and true are thy ways thou King of the saints.
Who shall not fear thee and glorify thy name, for
thou alone art holy.

As he spoke those words I was carried off into heaven and saw the saints worshipping the Lamb singing this very song over Israel. When the chorus came to an end, I was again able to communicate with David.

I heard the words: "The fountains of the deep broke open." (Gen. 7:11) I asked David if he spoke those words as I was so lost in the Spirit I couldn’t tell from whence they had come. He reflectively repeated them, then said no. But, as he spoke the same words I was thrust into another realm and saw the fountains of the deep break open. I was overwhelmed. The sight before me was mammoth. I saw huge magnificent plates break open. The crevices were so deep I could not see their end. It was like watching mountains being formed; the movements and breakings were so magnificent. I saw the gushing forth of great waters, seemingly coming from the depths of these new canyons. I heard David speak: "As in the days of Noah so will the coming of the Son of Man be." I thought this too will be as in the days of Noah. It seemed that whatever David spoke I would be taken there to see it unfold. I sense that what I saw was occurring at the present moment in the Spiritual realm as God sent kingdoms of this world shaking and quaking at the sound of His voice, as He moves ever forward giving birth to the Kingdom of God, but also I felt that I was watching an image of the great earthquakes yet to come in the world.

Then, I was taken to another place and saw a huge fountain spring up from the earth. It was a fountain of liquid light and it began to fall first upon Israel. This light was so bright I could not bear to look at it. (I am not sure I even understand what all this means. I am only sharing what I saw.)

David said: "We have just seen the dawning of a new age. Just as Noah came out of the ark and realized he could never go back to the world as it had once been, neither can we. Everything has changed. Nothing will ever be the same again." As he further stated these words I saw an age begin to open like the dawn of the morning sun. Again I had to turn my eyes from beholding it straight on as it was too bright.

So, my Dear Friends, to summarize, the dividing of the land of Israel is the beginning of the revelation of the goodness of God to my people. Not only is it going to contribute tot eh climate needed for an awakening of the Jewish people, but also something more will occur. When Israel has done all it can do including giving up the Land and time goes by the antagonist begin another uprising, and war break out, the world will then be left befuddled. The sympathy of the world will at last be momentarily turned toward Israel. They will say Israel, go ahead and build your Temple. When this happens we will know that the Lord’s return is at the door. I want to encourage you to rejoice in His goodness and pray that the Lord will make this transition time as easy as possible for all involved. Pray that He will steadily pour out increasing levels of His light and grace upon Jewish people everywhere. And pray for President Bush that he continues to walk in the will of our Father. Lovingly support him in your prayers, as no President in recent history has needed it more.

This is not just about Israel; it is about the Lord’s return. Israel itself will eventually be brought to grips with this truth as we pray. As for America, our intention is not to hurt but to help Israel albeit in the very limited and faulty wisdom of man. The Lord will look at our intentions. Of coarse we are still touching as it were the ark of God when we touch anything pertaining to Israel. Therefore, even though we are trying to help Israel we are still leaving ourselves open to Satan’s attacks by touching the ark (the Land) in a way that is not prescribed by the Lord Himself. Therefore we experience a limited judgment as a result. But the Lord will not turn this into an invitation to war, as long our motives are right. I believe that is why this had to be stalled through the prayers of the saints until America had a Christian President whose motives were right. It was His mercy toward America. As to other Nations involved whose motives are not right, woe unto them. May the Church rise up and plead with God on their behalf.

One last thing; the Lord recently spoke to me audibly in a vision and told me that it was not His will to destroy America. He said, He loves America and has a great plan yet to unfold. So stay in prayer protecting our Nation from destruction through interceding for it. And do not listen to prophecies or repeat them that talk about the Lord being angry with America over this land division, and ready to destroy her. We have many issues before the throne that need correcting so let us concentrate on purifying ourselves as Nation. Stand in the gap for the Nation of our birth, and pray for the Lord to bless her and turn her to Himself in the fear of God and holiness.