What does the future now hold in its bosom for America? 9/11/2001 we experienced a major blow to America’s pride. America, the Lord, as well as Nations throughout the earth felt the pain of the impending sword as we bravely suffered the wound. You see, with only a handful of exceptions Nations looked to America as a Father of Nations. To see us so vulnerable made them feel all the more susceptible at their own borders.

Moving ahead, America soon responded by overt action against Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. We brooked no delay in gathering the troops to rifle the enemy and bring down the kingdom of our assailant. At home we hardly had time to properly mourn our loss before our focus was shifted to respond to the attack.

America’s people were standing behind our President rooting him and the troops along every step of the way. For the average American, it was news to discover the tyranny with which Osama ruled the people of the land. We would later learn that we did that Nation a favor by our aggression. Enlightening!

We have moved along with the shoals of time: the waves of human government seemingly shifting us this way and that, still strong and steady, albeit a little wiser for the battles. We were soon met with another challenge. This challenge was to be found deep in the heart of Iraq. This war, if fought, would be labeled ‘pre-emptive’. But would that prove to be the proper title? Would history prove this analysis to honestly speak of the aggression on Iraq? More importantly, how will heaven look at our actions?

What might the future of America hold if we remain on our present coarse? Many questions. I hope to answer a few of them in this article.




The Lord says in Isaiah 55:8, "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." I sense most of the Church may read that Scripture but deep inside they do not believe it. They think the Lord’s thoughts about recent history; as well as current events are as their thoughts. I talk with so many Christian Leaders around the world, including prophets, apostles and teachers. So many have different opinions about all that has and is transpiring. You can go to the Web and find so many different "thus saith the Lord" articles all insisting that their thoughts are the Lord’s thoughts that it can make your head swim. What is the Lord saying?

Different prophets may say some even seemingly opposing things, but are revealing two sides of the same issue and both are correct. On the other hand, we have differences of opinion; one or both may be contrary to what the Lord is actually saying. The question remains, what is He saying anyway?

I do not necessarily know what the whole prophetic community is saying. And, I do not profess to know all that the Lord is saying, but I do know a few things that He is saying about all that has transpired since 9/11 and may transpire in the near future.  I would like to offer those things to you for your encouragement.


WHY 9/11?


This is not necessarily an easy question to answer, for the answers run very deep,  but I will offer a few brief explanations.

First, the Lord spoke to me in a vision in 1999 that America had a "Security Breach." Unfortunately hindsight can be wiser than foresight as 9/11 proved that America had a huge Security Breach. That might have been all right if our National relationship with God had been solid, but it wasn’t.

In 1990, the Angel of the Lord came to me during a prayer meeting and showed me the attack against the Pentagon. I was standing face to face with this beautiful creature when he told me that it was a judgment from the Lord.  Another word we may use to properly depict the nature of this event would be ‘discipline’. For it was disciplinary in nature and not meant for our destruction.

Surprisingly enough, the attack on the Trade Towers was first and foremost a discipline upon America for the many abortions that have occurred in our Nation. Again, just days prior to the event, I was given that instruction in a powerful vision I will not go into here.

After the fact, I was shown in another vision that all that had occurred was to set the stage for a realignment of our government with righteousness. Understand my Dear Reader, that the Lord did not say, that we would hereafter have a perfectly righteous government. The Lord was willing to add lots of grace to that equation.

I have received emails from prophets since that date telling me to repent of my backslidden ways because I will not say that America has exhausted the grace of our dear and holy Father. But, how can I say such a thing when America has a praying Church and a forgiving Father. It seems that it might border on sacrilege to be so trite with His goodness.

America does still have much for which to repent, for we have done much wrong since the very beginning of our inception. But, we also have a God whose mercy is beyond our human comprehension and will forgive us as many times as we will humble ourselves and with sincere hearts repent.

As I indicated in my book, "Prepare For The Winds of Change II" we are currently cycling through a cycle of judgment and will continue. We are in the last days and the Lord must discipline the Nations, including America.

Further, the Lord was dealing with the Nations of the world. By revealing our vulnerability He was shaking the foundations of world kingdoms. You might say this was a wake-up call to all people everywhere to repent and turn from their National and personal self-sufficiency and come to the Lord. I think many missed the message!



Out of the rubble of our momentary suffering came a National strength that was almost electrifying. We didn’t sit around forever nursing our wounds but we quickly, through the leadership of our President, arose from the ashes, humbled ourselves before God and responded militarily to our enemy and to all those who would think ending America’s Leadership role among the Nations would be such an easy task.  The Nation of Afghanistan is in better shape for our immediate actions, and so are we. Really I think few doubt the validity of our military response. So, I won’t tarry on this issue.

