The Journey



Greetings friends, in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Looking back over 2013, it seems as though the days passed faster than any in recent years. Even problems seem to pass by quickly. Troubles come and troubles go. Both the deepest sufferings and the greatest joys are only passing feelings. The only constant that we have is Christ. If our soul is with Him, then all is well, regardless of our surroundings. Disappointments may bring about selfish wishes and distractions, yet in Christ, we may find a peace that overcomes all situations and brings fresh new hope for the tomorrow that God will bring. May we all learn to walk wisely in such blessings. If our house is built on the rock, we are firm and immoveable until the end. If it is not, may I humbly suggest that you turn to the Word and let it be your guiding light, making the way clear.

In this past year, we have had some incredible challenges, and I am sure many of you have experienced similar issues. As for us here at World for Jesus Ministries, we have learned that perseverance in the face of adversity will ultimately increase the beauty of the captured prize, whatever that may be to you!

Since arriving in the Northwest, the Lord has closed down the ministry as we knew it in NOLA and opened the many ministries we are utilizing today. I look at what we are doing today and I am amazed that the ministry is branching out just as I have always longed to see it do. Beautiful things are springing up to touch needy lives. We have sought to be faithful whether it be when feeding the poor or building an orphanage. We have searched out those in need and moved to assist as we felt the Lord calling forth our involvement.

Now we have a seven-fold vision for the poor in America that is opening in our hands and bringing increasing blessings in our own area. Of course, we still give large amounts to ministries who deal with national and international crises such as Sandy and Yolonda. Still, there is an even deeper satisfaction in opening your hands to help those who are desperate right here at home.


Our ministry to the poor is called CedarWood.  Christ is referred to as “the lofty cedar” and in the Word, those who grow to maturity are called “cedars” as well. When Jesus gave me this name, I thought it is not usually the kind of name used by a ministry. Yet, after several visions I knew for certain that this would be our name and one that would bring Him great pleasure if we would embrace it.  We currently have six branches reaching out from us, each developing on the other, and there is another one planned.  Let me name them:

st – Coats and Clothes: Here we provide coats, clothes, and shoes for those who have need of them. Believe me, in these cold Northwestern winters the poor certainly need them. If you feel a burden to help us with this, please contact the office. You can support with your prayers, your gifts of love, and even merchandise in good repair. If you live in the area, come, join us, and offer your help. We will gladly find you a place.

2nd -Backpack Kids: This is an outreach to feed children who have little or no means of getting meals over the weekend. In our work with the school administrators, we discovered a desperate need for nourishment among children, many of whom were living below the level of poverty and going hungry on the weekends. Through the BackPack Kids program, we bring five healthy meals to needy children. These meails are placed discreetly in a child’s backpack on Fridays, keeping them well-fed throughout the weekend.  With the start of the 2013-2014 school year, we had three schools in our program! Our goal is to see that no child in the Seattle area goes hungry on the weekends during the School year. The odds seem overwhelming, but we are learning that by working together and taking one step at a time, feeding one child at a time, we can accomplish this goal!

Additionally, we have begun supplying the McKenny-Vento student’s snacks on their long, daily bus rides to school and back "home".  This has been a blessing not only for the kids but for the bus drivers as well as it encourages better behavior knowing they will have something to eat on their lengthy bus rides. 

 3rdThe Pantry: We open every Monday and offer food to the poor for free.  We are one of the only food banks that consistently offer fresh proteins, like meat and chicken. The demand is continuing to increase, but the added contributions are cutting our expenses down, while keeping us able to meet the needs of the poor. People are getting saved and healed through this effort. Please consider helping us help the greater Seattle area, and let them know that Jesus loves them.

Recently, our team began assembling Family Emergency Meal (FEMs) and Homeless Emergency Meal (HEMs) kits to hand out when the need arises. Some team members carry them with them so when they see someone in need, the kits are quickly accessible. Our team is always ready to reach out to those in need sharing Jesus with them as they go.

