Dear Intercessors,

We pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with your family and/or friends!

Tuesday, November 30, our Chanukah Gathering of the Eagles begins. This is a critical GOE. We knew it from the onset as the Lord has been speaking to regarding the difficulties expected in December for some time now. The Lord showed Nita that the shaking was going to intensify, and He showed me (Ricci) the seven storms of the hurricane that we’d have to traverse back through as a nation to prepare the path for His glory.

Everything That Can Be Shaken by Nita Johnson

The Hurricane by Ricci Johnson-Wilson

We must not fear, God has prepared us for such a time as this, and we have overcome many times, crisis such as these through prayer!

I encourage you to listen to the two messages in the links above over the weekend in preparation for the GOE to not only understand what the Lord is saying about what’s coming, but the outcome of this season. It’ll prepare and encourage your faith!

There is a necessary shaking that must occur to uproot plans the enemy put in place in the 1930’s with the 45 Communist Goals. I sent this out some time ago, but the link’s included just in case. These are deeply rooted in the nation and as you read through this list, you will see how the enemy has infiltrated every aspect of our lives through these goals.

There’s also the chaos the elite engineer to bring destruction to the nation. Covid, along with each strain of Covid are part of that plan. Financial crisis, oil crisis, election rigging, and so on, are all part of what the elite do to destabilize and take over a nation.

I share this not to create fear, but because your participation in this fight is vital, I know you have the faith to see the truth, that together, we can set the nation free! The beauty of what God is going to release in this nation, and throughout the world, is unprecedented! Billions will be saved my friends! He will come alongside us and give us the grace that we might fight alongside Him!

I share the information regarding a severe December once again. We just received confirmation from a high ranking official regarding the things the Lord spoke to us. “They expect December to be a very rough month.” They are not providing specific details, only encouraging people to prepare for crisis both physically and since this official is a Christian, he adds the need to prepare spiritually. We agree and encourage you to have several days’ worth of supplies.

That said, we believe in prayer! The Lord impressed upon Nita very strongly to have the GOE at the beginning of December, she now understands why: to enable us to diminish or limit the severity of this crisis as much as possible. What cannot be overcome in prayer, may be seen speckled and spotted across the landscape of the nation, but we believe through our intercession, we can diminish the severity.

Nita believes that this season will be a catalyst to remove the current administration. Did the Lord not say that 2022 would be the Year of the Catalyst? We must engage with Holy Spirit and order our steps according to His Word in this hour if we are to fully wrest this nation from the hands of the elite. We are intercessors, warriors at that, we do not run from the battle, we run to it to overcome and thwart the plans of the enemy.

Will you join us Tuesday November 30-Friday December 3, 2021, for our online Channukah Gathering of the Eagles? This time spent will certainly provide temporal benefits, but the eternal ramifications attributed to your account, is immeasurable!

We love and bless you!

Ricci on behalf of Nita Johnson and the entire WFJM/JA Team

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