One final word here: some think we did not as a Nation humble ourselves enough before God. I agree. However, He accepted what He saw and blessed us for it.

I want to keep moving forward to light on the issue of Iraq for a bit. To war or not to war against Iraq, that was the question. If we went to war against Iraq would the Lord be with us? Was this the Lord’s highest and best? Would He protect our backside when all was said and done?

The Middle East and Europe

First, let us take a moment and look at the realm of the spirit. Stationed over the Middle East are four very powerful evil beings. I saw them on one of my trips to Israel. Annie Schisler whose article we have on our website was also given to see them. These evil Powers are there for the express purpose of bringing the world into the One World Government and under the reign of the Antichrist.  If you were to turn your head and look toward Europe you would see 4 more diabolical Powers hovering in the air working together with the four in the Middle East. These are relatively newly positioned ruling Monarchs. Another Reigning Power who has been there for millenniums actually rules over these European Powers as well as over the whole earth in conjunction with the Catholic Church. Again, I have been face to face with him on several different occasions. He is one of the three most powerful evil beings in the whole earth.  None of these Evil Powers like America and they all hate Israel.

War on Iraq


Over Iraq, if you were to continue in your spiritual journey, you would see the spirit of the antichrist working to set up his world kingdom but still for the moment seated in a special way over Iraq. I personally saw him ruling over Iraq and making plans for world dominion. (Which will undoubtedly occur with a transfer of his throne first to Europe then to Israel.) You would also see the spirit of Lawlessness Zechariah wrote about. And finally you would see, the spirit of Harlotry written about in the book of Revelation. All these powerful evil spirits rule over Iraq and are working in conjunction with the four evil Powers functioning in the Middle East.

When I realized that we were seriously talking about going to war, I set myself aside to pray undisturbed until I heard the Lord’s counsel. As it turned out, once I felt I had received His full counsel He would not allow me to publish it. He told me to stay in my closet and say nothing to the general populace of the seeking Church until He said otherwise. It was not easy as I opened many emails sent to me by seekers wanting to know what the Lord was saying. Many reminded me that I have always been on the cutting edge of the Lord’s prophetic word to His Church and that I owed it to the Church to release what He was telling me. But, I obeyed the Lord regardless and remained silent. I saw many words being released that did not line up with His true counsel; this hurt me. But still I remained silent.

At this time I am being allowed to release only a part of what the Lord gave me in those long hours of seclusion.

Was it the Lord’s will for us to storm Iraq when we did?  I want to begin answering that question by saying that my hours alone with the Lord totally revolutionized my prophetic perspective. The answer is yes.

First, it was time to strike Iraq! We were sent to confront wickedness in high places in the natural as well as the spiritual. As a military might, dealing with Iraq, we can only deal in the natural. Concerning the spiritual, if anything can be done, it must largely be done by the Church, or by the sovereign will of God. But, in this case, it could only have been done after the cleansing of innocent blood from the land through war.

Let me make a brief side note. The spilling of innocent blood can only be cleansed by three means: first, through repentance. Secondly, innocent blood can be cleansed through God’s judgment by means of war. Third, if all else has failed He will remove the people from the land and let the land enjoy its Sabbaths uninhabited. (Lev.26) Consequently, in this case America was through this war, cleansing the land of Iraq of the spilling of innocent blood to some degree. I also saw this in a vision.

Second, I saw in several visions that many Nations had aligned themselves with Iraq behind closed doors and were poised for a strike against America. I think some of this alignment was revealed through the process of international talks surrounding the attack on Iraq. I want to caution the reader that this secret alliance between such Nations as Germany, France, Russia, China and several other Nations including Arab Nations etc. is not a light matter. The plan was to devour Israel on the way to attacking America. If we had not made a preemptive strike upon Iraq, we might be defending America against this international coalition at this very moment.

Third, I saw in a vision that Iraq was working together with other Arab Nations to strike Israel unexpectedly. Thousands of lives were saved because of America’s actions.

Fourth, I had some very powerful prophetic experiences wherein he showed me the innocent lives that had been taken enmass by the regime of Saddam Hussein. I was virtually taken to mass graves and was given to see what was later released through our own media. I saw much that was not revealed as well. After these experiences I was sick for days.