4th -Homes for the homeless families: We are being called on occasionally to help the homeless find housing. Our goal is to provide temporary housing for those families that are find themselves dumped on the street.

During our Gathering Of the Eagles in Hawaii several years ago, the Lord gave me a vision of a man whom I think was Japanese, yet a citizen of the Island. I was led to pray blessings upon him. A year or so later, I watched a spot where the media was reporting on how a man owned many large houses in Oahu that he had opened up for homeless families to live in.  When I saw the man, I was shocked. It was the man I had blessed in our GOE. He even had the same shirt on during the interview that he wore in the vision. I did not know this man, but God did and was pouring out blessings to him to reward his selfless generosity. I have wept many tears over the poor in Hawaii over the years, but this man has done something about it.  The poor moved in without any means to pay him for his kindness, and the Lord kept blessing him to give more.

I tell you this story because the Bible tells us that to give to the poor is to lend to the Lord. We cannot out-give God. He is bound by His goodness to repay those who give to the poor. I wonder if there are any reading this that could give a monthly gift to help us support housing for the poor families, or help us open homes for kids that parents are pushing out into the streets because they cannot afford to feed them. Some could easily afford to pay a full month’s rent or could even donate enough to allow us to purchase a home to put these people in. This is America, and this scenario is painfully real. The Church must help them. Please consider what you could do.

5th -Lunch Counter: We are currently looking for a way to open a lunch counter for the homeless. We will only open for lunch and serve the homeless a hot meal.

6th – We are looking toward starting a training school where we can have local tradesmen and/or professional people come to help train the needy. This could help them find a new way to provide for their families and find their way out of poverty. 

7th – On the drawing board! We are looking at plans to build an apartment complex that would service as temporary homes for the homeless. Things are going to get worse before they get better. We would like to have something of this nature for families who will need the hope, human care, and the love that Christ can offer. Please pray over this for us.


Joel’s Army

Joel’s Army is still growing by leaps and bounds. We are now in over 20 countries. The vision of Joel’s Army is people praying for their nations, with small Prayer Cells peppering the land all over the world. The Lord has promised to use them to help bring stability to the nations of the world during a treacherous time. The call will soon come, and those who are praying for the Lord’s mercy will soon move out in the prophetic and signs and wonders. The Lord has shown me this and commissioned me to prepare the intercessors for it. This movement has already begun. Recently, I understand that He has also shown Bob Jones the same. We have been working on this for nearly two years now. For now this army is striving to pray America through the difficult days ahead and wholly rescue us from the NWO. Please consider joining us and help us save America!

The Gathering Of the Eagles

Our next DC GOE will be on March, the 4-10, 2014. We have seen so many answers to prayer in these Gatherings, it is astounding. Further, these answers are not small trifles. We have prayed through many things the Lord has told me to pray through. We know that some of these things are being prayed on by many. This is not the case with all issues, however, so the Lord asks us to take them on in prayer. Our Nation has weathered many things recently, but the truth is that we have not gone through many things we would have, had the Lord not secretly spoken to us and told us to intervene. He is wonderful, we are needy, and He is able to reveal His power in the sight of our need. He shows Himself to be strong and we are blessed. Join us in DC in the spring. The nation needs you! You will always be glad you did!

We are praying for both you and this nation. We are also praying for President Obama. The Lord has told me that if we, hold him in prayer, he will be saved and the Lord will be able to use him to pull us out of the dangers we are about to face. Please keep him in your prayers.

We are also praying for the Church! We need revival and that is soon to occur. I have much more to say prophetically, but I will share it with you after the GOE.

We know that this is the time when many decide what they are going to do with their year-end giving. Please consider us. We have need of several new staff members, higher level management people, as well as the things I mentioned in the body of this letter. We are attempting to prepare and be ready for what is coming in 2014. The Lord will surely bless you for your participation for the sake of the nation and the poor!

Bless you in Christ!

In His love,

Nita Johnson