Dear friends, the Lord has moved upon us to begin an outreach to those in need. Following this article that gives the details about CedarWood Blessings, are two links – one is a brochure about the BackPack Kids Program and the other is a sheet with a list of items that we will need weekly to supply food for these precous children. Blessings! 


 "The World For Jesus Ministries, Inc." is a California based, non-profit Corporation that has been in active service for 30 years. We operate a satellite office located in the Seattle area. We established  "The CedarWood Blessing", a division of our ministry, to act as a liaison between local government agencies, the general public and us, for the purpose of providing the essentials for  those in need. The CedarWood Blessing has six divisions, each with a special purpose yet united in one objective – to meet the needs of people in various difficulties. Ken and Kathy Rickey head this division of the Corporation under the oversight of Mr. Don Warner, WFJM Senior Director.


It is our gracious desire to be a blessing to the community. We offer food, clothing and aid in certain housing crisis situations. (The latter is decided on a case by case basis.) Further, we have set a goal to help the disadvantaged members of our society train for job placements, offering them an opportunity to rise above their current state, become self-supporting to their families, and experience a sense of pride in their work. I invite you to keep reading as Kathy Rickey describes the various divisions of CedarWood, Int’l. As you read, prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do to help those less fortunate.


 The Six different levels of CedarWood Blessings:   

1. The “CedarWood Coats and Clothes” began with a burden to help the homeless keep warm during the bitter cold weather.  We engaged our concern, purchased and distributed many coats to those in need. As we handed out one coat after another to those who had none, a chord was struck on the heart-strings of our staff rippling throughout each team-member. Their cry came back asking, “What more can we do?”  Thus, CedarWood was birthed and the quest began in answer to this heart-cry. The first responder, a generous local store discounted $8000 in new coats to $2000, enabling us to distribute coats to needy children in two Seattle School Districts.  In the process, lasting relationships with school personnel were also built, leading to a coordinated effort as we open a “Clothes Closet” where appropriate attire for work or school can be obtained at no cost.   Your gifts financially or materially can make that happen.


2. The “CedarWood BackPack Kids Program” was birthed as we distributed coats to the local school district. In our work with the school administrators, we discovered a pronounced need for nourishment among children who are going hungry on the weekends, many of whom are living below poverty levels.   Through the BackPack Kids program, we discreetly bring nourishing food to needy children. As little as six dollars will feed one child for the weekend. A local school district is allowing us to pilot a program in which we distribute 3 full meals in a child’s backpack on Fridays, nourishing them through the weekend.  Our desire is for BackPack Kids pilot program to open many other doors by the start of 2013-2014 school year.  This pilot school’s staff has called BackPack Kids, “An answer from above,” saying, “We couldn’t get help from other programs,” and "We are so excited that these children can now have some weekend help." Our desired goal is to see that no child in the Seattle area goes hungry on the weekends during the School year. It seems like an overwhelming aspiration, but we are learning that in taking one step at a time, one child at a time, together we can accomplish this goal! We need financial sponsors for children, classrooms, and even for school districts.


 3. The "CedarWood Pantry" (Food for the Hungry) is working with several local churches to distribute food to those who aren’t getting enough to eat. Local grocery stores, all too familiar with this need are willing to work with charitable organizations (like ourselves) to help the hungry gain access to other (non-government funded) opportunities for free groceries.  As the economy moves into a downward spiral, we feel blessed to be used of the Lord to help break this cycle of hunger through this vital and much needed ministry.  Because the need is increasing so quickly, these stores are feeling the burden to provide more and more to charities and churches who have established distribution programs.  We must help to fill in the gaps where they cannot.  We are presently working with Bethel Church, but we are in need of the infrastructure for proper food storage, an offsite distribution center, as well as a refrigerated cargo truck to transport food. You can help us move toward this effort.


 On the Drawing Board:


4."CedarWood Lunch Counter" (Food for the Homeless) It is CedarWood’s desire to be faithful and obedient in our calling and vision to reach out to the homeless as their needs (food and clothing) become more desperate. In the near future we will open a soup and sandwich type of lunch counter where the homeless can come for lunch free of charge. The unique needs of people in this category are growing exponentially as the economy worsens. CedarWood respects the dignity of each person who is worthy of our care. Hence, we are seeking a facility to make this program fully operational. Additionally, we are praying for the finances to establish that facility to operate in conjunction with the CedarWood Pantry. 


 5. "CedarWood Futures and Trade Training" (Job Skills, Trade and Crafts’ training.)  CedarWood’s slogan, “Building Stronger Families” calls us to break the cycle of hunger and poverty by teaching a better way.  It is our desire therefore, to help families and individuals learn how to live more productive lives by teaching them a craft or skill for gainful employment, thus helping improve their overall lives.  Instructors and mentors able to train, equip and impart marketable as well as life-skills, will prepare them to become self-supporting.   We are excited to develop this part of the ministry within The CedarWood Blessing. We welcome individuals, small businesses or corporations to partner with us, contributing both training and mentoring to elevate the jobless to fulfilling positions that will reward them for their skills, while assisting in building their families.


6. "CedarWood Temporary Housing Grants" (Eventually aid for housing when needed)  CedarWood’s desire is to help families who have been struggling through the difficulties of life by providing emergency housing grants and vouchers for their necessities through a variety of resources.  Our ministry was able to help a homeless family (living in their car) through some tough times by providing food, clothing and housing for a couple of weeks until they found jobs and were back on their feet.  Currently, they are both employed and we are working with their school district to help them find more permanent housing.  We want to be able to help families like this precious one, again and again. Help us help them by providing resources to meet this growing concern of homeless families.


We welcome you to join us in this journey! We have many opportunities for you to participate. Prayer is the most important! – We also need provision for this work, and open doors which only God can unlock. There are so many opportunities to give both now and in the near future, including buildings, supplies, and even refrigerated vehicles. Among the urgent supplies needed now are clothing, food and local (Seattle) volunteers willing to assemble food bags for the BackPack Kids Program and to help us with food distribution… Throughout the Word of God, we not only learn the importance of caring for those in need but we are instructed to do so. The CedarWood Blessings will provide the perfect avenue for you to fulfill this commission.


We have already begun to see abundant blessings as we reach out to those in need. These same blessings will be poured back upon those who partner with us for the sake of those who cannot help themselves at this time in their lives. Help us to help families stay together and grow stronger while overcoming today’s world’s many challenges.


Nita L Johnson


The World for Jesus Ministries, Inc.

Click here to view the brochure and see how you can help with our BackPack Kids Program