Fifth, there is a time for war and a time for peace, a time for judgment and a time to withhold judgment. This was Iraq’s, as well as the regime of Saddam Hussein’s, time for judgment. Again, I was carried away to Iraq while I was in the pulpit leading a congregation in prayer at perhaps the very moment we made our first attack on Iraq. I was given to see the Angel of the Lord moving across Iraq marking people on their heads with blood using what looked like a paintbrush. As they were marked, they fell dead from war. I screamed in agony crying out to the Lord to give me understanding of what the Angel of the Lord was doing. He said: "These are being marked for destruction, be at peace child." Peace immediately filled my heart. I saw many visions that America was being sent to execute judgment upon Iraq and Saddam Hussein. I argued with the Lord incessantly through the days and weeks of intercession. Finally, I saw the spirit of the Antichrist himself ruling over Iraq. I saw the destruction he was planning if not stopped. When I saw him, I was overwhelmed with the incredible evil such as I have not known on earth. This so distressed me that I began to pray anew. I told the Lord I will not pray again to oppose Him, nor argue with Him pertaining to His will regarding this war if He would only make His instructions clear.  The Lord then spoke to me audibly saying: I will destroy Babylon (Iraq) as we are near the end of the age. It is in My word. I didn’t at the moment think this war would fulfill that purpose, but that another war would ensue that would wipe Babylon, (a major portion of Iraq) off the face of the earth. But, I was given to understand that this was a strategic judgment from the Lord’s hand.

I continued in prayer for many days until the Lord gave me a supernatural sign in the natural heavens that He would be with us in Iraq and protect us from imminent war with the other Nations I had been shown in visions during the weeks in solitude. (That isn’t to say that war with Europe will not come, it will, and in fact it must, but not now.)



Dividing the Land of Israel



I am not going to go into a lot of detail here as I wrote a fairly extensive article on this subject which can be found on our website. However, I do want to briefly cover it as it pertains to America and this President.

Contrary to popular thought, President Bush is moving within the Lord’s will in dividing the land of Israel. Now before you get very upset and seek to argue with me, remember I am Jewish by my natural bloodline and I carry a very strong identification with my people. For me to say something like this goes against everything I have ever believed. But, this is because I had not fully understood the mind of the Lord. The Scripture even reveals that there is a time when such an act would be accomplished out of the Lord’s own goodness. (I Kings 12:21-24)

Through many astounding prophetic revelations as well as the Scripture the Lord revealed that He was doing a magnificent thing through all of this. This thing is of Him! Following the land division, Israel will experience a great revival. It will be a repeat of the history found in 1 Kings 12. The key to protecting America in this critical undertaking is to make sure the work is done according to God’s whole counsel and not to add man’s wisdom or purposes into it.

* See my article on this subject for a full treatment of this critical issue.


On Coarse


I am attempting to help the reader see that the coarse we are on is not defiantly working against God’s holy will. We are moving in the plan and purposes of God for yet a higher purpose in the end.

President Bush has been chosen by God to act in a way, as it may seem foreign to many Christians for the purpose of holding back Satan’s plan to bring forth the One World Government prematurely. It is the Lord’s objective to grant a worldwide Reformation and revival before the great and terrible day of the antichrist is unfurled upon mankind. * Read my article on Reformation and Revival.

Nations will rise up against America, but God will have His way first if we will only continue to pray. I received a vision of two terrorist attacks becoming four. These attacks would create great damage to America. I recently received an article that Al Qaeda is telling the Moslems to get out of Washington, Los Angels, and New York. I saw four attacks in different locations. So, there is yet another city to be put on the agenda. Another major East Coast city as part of that grouping wouldn’t surprise me. These attacks are not being planned because America has missed the mark on the above-mentioned issues. These attacks are being planned because Satan is inciting growing anti-Semitism in the world. America just happens to be another part of the Semitic puzzle needing to be removed to install his evil kingdom.

Some said that if America strikes against Iraq we would suffer the reprisal of demons and Nations alike.  We would see storms and wars for our boldness. However, my Dear Friends, the storms have been over the spilling of innocent blood in our own Nation, and simply because we are in the end of days. And the wars that are planned against America have long been planned and have nothing to do with the attack on Iraq or the dividing of the land of Israel, when in fact the land division does finally occur. The recent war against Iraq may be used as an excuse, but it is not the reason. There is an enemy named Satan who hates America because we are still standing vehemently against the developing One World Government and on the side of Israel through this Christian President. He will continue attempting to make serious breaches in our Divine protection in hopes of destroying America by nuclear war. (See my article on: Satan’s Plans and Purposes for America.) Our hope rests in continued repentance and intercession over our Nation, and intercession over our President.

It is critical that we begin to support our Christian President with our prayers and our words. He may not do everything correct, but with our continued intercession he will do enough right to keep America safe for a while. If we do not support him in this manner, how will we stand against all the forces ranged against us? God alone will keep this Nation safe. No man in history has been called to stand against such Satanic Powers as our current President. Every Power I mentioned wants him out of the way. Satan has planned to take his life while still in office. Our prayers will keep him safe to fulfill God’s will, thus enabling America to fulfill God’s purpose in the earth. The Church holds the key. Will you use it?

Satan’s plan or God’s, the Church will decide!